BITCOIN Will Hit 20k Again!! When? This Summer!!

by birtanpublished on August 4, 2020

Oh Wow I was talking forever you guys and I didn't even know they like shut down my stream Jesus YouTube no it's YouTube why I had it going everything said it was fine and then why wasn't no one telling me no I was literally talking for like

15 20 minutes you guys I was streaming it said it was going and then I was talking to theta people oh my god YouTube just screwed me dude oh it's just this it's a new software you guys did you even hear any of my stuff going

On I don't even know what's going on you guys YouTube is messy I I don't even know if trying to stream with faina was a good idea because I only have 300 viewers right now on YouTube which I usually get

Like over a thousand yeah that sucks I was wondering why the chat was so freaking slow to you guys yeah you should have told me and I was looking at the chat jerks let me talk for hours about this oh man that sucks you guys

Know I'm using a new software you guys like restream and I'm trying to stream through two platforms and stuff goes wonky pisses me off though now the stream is free I will tell you that hey thanks for the tip though you guys I

Appreciate it I didn't even know I wasn't streaming uh-hum I was talking for 15 20 minutes yeah well that pisses me off dude YouTube it just doesn't work very good I'll tell you that

Say see it says ascending date on my end well let's go for the viewers of the – I'm sorry viewers of theta I know it was working on your end but I'm gonna go back through the content Thank You JP mobile Thank You ash the Stampede

I appreciate your guys tips yeah – emails from YouTube at 10:00 I did do a couple of private streams testing earlier today guys so that it's just YouTube didn't want to work with restream in the beginning when I said go

Live and then the IP mobile thank you I should have checked that really sucks because now my streams fucked stop blaming I'm not blaming you I'm blaming restream and YouTube port a lucious but no I mean you guys should've said hey

You're not streaming cuz literally I was going through the comments and it looked like I was streaming you just start how about you get out my chaffeur um trying a new thing and things are gonna go a little weird in the first stream when

You're doing a brand new thing you've never done before so yeah so we're gonna get going again theta viewers have to watch this content again but it's good content so basically markets are looking okay

And I do predict that there are gonna be some big moves here soon for Bitcoin it's hard to say when why where but there's a lot of stuff going on so if you are on youtube I am streaming on theta for my first time that's the

Reason for the late stream was I'm going through restream and trying to do two platforms and it took it to theta but YouTube went yeah that sucks but I'm also on other social media follow me on Twitch Instagram and

Uptrend all those links can be found in the description of my video please give me a follow I got kicked off Twitter for no reason so now why do I think bitcoin is going to hit 20k again it's not because of you know a good thing

Personally I mean if you saw the thumbnail you saw feather v next New York AG Trump AG bar up there what's the reason so if you saw two days ago the big big freaking news a New York Court rejected

Bit for Nexus appeal over 850 million and lost funds it was a five court judge appeal panel they all decided that yes v next does have to turn over documents and San trial for the cover-up and loss of eight hundred and fifty million that

Is what the New York AG says happened so this is big news you guys because as you know crypto capital you know there's a lot of indictments going down with crypto capital Reggie Fowler you Yas Yas Yosef and another goes stuff I can't

Remember her name but they're all pretty much two of them are on the run and Reggie Fowler's in custody so this ties back to BitFenix as you know it's a complex web of what BitFenix is so you have iPhone X at the

Top and you have BitFenix whose yeah tether and then you have Brock beers who created tether real coin and it's still involved with them all the way up until 27 still involved to this day personally I think but noble bank one of their

Banking John Betts Lewis Friedman even mount GOx which they're still trying to get their hands on to this day which I find weird and then you have the bit for next corporate structure which is just crazy I mean you have of course the

Leaders John Lou to vicious Vanderbilt Giancarlo Depp and Feeny Phillip otter digi for next – next I mean the list goes on and on how it complicates itself but then you see that one in the middle renren be ltd that is zhao dome remember

Rinrin bit so yeah pretty big part of the corporate structure and he's in Chinese hands how putting them with money laundering operations then you have shape-shift block stream air Voorhees some og

Bitcoin whales trying to take it over pretty nasty stuff but I mean it gets even nastier when you go into their other banking relationships of course we have the crypto capital Reggie Fowler global trading solutions ace test pc but

Also taiwanese banks Wells Fargo that went kaput Deltek bank no bank went kaput those are out of Puerto Rico John bets of course connected to Sun Lotte Holdings and Brock Pierce and that's kind of the one I'm interested in Brock

Pierce and Monday I'm gonna tell you guys exactly why but I'll give you a hint so investigations into 2020 candidates must be cleared by top Justice Department officials this was put out in

February of this year a new rule by AG bar and it basically says that if you're running for president you cannot be investigated unless AG bar says it's okay yeah this is big you guys so if you understand what happened to three days

Ago you understand why he did it it's because the walls are closing in very quickly so again you know November is election November is the time you know people can be investigated again yeah that's why I think the summer of

