Bitcoin News Today, LINK Price, Cardano News, and more! (Crypto Over Coffee ep. 11)

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen people of the internet welcome back to yet another episode of crypto over coffee I hope you're doing well if you're new here every single Friday I break down the latest news and hottest topics in the world of technology and

Cryptocurrency whilst drinking a delicious cup of coffee and today we have a healthy dare I say hefty serving of Bitcoin related things to talk about along with chain-linked yo SEO Scardino and much more so stick around to the end

Of the episode so you don't miss out on all that good stuff but like we do on the show every single week let's kick it off with questions from the community on YouTube and Twitter so I'll head over to the good old iPad and get started with

Those now as always if you do want to get one of your questions answered leave them in the comments down below or tweet me out of shoushi for and if you would be so inclined please hit that subscribe button right now and subscribe to the

Channel and you can hit that little Bell notification button too so you can get a heads up whenever I post new content on the interwebs let's get into the questions so the first question I wanted to address here is one that I've gotten

Comments on a ton over the last six months to a year and this one in particular is from Asian miracle I have a programming question what is the best free website to learn JavaScript Python and C++ slash c-sharp now this is a

Great question and I want to answer this first and foremost because people are all quarantined at home people have some time on their hands or people might need to pivot their careers at this moment in time and the truth is anyone in the

World can program it doesn't take a special brain to program you don't have to be good at math to program these are all myths that are given to people that make you not want to try I urge you to try and here's how to get started

I've set up a guide of sorts and I've been helping people individually but I'm gonna formalize this into a video soon but here's a little bit of a sneak peek into that if you want to learn to program I recommend you start on

Skillshare I'm gonna leave a link down below for you to get a free trial that's two months worth I think of free Skillshare content what Skillshare is is basically a website whether they're online courses built to help you learn

Programming web design digital design all sorts of things you can learn a ton of stuff on Skillshare but there are some great programming courses on there I recommend you get started with first if you have

Zero programming experience I'll link up the course specifics here on the screen or down below as well there is a beginner like basics of programming so you can understand the concepts that's the first place to start and you're

Gonna go up to like lesson 20 or 21 in that course then you're gonna split off and you're gonna go to one of the two specific courses for programming language so if you want to go JavaScript go JavaScript that's fine that's great

For web apps that's great for things you can build and really see and use I will say though Python is great because Python is very much a data science oriented language there are a lot of things you can do with Python as well

But maybe not things that you can quickly see and interact with and play with in the same way that JavaScript is so pick one of the two they're both great but stick with that once you choose one stick with it learn it and

Start to master it right so I'll leave links down in the description below as well for my picks my top picks for JavaScript and Python courses on Skillshare so if you sign up for Skillshare you're gonna get two free

Months to basically be at home people are working from home people are hanging out at home learn this stuff spend a hour to a day just devoting to learning a new skill and you can do this completely for free a great place to

Start then if you want to take it to the next level my advice to you would be to go and check out something like treehouse so treehouse is a website designed to sort of bring you to a coding boot camp of sorts it's an online

Course site as well but it's really there to sort of give you a digital degree in programming now I love treehouse because treehouse really goes deeper and brings you way past the point where you will get on Skillshare but it

Does obviously cost something so once you've found hey I actually can program I know what I'm doing I'm passionate about it jump onto treehouse and give it a shot I really think that it's worth it and the treehouse people are very nice

You can talk to them on Twitter you can reach out to support they're great and super helpful if you get stuck so definitely check out my link in the description below for that as well and I urge you guys to try

Programming if you have questions reach out to me I'd love to help you any time thank you for the question he's a miracle and best of luck in your programming journey everyone all right the thinker asks I don't like C Z's move

And I didn't like Justin's move with Steam either thanks to the community they forked and now they're kicking the yeah kicking but I guess it's time to switch from coin market cap to market check up question mark yeah probably

I think coin market cap being acquired by by Nance is probably not great for the unbiased nature of the website obviously that's remains to be seen and no one can be sure but I don't really use coin micro-cap anyway I use plenty

