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by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen people of the internet welcome back to yet another episode of crypto over coffee I hope you're well if you're new here every Friday I break down the latest news and hottest topics in the world of technology and cryptocurrency over a cup

Of delicious coffee and today we have aetherium news to talk about some finance shenanigans Bitcoin price talk and plenty more so make sure you stick around until the end of the episode so you don't miss any of that

Stuff but like we do in every episode of this show let's kick it off today with questions from the community on YouTube and Twitter so I'll head over to the good old iPad and get started with those and if you want to get some of your

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Notification button next to it so you can get a heads up whenever new content hits the interwebs more coffee I'm tired alright let's dive into some of these questions here on the first question I've got on the books

Today is from David Bing question about chain link what's the point of the link token will it be widely used by everyday people thanks this is a great question so right now the link token already has some value to the ecosystem overall the

Link token is basically a show of support for what link is doing what chain link is doing in the market and they're doing a lot but I think where it's going and where they're starting to implement is using link as sort of an an

Escrow or an incentive disincentive lever within the ecosystem so in a world where there are multiple different Oracle's that serve the same type of data and different contracts on the blockchain or on aetherium for example

Can request data from those Oracle's these contracts can put out sort of like a bid and say hey all the data Oracles that are out there that can serve this type of data this is what I need this here's the job ID give me your best shot

Right and someone can agree to a service level agreement using the chain link ecosystem and the bid of leaked tokens that they put out this contract is put out is used as sort of a deposit for the services for data

On the other side the chain link Oracle side they put up link tokens as well and it's like an escrow for both sides to make sure both sides follow and continue and deliver on their end of the bargain right so let's just say in an instance

Where the chain link Oracle delivers bad data or doesn't respond and doesn't complete the job they give up those link tokens right they'd be penalized by giving up those link tokens let's also say that in a world where you didn't

Require a link token deposit to get Oracle support for your smart contract whose gonna force you to pay right so it's like a deposit for those services so I think when chain link becomes widely used in enterprise applications

And widely used by daps all over the world I think we're gonna see the link token being used a whole heck of a lot more there's definitely a use case and yes I think it will be wildly / widely used by the public so

Hopefully that gives you some more information I have a full deep dive coming out about chain links so make sure you are subscribed so you don't miss that next question Cici asks one question why are you so

Excited about coffee the Italian or Arabic is the best one so far I actually like Arabica coffee this particular coffees actually by a friend of mine the guy who runs Hodel feel like i'll leave a link down in the

Description below for you to check out his coffees but this is a dark roasted coffee it's quite good and it's in my favorite dunder-mifflin mug do you like the office if you like the office leave me a quote from your

Favorite episode down in the comments below but I just I love coffee honestly it's one of my favorite drinks I will drink multiple cups a day and I just enjoy the meditative process of making coffee so maybe one day I'll get a

Coffee sponsor for this show that would be really really cool and he's just also saying if you like a good trip across the EU let me know we could visit a couple places with snow Sun sunny beaches and diving I'm definitely in as

Soon as this Kovan 19 stuff is over I'm taking a trip so I will take you up on that see see thank you sir harvey vos asks 100% bullish with link could you please advise with me about gaming development

On blockchains and what happened with the coffee on this session that was a video I did I think an interview with flood TV there was no coffee because I already had two cups of coffee and I was already

Amped sorry for the road noise if you can hear that we're also in the middle of a windstorm here and my house is like shaking from all the wind so in terms of gaming development on the blockchain there are a bunch of different platforms

That are doing this I can't even off the top of my head list them all I really am a fan of engine I think there are a bunch of different game development platforms like unity is an engine I think that has really been trying to

Implement this and integrate blockchain technologies into it the difference is and I was speaking to Elliott about this from FUD TV is that he's right the incentive isn't there yet for someone to as a game developer to integrate all

These tokens and technology because ultimately then they're recurring revenue opportunities are far less because then p2p sales are possible and no one's gonna buy the hot new item on fortnight there's gonna buy it from

Someone else right so I think it's gonna that's gonna be the challenge but technically with the ERC 1155 tokens standard on aetherium we're getting to the point where it's feasible to do this even in some of these you know

Relatively scalable games but the luma network has been working on this gapper Labs has been working on games there's all sorts of things check out flood TVs channel I'll leave a link about down in the description below

For that as well I think you'll be happy and impressed with the game that he's putting together I think there's a lot going on there so gaming huge use case I think we're gonna see a lot more fulk Mattern asks another question why would