Euphoria you know if you were the BitFenix you know CEOs all that you know the top dogs and you knew though you're coming to your end of your line you know while we're closing down you wouldn't you want to pump pump pump get enough

Mmm cash money Bitcoin so you can run for the rest of your lives yeah house of cards criminals on the run some review for you pump that's oh my god damn it dude oh this is not live you son of a bitch you tricked me

Like damnit YouTube but yeah I mean if you were those you know people you would do a pump and dump and they've done it before and they'll do it again and I have a prediction it's coming this summer so 20k Bitcoin all-time high

It could happen so I'll get to some of your guys's chat I just wanted to get through that my second time doing it um heck funny 769 and my streams have been going falling viewers dude each week after week like a month ago I was

Averaging 2,000 live viewers now 784 it sucks YouTube dude chatting on my channel my views to have been fucking cut in half but again you know if YouTube does take down this live stream you guys which I'm gonna be checking

Throughout the stream go on over to fada because they do not deserve the views if they're gonna be taking down my streams that's not cool not right and they did they've been doing it week after week after week

After week I've been dealing with it for about three months and I email them every time it happens and they just hope sorry so huh Leo W thanks for the tip man appreciate it so it's still up on

YouTube not taken down but usually a half-hour it goes down I showed my gmail it and I don't care uh uh my gmail is pretty open it's not like I'm trying to hide it no I'm not if you search for my name on YouTube it comes

Up that means I'm not shadow band if you search for my name on YouTube and when I'm live-streaming it doesn't come up that means yeah they shadow bend it um my thoughts on watching hmm I mean they do have some stuff with

The EEA and interoperability but there is seems to be bigger interoperability plays out there in my opinion polka-dot cosmos and that those are getting you know bigger looks and launching render token working with Google Apple Amazon

Facebook and Disney no they aren't if they were people would find out about that and that token would be two hundred million dollars market gap yeah cosmos Adams gonna start doing well I mean the BSN there that they're looking

At cosmos and iris net you know for the BSN that's pretty big what do I think our rocket pool two point five I love it one of my favorites you know it's one of the only projects trying to pull out a decentralized snaking pool

Yeah what do I think of aetherium classic I mean not much it's just you know a crappier aetherium but I mean if it theorem does mess up with proof of sake you know there could be some bumps with the theorem classic any update on

Kusama um no not today but I talked about the coins I like on a consistent basis so I will probably talk about it soon I mean I'm not like the other youtubers you guys you just talked about altcoin different one and every day

Because they want to get views they want to get every community to follow them they're not you know edgy like me they don't talk crap about the projects they don't like because if they did there goes some of their subscribers I'm not

Like that I talk about the stuff I like and I'm interested in because why would I talk about stuff I don't like I mean just doesn't make sense to me so I'm not gonna you know talk about what my subs

Want me to talk about I'm going to talk about what I find in research and I find that I think is gonna be big but um Kusama is one of those going so no I do not hold any dmg and I will not because the shell from that has been terrible

Absolutely disgusting and if you're a good project you don't need shell armies like that you don't need to pay it it's obviously a coordinated chill um and yeah don't like it one bit Tyler I am super bearish do the economy

I mean don't we see the virus numbers going up and say it's closing in in the meantime I do believe that Trump will do anything to keep the markets up that's exactly what I've been saying and Zacky I'm I appreciate your tip uh this is the

Summer of euphoria you know of course things are bad the markets are going to crash but people in power are printing money Gober to save that I mean people don't realize that our economy right now is the 401ks and baby

Boomers and Gen whatever after that I don't know what it's called those are the stockholders those are the business owners if the stock market goes our economy goes so it's coming in my personal opinion because what they're

Doing I mean QE is not going to work it didn't work in 2008 it's not gonna work again and it's only going to in my opinion you know after 2008 they had what twelve eight I mean eight twelve years of you know recovery it's gonna be

A lot shorter this time Lawrence thank you for your ninety nine cent tip brother that's awesome of you mister big nasty six six one thank you for the ten dollar gift man what do I think about cosmos polka dot Terra launching anchor

And what will happen to could some in the long run after the polka dot launched Maz module or lose Mon Cheers I'm as Adele I am if you can't see you know I'm creating my look after him Nazi doll

I mean Kusama is made to help polka dot I mean nothing Bad's gonna happen to Kazama after polka dots launched it's only going to probably increase the value of Kusama because Kusama is the canary network of polka dot I

Mean people are going to build the revolutionary applications and stuff on top of Kusama first it's you know gonna warn developers downstream if you know that's not gonna work this isn't gonna work and that's why they say expect

Chaos in Kusama because chaos is gonna happen it's where everything's tested it's a live test environment which is needed ample for the– mmm thank you for your tip babu machi

But i'm not gonna talk about coins just because he tipped me not like that chico you're the man now that's the kind of tip I like you know just a thank you for your content that's the tip I like you can try to tip me money

