Bitcoin Today, Cardano Shelley, ChainLink, ROBOTS & more! (Crypto Over Coffee ep.13)

by birtanpublished on August 22, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen people of the internet welcome back to yet another episode of crypto over coffee I hope you're doing well if you're new here every single Friday and break down the latest news and hottest topics in the world of

Technology and cryptocurrency over a cup of delicious coffee now in today's episode we have a ton of awesome stuff to talk about including what's going on with Bitcoin today aetherium and some aetherium projects like ER c 20s we have

A little bit of stuff about chain-linked a bunch of Cardno and a ton more so stick around so you don't miss any of that now like we do on this show every single week let's kick it off with questions from the community on YouTube

And Twitter so I will head over to the good all the iPad and get started with those but first a sip of coffee now if you want one of your questions answered leave them in the comments down below or tweet me at his show xi4 and if you

Would be so inclined please do subscribe to the channel and hit that little Bell notification button so you can get a heads up whenever new content like this hits the interwebs oh and by the way last episode I asked

People to guess another spongebob episode the winner of that giveaway is a lmao pretty cool name I'll link that up here on the screen thank you and congratulations I've already reached out to you to get your Bitcoin address to

Deliver the winnings and make sure you guys stay tuned during these videos because I've mixed in some guests that cartoon episode all the time cool first question s Bell asks what's your opinion on the enterprise

Blockchain narrative via aetherium is baseline protocol ubt and links seem to be taking this very seriously I think this narrative will feature massively in the next crypto bull cycle yeah I agree

The reality is is that enterprise technology is always kind of chasing the latest and greatest the the cutting edge or the bleeding edges we call it an industry and ultimately what this means is that as Enterprise tech catches up

And keeps spending their investment dollars in technology like blockchain technology like machine learning it's gonna end up like cloud was 10 years ago where it was brand-new everyone thought it was this mythical thing and it didn't

Make sense it was too expensive all this thing and then it becomes the same you Vick witnessed technology that appears in everyone's stack across the world so I think there were businesses that were doing this more early on and that was

You know businesses and financial services etc and when they tested it out it really wasn't ready but now there are so many more tools the protocols have improved regardless of what people want to say about them and there's just a lot

More options now I think services like you know bright services like I guess you could even call at the etherium Enterprise Alliance like in whole or in totality a service that helps enterprises get adoption blockchain wise

It's all about making it easier and cheaper and more efficient to adopt blockchain so I think it's going to be huge and I think the narrative is totally fine businesses are not all built the same way not all block chains

Are built the same way there will be little niches where they fit in some will go public block chains some will go pseudo public some will go private and that's totally fine all have value depending on the use case so thank you

For your question Alex poll asks if Bitcoin ever reaches 100k and the transaction fees are roughly 500 per transaction is this problematic for Bitcoin the answer is yes if people are spending five hundred dollars in

Transaction fees then that's a problem however transaction fees in Bitcoin kind of go this way essentially they are charged based on the size in bits or bytes for the transaction so the max space in a block is one megabyte that's

Prime real estate you're gonna want obviously to make your transaction size as small as possible things like segregated witness or seg wit really help with that making transaction sizes smaller and

Subsequently fees smaller the same thing can be said for Shore signatures people can start bundling utx O's and bundling transactions using a Schnoor signature and sending in one transaction to minimize fees I think we're gonna see

That happening secondarily though I think it's really important to note that it's also about congestion on the network so obviously we're gonna have to start pulling levers to make the Bitcoin block chain on chain more scalable

People hate that people think that it's crazy that it's perfect and it's perfect the way it is the reality is there are a lot of mechanisms that can be done with a soft fork not a hard fork to make the block

Chain more effective and more efficient and I'm not talking about making these stupid massive block sizes so I'll get off my soapbox on that topic but yes I think if these transaction fees get super high then we're gonna have a

Problem but in reality there are ways to mitigate and I think we will end up doing that as this Fiat thing becomes a problem so hopefully that answers your question if you have a follow up feel free to leave it down in the comments