Of other websites out there I'm not familiar with market check up but definitely reasonable I think coin gecko is one a lot of people use question also what's your opinion regarding tether minting 1.5 billion tether and this BTC

Spiked last Sunday related to quantitative easing on the tether situation in my opinion there's no difference between what tethers doing and what the central banks are doing and printing money because we have

Absolutely no traceability into what's going on with tether so I have no idea what's going on there and the BTC spike related to quantitative easing I think people are reacting to what's going on in the world and bitcoin is factored

Into the world of safe haven assets in some form or fashion so we will see what actually happens with Bitcoin as this whole thing continues to unfold but seems like good news right now hard to say though cece asks hey man I

Forgot to ask something did you try to build on Cardona or did you check out their code and stuff hope you're not biased since you're an ambassador but how do you think about their code I don't mind delays but I think they might

Get into trouble for adoption if they release after they release if they do release ok there's a lot to unpack here so yes I've tried to build on card oh no the truth is I don't know Haskell the main programming language you need to

Develop things with Plutus and Cardno so I've been trying to learn that but between this channel my full-time job and all the other things I've got to do in just normal adult life I haven't had a lot of time to learn in

Language you know on the side so that's delayed me quite a bit but I'd still am working on it and in terms of their code there's a lot of code there and so I haven't sat and done a full code review because that's something that even if I

Were paid to do it would take me ages and ages and ages to do it and I don't even think I'm qualified to review these really smart people's code and give them you know critical feedback however as an ambassador my role is not

To just hype up card on oh and I'm also not paid so this is just something I volunteered to do I like the project I love the project and I think the way they're going about it is correct and I think the way that they designed it like

An academic project almost means that their code is going to be cleaner and their actual vision is going to be what gets deployed rather than halfway there and then they'll try and fork it later so I do support Carano I think it's of

Quality but I think if they don't get Gogan and Shelley out there in the world out there in the world before aetherium 2.0 hits phase one which I guess is the beginning of 2021 then they're gonna have some issues so that's just my

Honest opinion thank you for your question Ron Swartz asks so what happens when all the bitcoins are mine specifically what will secure the network at that time I love this question this question is fantastic so I

Have a few theories and my main theory is this there is as we know a Satoshi wallet right a Satoshi wallet that has an exorbitant amount of bitcoins like when we're talking exorbitant I mean a ton and I believe personally that that

Satoshi wallet has been set aside purposefully for the day when the last Bitcoin is mined and we're years and years years and years away from that I think well over a hundred years away from that

But when that happens bitcoins value could be who knows what god knows what high or low who knows but I believe that that wallet was set aside for that Bitcoin to be used as a central Treasury to pay out rewards potentially it's a

Theory I think it would make sense because that amount of Bitcoin could be used to extend and continued to secure the network in terms of rewards and keeping the incentives going for miners indefinitely

Based on what it could be worth in the future I think that's one – if bitcoins value continues to increase as exponentially as it has then there is nothing that says transaction fees couldn't sustain miners as long as the

Network's overall hash rate and the cost of compute resources continues to stay sort of stable and its growth as well I think that the network's hash rate might not continue to grow at the crazy range and levels that we've seen and we can

Never predict what changes are going to be made to consensus if ever but I think transaction fees could also be enough to start securing the network in the future as well so between the Satoshi wallet being potential Treasury to pay out

Incentives and the transaction fees I think there's enough there to secure the Bitcoin network even without this block reward in there as a standalone reward I think that was the design from the beginning but my guess is about as as

Good as yours I don't know but thank you for the question the non VPN asks BTC is 99% speculative the smartest gambling asset ever created if it should reach 50 or 100 K why would anyone spend it on a cup of coffee genuinely asking this was

In response I think to my last script over coffee where I was talking about spending Bitcoin and I asked you if you had spent Bitcoin in the past so the reason why people spend Bitcoin I think is because a I think Bitcoin was really

Intended to be used as a means of payment in the first place and I think people use that that way but for me in the past there was there were a couple of months where I had Bitcoin using crypto com their debit card