To talk about your coin but I'm not gonna do it we are also tipping on theta whoa I need to check out my say to people I love theta now because well yeah I do love theta right now because it's working and

I'm getting tip but um I'm a little mad at restream not mattes say duh little mad at restream I just need to figure I mean I worked when I did the test didn't do this but whatever so the next topic I want to get into and the viewers of

Theta have already seen this I appreciate all your tips to theta guys I don't know how to view tips on here they told me no one's watching on YouTube that's funny I should have looked at that chat Tyler check out the mutable

Contract that I'm in um I don't know what you're talking about golden 0x smart contract but I blew my key thank you for another tip man you guys are awesome do you think um Alex asked me if with for dollar 99 cent tip do I think

BTC will drop below eighty nine hundred or a lower point before going up looking to lower my average well you're asking me like I'm a TA er um Alex I'm not so I have no freaking idea I'm not gonna tell you where the markets are gonna go in

Short time because I have no flippin idea but in the medium the longer term I do have an idea from what I'm seeing um based off of fundamentals you could say it it's not technicals so my next topic I want to get into is

NFT so there is something big coming from the space I mean I made a video on it last week June 2nd a couple weeks ago week and a half and enough T's I brought up are going to be part of the next bull run you know defy in FPS I see that

Coming I mean I'm one of the first people who said beef I was gonna kick off the next boar on you guys I mean I mean nine months ago seven months ago 11 months ago eight months

Ago I mean when no one was talking about defy I was talking about defy I knew that was going to be the buzzword I mean it was obvious but now it's obvious to everyone but now I see another part of defy enough T's lower volume right now

Just like the defy project so you know but now defy you know has total value locked up of billions of pom billions um and ICN FPS growing just like defy within the next year and a half – um so this is an example

Vitalik butor n did a cryptograph an autograph that becomes an NF t on the blockchain digital artwork and the freaking thing only three minutes left for this – holy mackerel um or six minutes left and oh my god Christ is

$18,000 right now hopefully it was $16,000 when I first did this so Wow but I mean this is just a small example you guys I mean I see other things this isn't a real-world asset I see real world assets and a example of a real

World asset being tokenized is a simple one a pair of freaking sucks so unis whop they tokenize socks and a made limited-edition number of them I think 200 150 and they run it off of a dynamic pricing model so basically all

The most recent bison cells and they created a unis walk pool for it so the tokens can be traded and you can also redeem the token on the website for the actual pair of socks so um I mean this is just a small example but I mean

Real-world assets like stocks um like real estate that's coming and we could see real estate actually working off of dynamic pricing stats like this you'll start getting real prices for homes instead of inflated prices for homes jhp

Mobile is ubt done selling chico thanks for all your hard work again I have no freaking idea I like you BTW long-term I mean enterprise integration with resource ERP systems that's huge si P I mean baseline I'm holding long

Term I don't know why people are get so caught up in short-term price movements um I mean this is a great example chain link so I called chain link at 40 cents I sold out my neo back in February of 2019 okay it got pumped and then here's

Where people were saying should I sell what's gonna happen and then it goes up a little dude just look at the ebb and flow but look at long-term stop thinking short frickin term you guys God dang thank you for your – am I going to make

A video about rocket pool 25 yeah most likely I'm invested in it I like it it's one of the first decentralized staking pool so when more is known of course that's perfect answer for your tip Donald bump do you believe in chain link

I wouldn't be my biggest holding if I didn't but we got to get into YouTube so YouTube is on being a little bully lately um the scams you know they're doing the livestream giveaways scams

Allowing those like crazy they're still allowing those like crazy that's one of the reasons my videos get shadowed and is because people are abusing their report system YouTube is looking specifically at live streams because of

This and if they get reported and their crypto related they take them down and not only crypto related to I've seen an outside of other industries too and now they've moved on to actual ads and I'm baffled by this like do they have no

Review process in the add thing like not a single review how does this happen that an ad gets through so this is from air ether dot top and I actually want to show a trick for everyone so um I might get in trouble for showing this I'm

Probably not gonna show it actually because I don't know what I'll be showing but in Google Adsense if you're a youtuber you can specifically put in this um link they're trying to link you to and you can block them specifically

So that's what I'm trying to do I'm trying to find all these freaking scam ads and then block them because I don't want my subs not happening to them and that's not okay YouTube and I've emailed them about that saying this is not okay

You guys like why is this happening is it a conspiracy or what okay dude stop chilling you're smart contract with tips dude um don't like that I appreciate your tip but stop picked so Lou I appreciate that thank you for the

Content get some beer I'm actually gonna get a tattoo right after this live stream so Chico's getting back on the dating scene if you guys didn't know I've been single for a long time YouTube's been my focus and

I went on a date here and there you know but nothing serious I don't have time for it but I'm going to meet a chick who I think's pretty cool and she's a tattoo artist and so my first date with her is getting tattoo from her pretty badass

