Blackberry Classic: Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on April 8, 2021

Hey guys Mike here the d4 Borg with a look at the blackberry classic and as the name suggests this is here to appeal to traditional BlackBerry users but delivers a more modern operating system this is running blackberry OS 10 point 3 which is the same software on the passport and other more modern BlackBerry's but it preserves that traditional portrait style form factor that a lot of BlackBerry users prefer so that includes a four row QWERTY keyboard along with that blackberry toolbelt which incorporates an optical trackpad which a lot of people prefer to use now this is a fairly compact phone so this

Can be used one-handed as opposed to the blackberry passport which is quite a bit larger this is also a bit cheaper than the blackberry Passport but the specs do reflect the cheaper price point so this is powered by a dual-core 1.5 gigahertz Snapdragon processor but on the adrenal 225 GPU we have 16 gigs of internal storage along with 2 gigs of RAM but of course we have a micro SD card slot that does support 128 gigs B display is fairly small at 3.5 inches with a resolution of 720 by 720 good for 294 ppi that's significantly smaller and lower

Resolution than the blackberry Passport alright so let's go ahead and crack into our BlackBerry I've already cut the tape along the back just going to lift the lid here and there we go so the BlackBerry password again just looks like a traditional blackberry like the BlackBerry Bold or something like that go ahead and lift it out of the box here so a nice form factor doesn't feel as strange as the BlackBerry passport feels pretty traditional pretty normal you can reach your thumb across the display and use the physical QWERTY keyboard one-handed while still

Preserving a nice grip on the phone alright so let's go ahead and peel off the plastic on the back well set some plastic covering the camera module up here we also pull plastic covering the display which again is Gorilla Glass 3 is this nice scratch resistant and durable all right so let's go ahead and set this aside for just a moment while we take a look at what's in the box here first thing first we have a little pamphlet explaining that you do have 30-day direct support from blackberry so give them a call if you need anything you also have your sim ejection tool

This is also the micro SD action tool here I actually think it's kind of neat that the shape of a sim ejection tool replicates the trackpad so inside we have lots of paperwork I assume in different languages here so we have blackberry classic smartphone looks like a QuickStart guide that explains how the user blackberry classic and of course I'll go through that in this video and it is in multiple languages we also have our safety and regulatory information in multiple languages inside we also find a micro USB 2.0 charging cable and then we also have our

BlackBerry branded USB travel adapter here so if you look at the back you'll see your BlackBerry branding along with the USB port on along the side we also have a set of in your style headphones with an inline remote control and microphone then of course we do have replacement ear tips if you want to change the style as well as the fit alright so let's take a closer look at the design of the phone which again is a pretty classic blackberry form it's a very comfortable size is about the right size so you can operate the phone one-handed we have a 3.5 inch LCD IPS

Panel 720 by 720 so fairly small screen but it does get the job done it's not as crisp as I'd like to see especially when you're reading text but it's not too bad so you can see along the side we have this nice metal frame which gives you this nice rugged feeling foam feels pretty high-quality along the back we have this textured rubbery material which feels really grippy in the hand also is fairly rugged and durable because it is impact resistant thanks to this kind of soft material towards the center we have this BlackBerry branding toward the top we have an 8 megapixel

Camera with an LED flash in our classic branding along the right side you'll find your vine controls along with a multi-purpose button toward the center of this can be used to launch the BlackBerry voice assistant or to pause media playback and other things which I'll demonstrate in this video at the top of the phone we have our sleep/wake power on and off button which is flanked by two microphones we also have our headphone jack which does incorporate an FM antenna so when you plug in headphones you can use an FM radio on the left side you'll find these two

Trays one is a micro SD card slot one is a nano SIM tray these are metal trays that pop out using the included sim ejection tool or a paper clip so again nice high quality construction here you can also see the band along the side is metal until you get to the bottom of the phone here you can see there's a little seam which is where we have this plastic trim piece which is color matched to the mallet those look pretty good and pretty seamless like see down here we have these two really loud stereo speakers which do pretty good job we have a micro USB 2.0 charging and syncing cable of

