Bitcoin Price, Cardano, Ethereum 2.0, & more! (Crypto Over Coffee Ep.2)

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

ladies and gentlemen people of the
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have interesting Bitcoin price news
cardano's smart contracts on the docket
aetherium 2.0 and all sorts of good
stuff to talk about so let's dive into
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partner and like we did last week I want
to kick off the meat of this episode
with some questions from the community
on Twitter and YouTube comments by the
way if you want to have one of your own
questions answered comment down below or
tweet me at a shoushi for on Twitter so
let's dive into Twitter now and find
some questions
Nick Perkins asks Cardno seems to have a
great road map governance system and
best detail available why is it
consistently overlooked in the overall
space I've been learning a lot about
corporate structure CEOs plus crypto for
many years what am I missing
Nick that's a great question I think a
lot of people are a fan of Cardno
however in this space I think when news
isn't forthcoming delays happen the
project looks like things aren't getting
done right we have staking coming soon
we have Shelley in the form of staking
coming soon
and then we have Gogan with smart
contracts coming I think in 2020 the
focus for Carano should be getting these
big features across the finish line and
in people's hands to use and then I
think the excitement will start to come
I think people are probably just not
aware of it because oftentimes there's
so much noise in the space but I think
that will come as the features come for
card oh no Don crypto insight asks your
observations on the state of crypto in
the developing world versus the
developed world so that's in terms of
wallets and UI adoption github activity
and what's different between 2016 and 17
– now 2019 to 2021
there's a lot to unpack there but I
think the first piece is addressing
developed versus developing world and
cryptocurrency I personally think that
we're going to see more high impact use
cases happening in the developing world
than we are in the developed world for
cryptocurrency for a multitude of
reasons the first of those is going to
be because it's a lot harder to rip and
replace the existing infrastructure with
new stuff like cryptocurrency based
solutions blockchain based solutions
than it is to create brand new rails and
brand new infrastructure using that
stuff so in places that are developing
this may be the first instance of sort
of banking in certain places so that
will be very interesting to see and I
think the developing world has an
advantage there I also think the
developing world is more likely to be
able to create regulations with the
growth of this technology versus trying
to walk back old regulations that don't
apply because of changes in the way
things work today different paradigms
that cryptocurrency spring I think you
see regulators really divided on
cryptocurrency in the developed world
and I think that in the developing world
that might be less so but it's hit or
miss that's just my opinion what do you
guys think let me know in the comments
down below on that one and in terms of
wallets and UI and adoption and all
these things and github especially I
think you should always be focusing on
now how easy is it for a user to use the
products at hand
so that's UX and UI it's very important
than people realize and I also think
that github activity is overrated I
think people go on github and say oh
look there's a 10,000 commits that's
it's not about commits it's about
quality commits and that takes a lot
more time to actually evaluate into
measure so if you're going on github
just looking at commits and the amount
of activity that's great it should have
some activity but there's also the
quality of the code that's being written
and whether or not there's functionality
in that code that matters right so
github commits are important but only if
you can really dig into them and figure
out what's going on in those commits so
now we've gotten a couple questions from
the community I want to dive into the
news for the day so the first bit of
news is about uphold a popular crypto
currency exchange in custodial wallet
provider recently released a plethora of
killer new features for their platform
and are starting to push that towards
the desktop versions of their platform
first and foremost uphold has been
introducing commission free trading for
all crypto currencies available on their
platform and for mobile users running
version 4.0 or later you already have
this feature for small volume traders
and holders of cryptocurrency it can be
very expensive and fees just to buy
crypto in the first place on an exchange
but uphold is looking to differentiate
itself in that regard folks may say well
Robin Hood already offers Commission
free trading and that is technically
true but Robin Hood does not allow users
to move cryptocurrency off platform
which is not good uphold on the other
hand instantly allows users to transfer
or send funds to one's own private
hardware wallet which I recommend or to
another person free of charge this is
pretty game-changing and it's a step
that can make uphold a cost effective
place to buy and exchange cryptocurrency
for a ton of retail users that's users
like you or I that might not trade in
huge volumes that are just here to
invest more casually etc just to make
buys dollar cost averaging that's a
retail investor in my mind now the
second thing that I wanted to touch on
