Black Display on a RED iPhone 7! (with Touch ID)

by birtanpublished on October 2, 2020

there's a reason why it all looks like
this right now it's all because of this
this is the product red iPhone with the
black front that's right this is the
product red iPhone that I think we
should have got but it takes a ton of
work to get it to look like this let's
talk about it when the product red
iPhone was announced a lot of people
complained about the white front and to
be honest in real life it doesn't look
that bad but a lot of people really wish
that it had the black front and this is
something that I wanted to tackle and
it's kind of difficult so a lot of you
are probably saying why don't you just
buy a black display and just put it on
the front of the new iPhones well you
can but the problem is is that the touch
ID sensor is actually linked to the
logic board so if you change that touch
ID sensor the home button will actually
work but you will lose touch ID
functionality so no fingerprints so if
you don't care about the fingerprint
scanner then you're good you can
actually buy a black display with a
black home button and you're good but if
you're just going to directly swap them
then you will have a white touch ID
sensor with a black display which looks
kind of funny so this is what I had to
do to get this look and you'll have to
do the same thing if you want full
functionality what I did was I took
another seven Plus that I had here and
took the black display off the front
with the touch ID sensor and I didn't
move the logic board offer this and
implant it into the red one so you have
to do a full swap to get this thing
fully working this will be my
Frankenstein result after I put this one
back together white front jet black back
so if you've never taken an iPhone 7 or
7 plus apart before it can be a little
bit daunting I mean look at all this
stuff here I mean literally you have to
take out the battery the taptic engine
the camera the logic board and there's a
ton of screws everywhere you're gonna
need the appropriate tools it's probably
gonna take you about an hour to do but I
don't know maybe I'm crazy but this
combo right here is definitely worth it
to me but for most people it's not going
to be worth it because you're going to
have to buy two iPhones to make this
happen I mean it's crazy so I took it on
as a challenge to make this happen and
an iPhone got sacrificed in that process
the ribbon cable when I was taking the
display off I'm so angry that I did that
but in the end this happened and it
looks great and maybe Apple will listen
I mean this is an awesome combo I mean
if thinking about this this is soul fire
I mean if you see this in person this
black and the red combo is stunning I
mean it's way better looking in my
opinion then the white front and it's
awesome it just takes too much money to
do this but I just thought I'd show it
to you guys it is definitely possible
you can swap out the logic board and you
have to kind of do a transplant to get
the full functionality but I think it's
awesome there's a few things that you
should consider though even if you have
money to blow away that there is a water
seal around the display and a lot of
that comes off when you pull the display
off so this phone is probably not fully
auto resistant which kind of sucks and
you might lose some of that around the
gaskets and things like that so be aware
of that and it's probably going to void
your warranty period because I mean
you're putting other parts in the year
they can probably find that out in
Diagnostics but I mean this is going to
be my daily driver from now on I mean
this is unique this is awesome
ridiculously overpriced but it looks
amazing so I did it it's definitely
possible to put a black front on the
product red iPhone let me know what you
guys think about this I know it's really
expensive but let me know what you guys
think about this combo this is
definitely the product red iPhone that
they should have given us I mean what do
you think this is awesome so let me know
what you guys think subscribe for more
videos like this and give me a thumbs up
if you enjoyed it and I'll see you guys
in the next one

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