The world switch to this I see the need for certain cases since censorship resistance is the main advantage here but the majority of the web is fine how it is right now isn't it who really needs to be censorship resistant so this

Was in regards to unstoppable domains and the fact that they recently launched on the opéra Android browser on mobile phones the ability to reconcile our sorry direct to and read from ipfs network websites

Using unstoppable domains and actually f– domains as well so here's the long and short of this the short answer is that yes a lot of the reasons behind unstoppable domains in the website since things that they're doing are to be more

Censorship resistance so that your content distributor or your web host can't say hey I don't agree with what you're saying so I'm gonna remove this website from the Internet that happens quite often and it's not always as

Simple as you know restricting free speech sometimes it's just the simple fact that they change their terms and now your business is no longer allowed to advertise so I mean there are platforms out there that I you know I've

Run email lists before they just don't they just decided one day they don't allow anyone who does affiliate marketing or anyone who does crypto related stuff no one can use their platform and there's nothing that says

The domain services and the web hosts can't do the same thing and say hey if you have a website that's about these ten topics you're gone and just delete your stuff so I think this is just a shift to something that puts you back in

Control of your content and it creates a more fault-tolerant ecosystem – because it's not just about someone censoring you it's about being resistant to accidental deletion being resistant to natural things that happen on networks

Where servers fail or content gets deleted somewhere on IP FS as long as you have seeds and peers that are running your data you have replication so if something goes wrong you have backups and your content is more

Unstoppable I guess pun intended in that regard I think unstoppable domains is doing a great job of making this technology that already existed more mainstream by integrating it with their aetherium style domains with dot crypto

So I hope that answers your question I think we're gonna see more and more moving in this direction like the etherium website aetherium org is now live as an IP FS website that you can reconcile on opera so I think we're

Going to see more large businesses doing this and it's starting to experiment with applications hosted on ipfs thank you for the question and folk matter and another question I picked up two years is there a difference between crypto and

Dill didn't this company start with dill which made me believe it's on silica yes you're correct Dodd's lll was the original domain project they worked on they used the silla language on the silica blockchain

To implement their first domains they launched they worked I used it the issue is in the US especially it's really hard to get a hand your hands on Zil tokens and it's really hard to actually use the silica product at the moment so they

Said well what we're gonna do is we're gonna create another project – we're gonna do dot crypto we're gonna do it on etherium where there's a huge developer community and get this stuff used more quickly and it worked so they have their

Domains in more people's hands but both projects still work both products still work this isn't like what we're abandoning the silica project it still runs I still have a dot Zil domain and I still use it

Awesome so next question speedy asks is it good with slow internet and I think he was talking about brave browser yeah yeah this was from brave browser video so this is actually really important right now especially because people are

Probably home for The Cove in nineteen crisis they're working from home if you live in an apartment in tightly packed neighborhood a town house etc you're probably online with all your neighbors on one shared Internet Line and so the

Speeds are probably slow people are running through a lot of content and I think it's important for people to know this if you're using a browser like brave or an ad blocker inside of a browser like Chrome you are probably

Going to see some improvements in terms of your performance on your download speeds because you're not gonna be dealing with all that content in the first place like all the ads downloading which can actually be quite large in

Size because a lot of them are videos so that being said yes brave especially because it has a natively built and natively integrated ad blocker built with rust a really efficient programming language you're

Going to see an improvement between brave with that ad blocker and then one that's like an add-on on Chrome or Vivaldi etc so brave is quite fast there are a bunch of speed tests online you can look up I also have one in a video

My video review of brave from I think last month that I did there were some speed tests in they're comparing common websites you go to and the download speeds were just significantly faster load speeds so yes brave is a lot faster

Than the alternatives out there and I think that's one of the main compliments people hear about brave thank you for the question and then finally Garden Steam asks what do you think of it era hash graph I'm

Concerned about the volume of releases and several global companies are on the board yeah I agree I think Adara hash graph was technology that I was very interested in I think the debt DAGs have a place in this whole

Space and I think they're going to be important that's directed acyclic graphs but my issue is is that I think a Terra hash graph completely just did it they did an awful job in terms of governance and structuring this as an actual

Decentralized organization it isn't one everyone that's on that board are basically big powers and big names and they have a ton of money and resources and there's no chance that any small guy any small company is ever gonna get in

Into the mix there unless they get really lucky so I think governance wise that there's no reason why I'd ever use it because I don't trust that it's it's basically already cartelized if that's even a word it's already been formulated