Yes chain-link is my biggest holding over BTC bin I made a portfolio breakdown video literally probably like three weeks ago and yeah I mean because of it's not because I've been investing more in

Chain-link I've actually just been holding what I have and yeah I mean I buy and hold I don't buy to like basically keep buying I buy what I want when I think I got a good position and I just hold it then I go looking for new

Stuff I will one Bitcoin hits 20k um but now we got to get into this regarding ripple they're filing a lawsuit against YouTube for these giveaways blah blah blah and I get why Ripple's doing it kind of now I hated it on it when I

First found out about this but I get it you know if they're not going to do anything about it you got to do do something what you can do about it and unfortunately ripples of shithead anyways but what sucks about the lawsuit

Is it's gonna piss YouTube off and we're gonna be collateral damage from it not you know ripple but crypto youtubers they're gonna start hitting us and that's exactly what happened right after the lawsuit came out is when I started

Getting shadow and so collateral damage yes Toder what do I think about defy coming to other chains like icon and Kaaba on like I've said a million times not good I mean icon I do hold a little bit still

But they're not gonna be an aetherium defy competitor you guys icons going to be located in South Korea Java is a by nan scrap coin I mean the token ah mix of cava or any finance ie is so hard to get yourself out from under cuz Finance

Just controls you that I would never invest in when those tokens and but they pull off pump and dumps with them all there I use they pull off a pump them and then they dump they pump them and they dump them and it's just a money

Ringing machine you know it's take a little money from the altcoin people so I want to actually show this bring this up because that makes me if this goes into the Morrow's video or mondays video oh shit

Only the people of theta saw this too so I actually if there is a Benjamin watching my channel right now bin Congrats on the marriage and I got a little something for you you know there's three rings in marriage there is

The engagement ring of course the marriage ring and there is the suffering sufferings a beautiful thing it's life do it beautifully with gene for the rest of yours cheers man have fun so you'll understand that I'm sure

None of you guys do but it's a little present from Chico to a fan oh so yeah I mean there are some good crypto youtubers out there I'm not a big fan of pomp but he is I mean he's a bi nanachat he he is all about money

Um you will talk about good about stuff that's not good just for money I am woman I try not to as hard as I can I have done some bad things sponsorships in the past but I did No maybe he doesn't know either maybe he

Doesn't know a finance that maybe he thinks you know I'm just crazy conspiracy theories so maybe I'm being too hard but but there are crappy youtubers that know they're doing the wrong thing and they

Keep doing it and if you have Trayvon James bit connect dude saying stop follow crypto following crypto youtubers they don't know what they're doing because they literally post it's going to the moon and then the next day it's

Going to crap what I mean it he puts this guy up here you guys all know him you know him it's yeah stupid I mean the look if you see a leverage shell from crypto youtuber you know you should probably

Stay away hey hey touchin go enjoy yourself and post pics of your new tat on Instagram welcome to theta dot TV and what's my thoughts on Bank or um I like bank or um I don't think it's gonna be a Eunice WAP

And you know provide liquidity definitely but it's not gonna be a you know swap in my opinion you know swaps already growing to have the network effect so there's value in it but not you know swap value in my opinion

Um this is funny never take crypto asset investment advice from tik-tok users and that is true why if you're watching my channel and you use tik-tok I'm a little mad at you I'll tell you that um we got a check though fun band nope we're so

Good hey YouTube's like shit he's trying to push people to our other platforms um but tick tock you know they had the doze show blah blah blah I'm sure guys just came down pretty massively oh yeah oh yeah from its top its beginning

Crushed right now pop and dump you guys um so yeah don't take advice from tik-tok users but tick tock is a creepy app and my there's a lot of weirdos on it and it's a CCP controlled app to get you know the

CCP into American homes and I personally think it goes deeper politically because a lot of politicians you know they have children young children some of them and they want to get on this and yeah they get the yo CCP right into politicians

Homes and you know they can turn on the microphone turn on webcam whatever I would never download it I'd never use it it's weird haha whoa hug up blurr Ian I like your name dude I'm probably saying it wrong always

Great full you're awesome especially your the last video about the PPP thank you I appreciate that um I mean that's something I'm passionate about yeah yeah you guys saw me talk crap about the company is like

Wall Street companies and large corporations taking it if when crib it came to crypto of course I'm gonna make a video on it when I saw that I was just like and then people think I was hating on cargo no well yeah I do not like card

On it you should know that from my channel uh-huh I do not like a one bit and I think Charles is a very nasty human being um but the other projects they didn't speak up about it Charles was the only idiot that took to

The airwaves and basically said yeah we did it we didn't need it but we did it because other people are doing it not okay dude not okay Carsten Olsen Chico thanks for all your

Work and insight my pleasure Carsten I lost out by crypto stacks wing how do I keep from depression don't stack swing don't try to chase short-term pumps like I said vine hold I mean I personally think if people

Listen not necessarily do you know my advice because I don't provide a financial advice but just listen to what I'm saying you know and do some of the things that do and I don't short-term trade and I'm