is that uphold has started to roll out
fee free account funding with credit and
debit although credit may be limited by
region I'm trying to give
information on that those with linked
debit cards will also have the ability
to request instant withdrawal of funds
through their debit card to their bank
their checking account which is super
I can't think off the top of my head of
another exchange that has completely fee
free debit and credit funding and debit
card withdrawals if you know of one let
me know but up hold is really killing it
with this feature so if you paired these
killer new features with the fact that
up hold is already available and
compliant with regulations in more than
40 countries worldwide with more coming
up holds becoming more and more
appealing as an option for being a
one-stop shop for cryptocurrency users
needs upholds is already available on
iOS Android and on the web so if you
want to try it out definitely do so
using my link down in the description
below let me know what you think now I
do know people will ask this so I'm
going to dress it up front so if all
this stuff is now free how is uphold
making money and that is a great
what you need to know is that uphold
operates on a spread meaning they make a
little bit of money on the difference in
price between other exchange market
values for the asset you're purchasing
and the price they're giving you this
means that the fees are technically
built into the price you're paying for
an asset so that's something to watch
out for make sure you check that price
against others before you make that
purchase but for smaller trades and
retail investors ones that retail
investors tend to make our smaller
trades this tends to work in your favor
because the price difference tends to
end up invoking less cost than fixed or
variable fees would when you're buying
cryptocurrency the goal of these new
features from uphold is to make
upholding more cost-effective and
user-friendly way to buy crypto and I
can back that so let's move on to the
next thing in this episode I wanted to
bring on a special guest and that would
be my friend bit boy we had a chat
yesterday about some cool stuff
happening in the crypto space and I
think you're really gonna dig it so I
have that stuff right here pinch-to-zoom
that lets go ladies and gentlemen again
we have big boy on the channel you might
recognize him from prior collabs that
we've done I'll link those videos up up
above and down below what MIT boy
welcome back to the channel thanks for
being here
yeah thanks for having me on uh the
first collaboration either of us ever
did was together that was like almost
three years ago major throwback
obviously both channels have grown a lot
and we're super thankful for that we
were just speaking about that before
before we started this call up but for
this segment we wanted to do a special
crypto over coffee segment where Big Boi
and I both share some interesting news
that we read this past week break that
down for you so bit but I'm gonna kick
it over to you to share your first piece
yeah I know you don't talk about price a
lot on this channel and I don't do
technical analysis on my channel but
kind of the big thing that everyone has
been talking about is this stock to flow
chart if you guys haven't seen it you
can check it out
there's a website I think it's digital
is calm something like that I'll put a
link in the video description where you
can go to it but it basically has been
accurate since the beginning of Bitcoin
and it is showing that starting in May
we are gonna be hitting hyperdrive and
by next May the price of Bitcoin should
be around ninety thousand dollars and
just to explain a little bit what the
Stockton flow chart is it's the stock is
the amount of coin in circulation and
then flow is the flow of that Bitcoin so
what do you what do you think about all
of the hype in has stated it seems to be
picking up again regarding the Bitcoin
price yeah I mean I tend to be more
conservative when it comes to this as
you said I don't really talk about price
very much on my channel I don't it's not
that I don't care about it it's that I
don't focus on it as much but I do
believe that there's sound economics
behind Bitcoin stock to float to me
sounds like something that's really just
a proof point for the overall inflation
rate for Bitcoin over time reducing so
the amount of demand theoretically
should outstrip the amount of supply
coming in or the flow of supply coming
in so I think that's good and it's
positive that's the same positive
pressure we've always seen for Bitcoin
price at least in my opinion yeah and I
mean a lot of people are starting to
think that we are at the beginning of
something that's gonna be very special
but one of the cool things about Bitcoin
and one of the things that has drawn us
all to it is that everything's built in
it's all programmed
into Bitcoin so when people last year
we're talking about bitcoins going to X
number of dollars this year you know put
all your money into it the crazy thing
about that is the president coin has
been pretty uh it's been easy to predict
to a certain extent because every four
years you have a happening built in and
it follows about the same cycle so if in
the middle of a bear market people are
talking about it's about to turn around
today or tomorrow then that's probably
not gonna happen
and the same thing that's happening
right now we're approaching the time
when Bitcoin traditionally goes up and
so now when you're seeing people saying
like bitcoins go into 1,000 I actually
saw an article today that said bitcoins