I had Bitcoin and I was living off of that Bitcoin for two months like I didn't touch any money in a bank account I was using my Bitcoin for a couple of months and just living off of that and I was doing that really just for

Experimentation purposes I wanted to see if I could only live off of this one you know stack of crypto that I had and just to see what it would be like living with the volatility of crypto as your daily form of payment but I think it proved

There are services being built around this ecosystem that will make crypto viable as a day-to-day payment mechanism and it could act as like a long term digital savings account for people that they pull money out of when they need it

So I don't think people would want to spend all their Bitcoin no because it's a speculative asset but I think people do have an appetite for spending it especially using lightning as a means of payment if this becomes their main form

Of payment for a lot of different things so thank you for your question and on VPN there's no straight answer but that's just my opinion Harvey Voss asks it's nice to know the face behind these good projects very

Good content as always I thought bat tokens seemed like a good project and I use brave daily couple questions thank you very much for the level in that video what's the benefit in terms of investing in bat tokens BAE basic

Attention tokens my earnings would be better if I kept mine in a up hold but I'd also like to know if the value of the BA T increases will a rewards change in amount okay there's a lot here and I'll answer these

Questions as well how bullish am I about investing in basic attention ticket so I'm bullish on the use case for basic attention tokens but I don't think basic attention tokens are structured economically to accrue in value to these

Crazy numbers people are saying I'll be eighty to ten dollars per coin that doesn't make any sense that's not what it's intended for could it happen yes with mass adoption it theoretically could happen but basic attention tokens

The denominations don't matter it's what you are willing to give another creator or what you're willing to earn as an ad watcher or an ad viewer and ultimately it's just a means of exchange I don't think basic attention token is

Like the biggest part of my portfolio I'm not going in and dumping my money and investing in basic attention token with my dollars and cents that much when I receive basic attention tokens I'm holding on to some because I believe it

Will accrue in value but I don't think we're gonna see basic attention token to $100 okay I mean you hear so many crazy things out there in terms of what token prices are going to do I'm bullish on basic attention token and the use case

I'm not saying though that the base attention token is going to accrue in value so much and you're gonna see this crazy 100x you know you have though these altcoin hundred X videos I don't know that it's in that category would

Your earnings be better will the rewards change in ammount that's the other question the rewards changing an amount likely the number of basic attention tokens you get are still going to be referent like referred to in US dollars

Until we get to the point where crypto is a I guess a reserve or people think in terms of crypto so for a long period of time if basic attention token increases in value and an advertiser's agreed to a $5 you know $5 CPM you're

Gonna get an equivalent of that and basically tension tokens which would mean your rewards would be technically less but the value would be the same you what I mean so the volume of that that you're getting would be less but you're

Still getting the same amount I know that's a little bit paradoxical but that's the truth so I know there's a lot there but basically tension token and brave you know one of my favorite projects if you haven't tried brave and

You're watching this video right now download the browser it's down in the link in the description below it's the best browser ever used it's the one that I use every single day I ditched chrome I ditched all the other browsers I used

And it's my number one I do use Firefox still occasionally but brave is great so give it a try thanks very much for your question Harvey and I think that actually wraps it up for the questions I actually really need a sip of coffee in

My fancy camp mug because all the other ones were dirty and we're in the middle of like a wind storm hurricane crazy thing at my house my whole house is shaking and there's a bunch of stuff going on outside like the wind like

Blasting the window and my coffee is ice-cold because this thing is made of aluminum so that's a major bummer cold coffee within the first like 10 minutes of the video but anyway the show must go on

Alright now let's dive into the news for the day and I want to start with chain link I have to say chain link is absolutely crushing it right now with the recent partnerships with interoperability networks polka dot icon

And cava within that cosmos ecosystem as well as popular interest earning products like Celsius price of link has largely defied all those downward trends that we've seen over the last couple of months it's

Looked really really strong so my proverbial hat comes off to the chain link team and the community because despite what's been going on in the world around us they keep building they keep supporting and the fans have