Into a non decentralized organization so that's a bummer I hope that they fix it because they probably could at this point if they just open it up to more people and more organizations which defy products do you think are the most

Advanced I think maker maker maker Dow have a pretty interesting product it's not perfect khyber is fantastic compound also fantastic I think though we're just the tip of the iceberg with defy I don't think we've seen anything that's all the

Way there and I don't know that we're gonna get there either we're gonna talk about that more when we talk about aetherium in this video but I'm not sure we're ever gonna get to the point where defy is massively adopted on aetherium

One I think we're gonna need aetherium 2.0 for that so more to come on that hint hint cool so I think that covers us for the questions for today and we can dive into the news and all that good that you guys are here to listen to

Alright so the first interesting bit of news that I wanted to talk about is some interesting Bitcoin analysis in the wake of kovat 19 the blockchain research firm chain alysus published a report this week that implied a larger scale shift

In the usage pattern of Bitcoin based on some of their findings for those unfamiliar with chain alysus though it's at a super high level a company that's built in the analytics tool that tracks the provenance and usage of Bitcoin

Using public addresses and in and out points this report that they created found a distinct weakening of the positive correlation between bitcoins price and then the likelihood of users spending their Bitcoin the higher the

Price the more likely people were to spend meaning that traditionally as bitcoins price dropped the amount of Bitcoin spending dropped right along with it and by a similar percentage but during this crisis and the subsequent

Price drops that we've seen in Bitcoin the amount of Bitcoin spending is dropped far less than expected this means a couple of things to me first the decoupling of Bitcoin from traditional markets or the fact that it's becoming

More uncorrelated if that's a word yet its uncorrelated it's continuing to solidify that fact that bitcoin is separating itself more from the prices of other assets and the behaviors that people have within financial crises in

Traditional markets and the number two people are starting to see Bitcoin as a means to exchange for goods and services during a period of uncertainty and probably preferring now to transact digitally and the mindset is not just to

Hold hold hold hold forever as it really has been largely for the last ten years this is really interesting so I'm really curious have you spent any Bitcoin during this copán nineteen crisis and if you have let me know what you bought if

You're willing to tell me and let me know in the little card poll above or the comments down below I'd love to know what you think now today is a special episode of crypto ver coffee because it's the very first episode that

Includes a new segment that I like to call 404 logic not found in this little firecracker of a segment I'll be going over notable tech related fails or otherwise stupid moves that need to get some attention

And I'm gonna have some coffee while I do it this should be fun and if you like fun you should probably lightly press that like button don't smash it lightly press the like button like buttons deserve

Humane treatment you know no smashing donate now to peddle people for Ethical Treatment of like buttons okay sorry jokes aside everyone's favorite Craig Craig right took to his personal blog yet again to decry Bitcoin and make

Bold claims about why bitcoin is doomed but this time he took aim at the Lightning Network and Bitcoin miners in some senses in this blog post Craig Wright postulated that the legal system would take significant action against

Lightning channel owners and potentially miners that are transferring or storing Bitcoin that's deemed stolen or illicit on grounds that they're handling stolen goods he states and I quote 2020 marks the

Year that law comes to Bitcoin and all of the copies 404 logic not found first and foremost this is likely a far less simple legal issue than Craig is making it seem digital assets are a whole new ball game this is not a baseball card

Exchange or the movement of precious metals and cash new laws are gonna have to be made or amendments to existing ones are going to have to be made in order to properly enforce rules on crypto currencies I'm not a lawyer and

I'm not implying to be one and this is not legal advice but in my mind without a clearly standardized way for lightning channel owners and miners even exchanges to identify when Bitcoin is stolen or potentially nefarious via a list via

Registry via an AI ml platform I don't know it's but it's completely unreasonable without those standards if not impossible to do so without those right.we you have to have standards in place for people to follow or else it's

Not fair to enforce rules on them secondly it seems like Craig conveniently slipped in and it's copies and all its copies at the end of the article where virtually no one would see it so he as possible denied

That he was targeting Bitcoin directly and the truth is that Bitcoin Bitcoin SV Bitcoin cash every other cryptocurrency is susceptible to this exact same problem not just Bitcoin all crypto currencies can and are used for less

Than activities they are stolen and then moved that's the way it goes regulations gonna come no doubt and everyone's gonna be affected you know Bitcoin sv is pitched as this regulation friendly crypto but I'd

Respond and say friendly towards what regulations the regulatory landscape is about as clear as mud after a rainstorm it's easy to require kyc it's easy to implement anti-money laundering practices based on the set the standards