Below thank you Alex for your question Troy Goss asks what's happening with enigma are they a part of defy now I will be candid with you I did not take these questions and research them I usually answer these completely

Off-the-cuff so with enigma I didn't do any other research but I actually spoke to them a year ago and I was working on a project that needed private transactions and private execution environments and so one thing that

Enigma was working on was allowing you to privately execute your smart contract logic and sort of like a trusted computing environment away from everyone else because one of the things that people don't realize is that not only is

Your transactional data public on the etherion blockchain for example so is the execution of your smart contract logic so if someone knows your address your address is someone knows what your key signatures look like all this sort

Of thing if people know that then they can figure out what your transactions are doing how your data is being you know calculated and crunched within a smart contract so on and so forth everything's publicly executed it's

Called a world computer for that reason so enigma was trying to set this up to set up their network rather or their protocol I guess you could call it to allow for privacy across the stack but still allowing you to use blockchain and

Still take the benefits of it so I think they're probably going to step into the world of defy but I actually think that they have more bigger fish to fry in terms of getting their privacy stuff sorted out because that was their

Original use case if they've pivoted and I just don't know about it then my apologies and anyone who knows enigma very well can let me know down in the comments below if I am incorrect so that's the best I've got on

Thank you for your question all right I have no idea how to say this name but I'm gonna just try it the rube hopefully that's right prediction of BTC in 2025 well first and foremost we're going to have another having so I think that's

Gonna be pretty insane that having is gonna be a significant one because it's going to probably be the first time in history where bitcoins price has far outstripped the former all-time highs that we've had so there's no indication

Of whether or not having is going to I guess work the way we think it's going to work in terms of price movement this time around because this is the first time the financial crisis that we've seen but if by 2025 the state of the

Economy is different than it is today it'll be very very very interesting to see what happens so that's gonna be interesting I also think we're going to see more people starting to realize what Bitcoin means and what it's all about I

Think from an adoption perspective we're going to be leaps and bounds ahead of where we are and I know you're probably saying what's the price gonna be and the reality is is that my guess is just as good as me closing my eyes or taking off

My glasses because it's just about the same thing I'm blind and throwing a dart at a board that has a bunch of prices I have no idea but if I had to make an off-the-cuff guess 20-25 I think we could very well be in the 50k range I

Still don't think we're going to 100k like tomorrow I think long term fair totally fair but reality I don't know when that's gonna happen and I don't think it's gonna be as fast as people think it is happy to be proven wrong

More than happy so thank you for your question hopefully that gives you just enough but you know I like to be withholding with my Bitcoin predictions all right Cece asks nice video man thanks question how do you see Bitcoin

After to having don't you think it'll be less profitable for people to mine do you think Bitcoin will go obsolete due to energy waste and I don't see Bitcoin going proof of stake my thoughts okay there's a lot to unpack here after two

Having's we already know for a fact now because we've we've been through two having's already 2012 and 2016 that right now we have a Bitcoin that has traditionally gone to new all-time highs after each having that's reality

We've also seen Bitcoin get more and more attention and more and more users and holders after every having because it quite frankly is an event that Garner's interest we've also seen a lot of times where miners have started to

Flee because of this having event so I think the third one this upcoming having in May and a couple of weeks is going to be significant though because it's the first one that we've had during a financial crisis Bitcoin came out of a

Financial crisis but on the way back up so it'll be interesting to see what happens when we're not in a period of expansion economically Bitcoin I don't think we'll go obsolete because it is pretty much in a class of its own it is

Not a network like aetherium they are not even close to the same so when people compare them and try and say I like etherium and I don't like Bitcoin vice-versa good for you it's not even close to the same so no Bitcoin will not

Go proof of stake it doesn't make sense for this network and it's just not something that I think the core will ever do I also think that it doesn't fit the use case proof of stake makes a lot of sense if you have a bunch of

Repetitive transactions for smart contracts GRC 20s transacting big fat transactions with a lot of data and then like ER c7 21s for example that's one proof of stake makes sense for this it really doesn't and quite frankly