Continued to ride or die for the mission and support chain link and the link cryptocurrency a lot of people didn't ditch it when it went down to I think it was like in the mid twos or two dollars and went basically I got cut in half or

By 40 some percent it's no secret that I'm a fan of chain link from a tech perspective and I believe that the technology they've developed is unique and really powerful so within the world of smart contracts one of the singular

Biggest challenges is developing reliable unbel conditional logic that controls potentially millions of dollars of value if not more and a critical part of making that possible especially for real-world use cases is using real data

From outside the scope of the blockchain and outside the scope of the contract and that's what chain link is about that's what it delivers they're doing things the right way they're building quality they're

Building a great marketing team they're marketing it right and they're positioning their technology to be one of the most widely used versions of the data Oracle they're not the only one but they're doing the right thing to put it

In the hands of more users and to make it easy for protocols to adopt that's the key it's really really impressive stuff and I'm eager to see the it advent of staking and service level agreements in wide use within the chain link

Ecosystem so I was very happy last week to hear all the positive feedback about the new segment 404 logic not found that I debuted in last week's episode for those who are uninitiated in this little firecracker of a segment I highlight

Notable tech related fails or otherwise stupid boobs that need to get some attention this segment is meant to be fun and if you like fun you should probably gently and with tender loving care press that little like button down

Below but don't smash it lightly press it like buttons deserve humane treatment just like the subscribe button so don't smash that bad boy the first fail I'd like to address is somewhat of a whale

Of a fail and that is a tongue twister this popular video-calling app you might have heard of called zoom has had a recent slew of privacy and security issues in the wake of Kovan 19 recently compiled a list of all the

Issues zoom is faced over the last month or so and the dates that these things have occurred and it's shocking scrolling through all that stuff how poorly everything has been handled from call records and data being exposed on

The web to personal meeting IDs being used to peep in on private calls to global calls being routed through Chinese servers zoom has found a way to take what could have been the moment that they took over the market and

Turned it into a PR disaster why wait until the world is watching and needs you to find all these clear security and privacy flaws in your service how can you miss these fundamentals look I get that stuff happens software is never

Perfect I know that anyone who works in software knows that but some of these things are just fundamental things that can not happen 404 logic not found sip of coffee crazy stuff guys crazy stuff I am NOT definitely going to quit zoom but

I'm looking at alternatives and I'll be making a video about that very shortly now moving back into the world of crypto the main rd arm behind a Osorio s whatever you want to call it that parent company block 1 has announced that it

Will begin voting for block producers with their large eos token holdings on the public network block 1 who built the core backend tech behind the eos blockchain are the largest single ownership entity of AOS tokens with 9.5

Percent of the total token supply in their possession this move is surely in response to the simple fact that exchanges have been leveraging their customers eos tokens to vote for block producers how which essentially means

That these exchanges who technically own the lion share of tokens around the world control the network as a cartel as oligarchs it's crazy clearly this is far from a decentralized network at this point and that's the

Main complaint people have about EOS their tech is quality their code is quality the governance sucks now I wonder why block 1 is making this move no I don't I know exactly why they're doing it they're

Trying to fix the situation and their motive is honorable but in my opinion this is the completely wrong way of going about it block one is now a centralized powerful entity who's coming in to rescue and throw their weight

Around to influence the network in the right direction this might quell the concerns about exchanges themselves controlling the network but it doesn't actually solve the problem and that's that yose

Governance the model is broken coming in is a big centralized entity to clean up a mess even for the right reasons is a paradox fighting centralization with centralization ignores the real issue at hand and that's at the governance model

That they have does not inherently disincentivize and prevent cartels from forming within the ecosystem itself 404 logic not found this makes no sense hopefully this gets resolved because I actually do like EEO sent a lot of ways

And that my friends leads me to our next news story which is the sad story of the Bitcoin cache having recently the Bitcoin cash blockchain a fork of Bitcoin mind you underwent a block reward having from twelve point five to

Six point two five BCH or Bitcoin cash per block four miners on the network at current prices right now here we are on April 10th this is worth around 1,500 bucks per block reward I did a really detailed video on having's and what it