Course we have our full four row QWERTY keyboard and I'll demonstrate that in this video and then we have our blackberry tool belt and explain what these buttons do toward the top we have our earpiece proximity sensor and the ambient light sensor along with a 2 megapixel front-facing camera good for 720p video and we do have an LED notification light now there are a number of ways to unlock this device you can press the trackpad button and it wakes it up and you can swipe to unlock it Gorsky also use the power button up top to open and unlock the

Device while traveling you can also swipe up on the bottom of the screen it unlocks it automatically you can also peek at your lock screen just by quickly swiping up and down on the bottom of the screen and then you can swipe up again to unlock it I feel and unlock it again just quickly swipe up and down on the bottom of the screen now on the lock screen you can tap any one of these icons to see your notifications now you can't scroll through them or anything like that but you can tap on any one of them to open them so there you go takes you right to that app in this case

Twitter now another thing you can do on the lockscreen is to activate bedside mode which will meet your notifications and bring up this clock so on the home screen you can see our recent apps and you're limited to 8 but you can rearrange these and these recent apps are really kind of live apps so they will update in real time if they support it so for example the weather app will update in real time so instead of having to open the app you can actually see the current temperature in stem and you can also close them out just by tapping the X in the lower right corner here if you

Swipe to the right you can see all our available apps here and you can tap and hold on any one of these to delete the app like so so you can uninstall it if you want you also folder them just by dragging and dropping them over each other now not all apps can be honest all such as blackberry blend the clock app and that sort of thing only the apps that are kind of third-party apps can be uninstalled now I can also swipe all the way to the right to get to blackberry hub and you can swipe all the way to the right again to see all your notification

So you can see the hub you can see the priority hub which prioritizes messages depending on your activity so these are messages that it determines based on my activity what's important so you can see your bbm messages I have not set that up you can see your text messages you can also see Gmail so these are my Gmail accounts I have plugged in my Google accounts so I receive my Gmail my calendars and contacts and that's where things are synced to my device you can also see I've also added my IMAP account here we also have my Twitter account and that sort of thing visual voicemail pin

Messages and emergency alerts calls that sort of thing now on the hub you can see it just aggregates everything into this chronological order I can also swipe all the way down to my calendar events up top I can tap and hold on an item here to act upon it but of course the options depend on the type of message or type of notification you're looking at so you can see I'm looking at an email so I can reply to it forward it that sort of thing I can also compose a new message from here and I can use any one of my available a relevant app so my Gmail Facebook

Twitter Pinterest was and I can also search if I want I can see all the attachments in your BlackBerry hub so we'll actually go through all your emails and just pick out all the attachments so you can quickly download them now in the upper right corner here you can manage your messages by bringing this up and deleting the individual messages you can also go up here to see specific folders under your BlackBerry hub so you can see all your calls all your Gmail's and that sort of thing so if you just want to see your Gmail inbox just select it and it brings up all your

Inbox items now when you're in the BlackBerry hub you can actually respond to text messages without leaving blackberry hub this is similar to pop up notifications so when you receive a pop-up notifications they'll pop up along the top here and you can respond to them without leaving what you're doing now if you want to refresh your feet in the BlackBerry hub just swipe down five times in the upper right corner and it will reload everything for you now if you ever want to peek at your notifications just swipe up from the bottom of the screen and you'll see your

Pending notifications and the counts you can also just swipe to the right to launch it so you have to be a little quick here come on let's do it there we go takes you right to the BlackBerry hub now the navigation keys up here look like they're capacitive buttons but they are physical buttons so when you push on them they do click of course we have our optical trackpad which is also a select button now the interface on the classic has been modified to make use of these buttons here so for example if you're within an app you can swipe up to get

Back to the home screen alternatively you can hit the end call button so basically this acts as your home button so for example if I move away here if I go to my apt or if I tap that takes me back to the home screen now if you're in an app you can hit this Menu key which is that blackberry icon that brings up all the menu items for this specific app you can also swipe down from the top to get to additional settings that are relevant to this app now on the left side we have our call button which will automatically activate our full app so you can quickly jump to your phone app