Proof of stake I don't think they can make a provably secure model because of how many holders of Bitcoin are whales right and and how mining has been designed for so long it's gonna be tough to do that and I doubt that it will ever

Happen so no I don't think Bitcoin will be obsolete and quite frankly the electricity that it requires is not as catastrophic as people might think there are plenty of businesses that use significantly more energy on a

Year-over-year basis then quite frankly Bitcoin does so we shall see but no I don't think it's going obsolete thank you for your question CC Superstars blog asks okay I know what mining is but what's in it for buyers does it drop the

Price in half who is the Bitcoin split with if my are taking less of it our buyers now getting more and miners getting less so this is about the halving and this is a great question because it talks about

Fundamentals for the halving so the first question what's in it for the buyers during mining and halving the price does not drop in half when you're talking about having it's having the reward that the miners get now one of

The key value drivers for Bitcoin is scarcity it's how difficult it is to obtain it's difficult to mine it costs a lot of money to mine and that's what makes the network secure because miners are

Constantly spending and spending and spending and spending and expending resources to mine bitcoins and the only way new Bitcoin has created us through this work that's proof of work because of this when you cut the reward in half

And you keep the work relatively static this means that Bitcoin is now more valuable because it's harder to get now miners do often leave because it's less profitable for them upfront but as that demand curve starts to catch up because

Bitcoin is now harder to get the price is sort of artificially driven upwards then miners come back because as long as the price starts to approach it's not even all the way like doesn't have to be doubled the price can go as long as the

Price starts to move upwards and trajectory and mining difficulty starts to come down a little bit the equilibrium point for miners to come back in at profitable levels is actually not as high as people think so no the

Price does not it cut in half the price also doesn't double you know people think it it doubles or it has to double that's actually not the case and he said who is the Bitcoin split with if miners are taking less no one's

Split it's protocol-based buyers don't get any more bitcoin the reward that miners get or the rate of inflation basically in the network is just cut in half at the protocol level so it's just a cut in half for the reward that miners

Get every time they mine a block so really that's all there is to it so great questions I think these are fundamental things about the having people need to know Giorgio Medici asks bro great vids thank you very much

Question if I buy eath now will I also get the 2.0 token when it's up and running just for holding eath 1.0 I love this question because people actually don't know this and this is something that I didn't know either

Until I really read into the spec about aetherium 2.0 at least right now as it currently stands and this might change if you have ether on the 1.0 proof-of-work chain the one we have today when the etherium 2.0 network

Comes up which will be a totally separate network completely different network you will then be able to migrate your ether from the 1.0 proof-of-work chain over to the 2.0 chain where a proof of stake is relevant that's a

One-way ticket you move your ether from one place to another one chain to another then it's there for good because they don't want you going back to the proof-of-work chain later the proof-of-work chain is going to be

Integrated as a shard or as an element in the network that is aetherium 2.0 but that's not going to happen right away they're gonna have like a bridge to move ether over so people can start staking it's not going to be like a hard fork

Where you have a forked Network and you automatically have coins in both places they want this to be a clean move from 1.0 to 2.0 and so they want people to move in one direction not backwards so that should answer your question there

Will be a tool that they have to put in your ether addresses and to sign transactions to move things from 1.0 it's 2.0 that's forthcoming it'll be here as soon as 2.0 is ready thank you for your question all right RCL asks

Shoushi thanks for the great content as always thank you very much as always honest question do you think I'm crazy to hold more ADA than eath I don't think you're crazy I think that it's whatever you believe in more and

That's totally fair everyone is entitled to like one project over another in terms of dollar value I would say I probably have more ether than I do ADA but that doesn't mean that I don't believe in ADA so it really it really

Depends on your situation whatever you like more I'll tell you ada is a lot more accessible right now to own a significant amount by volume than it is for ether because ether is hovering at around 200 bucks so honestly you're not

Crazy no one's crazy for picking the project that they like because it is a personal decision and no one should tell you that your knots are stupid for making that decision so that's my thoughts on that one thank you for your