go into a thousand dollars it just seems
like that that's not really possible
right now
um what kind of excitement are you
seeing from you know your community yeah
I see a lot of people like excited about
it obviously the conversations we have
on my channel are focused more on tech
and I guess the theory behind Bitcoin
rather than the price but I think a lot
of people are very excited by this this
happening at them and to see what
happens after that I think everyone
should just be cautiously optimistic
right I think like we have been in the
past but you're totally right coming off
of 2017 and 2018 that whole you know
crash there people were just like really
hoping it was just this deep hope that
it would come back you know and I
totally understand that but yeah we'll
be interesting to see what happens I
don't think any of us can ever predict
so we shall see yeah definitely and I
understand that your crowd is definitely
more into the tech side of things but
most people who are into the tech side
of things like they first heard about
Bitcoin be their investors so it's price
is the gateway drug when it comes to
crypto currencies to see more people
come in and get interested in the tech
also yeah definitely and this time
around I think there are a lot of
positive voices out there to say hey you
know here's how to protect yourself with
hardware wallets or here's how to not
over encumber yourself buying something
that you don't understand all that sort
of things alright good deal they're
awesome already let's check out another
story what you got Forrest perfect yeah
I'm gonna take us right back in the
other direction and talk about aetherium
so for those of you who have been
following aetherium 2.0 we're moving
from proof of work like Bitcoin has over
to proof of stake and that's a mechanism
now that basically takes the
disincentive to make an invalid blocker
to perform some sort of malicious
activity as a block maker it's the form
of group of work all the waste if you
will that they go through to hash over
and over and over again and all that
cost is driving them to be only
incentivized to do the right thing for
the network right otherwise it's sunk
cost in aetherium they're like what's
this is inefficient let's make the
network faster we need track transaction
throughput so instead let's go proof of
stake where the disincentive to do
something malicious with block making is
the more stake you put in the network
the more wealth use you lock up in the
network gives you more rights to make
blocks and if you have more wealth
locked up you're less likely to want to
do something malicious and risk that
wealth right so it's the same idea you
want to incentivize the right things
disincentivize bad things but in this
case it's a little more efficient
because there's less computational waste
aetherium is moving that direction and
in a testament they've had about a
million ether staked by users of that
test net to date which doesn't sound
like a whole lot if you think about the
circulating supply but because these
test nets are voluntary they're clunky
to use you have to be a little technical
to really get involved and use them in
any real way I think that's a really
good proof point that people are
interested in a theorem 2.0 when it
launches later this year the beacon
chain and we'll move stake that way when
that happens what do you think so do you
do believe that that will launch this
year for sure I think that there's a
first date I've seen stuff saying it's
much it's much further away I think that
the full implementation is further away
I don't think we're gonna see aetherium
2.0 and all of its white paper glory
until 2021
maybe maybe 2022 but I remember back in
I think it was 2018 when there wasn't
people thought it was coming by the end
of the year it's 2018 and people were
there was an article that came out that
said oh well actually this is much
further away it's probably not good
for a couple of years and so now we're
like a year and a half away from that
article and we're still not really you
know seeming to be that close but you
know anything that aetherium can do to
improve its throughput and in the speed
is gonna be great so I think eventually
that's gonna help I think we're still
also in a wildly speculative phase of
cryptocurrency and we will be broke so I
think you know while it does point
people it's taking this long I think
they have the time to do it yeah I'm
with you
and coming from a software background
myself it's not in aetherium and in
these decentralized networks or as
decentralized as it can be you only have
one chance to deploy something right you
can't push an update or push a new
protocol and do a fork and then say oh
hold on let's just let's just take that
back you know you have one shot to do it
and do it right so I'd rather them to go
through as many cycles and as many
validation steps as possible to make
sure that it goes off without a hitch
and I think with reason why we didn't
see it in 2018 is from a technology
perspective there were barriers and
limitations that were not fully
understood when they started the project
I think that describe it and start over
it personally no one will say that but I
think that that's what happened yeah I
think I think when we look at the
overall crypto space we were finally
getting to the point where we may have
some experts but even by talent when he
first created aetherium was certainly
not an expert you know kind of flying by
the seat of his pants to create
aetherium and it obviously worked out
very well but I think over time you know