Just by hitting that button anywhere in the system now one of the neat things with a blackberry classic is the return of the trackpad which works system-wide so you can use this no matter where you are so you can scrub between vailable pages you can scrub up and down through text you can select items like so so for example I want to launch YouTube to select it now when you use the trackpad in certain apps you actually get a cursor that appears here that allows you this flex specific items it also allows you to scrub through the pages sometimes it doesn't work terribly

Well if I just end up using the screen here but you can also select certain items on the page here so if you want select this just select it and we'll launch the page now this is very much a traditional BlackBerry keyboard so we have our alt button for selecting one of the characters as you can see the numbers are actually on one side of the phone instead of across the top like you would expect on a traditional QWERTY keyboard you see all the symbols are also integrated in here so again you just select alt to select one of the alternative characters we also have this

Symbol key down here which brings up a virtual keyboard with all of our symbols and numbers and you just click it again to get to the next page of them and then click it again to hide it not to capitalize the letter just tap and hold on it and for certain characters you have additional options that pop up when you continue holding so for example if you're typing German you may want oh my which pops up here of course this works with other vowels now if you tap the shift key or the Alt key you'll see the indicator in the upper right corner now if you want caps lock just tap and hold

The shift key and you'll see the caps lock icon well so voice dictation here to activate just tap and hold the voice button this is a test of voice dictation period now when you're done speaking it determines that automatically and enters the text it doesn't dictate in real time now the great thing with this trackpad is if you want to edit your text you can just swipe to your specific term or specific point instead of kind of having to tap around to get to those specific small touch points now I can also highlight the word here just happen hold on it with the trackpad you get to

Editing options like cut copy paste and sharing and other things now if you just tap on the text here you also get to this law editor which allows you to precisely locate a specific point in the text to edit here and then you can also tap these arrows to move around now there are many apps specific keyboard shortcuts which you can memorize to speed up productivity so for example when you're in the browser if you want to go to the bottom of the page hit being go to the top hit T if you want to reload it just hit L you can also search for text on the pages by hitting S we

Have things like H for history we have w to access our tabs we can open up our bookmarks by hitting K we can also hit the space are to advance down or shift and space bar to advance back up we can also hit our to enter reader mode and there are many other keyboard shortcuts and I'll post a link in the description below so you can take a look at all bones that are available now to get into Universal Search all I have to do is start typing your search term on the keyboard and brings it up right away so for example if I search for Android here it searches

Everything so it searches calendar events contacts messages and that sort of thing and I have this little scrubber along the side which allows me to jump to those specific categories now if you look down here we have extended search or extend search so you can search being Google Yahoo help Maps Twitter blackberry world Evernote now when you start typing your search you actually bring up blackberry assistant here so you can go to this eye icon to see what you can do with blackberry assistant or you can just have and hold this Center click button along the side what's the

Weather like tomorrow in Rochester Hills the forecast for Rochester Hills United States on Thursday is colder with flurries with temperatures between 4 and minus 11 degrees set an appointment for tomorrow at 9 a.m. to visit my sister would you like to save your event edit your event or cancel now if you're listening to music or watching video you can use the button along the side here the center quick button to pause playback or resume it work system-wide here so I can continue listening to video while it's playing in the background on the recent apps I can

Pause it resume it now when you're on the home screen and swipe down with a single finger you can get to your quick settings but this works differently when you're within an app so if you're in an app and you swipe down you get two settings for that specific app and if you want to get to quick settings you have to use a two-finger gesture now let's take a look at quick settings as you can see we have two pages here some of these toggles are pretty basic we have a flashlight turns on the flashlight but some of them I have two

Buttons so when you're in that situation basically these act as quick toggles here so we have Wi-Fi that turns on and off but if you want to get to your Wi-Fi control panel just tap that one takes you right to the control panel so you can see we can turn our alarm on which is set to 6:00 a.m. I can tap on it to adjust the alarm and the interface is kind of needs here so you can scrub to the time you want so like a lot of BlackBerry optimized apps you can swipe in from the left edge to get to additional options or use that menu button to bring up even more and again

You can swipe down to get to your settings now BlackBerry gives you a lot of customization options for do-not-disturb so in fact you actually have these profiles here so you can independently control your ringtone for the active profile here so right now the active profile is just normal but you see we have all these other profiles to select from normal phone call only vibrate only silent meeting bedside you can see preview of how these behave now if you want to modify them just go to meeting mode here you can select these specific apps that have permission under