Question Richard Churchwell asks what is the difference between a hard wallet and a vault can you keep different kinds of crypto on one wallet or should you use a separate hard wallets for each I did see

You can keep different crypto on a BC vault thanks for it any info or advice from educated minds thank you for this question there is no difference between a hardware wallet in a vault these terms are sort of used interchangeably often

Depending on what product you're buying a BC vault is a hardware wallet a ledger nano X Hardware while it is also technically a hard vault so it really it's all interchangeable what you're looking for in a hardware wallet is

Something that is not internet connected so something that does not connect out to Wi-Fi something that has a secure element which is a chip that is able to store secrets in this case private keys securely on board in a chip that is

Tamper resistant not tamper proof nothing is fully tamper proof and something that has some sort of secure Hardware meaning if someone tries to pull it apart or attack it from a hardware basis that has some security

Measures in place to protect you from that that's what you're really looking for you don't need to use separate Hardware wallets for your crypto I personally have multiple wallets and I split up my crypto across multiple

Wallets of different types because I'm a little crazy and I just like to split it up it's just a de-risking factor for me but it's really not necessary honestly if you have one wallet and then one to backup your your keys in the event that

Other wallet is busted or lost or whatever then I think you're in good shape so thank you for your question Richard and I think we are good with the questions I know there were a lot of questions this time but because there

Was no crypto over coffee last week because I was sick and I'm feeling much better now I wanted to get to as many questions as possible and I answered kind of double time this time around so let's dive into the first segment of the

Day which is crypto Mythbusters or chain breakers or whatever if you guys have an idea of what to call this segment please leave it in the comments down below basically I want to go and dispel myths about crypto currency and technology

Every week and explain to you the realities what the myths are all about so with that let's get started make sure you let me know what name this thing should be called in the comments below now today I want to

Talk about the whole blockchain not Bitcoin thing that you hear from so many big names in established industries what this phraseology really implies is that businesses should use blockchain butt discount Bitcoin and its public

Blockchain counterparts now not every business organization can or should be on a public chain that is a simple fact however what those who use this mythical statement fail to realize is that these words are a total and complete

Paradoxical mess without Bitcoin there is no blockchain as we know it first of all bitcoin is a blockchain and bitcoin is also a damn good block J for that matter one that all enterprises should seek to

Replicate for its integrity and security that puts most enterprise systems to shame secondarily the words blockchain not Bitcoin lead most to believe that simply having a blockchain creates value and that all block chains are created

Equal and this is the most criminal consequence of all a blockchain is a tool a tool with specific uses that it thrives in and implementations that do different things depending on what blockchain you're using but blockchain

Is also not a seasoning that you just sprinkle onto every problem or that you invest in for the sake of just having a blockchain in using the word remember those facts if you remember nothing else the phrase should go

Blockchain but with purpose because at least that covers the basis of what you need to be thinking about choose the right protocol for the job start with a problem and not with a blockchain and then build so let's jump right into the

World of card on oh I've been following their dev updates for a while now to see what's been going on with Shelli as well as keeping a close eye on their github repositories for code changes now I just saw some news that Cardno this past week

Saw its first test Genesis block for the release candidate Shelly implementation meaning in a closed environment the first Shelly block was created this is great news to hear considering we're weeks away from the official Haskell

Implementation test net that's public that should push us through to Maine shellie which by my estimate and obviously this is not backed by anyone at card ah no whatsoever I think we will see main that Shelley by

June or July so towards the end of June early July the Genesis block in a closed environment marks the start of internal testing for the final versions of Shelley code barring updates and fixes that come out of these tests so well

Done to the card nano team on that awesome milestone speaking of card oh no though I recently did an interview with Kaizen Krypto who runs a state pool in the Shelley incentivized tests now and an awesome YouTube channel I wanted to

Play a snippet from that interview that I think is pretty impactful in educational and I would also urge you to go check out cousins YouTube channel subscribe to this guy he's a top quality dude who's making good content about

Cardno so I'll link his channel down below so go ahead and check this snippet out and I'll be here when you get back so wanted to know your thoughts do you feel like you know when we do start to see smart