Very comfortable with my portfolio right now highly comfortable um it's just it's a losing game so I appreciate your tip but looking at the stung key stocks look at Tesla looking like a crypto my friends up 27% in one week yeah baby one

For my 1,300 over 1,500 Tesla surging what was I want to bring up oh yeah energy web so energy web I have made some relations to Tesla I don't know how strong the connections are but there are things that you know fit I hope I can

Discover the actually no banger that yeah Tesla and energy Webber working together with d3 a I'm gonna find it hopefully here soon but I do think it's happening some of the Tesla's you know energy grid operations out of Australia

Who gallim they use a test light products so this was interesting there was some south going on with cooling getting or energy web getting added to a new exchange COO coin I don't know how good that is

I'm not a big fan of cooling I don't think it's gonna provide like lots of volume but we'll see I don't think it's trading yet but I personally would like to see more decks volume but they are on unit swap and you only can get so much

On there right now but this was good to see from energy web so basically 38% of the total site supply of ewt is going to be used for the community fund and they basically broke down how all of its gonna be spent I like to see this kind

Of stuff good stuff but a person related to you know some of this stuff I'm talking about Tesla energy Webb they got added to coin based custody Ocean protocol and there's some more stuff with ocean they're actually providing

Data collections services to game though I don't even know how to say I just call mercedes-benz um yeah but their manufacturer is actually going to be using it but um thing I want to talk

About is the founder of ocean is uh Trent McConaughey I think it's net last name is so here he is I'm getting interviewed may in 2019 who is this so if you know who that is on the left that is Idi Hesse you-all Hesse CEO of

Grid singularity the tech company behind ewt and that is Trent hmm so this I mean what these guys are building especially ocean is future it's the future and even what ewt is doing is the future this is good not going to

Come out and you know they're gonna blow away the markets like that it's going to take some time but I'm in it for the long haul and getting bullish on ocean I'll say that Scotty P dude you do not have to do that

Why tip me Scotty P you're awesome in Scotty came in thanks for what you do brother would you take ten seconds and show these guys how to see on what exchanges certain coins tokens trade I'm losing my mind with them coming into

Telegram asking such kindergarten questions Scotty P is an excellent admin of the group he should not be tipping me because he literally he takes care of the group when I can't and I can't thank

Him enough but yeah I will do that for you Scotty so if you want to find out what coins you know where your coins trading on exchanges it's super easy it's going to the coin on coin gecko one gecko usually

Has all all the exchanges more than I think my point market cap you just go to markets so as you everywhere coins trading do ewt for an example it's not trading on much shows yeah so yeah if you're going

To join the telegram definitely make sure to pass that question love this channel thank you lay fouls hush me I hope I said that right um what's my view on file coin um not a big view I haven't looked into it so I personally can't

Answer um I'm not gonna try to I've heard of it I appreciate your tip and I wish I could provide more man Tyler we invite you to our ample fourth community a Brotherhood from all races and countries and from

All walks of life I appreciate it but tipping me is not going to get me to come join if I find it something I like I find it I appreciate it man ooh-ee EWTN ocean will rock what do you think about chromium man I just said I don't

Like when people tip me though you know look at coins I'm not a big fan of chromia it was big soup oh man show so no not a big fan but I haven't looked into it so I can't make a call on anything technicals related hey Chico

What's your favorite NFT project it's between engine and decentraland right now definitely decentraland I would like to see them push on VR because you know running around on a screen on 2d in a virtual world is cool at all but it's

Not what it was supposed to be you know this is supposed to be a different world VR provides that and they my opinion should have been working on it from day one I appreciate your tip Earl DN Armando

Now I need to get to theta because I'm sure people have tipped me hey hey what's up everybody on theta trying trying to take care of to give to dreams I appreciate all you guys on theta watch me I can't see how many are watching me

So care to don't know hi 245 viewers hey that's cool that's awesome thank you I appreciate you guys that's like one sense of what's going on YouTube pretty cool I haven't took me down yet either oh you

Do you dirty dogs hey chica we like your content we are a crypto platform on a mission to create crypto where awareness check us out at some point my crypto view is that it or yeah I'll definitely check you out man yeah that's

Awesome faded guys I appreciate you guys all be in here for me this is my first time using this beta so I'm getting used to it oh you can see it on your own channel website hey I hope everyone is enjoying theta-two if you've signed up

For it so I'm gonna be streaming on theta dual streaming each and every time now you guys but I know you guys want some juicy content of course I showed the connection between ocean and ewt but regarding you know so I've been getting

A lot of people in my comments being like Tyler you screwed me on card ah no you screwed me on this I'm like dude for one don't listen to financial advice from me I don't like hard oh no and I'm going to keep talking about it and then

Like I had like some neo shells coming in my group okay guys if I would have held neo or card oh no let's see okay so got in on chain link about 42 cents it's what six oh eight right now it's like a freaking that's like 8 X 6 X you