This mode you can select the volume vibrate only LED flash instant preview that sort of thing all of it is controllable under here and you can add additional profiles you can rearrange them and you can add them to quick settings so when you add these profiles to quick setting when you go to your quick settings here you can actually toggle between those profiles just by tapping this icon now I'm going to do a little cheating here because I've already covered blackberry blend in my blackberry passport review so I'm just going to drop in that clip here another

Really neat feature here is called blackberry blend this is kind of similar to Apple's continuity feature so basically this can connect to devices like your iPad or your Mac or your PC basically all I have to do is install software on those devices and have direct access to your BlackBerry wirelessly or wired if you prefer you can see right now I have two devices connected my iPad and my desktop which is an iMac in the other room here but we're going to take a look at this on the iPad so if you launch the app here you can see it directly connects

Wirelessly to my blackberry Passport so I can see this blackberry blend dashboard which aggregates everything in real time so you can see my BlackBerry hub my email my bbm and like SMS messages so I can receive and respond to SMS right on my tablet or my PC you can also see my calendar timeline down here so again a nice quick view can also see down here we can jump to things like our calendar we can see our calendar in various ways here and you have a little home button in the upper left so you can see the BlackBerry hub which works just like you would expect with your messages

Your bbm your SMS messages and your Gmail or organized by chronological order or by priority and you have all the same controls you would expect on your blackberry itself and then we have our file manager this is where we can manage content like our music files if you want to load music into your library this is where you do it of course this is best done on a Mac or PC where you can just drag and drop your files to your blackberry and again that can all be done wirelessly or wired to speed things up you can also see we have her fullest is where you can access your

Photo library all the photos you've taken on your device of course doesn't look like it's loading it very quickly here but you can see your still photos as well as your movies and that sort of thing we also have our settings in the upper right corner so we can disconnect we can turn off notifications or remain signed on if we want so it doesn't sign us off automatically we also have our device monitor which will monitor our battery life and what is actually taking up all your battery life you can see your mobile data you can see your storage or CPU usage and what is using

Upper CPU and also go up here to see your memories so you can see what how much RAM you have left and what's using up all your memory and if you have certain apps that are using it so for example if we go to tutorials here you can actually close that specific app to free up some RAM we also have a battery saver mode here which you can toggle on and off and you can adjust the behavior of battery saver just by going to the settings here so you can see you can have it turn on automatically when the battery gets below 20% and you can adjust the behavior so you can adjust

The screen brightness limit CPU performance turn off advanced interactions turn off data services and that sort of thing next up let's take a look at settings one of the things you can do with quick settings is modify it and rearrange it so you can select specific toggles to add such as bedside mode which you can activate by swiping down from the lock screen we also have NFC which you can toggle on and off mobile hotspot internet tethering and location services you can also rearrange them by activating this icon and you can move them around like so or restore the

Defaults under vine we can control our volume of course you can also use the buttons along the side this also allows us to see what's playing in the background so we have our media controls here so you can play pause or of course you can use the center click button along the side we also have headphone audio boost which is off by default this will boost audio to those headphones we can also activate music shortcuts so you can use the volume controls along the scientist by pressing and holding on them to advance or reverse a track now on by default is always a just media

Volume if this is turned off this allows you to adjust notification volume when media isn't playing under accounts this is where we can plug in our Yahoo or Gmail accounts LDAP and IMAP accounts and all that stuff can be set up here we also have Facebook and Twitter now really interesting here is shortcut and speed dial this is where you can customize shortcuts on the physical keyboard so for example if you want to launch your contacts have to do is tap and hold the corresponding key in this case a so just happen hold on it and we'll launch right

Into your content which is very useful so you can launch a browser compose a new message create a new note or you can assign additional actions launch help Lock device launch calendar launch blackberry hub launch bbm settings foam toggle notification modes clock create a new task launch calculator call voicemail so there's a lot you can do here you just have to remember what each button does so for example you can lock the device just by tapping the holding the K button now there's a lot to take a look at under display so we can select our homescreen wallpaper of course they