Contracts like Plutus Marlowe is there I mean cuz if you look at aetherium I mean the most d apps by far for sure model do you see Cardno kind of stepping into that market share at all when it comes to d apps I do and and I talked about it

A little bit on on my Friday video last week and that is I do think that there's there's room in the in the industry and it goes down to simply language preference is the first place where I think people are gonna see some movement

There are a lot of developers out there that don't want to touch solidity because it's a minefield like it's a huge pain in the ass to use from the perspective of security and from the perspective of having a lot of room to

Mess up really badly if you don't have experience and so I think there are a lot of developers who are not super comfortable building production stuff with solidity yet you know I even I iced it keeps me up at night all the time

Writing contracts and I do it all the time but I think then a bunch of developers that work on really data oriented use cases and that work on financial financial systems they already use Haskell so what are they going to

Try and do they're gonna take Haskell which is basically what drives Plutus and write those same types of apps but in a blockchain environment so I think we'll see people who are very language preferenced jump in and they all think

Differently someone who is JavaScript focused that kind of translates over to solidity or C focused they probably build different stuff and are used to different stuff than someone who uses high school or Oh camel for example so I

Think there's plenty of space I really do nice yeah that's a I really appreciate that insight cuz I know coming from a programming background it you know kind of like you got your boots on the ground

Basically I mean look it's it's like its nascent I I will say I even every time I build every time I build something I mess something else up and I figure out why I messed it up and then even things that I built three months ago or worked

On three months ago and didn't finish I'll go back and be like what was I thinking because the pace at which this stuff is moving is so so fast and the same thing is gonna happen with with Cardno as soon

As Gogan hits it's gonna be rapid iteration on the language and virtual machine and all that stuff and we'll finally have a card ah no ecosystem that's like revving on all cylinders alright welcome back let's continue on

To some cool ERC 20 token news one of the trickiest things about er C 20 tokens and the vast majority of them is that they're hard to get access to outside of an ICO exchange Israeli lists a majority of these tokens and even

Popular ones like you know bright token are not really readily available all over the place now the transact team who are in the business of fiat and crypto on and off ramps just released a tool that allows

Fiat to ERC 20 access for the vast majority of ERC 20s on the etherium network this means that with euros British pounds and Indian rupees users can take fiat and use it to purchase ERC 20 tokens like ubt link maker b8e packs

And a bunch more using transaction ooh tool this is an awesome achievement and it's significant because it brings inevitably more access to tokens that just aren't on exchanges or really aren't accessible to people today

Oh coffee break it's really hard to come back to these videos after like seven or ten days off of recording oh that's good coffee also I've got the the BTC mug going today I got this at consensus last year thanks to the Gemini folks very

Nice bug in other news for those of you who play Animal Crossing at New Horizons like me I know I'm a total nerd you got a notification last week I think that the bank in your game was reducing interest rates for your stored cash or

They're called bells from 5% to 0.5% a complete gouging of interest rates now if you are playing this game comment your island name down below I'm actually really curious now you're probably wondering whoa whoa hold on a second how

Is this relevant let me explain this we're facing very similar situations today in the real world where banks are pulling the rug out of high-yield savings accounts and other interest products this reinforces the case for

Crypto currency in the real world where interest rates and products are not governed by ravenous profit hungry machines however even more impactful is the fact that in the game now in Animal Crossing you're now seeing users flock

To more risky means to make money like playing the turnip stock market where you just flip a speculative asset trying to make a profit because they don't have access to this easy five percent monthly earning they're now moving to

Speculative assets this same phenomenon is happening in real life as the safe stable earning products have been going away and all the safety people are used to is going away people are moving to assets like crypto like gold like silver

And in some cases stocks which are all speculative assets this reinforces the trend that at times of uncertainty people do naturally look for alternative ways to make money and secure their nest egg pretty fascinating to see this

Happen in a game just like it does in real life you know psychology is a really interesting concept well well well you've stuck around this long and that means you probably want to hear about Bitcoin and I know all of this all