a lot of ideas that you know started
cryptocurrency or started different
blockchain projects I think are gonna
have to be torn down to rebuild yeah for
sure and I think some of the protocols
that came after aetherium had a distinct
advantage because they started from
scratch over with a method of funding
right in the ICO whether or not they
were all done properly I will definitely
not say I think many of them were done
poorly but they had new funding
opportunities and they were able to take
lessons learned from aetherium that's
so yeah cool man I think the banana
token chain is gonna do phenomenal oh
man just absolutely craziness
it had all the advantages to create the
supply tracking for bananas but anyways
you know multitrillion-dollar market
did you know interesting fact by the way
totally not crypto related but related
to bananas did you know that bananas are
the number one selling item in Walmart
didn't know that but I believe it there
you go
I'm always giving you guys the useless
facts that you don't want to know and
they will not impress anyone honestly
everyone if you're watching this video
right now let me know your most useless
fact the thing that you know that no one
cares about I care about it let us know
so you want to jump to your next article
yeah definitely so the next news thing
that's going on right now that I think
has a lot of ramifications it's a bit
going is what's going on with coin joins
so coin joint is basically a way there
are different wallets that can use this
I believe to basically wash your Bitcoin
and so if you have Bitcoin it's a way to
basically make it untraceable from
whatever point you wash it until and
obviously like you know you say well why
would someone want to do that there's
all kinds of different reasons obviously
we know there's dark web ramifications
and definitely you know like I heard the
Mexican cartels using Bitcoin now
there's all kinds of reasons why someone
might want to do it but there's a
greater thing right here that you know
can have big effects on Bitcoin which is
fungibility so right now a lot of
exchanges are no longer receiving
Bitcoin that's been washed so if you
have Bitcoin you put it through coin
joint then exchanges are considering it
to be tainted and so we have a supply
that's only going to ever be 21 million
and you have a certain number of tokens
per of coins bitcoins in this case that
are going to be seen as tainted and
you're only going to be able to
basically do over-the-counter trade or
over-the-counter transactions with that
Bitcoin then that really kind of puts
the whole supply in jeopardy and this is
a big talking point for privacy coins
such as Manero that says because every
Bitcoin is not worth the same because if
your Bitcoin is tainted it's worth zero
in my Bitcoin that's not tainted is
worth whatever the current price is
right now of around $9,000 there
9200 at the time of this recording then
that means that bitcoin all bitcoin is
not worth the same and it's not fungible
it's just very interesting yeah the
thing that's going on right now I want
to get your thoughts on yeah well first
and foremost I think for anyone who's
not familiar with what a coin joint does
in essence and this is highly simplified
but it basically combines multiple UT
exo's unspent transaction outputs that
that's how Bitcoin accounting works and
spits them out into sort of one conjoint
UT EXO right and that's so that the
inputs get masked by a new one and so no
one can go and take to use a chain chain
alice's tool go backwards and find where
it came from right and using coin join
now i've heard exactly what you're
big boys exchanges aren't accepting it
even though it's by protocol allowed and
there are a lot of applications that do
it there are ramifications from a legal
perspective i think it's difficult now
for this stuff to happen because now so
many people know about it and there's so
many on-ramps so many people are buying
bitcoin casually and there it's so much
easier to get it now you know you used
to be a hot you can only get it from
someone else or a miner and there were
no exchanges and no ways to buy it with
cash but now you can
and so now regulators are like okay you
have these fiat on-ramps that lets you
pay with a credit card to buy at that
point we need to know where this stuff's
going and that's for various regulations
across Europe the US Canada every
developed country has these types of
rules and so things like the travel rule
like when someone's information for a
transaction has to be sent along with
that transaction to the receiving end
that's going to be enforced and it's now
getting very difficult for these
exchanges to protect themselves legally
without saying we're not accepting it at
all because it's too risky
we can't track it and figure out whose
is whose
so whether or not you agree with it on
principle because crypto is a widely
varied space in terms of thought process
I at least understand why exchanges are
taking this approach to it because they
need to protect themselves
yeah and it is definitely just the the
interesting tension that we continue to
see between the the people who first
wanted crypto to take off one a bit
going to take off the libertarians the
people that are just very very
anti-government anarchists and yet the
kind of new generation of crypto
investor who really just wants to see
their assets go up and it seems like
over time we're seeing mmm we're not
seeing the same amount of fight against
government regulations that we saw in
the beginning now it's kind of like if
you can't beat them join them