Do give you a library of wallpapers to pick from of course you can use your camera or you can go to your file so it brings up your file manager and you can select them from your file tree instead you can also see that we have other options here like our screen brightness which is pretty standard stuff you can of course also access that quickly from the drop-down we also have our font sizes so you can select the font size that you would prefer we also have our display color settings so you can adjust the color temperature here so a little more basic than the passport which gives

You a little more controls we also have HDMI you can buy an adapter to work with the micro USB port on the bottom to output to HDMI or you of course you can use miracast to wirelessly broadcast the display so if you want to share your screen just bring it up here you can see that HDMI is not connected but if you have available Wireless miracast devices on your network like a Samsung Smart TV in my case you can wirelessly broadcast this display to that TV so you can do screen mirroring or you can just broadcast the media that you're watching right on that display now the best way

To quickly access screen mirroring is to go to the Wi-Fi control center that comes up when you bring down the drop down quick settings you'll see miracast here which allows you to share your screen and activate the feature we have our battery saving mode which I explored earlier we have our language and input settings so you can select one of the available languages here you can also see we can select our region our measurement system our distance measurement our track pad sensitivity our input languages prediction and correction spell checking feedback voice

Dictation and you can also select an external keyboard we have our BlackBerry system settings so you can again change the language you can turn off full assistance so it doesn't talk to you through everything we have activate with mute key use assistance when like the math sort of thing so again lots of stuff going on here so you can use the BlackBerry system when you're on the lockscreen so I have to do is tap and hold on it and we'll bring it up for you under device connections this is where we can select our device name so we can identify it on the network we can

Use mobile networks for connecting to other devices and you can see the devices I've paired to this using the BlackBerry blend feature so you can see my iPod and my desktop we also have blackberry protects so if we lose the device we can lock it we can track it we can wipe it that sort of thing we also have our app manager so this is where we can for example see our default apps for certain actions card emulation apps and as well as installing apps and its behavior in terms of what you want to allow so you can allow installation from sources other than the authorized

Stores or you can inspect apps before installing we also have our media sharing so you can share music pictures and video over DLNA so if you have DLNA equipped devices on your network you can see them here and broadcast them or they can have access to this device under storage and access you have some controls here which are interesting so for example if you want to use this as a mass storage device you do have to enable it and if you want to actively charge only mode so if you don't want somebody else to have access to the device when it's connected to an unknown

Source you can enable this so for example if you go to an airport or something like that you don't necessarily want to just plug into any source without activating this mode just in case somebody may have access to it of course you can also select a manual IP address from here as well and you can access using Wi-Fi so you want to access your device I have to do a set up a password we also have advanced interactions which includes things like lift to wake so if you handle the device when it's been laying flat on the surface it will wake up the device flip

To mute flip to save power so if you place this face down it will activate power saving mode you also hold to stay awake so if you don't want the device to go to sleep when you're using it or holding it it will prevent it from doing so now in terms of the absolution pretty standard array of smartphone apps today so we have text messaging bbm a calendar contacts and the BlackBerry hub so that quickly takes us to the BlackBerry hub we also have the two app stores blackberry world and the Amazon Appstore of course we have a browser Docs to go which is a document editor which

Supports Word PowerPoint and Excel documents so we can create and edit them here we have maps with turn-by-turn navigation and all the things you expect here the only thing it's missing is Sally if you you also have a reminders app pictures for a full gallery music which does include an FM tuner all i have to do is plug in the set of headphones we have our video player our story maker for creating videos out of the videos we record with this device we also have our calculator here so we have a standard calculator a tip calculator and a

Converter a calculator mode here you can swipe between the available options we also have our file manager here which is a pretty basic file tree so you can see all the files broken down by other categories like photographs you can also swipe here to see your connected device you can see your desktop and your iPad so if you can access those things you can go ahead and access those files through your blackberry we also have setup which will take you through the process of setting up your device with Wi-Fi your accounts switching devices so we can transfer from other devices and

More we have tutorials as well so if you want more detailed information you can go to this little app your in fact that's pretty much replicates everything I'm doing here although not in as much detail as I'm showing you we also have our tutorials here which will explore how to use for example all the navigation keys learning the gestures learning how to use the keyboard and text selection tools and other things take a look at the camera app you can snap your photograph by tapping the icon on the screen you can also use the trackpad or the spacebar on the keyboard