Know that's big if I would have held neo still I would be hurting it's only up tenth to 1060 from $7 and $8 I'm so glad and then card oh no I mean cardano's still 90% down you guys and card if I would held that I'd be barely up –

It's like I hate that any news on centa bait um no so there was some stuff going around that I was going to become an advisor and I did think about it and since they added me on to their website

Which I was not happy with because I said I'm you know no I don't know yet and yeah so and I did do an interview for them which was sponsored but I'm not an advisor for Santa mate never was kind of frustrated me that I did that I want

Back in the telegram chat well sorry I know you guys want back in but I do not take kindly to people who talk crap to me in my own group so you do it you get kicked out and you're gone and you're not coming back sorry ooh Ron nice thank

You for your tip brother I appreciate that I like tips with just stickers that's a good one so I'm if you want to cut me my telegram group cuz I drop hints early in there you know if I'm finding with some

Good research um talk crap to me you're gonna get booted so this is some hinting we got going on and this might lead me into some other content next week of course Monday is going to be in relation to why I think the pump bit the neck

Stuff what's going on I mean stuff gets pretty weird um but I created this video last week one of my better performing videos on a long time YouTube's been hating on me but Elon Musk created Bitcoin 100% proof he is Satoshi um

There is you know some things out there you know regarding you on um of course the C++ code Elon was the early guy using that I mean C++ only came out in 98 the official standard um he was creating XCOM I mean all of PayPal's

Back into four XCOM is C++ and he originally started with C with that's it thing I can't remember it is it too so there are some things you know that connect you on to Satoshi but there's another person and

I'm actually getting more more I mean it's hard for me to even know what is good no one knows who Satoshi is of course but there are some connections to this guy so chain Li the mystery of chain link Sergey nazarov so they take a

Look at him 2013 you came out with smart contract got calm so yeah and website smart contract calm actually got bought six days before the Bitcoin white paper was put out um and then they go into a smart contract com domain movement and

This is all the stuff Sergey owns bunch of uncom names and the big thing that connects serve you to this is according to surveys LinkedIn profile QED capital provided founder friendly venture capital to highly technical

Technical founding teams in Russia and Eastern Europe QED were the company that provided the funding behind of sergey's pass on diverse and clearly be encrypt the mail and secure asset exchange

However what is hidden on the chain link a smart contract calm website and also sergey's linkedin is that QED are the organization behind smart contracts calm you may have already noticed that the organization's name on the holes record

Next to sergey's details and you know Bitcoin code reveal Satoshi Nakamoto used a Russian proxy oh yeah mmm so that may be coming out next week my research I mean this is just the beginning of my research I found this

Today this week I'm gonna be diving more men and you'll see the full stuff next week I just gotta make sure my streams on take him down heck yeah it's um oh yeah and then this video too so coinbase exposed in

Bed with Wall Street truth is yes my worst performing video in a long time and I didn't get it I was like why is this video doing so bad now I get it I should have frickin not done this ever oh I shouldn't even do it in this dream

Because of probably why video didn't good paying it but um I did a little thing in the beginning where people are saying soup me coke and I think that's the reason YouTube did not like that whoops Vitalik is an alien Vitalik was

For in 2008 yeah Vitalik is not so she that's possible too Spartacus Sergey is Satoshi I mean there's a lot of people I mean we die is another one of my suspects and people connected do we die wrong chin is actually connected do we

Die in his family that's why I've made that video a long time ago going in DIC is it possibly you know wrong chin but I don't think so anymore because I talked to wrong chin hey thank you dear David for never

Missing my video I have no idea David Carroll um does it make sense to me team Sam eBay I talked about Kusama literally ten minutes ago so again um this coin based video showing that they're in bed with Wall

Street if you haven't watched it give it a watch because it needs some views YouTube's not showing it to people but I showed you know what is happening with coinbase it's going to be massive later this year or next year it's the first

Time the New York Stock Exchange is going to do a direct listing it's basically you don't got to do the IPO process it says coin starts trading and coinbase could sell directly to the public first time in history this is

Gonna happen usually projects had to do the IPO process it's gonna be big I mean first one coin base crypto but who's gonna be making the buku bucks we know we know the investors are coinbase New York Stock Exchange Kelly Lafleur Jeff

Stretcher Ryan Armstrong a 16 C's Venus Williams it's yeah it's it's a little oh yeah let's let the rich get richer and then yeah the regular public you can pick up the scraps you may make a little bit but you're not gonna make what they

Made I'll tell you that right now it sucks but then coin base is doing more stuff like what is coin based doing right now do they want to shoot themself in the freaking foot and fall out of the grasp of crypto coin base is now selling

Their blockchain analytic software to this us Secret Service so basically IRS and the EA they're gonna be getting coin base account information now not cool to see I mean they were giving that out earlier

But now it's gonna be for everyone probably oh and this I just thought was pretty cool um regarding Satoshi I should have brought it up earlier but um Satoshi's address from the Genesis block which you know contains some 68 Bitcoin

