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by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Like a boss laughs from USA hoping you get paid every day this is the dose Bitcoin the crystal of crypto is your boy BK and if you don't like me you must not like

Money thank you for joining me everybody today we are doing a life update on a breakout prediction that I did on Monaco MCO to the BTC I'm gonna be updating that chart letting you know if it's gonna continue going higher or pullback

Here in the near near future so if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is became known as a crypto traitor number both these charts as you will

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Description and join our free community so here we go man this was Monaco mcl to the BTC I'm at 343 compliments of the boss method if you don't know how to use this methodology just type into Google how to

Charge like a boss there will be a video right there with a green a chalkboard on it that's the video that you want to watch in order to make money in the market right so this is my methodology this is the video that I put out March

23rd and at the time we were trading right around 66 67 hundred satoshis I said that we had a great chance to break out as high as six seventy six hundred and I gave this date of April 12th that just happened yesterday right and if you

Followed the chart you know that this thing indeed did go higher so this is when I did the video on the 22nd 23rd and this thing ran up eight and a half percent in nine days right and it went right up to that border right around

7600 Satoshi's so it's pretty evident you know that when you know the technical analysis is on point it's very very easy to make some money hopefully you made some money with this prediction I think I'm one of the only people on

YouTube that called Monaco to make you some money you know during this time and as a result you know the people in my and my group got paid right and so that's what we're doing that's what we're looking at now we made a

Little bit of money should we take it off the table shall we leave it on the floor so we've let it ride so we double down you know what are we looking to do well it's two two views you want to look at for MCO

First one I'm just gonna split this up to make this video a lot faster the first one is the quick money view that is indeed our 33 minute view and the second is our long money view let's see turning this one often this

One off and this is our 343 right and so essentially you have these two views is the quick money that's the long money right quick money only lasts about a week right if I was going to show this little snapshot at a chart right it

Would be right about there right there that's basically the quick money in the trade whereas the long money you can get a lot more information with regards to the overall trajectory break out break down quick cycles so let's do a long

Analysis you know do a sign line right there do another one right yeah and you see right off the top we do have a break in the cycle coming before the end of the month on the 25th right if this is our breakout cycle this is our flatline

Cycle something's gonna happen right here right and this thing is actually showing concave down which means you could see Monaco take some money off the top and come down at least to this support level and that's right around

6500 right bamm-bamm right in addition to that our short money analysis let me see if we could do a Fibonacci real quick I mean sometimes you did congruence between the different price levels and the Fibonacci scale right

Here yeah and that's pretty close that's right on top of this 2 to 2 to 6 area right up in here right and when you fall from a 3-2 capstone you normally land somewhere in between the 2 2 and the 2 6

Which is right here right and so essentially when all these bands come together like they are right now inside this purple box I'm what color is purple because this is a current right when all those bands come together that means

This thing is setting up for a big move now given that we've already made a significant amount of money since September right this thing is up a hundred damn percent one hundred thirty percent since September crazy son you

Know you can you can you know almost feel pretty confident that it's not gonna run another hundred and thirty percent before this September right and so at that point you got to start looking at take money off the table and

Since I'm looking at Monaco right now we do have this nice little buffer zone built into the chart to where this thing could literally come down looks like about 12% almost and still be well within itself with regards to the

Integrity of the chart right now we have a flat line at a 777 twelve and a half percent above the 231 on a 343 that means this thing isn't very much over extended and so I can expect to see a pullback at least to seven thousand as

Low as 65 6600 before to end in a month and I think that would be healthy for the chart because as I mentioned this thing is one of the hottest commodities on the blockchain and it has made some real-deal money over the past year right

Over the past six months right so at some point you got to take some money off the table but it's nothing against the business nothing against the team nothing against the structure of the integrity you know of their business

Model it's just like you know you have ups you down pat downs you that do you have flows and so now you have to look at being conservative especially you know with Bitcoin having this little drop right here inside the

Past week right we were up here at 72 you know we're down eight and a half percent in four days what's coming next I'm gonna get that to you in the next video I just wanted to talk about MCL to the BTC you know I'm saying so if you

Want to see Bitcoin tune in tomorrow cuz I'm coming back to back like cook crack you know I'm saying to do a Bitcoin update for you but right now I think Monaco is getting a little bit overextended as I mentioned you can see

It come down a 10% before the end of the month but that does not mean that it's not motion in the ocean and money ready to be made I just put out a new profit package a few days ago for our community and we got some bangers on there I'm not

Gonna tell you what coins they are normally that'd get you one of them but it's a lot of money to be made let's let's just say that when when Bitcoin picks a side right and it and it and and it and it tells us what's it's gonna do

And we look at the rest of the all coins especially the top of the market I tell you all the time that water flows through the crypto birds from the top down with Bitcoin theory and litecoin triple – mineiro you know all these

Legacy coins being the first to receive the energy whenever new currency flows through market and now we have a new cycle birthing right in front of our eyes and so it's a lot of money to be made I think if you are interested in

Making some money with the boy BK and you knows in a lot of that a lot of the starts we got swimming in ocean with us then jumping over to a boss of Bitcoin comm this is where you sign up for our VIP trading services and concierge

Packages the profit package is one of those as I mentioned the top seven coins to swing trade every seven days a lot of people made a lot of money right on this list I put them out I update on every week and then

Intermittent intermittent updates throughout the week with different coins and trades and stop losses and things of that nature just to keep you active in the market and profitable in the market and then also to VIP trade group this is

Kind of like a concierge customized trading program whatever you have you let me know I show you my stop-loss as I show you my limits and it's more of a hands-on a day to day trading group as opposed to the profit package really

Just maximizing the top points with regards to the momentum that's coming up in the market all in all you know I think we all can agree that you know this is indeed a transition this is the greatest transformation of wealth in the

History of humanity and some greenbacks ain't got too much time left man is no getting around it right 90% of the world is unemployed sitting on their couch right now you know I'm saying trying to keep up with the Kardashians and you

Know listen listen to what the bobble heads telling them on CNN trying to just just know when they can go walk outside again right this is the death of one empire in the birth of another and you want to make sure you are on the

Receiving end of that transition of value right not on the giving in right it's literally like watching the Titanic go down in slow motion you know we all know how to story going and we just watching it watching it go underwater

Inch by inch week by week month by month drop by drop in the stock market it's literally unfolding before our very eyes and with that being a threat to the status quo therein lies the opportunity on the blockchain right so there you go

Everybody that's what I do man I hope people make money I'll put these videos out there just trying to get this information out to the people if you appreciate that I appreciate you as I mentioned smash that like button for

Player one time subscribe right now join the money team and if you want to click down to and pick up SiC like a boss you already know what time it is profit package top seven-point swing every seven days holla – boy let's get

This money that being said everybody is that time two days on it now both boy became matter where you stay Brazilian baked Califonia all the way back out through jerk money good night good morning and good day

Thank you for joining me thank you for your time hit that thumbs up button for play at one time do that for me if you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic go

Like a boss

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