and people are hoping that maybe one day
decentralization can you know take over
the world but it's not gonna be without
a fight yeah and I mean not to believe
at this point because I think you're
totally right on and that is I think
there's a lot of talk about like you
said in that like the anarchist
community etc like this imaginary world
where human beings across the world are
gonna be able to self-police and
organize and do everything without any
centralization whatsoever like
everything will be perfectly
decentralized I am of the belief that it
will never happen like human beings and
I don't know if you're in an HOA human
beings have proved in their community
that they can't organize and self police
so why would they be able to do it in a
you know country or in a you know a
global civilization so regulation in
totality isn't bad I think the best
chance we have of us being part of this
community working with regulators to
make common sense but not so totally
restrictive regulations the way to go
personally yeah and I do a HOAs yes HOAs
are terrible and proof point that people
can't create roles for each other so I'm
gonna steal that I'm gonna use that
multiple times in the future feel free
awesome well you got one last story for
us talk about yeah and this should be a
relatively quick one but I picked it
kind of last second because you're a
sports guy yourself you might not be a
soccer fan I am but you're a sports guy
so you'll appreciate it I think so
I read an article I think yesterday
maybe that French soccer club Paris
saint-germain they're a Champions League
Soccer Club fantastic team
lots of fans they partnered with a
company called socios s o CIOs they have
their own blockchain which i think is an
ethereal open-source offshoot where they
deploy ERC 20 tokens that are called fan
tokens for different teams and
organizations so the idea here is that
paris saint-germain can set up a certain
supply of ERC 20 tokens called PSG and
they can allow fans to buy those get
them by himself from each other and
these are fungible tokens it can be
exchanged one for one
they build market value by supplying two
men same way any other token would in
this regard but the purpose of the token
is for engagement between the team and
fans so that people that hold this token
can use them to vote for different
things related to the team so jersey
color designs Oh
Hopkins are definitely data forms very
soon there you go man
stay in it and I think that's I think
that's the benefit of the use case is
that well I'm not totally convinced that
you need a cryptocurrency token for this
like you could do this without one I
think the benefit here is that you have
an open exchange that the team is not
necessarily in control of per se yeah
and you can create this like after
market exchange of tokens where people
can amass them if they want more say in
decisions that get made I think it's
pretty cool it's a cool way to create
engagement between the team and fans
what do you think yeah I love it we've
already definitely seen some you know
sports team just get into blockchain
under the Sacramento Kings they have a
mining operation I know obviously Los
Angeles Dodgers last year had a NFT
giveaway and and not necessarily the
same thing in sports but I actually
talked to a company that are trying to
revolutionize the entire arcade business
like Dave & Buster's and yeah you know
we're local go-kart plays you have that
has an arcade to make all prizes that
you went to arcades in FTS because
there's definitely push for younger
generation and they care much more about
that than the physical products and so I
love this idea of kind of combining that
with creating fan engagement you know to
have a say like I mentioned I'm a season
ticket holder for the Atlanta Falcons
yeah and we just got a letter from the
owner a couple weeks ago that was on the
news saying that we're gonna get new
uniforms for the first time since I
think 2005 yeah and it's really exciting
like I'm really looking forward to
getting new poppins uniforms get this
thing to get older I've like 50% off new
jerseys and all kinds of stuff but it we
cool badass and it you know this all the
time you'll see something on you know
like clickbait site it's like check out
you know fancy alternative logos for
sports teams I they do them for Star
Wars they did one that's like all Donald
Trump for like a Donald Trump logo for
you know but just be cool if you could
actually have a say in like some of
those could become reality because the
fans had a voice so definitely cool so I
I am a sports fan I I'm not huge on
soccer but my my oldest son just started
travel soccer last night I'm definitely
trying to try to get medicine I know all
the major teams of course you know yeah
yeah the big guys I mean in Paris
saint-germain is not the only team to do
this AS Roma q Ventus from Italy they
both are on this I think West Ham United
from England they're in the game with
the same company so I think you're gonna
see a little bit more of that and in an
English soccer Premier League Soccer
which is what I watch the most a lot of
teams now have been sponsored by eToro
or other where I um exchange like
entities there you see big Klem logos
some sports game yeah sites sports
gambling is big so I mean I think it's
good at the very least because it's
putting this technology at the forefront
for all these fans that wouldn't
otherwise know about it so that's cool
so I'm totally into that
definitely very exciting to see the
sports world combining with crypto
that's I I love sports like more than
