BlackBerry KEYone Camera Better than Galaxy S8?

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

what's up everybody this is Danny and I
kind of have a weird matchup today I'm
going to put up the new BlackBerry key
once camera up against Samsung's highly
praised Galaxy s8 camera right off the
bat this might look unfair but they both
have 12 megapixel cameras both made by
Sony and the key one has the same sensor
as the Google pixel so the results might
surprise you especially because the key
one is $200 less I went out and took a
bunch of pictures with both of these so
let's take a look at the results and see
if the key one can beat the Galaxy s8
the first thing I want to talk about is
how I took these pictures in a day light
I took all these shots in Auto HDR
because that is the default on both of
these phones I think most consumers will
use this so I want it to be a fair
comparison they do both have full manual
modes for photos so you can adjust the
photo to your liking if you have the
time to do so if you look at the images
side-by-side they both have fantastic
dynamic range and lots of information in
the pictures now you will notice that
the Galaxy s8 processes the photos to
have more vibrant colors heavier
contrast and it tends to lean towards
the blue or white balance with increased
sharpening the BlackBerry key one goes
for the more natural colors softer
processing and tends to land on the
warmer side of white balance which I
think better replicates what you're
seeing in real life but this is
definitely going to be a preference
thing some people like punchy err colors
and contrast right off the bat and some
people like the more natural and flatter
look and the more I look at these photos
I think I prefer the images off the key
one you can't have a camera comparison
without some flowers being involved I
think the Galaxy s8 does a better job
with the Reds which is hard for mobile
cameras and it lands the balance between
the whites and the colors more evenly
but the key one is for sure holding its
own with the yellows and the purples I
just feel that the s8 nails the overall
white balance and colors a little bit
better in this test here are some
examples of some front-facing camera
shots let me know which one you think
did a better job and here's an example
of the video and audio this is the
front-facing video test they both have 8
megapixel cameras but the Samsung Galaxy
S 8 X you can shoot higher resolutions
in 1080p where the BlackBerry caps out
1080p 30 frames per second so if you're
curious about the audio I'm just going
to switch in between the two to see
which one is better sounding I am
hand-holding both of these right now
and from what I can see on the screen
I'm kind of liking the BlackBerry a
little bit better so let me know what
you guys think is the better
front-facing camera and which one has
the best audio both they shoot 4k video
and both are sharp and full of dynamic
range but surprisingly the key one comes
out with more vibrant colors and
contrast here so without editing I say
the key one looks better but looking at
the SAS video this would be probably
better too great in post-processing
there is no optical image stabilization
on the key one so 4k video handheld
doesn't look so good where the galaxy s
8 looks like it's pretty stable but if
you drop both of them down to 1080p the
key one has electronic stabilization
that looks like it's doing a better job
then the Galaxy sa using both electronic
stabilization and optical image
stabilization but if you try to do the
same test in 4k the key one looks like
you're in the earthquake so if you need
stabilization you may want to record in
1080p on the key one low-light also gets
very interesting sometimes the key one
has better colors than the s8 landing
more natural colors and less saturated
colors and it's also better exposed and
the noise reduction on some shots are
even better than the si look at the sky
here in the blacks the galaxy si does
have a better F 1.7 aperture which does
produce brighter shots in low light so
you can expect some more details to pop
out of the galaxy s 8 night shots the 4k
video handheld at night is also very
comparable you do notice that the galaxy
si does handle bright street lights
better I mean which one do you think
looks better
I think the key one does a better job
with noise reduction you can see the
black sky is represented better here
with less noise so I actually think I
like the key one better here here are
some more extremely light pictures and
once again the key one does a better job
with noise reduction but not all the
time as you can see here the galaxy s 8
most of the time produces a brighter
picture with a little more detail but
it's super close making the key one look
very good against this premium price
flagship so what do you guys think did
he won actually beat the Galaxy s8 I
mean are you surprised at all I think
people can definitely argue either way
but the one thing to take away from this
is that the key ones camera can go
toe-to-toe with one of the best cameras
on the market right now so this camera
is a major win let me know which one you
have winning in the comment section
below thumbs up if you enjoy these
camera comparisons subscribe for more
and I will see you guys in the next one

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