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by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Bitcoin is literally dancing across that tightrope right now trying to figure out if it wants to break out or break down on this next cycle but I got that price pinned down and I'll let you know if we're above that price as of April 4th then we should indeed be going higher so

If you want to see that price you want to see this technical analysis stay tuned we'll be back in 90 seconds let's go ahead and make this money like a boss

Live from USA hoping you get paid every day this is the most Bitcoin the creased ax of crypto is your boy DK and if you don't like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody today we will be looking at a chart that I

Drew earlier this week for our telegram group I sent this thing out on Tuesday or Wednesday so if you haven't gotten that chart join the telegram and also if you haven't done it subscribe turn your notifications on I

Try to come out with a video every day just to help you guys get paid and understand the current of the currency as it flows the motion and the ocean so to speak so we do have a free telegram group that link is in the description

Right there for you and without further ado let's make a do it to do let's go ahead and make this money so here we go man we got a little tightrope action right now with Bitcoin go up will it go down is attached to the stock market is

It standing on his own is a more valuable than gold are people go use they free money from the government you know that they print it for free with a few clicks of a mouse and convert that into digital gold also known as BTC was

No habit you know the story is literally being written as we watch it unfold but nonetheless this is the chart that I made which kind of shows the different energy cycles now one dude it was interesting when I when I threw this

Thing on our our uh telegram group one guy right away he was like that's like a f-117a lady y'all said the place boss you know so it's kind of cool it's like well you know but that's this thing is based off triangles they're harmonics in

The Fibonacci sequence so apparently this thing is too you know so uh you know you got some real-life affirmations built into this thing right now but nonetheless this was the chart that I made I posted this thing on the

Second I think that evening on a second this is where we stand as of today today is Friday April 3rd right around 11:00 in the morning over here on the west coast and this is what happened we essentially rolls up when I draw this

Chart what time was that right around 12:15 between 2:00 and 3:00 right yeah so yeah this is basically where I drew the chart at see if we go picking that up a little bit you know the blue line

Right that's where I drew the chart right and send it out to everybody and this is what happened afterwards we rose up to this purple line right here you know boundary support line between the 2 2 & 1 & 6 and then we came literally

Right back down and now we're riding and straddling this purple line but this is the one we need to stay above right and I was going to kind of fine tune this thing because normally I tie it to the bottom of that little cycle right there

So if I would do that then it would be like right there and it kind of fits a lot better so that actually moves our day back to here right and a beautiful thing about these charts is like as they develop you can literally just like

Fine-tune it a little bit to uh you know kind of get an updated analysis like it's in real time like you literally take the energy that happened today and saying okay well since that happened today as long as it stays on this path

This will happen on this day right and that's what I teach that's what I give away that's that's my knowledge my insight so if you want to learn more this method that I'm using is called the boss method all you need to do in order

To learn how to make money like a boss first of all subscribe turn your note okay so don't click that little bill and then jump on over to google type how to chart like a boss type watch the number one video Leila

And you will be well on your way to making some money right so six hundred dollars sixty eight hundred I'm sorry is basically our breakeven price this is where we need to get back to we need to get back to this start right as long as

We are above that star on this day on this day which is April fourth right midnight of April fourth it's gonna be having it in about twelve hours then we should indeed run higher probably back up to retest this seven thousand level

Once we break through that 72 73 as early as the 4th you know same same day right here right the big thing to note and this is what I'm doing this video quick energy runs out like this little bump we had that's gonna be exhausting

Itself inside of two days right we kind of got these cymatics these hard sign wave analysis coming back and that's going to create downward pressure in the system all together on that day right that's basically where those two lines

Come together and that's going to create negative pressure right just as on the other side right when they came together and they both went up they created positive energy right so you literally just start chart misting and it's gonna

Run out April 4th so we have to be above you know our breakeven line sixty-eight hundred in order to continue to move higher so we can kind of get another little bounce however if we are

Below 6800 on this line right and keep in mind this changes all the time but as you know if I was able to draw this thing two days ago and I hit those lines both those up and down you know within like two or three degrees I think this

Is still a pretty solid chart right and this thing shows if we fall we got to move this one because we moved the other one right yeah if we aren't above 6,800 right here then we have more negative energy than positive and will

Probably fall back down to a 6600 where we bounced up from right so it's literally like the inner cycles of a very very big cycle like when you look at this chart on you know a big scale it's literally nothing comes in on the

Larger scheme of things right it's like you can't even see this thing it's so small but what we do is we jump down to where you know like like going into a Alison and wonderland

You know tumbling down that rabbit hole where everything is real big everything that small gets real big and that's where we're at right now we're way down the rabbit hole living on a 33 minutes shot you know but we still follow the

Boss medics using cymatics a freestyler on Fibonacci and Charton like balls so if you appreciate that guys make sure you subscribe I do have real people making real money using this method this is one of them my

Man I won't release his name but he is in our boss alert messages group he we had this nice little run up here two or three days ago right where Bitcoin kind of did a huge huge huge run within a

Matter of hours three hours went up 10% from 6600 to 7,200 Midway up that run he asked me what's it gonna get up to at the time it was only about 66 hundred dollars this was at 9:00 in the morning I said it should get up around 7,200 he

Said all right I bought in at 66 and then he was like I sold it at 71 87 right so he sold it my man I sold this thing 71 87 right here that's beautiful right but we knew that using these same harmonics these same frequencies the

Same sign indicators that we're using today this is the real deal this is no illusion this is how the world works right weirds we've just been ignorant to our own understanding of our own environment you

Know for quite some times but uh like like Sam Cooke say baby it's a change they'll come and changes here these are indeed the end times of one stage of ignorance and the beginning times of a stage of enlightenment for the

Betterment of humanity make no mistake about it that's why I'm here and that's why I do these videos and that's why I help people all over the world to learn this and change their life forever right so if you want to be one of them

People we got a few options for you come on in the doors are always open first of all telegram is completely free men of the people for the people by the people that started this group about a week ago we got five 600 people in there

Rocking out with me right now next up you can follow me on trading view this is my website boasts of Bitcoin calm they says somebody got a beat a boss and my man doing a damn good job doing it you know I'm saying so here we go

Trading bill click that link right yeah BB Kelly 1203 is my name on there follow me I'm one of the best published authors and then here are your VIP trading communities the profit package top seven coins the swing trade every seven days

Right now we are in flux so these guys actually get upgraded to the boss leg messages which is normally two hundred for the first month in the boss well but but the problem is the boss alert messages these guys actually have like

Thousands of dollars in the market so I actually create a customized concierge trading program to where we come up with stop losses just like my man said I'm in at 66 where do I get out I said get out above 72 you'll be all right you know

I'm saying between 750 and 72 50 right and he made that that's his money right now right but that's one of the benefits of being in a trading community to where the markets are always moving as long as you're on the right side of the curve

You can profit and prosper right so that's what we got going right now I appreciate all of you guys if you appreciate me if that thumbs up button thank you for watching this video you know I'm just here to do my big

Diligence and change the world one click at a time with that being said everybody is that time of day signing out boats boy be take them at where you stay Brazil debate telephone I yet all the way back out through jerk money good

Night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you big town hit that thumbs up button for player one time do that for me if you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic yeah hey

Like a boss you

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