In there I think it keeps receiving Bitcoin from people you know they keep just like basically like a virtual of wishing well they know that Satoshi isn't probably not gonna unlock it so basically way to burn Bitcoin yeah

I've looked into Nick Szabo Scotty P don't have to tip again man Szabo is possibly but I don't think so just some of the things he said recently make me I think he was talking about like even Craig Wright being Satoshi and

I may be wrong and that made me just go in a few would you mind taking some questions from fada donation chat yes of course man I I just don't know how to seed freaking tips on theta it's not like

YouTube I don't see him Thank You solid rocks I'm here on theta to answer some questions I just don't know how to see the tip ones yeah I don't know how to use it theta does need to add a feature

Where highlights um like YouTube if someone tips because I can't see them if people have been tipping I appreciate your tip though on YouTube Texan hey what's up Kenny's tip at the top Oh Victor he gave me a hang loose

For a tip I see that honestly a question I see it I just see a hang loose huh and I'm we can see your tips below the streaming Oh Pat thank you guys I appreciate it net brand 18 hub easy tection I

Appreciate all you guys oh my god I just had to scroll down I have the fate of fuel pool 2 theta fuel pool top monthly sub gift errs Kyle thank you I appreciate all you guys on theta uh-oh so did they just tip me I think so

Kenzie's I appreciate that I think you gave me pay to fuel I'm still learning the platform I'll get it down don't worry boys and girls mmm was I on okay so this is one of the final things I want to get into so I exact again

Another project I've been talking about for a long time and it's had the same up and downs up and down but it's going on the back up and um this was pretty big so I exact is going to be presenting at the conference on the topic of I exactly

5 interoperability and privacy tools for defy with microsoft consensus banco santander chain-linked JP morgan and more yeah big news coming out of there um and then they announced just recently that they would be joining the

Confidential computing consortium added some new members Accenture AMD and Juna and clave kasnian I exact IO TX Nvidia and r3 and this is made of pretty big players to I mean there wasn't even a crypto on it like a

Coin before this Alibaba RM Google cloud by Dubai dance T centric fort annex way Intel Microsoft and Oracle and more so what I want to talk about regarding can I basically gave it away so yeah what I want to talk about is this

So they're saying this month July 2020 at tech giant will soon join I exact in the mission for data protection and privacy and they kind of what I see you know give a hint right here and it's squares so I was thinking could that be

Microsoft just half of Microsoft's logo I'm like what they've already kind of worked with Microsoft that wouldn't be big news and I think it may be AMD and D is the only other square I know they couldn't put exactly that you know they

Should if it was aimed E they should they're just left like that arrow but you know if you look at AMD it is square you know so I mean I do AMD's getting deeper into the crypto space and I'm gonna be pulling out more

Of this research this weekend again I may make a video fully on it next week I just liked it my live streams give hints to what I'm gonna be talking about next week and this any tips on the tube oh man yes I am Scottie Pete stompy you

Like China's BSN what about nervous network as the first integrated blockchain into the BSN mmm I don't know I didn't having I've done research behind the BSN and I didn't see anything about nervous network so I mean I don't

Know we'll see I mean I'm more bullish on I Rita and chain link for the BSN I don't even know what nervous Network does so we'll see I'll look into it though I appreciate your tip and to Pascal our

Tyler can you give my opinion you give me your opinion on maker coin maker yeah I hold a good percentage of it it's gone down in my portfolio because it hasn't been out outstanding as some of the other coins but I still hold every

Single bit died does look like the future of decentralized money the future decentralized dollar and having a say and the governance of that is going to be extremely valuable extremely valuable and people don't realize Baker gets

Burned too for the more the protocol is used a lot of people don't realize that I'm super bullish on maker I don't scott EP don't tell me what to do did you take it away I'm sorry he's got ep don't tell me what to do laughs allow

Thanks to your tip I just crossed over 600 free e WT s for your information that is easy money that easy money is over now yes so Scotty P he actually took my advice I did not tell him to go do this

He just watched my video I'm like I was trying to get people to do and realize that with Eunice WAP and the new exchanges with ewg there's gonna be arbitrage opportunities and Scotty P took advantage of that so yeah I mean I

Hope other people took advantage I think that's it you guys hey Tyler what's your thoughts about lcx um P ko9 I'm actually super big and uh um not super big into lcx why I do old a little I like that they are fully regulated out of

Liechtenstein tinkerbell I appreciate you I like a good Tinkerbell talk please talk about Ren um I talked about written literally a couple weeks ago you guys again I don't like my I talked about it's one of the coins I hold I'm going

To talk about it dude it's not like I forgot about the coins I hold it's just there's there is stuff going on with Ren I'm just waiting for it to come to fruition where I can make a good understandable video about it it's not

Easy to talk about when things are brand new yeah so let's see if YouTube took me down nope stayed live all YouTube because I started stream on theta they're like oh no way we're not gonna let them take our streamer cuz if I did

