BITCOIN TRADING – MONACO MCO TOKEN REVIEW LIVE Crypto Crash Analysis TA & BTC Cryptocurrency News

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

Bitcoin is still trying to figure out if it wants to break out or break down but in the meantime I think it's money to be made and that is coming to you straight from MCO monocle token so I'm doing a live technical analysis on this coin showing you where I think it's gonna go

How fast I think it can get there but most importantly how you can profit as a result so ain't meant to but to do it let's go ahead and make this money

live from the USA helping you get paid every day this is the dose a Bitcoin the crease though of creeped up is your boy BK and if you don't like me you must not

Like money thank you for joining me everybody as I mentioned bitcoin is still sitting flat between 62 and fifty eight hundred dollars I think below fifty eight is a big big

Threshold it'll it'll fall quite a bit above sixty six this thing could start running but in the mean in between time you know I'm saying money don't stop flowing right so that's why I'm doing this video right here because I think

This is still an opportunity for you to cash out like a king with this set up trade right here this is MCO to the BTC and we will get straight to the charts but before we do that I want to make sure you you guys subscribe this is a

Very pivotal time in the market that's why I'm trying to do these videos every day to try to get this information out to you turn your notifications on to make sure you get every single one to put yourself in the best position to be

Successful oh and by the way we got about 350 people in the past few days that are doing the free telegram group I'd give you no tips and tricks in size just to help you get set up it's really more of a learning community you know we

Share different news different information that's relevant to the blockchain really keeping each other empowered and improv it in the marketplace so the link for the telegram group is right there – number one link

In the description so here we go man Monaco MC oh right crypto comm right financial technology black chain technology fin tech services these guys have put together one of the best products on the market and obviously the

Market has spoken since I think the beginning of the year MC o is up something crazy so let's take a look at the charts actually I'm sorry since September this thing has been red hot what you're looking at right now

Is MCO to the BTC on a 343 let's do this I like I like how ahead like the watermark I you say I like the watermark in the background can I get that again can I get that you know so my people know what are we doing when we doing it

Here we go MCO to the BTC ona 343 compliments of yours truly this is the boss method consists of three harmonic moving averages if you don't know what this system is how to use it just type into Google how to chart like a boss

Watch that first playlist that pops up for you and you will be well on your way to making some money so let's do this right here so Monaco is right here right eye with our method when the weight goes above the blue you know what to do

That's when you jump in and you ride the money train and I've done several videos over the past month or so talking specifically about MCO let's just go back and look that way if you would have actually been on this

Channel you would have got some of this information um we'll go back to like that's me let me see I should have picked this out ahead of time but oh yeah I did one where I just sit straight up buy it let me see I got it on this

Other three here this was like komm giveaway I think it was this one sorry I'm looking on another screen yeah I think it's this one let me see video unavailable nevermind but it's been a few times how does that

Monaco right here 2008 Jim 2008 I'm pretty sure it is ask and you shall receive MCO Monaco coin right June 2018 I just told you jump on the Money Train right let me see right 3,000 views hopefully 3000 people jumped on board

Back in June 2018 right that took a hit Wow 2018 that was all the way back here that was all the way on the other side of the damn world mmm look at this boy let look wait let's do this real quick June 27 June 22nd

Right now right now that's when your boy jumped on the air and gave you the green light young Sam I get your green light at 96 where did it go 39% 12 days who else is doing it and then I get you to read like I said sell it when it go

Below get out get out get out Young Saeng clappy hey make them pigeon cluck get up like it's hot it's hot Young's in right there that's when you would have cashed out 11:6 22% like a vault

14 days right and what I'm telling you right now is it set enough let's go back on the other side it's setting up to do something nasty right let's get back let's get back to it get back to it BK hi that was an old video – that was

An old video Ivan told you like three or four times since then Young's and went went about MC oh all right so here we go here we go here we go this is our big cycle right here break out I tell you is three parts of

Any cycle guys I tell you all the time and actually you had two of them three of them in this thing break out break down flat line break up break down flat line break out break down flat line right and then you had one really big

One what color it is one it like purple this up break out break down flat line that's been the big one right and that's why I'm doing this video because this thing has been setting up for a while these are the levels in it that's how

You freestyle on a fibonacci breakout the breakdown if we wanted to tighten the bands we could do it right yeah I think I like that one a little bit better right but right now we're basically standing above the floor on

This green band right here right at 66 oh nine that's the new floor for this chart so as long as Monaco is above sixty 609 basically call it a even 66 you know 6600 then it will continue to go higher before it goes lower once it

Breaks under 66 then you can see this thing dropped at probably six you know 60 to 61 somewhere in there right but I'm doing a positive outlook a positive forecast on this all right we got 66 as the new floor that means we have our

Capstone up here between a four two and the four six let's see what this one does no I don't think we're gonna hit it that quick we drop one right there though that's the border of that line I got

This six four over here sometimes it plays on that one I would say right here right that's not a bed spread this is a longer chart right I normally do charts a little bit tighter than this but the band's you

Know with the market I'm trying to give you guys some time and have some flexibility to really maximize your potential because there's a lot of extraneous situations in the market right now you got cv 19 you got light

Now you got Wall Street shut down the closing floor you got a trade online so you know it's a lot of things going on and then you got BTC right that's the biggest thing of this video to keep in mind bitcoin is still the Sun right all

Of the money on the blockchain by definition flowed in through bitcoin or one of bitcoins children right and so we always have to be cognizant well what is Bitcoin doing is Bitcoin receiving energy or is it losing energy so what's

Interesting what's very very interesting on this trend right here is Bitcoin over to pass what week or so let's check it out this is the chart right here let's see if we get a cleaner one here we go