Too well so we've got a healthy dose coming your way right now first and foremost the last week has been quite kind to us Bitcoin holder's overall with a nice ride up to over $9,000 per Bitcoin however as of

Today it seems like it's running out of steam a little bit and knowing my luck after I film this and post it it'll either go up or down just another thousand dollars to prove me wrong no matter what I say you know what that's

What happens now I think the price movement in the positive direction is a result of a couple of different things number one I think this is a semi manipulative move by exchanges and whales looking to find a nice profitable

Exit before the inevitable having volatility number two I think this is a speculative run on Bitcoin because of the having and all the empty promises that have been catching a men's hype online about the having driving Bitcoin

To 100k and other insane numbers like that I'm sorry to be that guy but let's just have a little reality check here on camera together even if you use previous having's as a guide we won't see instantaneous rocket ships to all-time

Highs like tomorrow after the well not tomorrow but the day after the having we're I just don't think it's gonna happen it'll be a slow burn over a year or more with several big jumps trickled in that time period now there is a

Reason to believe that this having is different because this is the first having to occur during a bona fide financial crisis and outside of a period of expansion this might make our historical having data completely

Useless in gauging how this having will play out so one thing I know for absolute certainty is that this is no time to bet the farm on one asset Bitcoin can very well see a new all-time high this year but it just as well could

Trade sideways a roll right back down in prices miners jump ship after the having you never known so please don't listen to the moon brains telling you 100 K is imminent as if they have any idea or any indication in the positive direction

They haven't the faintest idea where the Bitcoin price is going and honestly neither do i if I were a betting man I'd say we see Bitcoin trade positively up to the halving with a drop the week before it then we see volatility galore

Following the halving and then over a two-year span into 2022 we see positive price movement with several drops and volatility in between there as we move to all-time highs now this is completely arbitrary based on fundamental market

Intuition not one line candlestick chart or anything was looked at a reference in this prediction from my perspective so take it with a grain of salt don't make a trade based on my advice I'm not a

Financial expert this isn't financial advice and I would have made a better guess or just as accurate blindfolded with a dart in my hand all right folks it's time for everyone's favorite segment 404 logic not found for

Those who are as of yet uninitiated in this little firecracker of a segment I highlight the notable tech related fails or otherwise stupid moves in the world that need to get some attention the segment is fun and if you like fun you

Should probably with tender loving care press that like button and show it some love I'm such a loser sorry but you know I just think this whole thing is funny 404 logic not found is a great segment so let's go as you probably know by now

I talk about cybersecurity quite a lot and I talk about how to protect yourself on this channel from the doom and gloom that is the cybersecurity landscape these days so here's my latest and greatest advice cancel your zoom

Subscription yes I said it I canceled mine this was the last straw I finally just bit the bullet I'd rather not do video calls than be on zoom right now now in a recently released report I read about the ins and outs of the 500,000

Yes 500,000 passwords that were stolen from zoom that pertained to its users accounts yes you heard me correctly 500,000 passwords that often sit along with user names and personal meeting IDs to make it even worse

Basically hackers were able to take stolen user databases from the dark web not from zoom from other places and then use an automated tool to ping the zoom login service to check if these logins were valid they then take these valid

Logins the one that come back positively collect them into a new validated database of users that can authenticate on zoom that's now up for sale as well I mean this is fundamental stuff I mean now you know why I tell you to change

Your passwords all the time to use different passwords for each site well it's because you have stolen credential databases from 2013 seven years ago that still contained passwords and username combos that are

Used still by the same people all over the web it's very likely that from 2013 and 2015 databases that were hacked hackers were able to find the exact email and password combination for a ton of users on zoom' without any effort

Whatsoever and the fact of the matter is these databases because they're so old are probably free so it might not even cost the hacker anything to get them now I could say foil for logic not found for anyone who hasn't changed their password

After a data breach but you know what I'll give you a free pass just this once because in reality this isn't your fault the real fail here is zoom not requiring users to change their passwords after the very first whiff of password