Get banned I was hoping all of you guys would go over to theta because it's been happening week after week after week any thoughts on keep TBT see um it was interesting to see them tried to go live and then fail I was interested in it

Because it was the decentralized Bitcoin on ethereum like ran BTC and Renault Ren viim others are centralized models but again the risks of a smart contract with turing completeness in it is attack vectors

Will be found and opened and that's why i continually recommend my subscribers never put in anything more into anything more than you can afford to lose especially an investment and when it goes the smart contract platforms and

Some of these defy protocols be freaking careful because there are going to be exploitation and many of them and some of them are actually known right now like the the the black hat hacker he sees it he's just waiting for the time

When he can get the most money he's just waiting so i mean be careful i mean yeah some of these pools and suffered doing great but vectors will be found um my thoughts on cava not bullish like finance i you i'm not bullish on

Any finance I owe the token economics of it are horrible finance controls a large majority of the coins and they like to pump and dump so don't want to be part of that what's up zero PI I appreciate everyone here

TIPA me Ned Brandon is my freaking number one you are the man Ned and hub easy I like how they do this though see this is better than YouTube oh thanks for following me appreciate it come back to you youtubers don't think

I'm forgetting about the tube Elrond by zone was 000 yeah listen to lit Scouts quits mammy spammers aren't good my thoughts on dmg no thoughts don't care she'll are me I know I don't know if it's like where the show

Came from 4chan blahblah wherever but it's not gonna work on me um if any of you guys who do that you know try to send shell armies into my group and to continually ask me about it I will not talk about it because I hate

That that's stupid mr an Jay I've seen your USD T going BRR how to know if it's fully back no way to know it's never been audited get yourself a desk with more than one screen within your eyesight no I do mean

No I I eventually well I'm just you guys don't understand how hard it is to create daily content I am busy constantly and when I get my days off I don't want to go out by a desk and do stuff for the channel I just want to

Frickin sleep daily content takes me literally I wake up 7:00 in the morning and I'm not done till 7:00 at night and then when I'm twelve hours work and I'm exhausted nope I mean people who I would love to

Get a new set up but when I take a week off you know that's maybe when I do it because I don't have time for it like when I moved into my new place I mean I just set up all my stuff I already had and I was just like I took a

Week off to do that and yeah I could have got new setups but I just wanted to get in my house you know what I mean Tyler is possible you can do an LLC X research short video um if I find something I again I don't talk about

What my subs want me to talk about and so again shills like if you tell Matt me hard with the project I'm not gonna talk about it because I don't like that good projects don't need that when moon fuel fighters I don't know

While has my posting disappeared I don't know I didn't do it yes you can see I'm right here hey thanks Monica Martin I appreciate it alright guys well I appreciate all the viewers of theta all the viewers of the

Tube for coming in and just being awesome this dream sorry got off to a little slow start restream screwed up but the viewers of theta got to watch content one and a half times viewers of the tube got to watch it once and had a

Delay again I'm sorry about that next time I'll try to make sure it doesn't happen all you guys coming in and tip in you guys are awesome for both theta and YouTube I mean you guys seriously make my Saturdays almost every Saturday cuz I

Almost do a live stream every Saturday who do I think I exact big partner is I'm guessing AMD just because of they joined the confidential consortium together the square and E is getting big into off trusted compute T just makes

Sense to me oh wow Todd M have fun on your day a good woman will add to your life thanks for all you do obviously she's a good woman yeah I mean most of the girls my last girlfriend was an evil woman whoo

Glad I got out of that one I would be a miserable person to this day if I was still with her um but yeah I hope she is – I appreciate that Todd you the man Steve P I appreciate it – all right guys well um viewers of the tube viewers of

Theta I appreciate you all especially you know talk tippers I wish YouTube had something like this I could go back through because I mean I'm getting comments left and right and Andre Moss oh he came to the top with 500 I see I

Wish I could it highlighted your questions and stuff and then crypto sale arms and then net Brandon – if we you took me for 20 um actually right after this I'm not going to get my tattoo I'm going to check on

Me plants me plant us I'm in California it's legal so um again yeah if you guys want to come join the telegram chat I'm there come in and chat it's a link is in the description all videos it used to be some another link but I had to take my

Channel private because I was getting a lot of crap towards me from scammers trolls and then some scammer trolls took the old link and then they started and I forgot to take the description in my description the link out when I changed

It of all my videos and people start joining the freaking scammers oh shit so I add day yeah go through every video and take it out good thing you can bulk to it but still took me a long time deck Jenn appreciate you guys install the

Chat bot bro hmm well I will I'll look into that after um yours of the tube coming back Patrick in um have I heard of Eid yeah I'm not a big fan I appreciate through your tip but I gotta get going I got things to do

So you guys tune in Monday good content coming then and actually the next week gonna be fire content so tune in for air view video cheers guys see you next time

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