Or one of the volume controls along the side here you can tap anywhere on the scene to adjust focus you can also tap and hold to lock focus and exposure if you need it and tap anywhere else to release it you can also record video by just tapping the video icon and you can snap photographs you can also turn on the LED flash you can pinch in and out to zoom out recording video and this does feature digital stabilization or software stabilization now optical stabilization and you can turn on continuous autofocus that is off by default so if you go to settings here

You can see we have our modes we have auto action white board Knight and Beatrice notes of white board allows you to take photographs of white boards while preserving the quality of the text that's on the white board you can also see that we have our flash settings as well as the ratio so if you have one by one which is the ratio of the display 4×3 or 16×9 you can turn on each drm you have your timer settings we also several modes down here which includes timeshift burst and panorama time shift is geared toward taking self-portraits or photographs of other people where faces

Are detected so what will happen is it will take a burst shot take a bunch of shots in a row and you can scrub to the right image so this allows you to eliminate blanks or other things may heaven in the seen understandings we'll find things like our video size so we have up to 1080p or 720p or 720p at 60 frames per second so unlike the passport there is no 1080p at 60 frames per second of course still no 4k we have face detection we can turn on auto suggests which recommends actions based on the quality of the scene so if it recommends HDR you'll see a pop-up and

You can quickly turn it on you can save to your media card you can display the gridlines save the original you can activate video stabilization which is off by default we also have continuous video focus which again is off by default as well so you can toggle and on here and you can geotag your pictures now in terms of camera quality simply not as good as a blackberry passport or other 8 megapixel cameras out there I think the biggest issues are color reproduction that tends to be a little flat a little wash down and then exposure it tends to over expose some

Brights and underexposed low-light so it doesn't do a really good job finding the right balance and then focusing is kind of slow I spent a lot of time trying to find the right focus point with this camera that is the same issue with the passport although the passport is a little more accurate a little sharper video is also pretty decent here but like a lot of cameras without optical image stabilization that's not the best but it gets the job done then video is pretty sharp already guys Mike here the Detroit Board testing out that front-facing camera which is again 2

Megapixels good for 720p HD video which does a pretty decent job here a pretty good exposure compensation and color accuracy so you can see I have a huge bright chandelier right behind me but you can still see my face is now overcompensating it's a pretty decent job you can also take photographs while recording video here and the audio pickup is really good D now like the passport we do have a set of stereo speakers on the bottom which are loud and clear so you hear your notifications at all times so let's go and take a listen to these speakers what's up guys

Mike here the each word board with a look at the new BlackBerry passport perhaps the most exciting new BlackBerry in many years and that's thanks to the fact that we get this flagship style a large phone with a new and interesting design while retaining all those classic blackberry features such as a now let's go and take a listen to the passport one so guys Mike here the Detroit Board with a look at the new blackberry Passport perhaps the most exciting new BlackBerry in many years and that's thanks to the fact that we get this flagship style a large phone with a new and

To design while retaining all those classic blackberry features such as a purchase so clearly the password sounds louder clear with more depth than the more hollow sounding and quieter blackberry classic which again is to be expected for a more premium and larger phone I briefly want to touch upon the difference between the classic and the passport obviously the passport is BlackBerry's flagship feel much larger with much higher end specs so we have a four point five inch display much higher resolution at 453 pixels per inch versus the 294 pixels per inch on this

3.5 inch display both of them are LCD IPS the classic does seem to be a bit brighter than the passport which is useful in some circumstances the keyboard is also very different on the passport it's much wider with larger buttons and only three rows instead of four rows with a less traditional layout than the classic here so a lot of people will be more used to this style keyboard than the passport although I find you do get used to the passport keyboard pretty quickly the classic does lack the navigation keys or utility belt on the classic which a lot of people prefer

There are some software differences here so for example with the larger display you have more app icons on the home screen you also have more room for the recent apps or the open apps viewer here which you have to scroll through on the classic versus a single page view on the passport now on the lower left we have quick access to the BlackBerry hub on the classic versus the phone dialer on the passport and that's because the classic has the same button on the tool belt here all I have to do is hit that button takes you right to the phone dialer now there are some other