Stuffing at least then they could have stopped users from having reachable accounts and stopped the collection of login validations right from the start or at least the brunt of it top to bottom this has been the worst Security

And Privacy performance from a big tech company that I can remember in recent years like in my brain I cannot think of one that's been worse 404 logic not found and you know what my money will also no longer be found in

Tsums accounts receivable that's for sure honestly while the passwords were not directly stolen from zoom from their own data base their API was used to validate a brand new database of valid logins so if you have zoom and you don't

Want to cancel change your password just please do it in other tech news that's not actually a fail I read about a new AI driven robot called flippy that is intended to replace the manual labor at foodservice joints especially flipping

Burgers and shaking out fries this new robot uses machine learning to continuously become more efficient at the task it is given within the kitchen and it is OSHA compliant easily cleanable and it is not cost prohibitive

For franchises to invest in with the whole situation going on right now our food service is out of standstill because their employees are human and subsequently infected oh well presents an opportunity for robots to come and

Really replace people in these contexts this is a product watch this gets major adoption after this whole mess starts to resolve and restaurants get back to normal operations

They're gonna be looking to remove some of the risk in their business and to cut costs and automation is going to take out a lot of these types of jobs the manual labor that's just the reality now I'm not saying this is doom and gloom

And everything's going to be bad humans are good at a lot of things manual labor sure but not really humans are good at thinking making emotional decisions being intuitive there are other jobs out there so a automation is not going to

Destroy the entire world moving on now a little chain-linked news to sprinkle on and put a little cherry on top of this packed episode chain-linked just announced that they will be partnering with casper labs and tezo's ok this is

Just this is too much a new proof of stake blockchain in Casper labs that has a heck of a tech stack and also tezo's who has a huge huge community and is trying to push their smart contracts into something

More usable and that gets used more often chain link is now gonna be the primary option data Oracle provider for both I mean yet again chain link is staking claim proof of state pun intended to

Some of the most hotly anticipated networks out there and ones with the most people on it now in my opinion casper labs and their innovative proof of stake mechanism their cutting-edge architecture and some of the significant

Hype that's growing around their project is a great place for chain link to start integrating from the ground up because everything's not built yet this means that not only will chain link be the Oracle provider like it is on aetherium

It will also be an integral part of Casper labs native architecture and contract structure so this is another huge partnership that I'm really stoked about and with tezo's the rabid community and the ability to now use

Chain link as the primary Oracle provider for smart contracts within tezo's is also huge so if you've heard of Casper labs please let me know down in the comments below I'm trying to gauge interest on a standalone video

About Casper labs in their blockchain project so please do let me know if that's something that you're interested in now as always folks I'll link up some awesome tech related content here if you have time to stick around somewhere on

The screen I always get confused where I'm at so thank you in advance if you do have time to stick around but until next time have a great weekend and I will see you next week


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It is Monday and you know what that means another episode of Krypto segments what's going out everybody it's your boy Krypto Bobby I hope you were havin...
What's going on everybody Alex back was another cryptocurrency video but today we're going to be talking about how to control yourself how to emotionall...
Hey guys welcome back first off I want to thank everyone who's been liking subscribing and sharing my content you guys rule and I appreciate all the constan...
Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this stuff boasts a Bitcoin the crease though of creeped up is avoid BK and if you don't like me you must no...
Okay come down here boom that would be picture-perfect beautiful guys look at this we actually have this candle come down right on this line right here right ab...
Wow you guys are going to want to check this out guys as you may know Bitcoin has decreased a few hundred dollars as of about midnight last night we have some i...
What's going on guys crypto jeremy here back with xrp video hope you guys had a fantastic day thank you guys so much for tuning in to another video today&#3...
Hello tokens and welcome to another video nice update now today's third of June and I'm looking at news that happened from 28th of May until today I alw...
hello it's Brad Lori or blockchain Brad and today we're speaking exclusively with icon many of you know it you've known it for years and they'r...
People what's going on this an update on Tron all right so the market right now market cap is 431 billion we've got a Bitcoin dominance roughly 34 perce...