Over the past what is this since the 30th couple days since the 30th Bitcoin has been in a downward trend right and really since March that thing just took a shot and it had a little little run you know middle of

March on but now we go back to a MCO and you can see that even during this last segment when Bitcoin had its downfall Bitcoin is doing this Monaco stayed flat right that's called a bullish divergence and it's one of the things you want to

Look for in the market that means even though the Sun was losing energy Monaco maintained its own resonance source so by definition once the Sun starts receiving energy again and we always expect Bitcoin to beat the dollar

Overtime make no mistake about it I could come on here and make it don't believe a hype video and you know and predict a quick cycle going down but truth be told that is a very very very quick cycle in that prediction sighted

March 27 that's the day right I'm not taking this thing out to November 2020 and saying we're gonna beat down at 3000 I said maybe in two weeks we can get there this is how we get there you know I'm saying but over the long term MCO is

Or I'm sorry Bitcoin is always going to beat dollars so if we can get more Bitcoin which is why I measure all of my trades in Bitcoin because I don't care about USD USD egg that nothing for me if we can achieve more Bitcoin than by

Definition over time we will achieve more dollars it is literally that simple and so what I see on this chart right here is this can easily be a continuation breakout to where you're going

Right here I don't know why I didn't see it before that's it yeah get this here goes right here I'll just clean this part of this chart up so this is what we have for Monaco this is our

Quick cycle this little quick run right here gave us all to energy we need it this is our floor as I mentioned as long as we are above this floor we will go higher before we go lower that floor sits at

6600 and this is the projection right here is taking it out to 6/4 right here April 2nd and I think a lot of that has to do with the volatility of BTC right 7800 so you're looking at 12% in two weeks

It's not bad the biggest thing is we need Bitcoin to stay above fifty eight hundred dollars and if and when that happens you know and this thing it like I said it's been it's been acting on its own so we could get there right here

Right we could get there you know in two days more than likely if it happened it would be like right there but between one of those two zones that's what this thing is predicted right and so the biggest thing to keep

It note keep in mind you always want to trade for what is increasing in value right Bitcoin beats dollars over time so on these longer charts you know that's set up over weeks months you usually want to

Trade for Bitcoin now granted Bitcoin over the past three days has lost dollars right and it has a chance over the next week to lose a lot more so this is somewhat of a risky trade yes it is but without risk there is no reward and

In the sense of Monaco holding its value or some of the money coming out of Bitcoin in to Monaco since it already a diverging bullish trend I think it's you know worth the risk to the upside right especially if you have

A tight stop-loss right here at 6600 so it's like you trade the possibility of losing 3% for the possibility of making 12% that's called a four to one risk to reward ratio and photo record young-sam for everybody just now took any in for

The first time that is how you chart like all balls oh so there you go everybody MC oh you know I think this could be the first step in a very very very long cycle a very profitable cycle for monocle if you're not familiar with

The product type it in to Google crypto comm this is their product this is what they do buy sell and pay with crypto and they have their own exchange it's essentially a point of sale top of wallet prepaid front loaded debit card

That runs on the Black team and it's just available now available in the UK so for all of our people watching across the pint Young's and they just they just approved empowered by cricket every time you get 3% back in

More powerful and secure digital assets in place 24/7 neither do we oh so it's a pretty cool product they actually do that freak Netflix on there you know I'm saying is is a quarantine you know I'm saying a lot of Netflix and chilling

Going on y'all could do that compliments of crypto calm they refund you know you paid Netflix $12.99 a month they give you that back on the debit card every month as a credit you know just for using using their product so

It's pretty cool 3% back on groceries for om dinner form gasoline you know it's a pretty cool product and they are doing a promotion to where if you sign up and get set up with everything on the card you actually get $50 free right you

Get $50 and if you click this link right here the partnership and use our referral code BK I get 50 bucks you know there's been a few people that have done it so thank you for doing that you guys I just

Do that right there sign up give him your email address referral code BK and both of us will get $50 compliments of crypto comm this is the real deal you know I'm saying I don't have ten million dollars to throw into this chart to make

It do that but somebody else does and mave al you crypto comm greatly so this is why I'm saying you should probably value it too because the charts show that this thing can go up as high as 8,000 of them things right now is that

About sixty eight eight right and that can happen as soon as the end of this month so that's what I've got for you guys thank you so much for watching this video if you appreciate this content I appreciate you make sure you subscribe

As I mentioned notifications on we had about 30 subscribers already joined this weekend like I said 300 have jumped into the free telegram group that is available for you free of charge it's my service

For you just to help you get set up educated informed and empowered on the black saying my name is Brandon Kelly also known as a crypto trader thank you for joining me it's about that time at a date signing out

Both boy BK no matter where you stay Brazil eBay or California all the way back out through jerk money good night good morning and good day before we get up out of here I want to tell you real quick we do have products and services

Available for you the first of them is the profit package as I mentioned I swing trade for a living right I help you make money in the market so in this group you get the top seven coins to swing trade every seven days when

Bitcoin is making money that list will be sent out to you guys every week you know and I picked the winners to bangers the movers the Shakers and the money makers in the market to help you get paid and if you uh you know got a few

Thousand in the market and you want a one-on-one private trading experience with our community that is accessible for you part of the boss alert messages the easiest way to get a hold of me again is join the telegram group and

Just shoot me a message or you could just sign up direct on the website so thank you for joining me everybody shoot me a comment let me know what you think of this video if you have any other coins you would like to see a chart of

And I will get make sure to get that covered for you guys in the upcoming episodes till we meet again stay cryptic y'all be like a boss

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