Black Women Go To Vegas Without Their Hair Done

published on July 2, 2020

– Let me just start by saying

as a black woman, hair
is a serious matter,

especially when we travel

Before we travel, there is
serious and meticulous planning

that goes into our vacation hair

We pick the style,

schedule the appointment weeks in advance,

buy the products and/or hair,

and sometimes slide out
of work a little early

just to make that appointment

All to achieve the most
luxurious, gram-worthy hair

So what happens when
you take all that away

and just hop on the plane as is?

Will they know how to do my hair?

Will they have the right comb?

Will it be too expensive?

And will it take all day?

Hysteria is to ensue on this episode

of Sisterhood of the Traveling Flat Iron

So Essence and I

Say hey, girl
– Hey!

– We are in Vegas for the week

and basically, we are
just trying to figure out

what type of hair salons exist in Vegas

that are for us, that'll do a good job

just in case we're in a pinch

and can't get our hair done
before traveling to Vegas

– And before I come to Vegas,

I did not have time to do my hair, so

– She's a lady on the
move, ladies and gentlemen,

a lady on the move!

– Listen!

So, I'm a little bit
nervous because normally,

I have, like, my go-to
people like everybody

You know, and I have
people in different places

so I have my person in Jersey,
I have my person in New York,

I have my person when I'm home in Georgia

– I just know that, like,
when I'm traveling–

I just know it takes a really long time

And so when I'm traveling,
I wanna be spending time

doing, like, the things that I came to do

and I just know that if I
come without my hair done,

that's a whole day gone

– Yeah

– Okay, well, I'm excited

I'll be there cheering you on!

– Thank you, wish me luck!

– Whoo!

– Hey!

(Freddie laughs)

It's really, really cute!

Oh, hey!

– Hey!

– Black girl magic!

– Yes, hi!

How are you?

– I'm good, Danielle!

– Essence?

– Yes, that's me

– Nice to meet you; welcome

– Hi, ladies

– Hi!

– [Danielle] This is
Tiara and this is Miori

– Hi, Miori Hi, Tiara

Yes, names

(all laugh)

– I'm Freddie

– [Danielle] Nice to meet you

– Nice to meet you

– [Off Camera] Welcome, you guys!

– So, I detangled my hair

I just did, like, with
conditioner, like a little co-wash

Like, not a lot of product is in it at all

because I knew I was coming here today

So it's detangled

It's pretty dry right now because there's,

like I said, not really anything in it

I work a lot and I just
don't have the time to do it

nor do I have the upper body arm strength

– Do you deep condition regularly?

– I do not deep condition regularly

To be quite honest, like,
I just kind of shampoo

and put in a leave-in

If I'm at a salon, like how I am today,

then the stylist will
normally deep condition

and that's about as often
as I deep condition

– Okay

So I'm gonna recommend that,
because your hair is dry,

that you do deep condition more often,

at least once a month

You do have a lot of dryness on the ends

but keep in mind that
this is aged hair here

So it's just older hair and that's why

it tends to look thinner or see-through

If you're wanting to
grow your hair longer,

we usually recommend trims
between three to six months

If you're wanting to
maintain shape and style,

we recommend a little bit sooner

So between two to three months

So, are you tender headed?

– Um

– [Danielle] Okay

– Do you all do straight
styling here at the salon?

– We do

We definitely recommend

that our guests that want that service

to come in to get it done

versus doing it themselves at home

because at home is where
the damage usually happens

– What are the biggest
mistakes curly girls make

when straightening their hair?

– Putting too much product in their hair

that's oil-based or butter-based

that's not a heat protectant
and it just sizzles

So that's permanently
straightening your hair

Another mistake is not
using a heat protectant

Another mistake is not making sure

that the hair is already
detangled and smooth

prior to picking up the flat iron

So let's just say you let your
hair air dry and you're like,

"Oh, the flat iron's gonna straighten it"

It's not; you're gonna
cause damage that way

So it's good to try to get it
smooth using the paddle brush

to stretch the hair and to
smooth it that way first,

then go back in with the heat
protectant and the flat iron

(upbeat music)

– I've never done this
during a trim process

Freddie, have you ever done
all this when you got a trim?

– [Freddie] No

– I'm the only one that does this

As a hairstylist, we're
artists, we're creative,

but you're really sculpting a shape

So, we're all done with your cut

So now we're gonna go over

How does that feel?

How do you like it?