Differences mostly related to the keyboard so the classic features shortcuts and speed dial options which is not available on the passport which allows you to quickly launch apps or perform certain actions just by pressing and holding keys on the keyboard and also have a trackpad on the passport the entire keyboard is actually your trackpad which allows you to scroll around on pages now this versatile as the classics trackpad but it does a pretty good job and certainly a lot more surface area to work with now all the things I really like about the

BlackBerry passport that is not available on the classic is the auto completion and the swipe gesture on the keyboard that allows you to complete the sentence with less typing so when you start typing that's able to predict what your next word or punctuation might be I have to do is swipe up on the keyboard and it completes the sentence for you now generally speaking both phones are well designed with nice hefty build quality to them with that metal frame and those nice soft touch materials on the back but of course the passport feels a little more

Premium it does feature a little more metal than the classic which goes to reason because this is a more premium foam but it's not too heavy not too bulky it feels pretty nice especially if you have large hands like me but of course the problem with this wide style keyboard is the fact you cannot use it one-handed there's also a pretty big difference between the cameras here 13 megapixels versus 8 megapixels 1080p at 60 frames per second versus 1080p at 30 frames per second although you do get 720p at 60 if you want them this also features optical image stabilization

While this does not internally speaking the camera on the password simply performs quite a bit better now ultimately there's a lot to like about the blackberry classic especially if you're a traditional BlackBerry user this phone is really geared toward productivity and efficiency especially with those keyboard shortcuts which I think is a big deal this allows you to use the phone really quickly once you get used to the shortcuts they also do give you a full suite of apps so all the functions you expect on monitor smartphones are here but of course the

App ecosystem is smaller so if you're used to using other smartphones I think you're going to feel a little handicapped here but that's really only an issue if you're coming from other smartphones to a BlackBerry but if you're a blackberry user I don't think that will be a big concern in fact you have more apps now than you ever did before so things are getting much better and the operating system I think is cleverly designed especially with this blackberry hub which does a really nice job aggregating the overwhelming number of notifications I think most of us are

Receiving these days it allows you to quickly manage them and respond to them so again geared toward a productivity efficiency and speed and I really like that I also think the handset is a perfect size it can be used one-handed feels comfortable in the hand and it's nice and lightweight and not too thin not too bulky feels just about right so I can understand why a lot of users prefer this form factor I'm also pretty impressed by the build quality here with that nice metal frame around the side along with a nice groupable texture on the back it feels really durable really

Lifeproof so this is definitely fun I think that can get a lot of work done without having to worry about breaking it dropping it or scratching everything like that it's really a workhorse now I think there's some drawbacks here one of them is the size of the screen and the aspect ratio so is not great for watching movies because movies are wise brain and that gives you very little screen real estate to work with when watching movies and with such a low resolution display I can't say it's really low resolution but it's not as pixel dense as a lot of other

Smartphones today and when you're dealing with such a small area of the screen playing the movie doesn't look as crisp as you'd like to see so it's not great for watching media but of course it will get the job done in the pinch I also really like this keyboard I quickly got used to it in fact I can use it without looking at the keys now because the keys themselves are really tactile that really isn't the case with a blackberry passport which doesn't feel as tactile as I'd like to see here but this keyboard feels just about perfect I actually think this is a better keyboard

Than the passport now I really like the software design I like some of these software ideas here so it's not the design it's just the overall performance and that's because they've really handicapped the performance of this device by putting low-end specs here and it does harm the speed and performance of the operating system which i think is a shame because I really like this form factor something like the BlackBerry passport is a much smoother operating phone it does a better job handling some of the non-native apps from the Amazon Appstore which do tend to run slow on

BlackBerry OS so this phone can be unpredictably slow at times with certain apps unlike the blackberry Passport battery life is also excellent on this device it's better than most smartphones I use today I'm able to get at least 24 hours on this phone before hitting the charger but usually more than that and that's with heavy use especially in my review period so in the end the blackberry classic stands out for not being old but being unique in the world of smartphones that pretty much all do the same thing in the same way so that's going to do

For me in this video thanks for watching and I'll see you again in the next one

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