Means and how it all works and I'll link that up here and down below if you're curious you can pause this video and check that out but one of the critical values of a halving is that it reduces the rate of

Inflation for a fixed supply asset it makes the asset more scarce as miners must work just as hard to earn half as much and that really helps drive value however this is a critical part of not only the valuation of the coin but more

Importantly the security of the network relies on miners themselves so it's normal for miners to evacuate the chain as profitability takes a hit after a halving but it's critical that the hash rate the total hash rate on the network

Doesn't drop too quickly and that enough hash power remains to prevent things like 51% attacks and chain freezes see if miners leave and mass all at once the chain can freeze blocks don't get mind because there's not

Enough computing power to mine a block until the difficulty of obtaining proof of work readjust to this new lo hash rate this exact thing happened in Bitcoin cache the miners left in mass the chain froze and it took two hours to

Mine a block after the having this was no small drop in hash rate either it's reported that Bitcoin cash lost nearly 80% of the hash power on the network as a result of the having this pose is a huge security risk of the network as the

Cost of a 51% attack where a coordinated attack on the network occurs by gathering 51% or more of the total hash power in the network is now dangerously cheap to execute it's estimated that for a mere $10,000 maybe $15,000 of cloud

Computing resources a 51% attack on the Bitcoin cash network could happen and disrupt the network this type of cheap attack would not necessarily mean the end of Bitcoin cache but it would be quite problematic in the eyes of users

Who trust the network now with their transactions and coins if you're in classic got a 51% attack and it took a while to earn trust back from their people could this happen to Bitcoin though that's coming up on a halving in

May and the answer is yes it's possible but the scale is something that you need to consider here currently a 51% attack on Bitcoin that would do potentially irreparable damage like things you can't fix it would cost upwards of a billion

Dollars or more to execute and even for a short one-hour attack with minimal consequences it could cost upwards of six hundred thousand dollars just to execute an attack on Bitcoin even with a mass exodus of hash rate post halving it

Would be much costlier to attack the Bitcoin network due to its much larger pool of resources and much larger pool of miners for that matter nothing is unhackable but risk versus reward versus cost

Matters a lot too the incentive for hackers to go about it versus what it would cost for them to execute that attack even if you execute a $600,000 attack all you're gonna do is disrupt the network you're not going to

Steal a whole lot so it's not worth it speaking of Bitcoin though and continuing that thread I saw some data about the Bitcoin having an its relationship to how Bitcoin is held by big and small

Investors alike notably in 2016 prior to the having the number of Wales Wales holding 1,000 or more bitcoins hovered right around 2,000 individuals or 2,000 organizations who knows but that number is eerily similar to the numbers being

Reported today so in 2016 the number of Wales holding a thousand or more is about the same as it is right now right before the halving so could this mean that the whales that were present in 2016 for that nice ride all

The way to all-time highs in 2017 are getting ready for the same price action this coming year and a half maybe although what I think is even more interesting is that the number of individual wallets like normal people

Like us that own one or more Bitcoin has increased dramatically this time around this indicates that an ever growing awareness of Bitcoin is is there and heavier investment is coming from smaller investors now I'm curious let me

Know in the comments down below or up in this YouTube card poll thing up above what you think about the Bitcoin halving and what it will do to its price is Bitcoin BTC going up is it going down is it going sideways or what you like those

Hand gestures there I'm kind of ant from this coffee now staying in the world of Bitcoin the Canadian asset management firm 3iq launched a new fund on the toronto stock exchange TSX

That's tied to Bitcoin this comes as a real surprise to me that regulators approved such a fund especially during these times right now economically as you may well know a Bitcoin ETF or exchange-traded fund has been fought

Hard and fast within the regulatory field here in the US so I'm shocked like truly shocked that a Bitcoin backed fund launched with what seems to be minimal hoopla in Canada it is reported that 3iq had negotiated for this whole thing for

Three years three years to bring this to market so clearly a lot went on behind the scenes that we didn't know about and that just reminds me of an episode of Spongebob the quote goes way to go buddy it took us three days to make that