Feel your hair, feel the
ends, tell me what you think

– It feels great

– Do you like the shape?

– I do like the shape

– Try to pull it up in poof


So, we're gonna come
over to the shampoo bowl

All right, so how's that temperature?

If you could feel it yet, let me know

We're gonna start with warm
water and then back off to cool

– Okay, I think it's fine

Oh yeah, I just felt it

The only way I could really detangle it,

I needed it to be, like, wet
with some kind of product in it

but I don't really co-wash

I normally, you know,
shampoo and leave it

– [Danielle] Okay, sounds good

– In approximately x
time, my hair'll be done

and I'll be real cute and
ready to hit the town

– If it feels a little
uncomfortable, just let us know

– ASMR, what's that thing?


– [Off Camera] ASMR

– Can we do S– what is it called?

(hair is rubbed)


(upbeat music)

– So, what we're gonna
do next is we're going to

pat the water out of your hair
using our microfiber towel

We're just gonna get the water
out gently that way first

and then we're going to
moisturize your hair with a butter

to seal your hair, to
seal in the moisture,

and then we're going to use a custard

to define your twist-out,

and then we're gonna
sit you under the dryer

after we do some big, fat, chunky twist

Okay, so we're going to hopefully be

fully dry in 20 minutes

– Okay!

(upbeat music)

– [Danielle] And you ready?

Two, three


– Oh my gosh!

It looks so–

Can I touch it?

– [Off Camera] Absolutely!

You can make it, stretch
it, whatever you want

– It looks so good!

– [Freddie] The shape is amazing

– The shape is insane!

This shape looks so, so, so good

I really love–

(everyone snaps)

Is that what we do?

(everyone laughs)


Thank you so, so, so much!

You're amazing!

– Do you love it?

– I love it so much; it's so

– And this was all you

Remember I said I was
just the facilitator

This was all natural; this is all you

Go slay away!

– Thank you!

– Mimi, flip your hair and toss

– Flip your hair!

(all laugh)

– [Danielle] Bye!

– All right, y'all, don't
look in the background

'cause my room is so junky

but Freddie is helping me

This is the next morning
and we are about to attempt

to take this twist-out out

I'm a little bit scared
'cause I don't know

but okay, let me see

– It's the moment of truth

– It's the moment of truth

It's in a big, chunky twist like she said

– Your twists look cute

– They look juicy

– Yeah, very juicy

– I have my butter

– [Freddie] Juicy butter

– Okay, so I'm just gonna
take a very little bit

This is out; this is,
like, a twist unraveled

Nice and plump

I've done chunky twists
before but what I do with mine

is I bantu knot it after it's twisted

so it has even more

Like, you know, because it can be

the chunkier it is the least definition

but I'm just trying to do
this exactly as she said it

I feel like for me to achieve

a little bit more definition on day two,

I would have had to, like, bantu knot it

which I'll try that tonight
and see how it works

– For me, it looks a little
bit more like day four hair

But I actually kind of feel
like this is more of your vibe

than how it came out yesterday

– Yeah, I feel like this
is more my vibe too

It feels very, like,
moisturized which I appreciate

because my hair was so dry going to her

– Yeah and, like, your
ends look really good

'cause you got a nice trim

– I got a really good
trim, a very thorough trim

so my ends look good

We'll see how it holds up today!

– And then we have an event–

– I know!

– Where you may be doing,
like, a little bit of, like,

physical activity, maybe
sweating a little bit

so we'll see how it really holds up

– Yeah, we'll see how it
holds up when I, like,

put these muscles to the test

(big band music)

(audience cheers)

Hey, guys!

I just finished performing

I'm here to give you an update on my hair

So, you guys, it looks so good

Like, it is full-on 70s Diana Ross

Like, it's just amazing

It's just bomb hair

It low-key looks like a wig but it's not

It's all me, girl

The chunkier twist and especially
as the hair gets older,

like, it just looks so
full and it's just, like

Just look

Like, it's, like, never ending

Like, you can't even see my scalp

It's just hair everywhere

I also think Danielle and her team

are just really, really
good with hair health

because my hair feels so soft,
so hydrated, so moisturized

I wish y'all could touch it

Maybe come in; maybe you can touch it

It feels so good and I'm obsessed

But yeah, it's just super
full, super healthy,

no split ends, just all life, all body

So thank you, Danielle
and Radically Curly!

Love you guys and I will see
you next time I'm in Vegas!

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