Black Metal Tourism

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

when you're living the true cult life it

can be hard to find a vacation that's

right for you cruises all-inclusive

resorts Disney World these are all for

posers luckily there is black metal

tourism by now even your parents know

about Norwegian black metal they know

about mayhem and Burzum and they've even

left comments on the early this exist

episode about Christian black metal to

dispute my version of the myths and

legends that have come to define the

genre basically a bunch of dudes lived

in the woods and then set fire to over

50 churches and this guy named Ed shot

himself in the face and then a guy named

Alana has found his body and uses brain

to make a stew and bits of his skull to

make lovely necklaces and then a guy

named barbed bitterness from a band

called burrs and killed Euronymous to

prove that he VAR was the most evil for

whatever reason maybe because we live in

a manufactured garbage culture and

despite the fact that most those bands

were pretty racist there is something

very authentic about literally murdering

your enemies and that kind of thing is

attractive to a certain type of person

black metal has become pretty hip lately

popular even even though it sounds like


when something is popular people try to

make money from it's why I own a coffee

mug with a baseball team's logo on it

even though baseball has nothing to do

with coffee and so eventually someone's

going to realize that there's a hole in

the metal market that isn't just being

filled by Venom shirts and it's a hold

the exact size of a burned-out church

launched as part of Norway's Inferno

festival in 2002 the black metal bus

tour is just like a normal tour you sit

around you take photos a guy talks into

a microphone but instead of being like

there's a mountain it's tall and nice

there like here is a rebuilt Chapel that

barred bickerness burnt down in 1992

my personal favorite stop on this tour

is the basement of a Normie coffee shop

that used to be helvete the record store

run by Euronymous that was effectively

ground zero for the second wave of black

metal and the people running the coffee

store there are always surprised by how

many people will know history of the

building they started to notice too so

we went there this year as well with

folklore slow though black melt our

butter sauce we call them black Packers

is actually a great and hilarious term

but black Packers aren't alone in

wanting to spend their vacation days

visiting crime scenes really black metal

tourism is just a sub-genre of the

growing industry of dark tourism once

famous for its emerald green waters and

sandy beaches the town of Rikuzentakata

and its surroundings in the Northeast of

Japan were completely destroyed in the

2011 tsunami the tourists are now coming

back but for a different reason dark

tourism was first labeled as such by two

professors from Glasgow Caledonian

University in 1996 seeking to study and

describe the phenomena of people who

want to go to asha wits or Chernobyl

instead of hanging out on a beach or

eating in a night market or not visiting

a site of endless death and destruction

that tourism it has so many different

nuances there are so many different

shades so you can have the off switch

Museum in Europe you can have the public

Gale in Melbourne or you can visit

memphis graceland and i don't think many

people would actually think of visiting

elvis home in Memphis as a doctor is an

event however it is because it does

relate to to death pay you're fun to

travel with but obviously that is the

academic definition so fine what's so

interesting about this industry right

now is the explosive growth that it's

experiencing what used to just be a

family trip to Gettysburg is feeding off

the popularity of vice documentaries and

Anthony Bourdain travel shows and so

startups like untamed borders and

political tours are offering you a

chance to visit the mountains where

Osama bin Laden hit or Moammar Qaddafi's

former compound this is not your parents

travel bro

black-metal bus tours while somehow

especially strange are really just a

part of this growing industry that wants

to take you to the darkest places on

earth whether that's the site of a

tragic genocide or a basement in Oslo

what do you think is dark tourism crass

or is it a way of understanding and

experiencing history

what would your number-one dark tourism

destination be let me know in the

comments and be sure to subscribe for

new those of this exists every week be

excellent to each other


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