Potato salad three if you know that episode comet the episode name down below and I'll pick one random person who gets it right and send them some Bitcoin I'm a grown man I love cartoons I guess I'm just a kid at

Heart so I love to play these little giveaway games on the channel anyway this news is far more impactful than I think people realize Canada is very similar to the USA and if they can get a Bitcoin backed fund passed that bodes

Well for us here Tyler Winklevoss one of the main champions for the Bitcoin ETF here in the USA agrees with this sentiment having praised the 3iq fund as the first public Bitcoin fund listed on a major Stock Exchange and that is a

Direct quote interestingly enough the Bitcoin custody services for the fund are provided by Tyler and his twin brother and their crypto exchange Gemini I'm very hopeful that with the next changing of the gaurd if you will within

The SEC that we will see a Bitcoin ETF here in the USA and all I have to say is well done Canada well done beep the Molson Canadian sign I'm actually not Canadian I'm from America but you know the sign is confusing I do

Also want to briefly mention Cardno here though because there was some notable news to report on that front that I think you should know about the commercial incubator slash research and development arm of Cardinal called

Emerge Oh recently announced and launched a Carano based supply chain solution that will allow the scanning and tracking of goods from entity to entity and the end customer to allow the end customer to identify the exact

Provenance of the goods that they are buying now the first user of this new solution is Blu Corrine G coffee who are going to be using this card on a solution to provide customers more traceability into the origin of their

Coffee coffee being the theme of this show I think it's important to note that I love coffee and it is really hard to know where your coffee is coming from unless you trust the vendor you're buying from so this is something I can

Get behind this series is predicated on delicious coffee so well done HEC Blu currency coffee please if you're watching this spot to the channel I'd love to get some free coffee and hang out and talk about blue crunchy coffee

In every episode so I'm very stoked to see amber go pushing the envelope on enterprise-oriented you of the tech behind card oh no and I hope that continues because I think enterprise tech has an appetite for more

Options besides the ones that are out there today aetherium for enterprise hyper ledger for enterprise there's really not a lot of competition out there so Cardno can really throw their weight into this and create an

Enterprise solution that could take some market share now staying in the world of supply chain as you all are probably fully aware we are all entrenched in the throes of Kovan 19 and the subsequent quarantine as such we've all been

Instructed now to wear masks when going out of our homes in the USA and I know abroad there are a lot of the same regulations happening in other countries of course this proves to be a little bit problematic because there are hardly

Enough masks of the specific n95 variety of course to give to health care workers let alone for every man woman and child to have one for themselves to wear while they go out and get a bag of potatoes at Giant this is spurred the FDA within the

U.s. to finally finally approve the use of Chinese made masks called kan 95 which are largely the same just maybe slightly different in design this will allow them to supplement our supply of masks here in the US a better late than

Never I suppose that said the concerns about legitimacy and the ever-present threat of counterfeit masks has reared its ugly head and result it is likely if not guaranteed that fake ineffective can ninety-five knockoffs will crop up on

EBay and all the reseller markets alike that said real items company yes that is a company who use V Chains technology to track the provenance and legitimacy of goods have stepped in to solve this problem using V chain networks NFR spec

Or non fungible records spec the real items company is looking to tag legitimate can 95 producers masks with a QR code or some other identifier that pertains to a non fungible record on the V chain blockchain and interplanetary

File storage this record can then be used as a means to validate that one is getting a legit mask so theoretically you'd be able to scan the mask that you get or the package that you get and it would be able to tell you did this come

From a legitimate seller this is a great idea this is a viable use case and I think the viii chain is killing it in the supply chain world as it relates to blockchain and I apologize and then the I guess two

Videos ago someone asked about supply chain and what projects are great I didn't mention me chain because my brain forgets about things at times like any other human being so I'm my apologies there but V chain is great and hey if

You're interested in the use cases like blockchain for supply chain or other enterprise things like that you need to understand this one critical concept called hashing so check out this video here on the screen I'll link it up I

Think over here to get a simple easy to understand explanation so you can get up to speed on all that thanks in advance and until next time Cheers

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