anything I love sports more than crypto
and I do crypto every day
you heard it here maybe not first bit
boy loves sports more than crypto but I
actually totally respect that
well I've I have a tick tocking can you
guys go follow me on tick-tock are you
gonna at facts of a CTS CEO at fax
CEO and I talk towards my sports tik-tok
is already bigger than all the rest of
stuff combined hey well it's a kind of
frustrating I've been doing it for two
months I've got so many thousand
followers it's a much bigger community a
man the sports community that's for sure
but well done man honestly thanks very
much for bringing articles always good
to chat we'll definitely do another
collab sometime soon I know folks
usually love it so thanks again man
honestly absolutely thanks for having me
on and you know definitely look forward
to doing it again in the future
definitely man take care now in other
news Cardno Gogan is coming on january
27th the Cardno team at io HK released a
new paper refining the specifications
for the next phase of development that
will bring smart contract support to
cardano's maintenance roadmap and future
development sprints check out the video
linked up above here or in the
description down below
after you're done with this video this
development phase named Gogan in honor
of the famous computer scientist Joseph
Cogan is comprised of a plethora of
upgrades intended to bring smart
contracts to Cardno
this new paper outlines a critical
component for these features a modified
version of the unspent transaction
output architecture that underpins
Bitcoin the unspent transaction output
or you TXO model is an efficient way of
keeping a unified digital ledger of
transactions by reconciling transactions
by calculating the total inputs and
outputs of previous transactions if you
want to learn more about how that UT
Excel model works I have a full video
about what it is and how it works which
again I will link down in the
description below for you to check out
the difficulty is though that the utx o
model doesn't play very nicely with
complex programmable logic or
computation that must be propagated to
all the participants in the network this
is why a robust contract solution has
not yet taken hold on the Bitcoin
network while some projects have made a
good valiant effort at doing so however
researchers on the Carano project have
been working on a sort of hybrid
architecture that takes the lightweight
and secure accounting that the UT Excel
model provides with enough flexibility
to allow for smart contract based
computation to subsist and persist
on this blockchain Network this new
paper outlines what Cardinal researchers
called the extended UT EXO which
essentially just provides an extra data
space within each UT EXO transaction so
that computational data can reside in
there without slowing down validation of
transactions instead of cramming the
entire execution and state changing
operations of a smart contract function
into one transaction body though the
extended UT EXO model is designed to
break the execution of the smart
contract operations into multiple
transactions sort of in a cascade this
smart contract logic will be programmed
using cardano's own scripting language
built on top of Haskell and that's
called Plutus again I feel like a broken
record but you can find a full video all
about Plutus in the description below it
is estimated that these features within
the Gogan phase will show up before the
end of 2020 in main net following the
estimated q1 2020 release of shelly
which brings staking and incentives
fingers crossed that we see these
updates very soon because obviously we
know folks are getting a little
frustrated with delays but good software
takes time so good luck to you IOH K and
the Carano team were rooting for you now
in other news there was a Swiss IPO that
happened on aetherium I read an
interesting article on coin desk
yesterday about a really intriguing use
case for a theory UM's blockchain a
company in Switzerland called overture
was just granted a green light by
regulators to hold Switzerland's first
fully compliant initial public offering
of class-a stocks or shares on the
etherion blockchain using the
tokenization model this is one of a
growing number of these types of
groundbreaking usages of tokenization on
a blockchain network that really gets me
stoked for the future I mean the concept
here is really that the issuance of a
stock on the blockchain can make the
initial sale and subsequent market
exchange between users of that stock far
more efficient and cost-effective
because you're cutting out the variety
of middlemen that often drive fees and
Commission costs like broker dealers for
example furthermore ownership records
can be cryptographically verified dating
all the way back to the initial issuance
of that stock or share
if you pair this type of a
high-visibility stock issue in the use
case with other interesting to
organization cases like San Antonio
Spurs player Spencer didn't win e
selling stake in his NBA contract in the
form of tokens the future looks bright
for cryptocurrency and its blockchain
underpinning now I'm hopeful that we'll
get to hear a lot more about how this
all works out the NBA stuff as well as
the Switzerland issuance of stock and so
I will keep you guys posted if I hear
more about that now if you missed last
week's episode feel free to check that
out now I'll link up some other awesome
content on my channel here for you to
watch and as always guys I thank you so
much for watching Cheers

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