That are set for financial services industries today but that's not gonna be enough long term and that's not representative of where we're going in terms of crypto regulation in my opinion so overall this argument doesn't make a

Lot of sense to me what do you think now I do have another one for you and this is another interesting one in the Bitcoin realm so Mike Novogratz the galaxy digital CEO and renowned Bitcoin bull has made quite a few bold but

Totally incorrect Bitcoin price predictions in the past but this particular statement is quite wild and on the other end of the spectrum so on April 2nd Novogratz stated on CNBC that I quote this is the year of Bitcoin and

If it doesn't go up now by the end of the year I might just hang my Spurs meaning I'll just quit 4:04 logic not found Bitcoin is a long-term play and we can't predict where it's going to go you might as well hang up your Spurs right

Now if you're banking a hundred percent on a new all-time high in the midst of a global financial crisis no one could have predicted kovat no one could have predicted that it's gonna run right into the halving and we have no idea what's

Gonna happen this could be really great for Bitcoin or it could be quicksand that slows it down and it's run to new all-time highs no one really knows but to quit on it now I think would be a giant waste just my opinion now in other

News the company behind popular aetherium game crypto Kitty's a company called dapper labs was just awarded a patent and digital rights or rights in general to create tokenized collectibles using

The NBA's branding in Brazil this is yet another high-profile example of crypto collectibles hitting it huge in the market and it's becoming more and more and more evident that the sports industry is going to be a major arbiter

Of adoption for crypto currencies across the board diaper labs they've already worked on a deal and gotten the rights to UFC branding so they could create crypto collectibles related to mixed martial arts and now the NBA could be

Yet another huge opportunity for the company to cement their place as a cornerstone in the non fungible token space for years to come I for one think that sporting organizations around the world should be

All over this potential new revenue opportunity there's a whole new generation of fans coming through that will love this type of technology and they're proven to spend money on digital goods all the time on games like

Fortnight the new Animal Crossing game in-app purchases are huge take advantage of its sporting organizations it's going to be worth it speaking of a new generation though I've been reading all over the place online about Gen Z being

The first generation to really adopt Bitcoin as they enter the adult world and they start earning themselves now I myself am a millennial and I was acutely aware of what was happening in 2008 during the financial crisis Bitcoin in

The late 2000s Ben became a huge fascination to me when I've quite literally stumbled upon the white paper in class it took me a long time to really get it and understand how it worked what the problems were with the

Existing monetary system and the education really wasn't there I had to go find it and I still didn't know then how the technology in the world was going to continue to evolve I was a convert I guess you could say I was

Someone who picked it up and learned about it by accident however now Gen Z's in the way they see the world are already 90% there in terms of their approach to what bitcoin is it's almost always existed while they've been alive

They're all digital they prefer to pay on their phones they grew up almost exclusively in a world where digital money has exist at least existed like in theory at least and they're currently witnessing a new financial crisis today

That could the way they behave financially in the future so if I had to guess between Gen Z and the generation following Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies we'll see massive growth in terms of adoption and I can

Promise you this much my kids will be well versed in the world of Bitcoin and crypto and they will be using it on a daily basis so that much I can promise now coffee break that's really good coffee in the world of aetherium I want

To quickly address something I've been considering for a while and we talked about this a little bit during question-and-answer dphi as we know it has taken the world by storm no doubt with digital loans splash loans

Arbitrage marketplaces and all sorts of wild financial services being built on aetherium using decentralized tech however much like the Last Theorem Revolution when non fungible tokens came into the mix with crypto kiddies we're

Seeing the scalability issues of etherium start to come to the fore right there's a limited space in each block for gas and compute resources really just to pay for transactions and subsequently a limit to the number of ER

C20 and ether transactions that can fit inside one block now as transaction volume increases exponentially this creates slowdowns and increase increased fees and other issues with aetherium so with dphi rising in

Popularity the increase in these types of transfers has been significant like 10 20 30 percent and this type of growth is not sustainable on the existing aetherium chain that's just the truth when crypto kitties came out people were

Obsessed and the non fungible token contracts were let's be real not so efficient they really still aren't these transactions of kitties virtual kitties crippled the etherium network and it took time to get to a standard that was

Less intensive but still heavy and that's the ERC 7:21 standard now I fear that the theoretical limits of the etherium network are starting to get realized in practice as a result of defies growth and will eventually get

There so if left unavailability problems could stunt the growth of dphi as the upper bounds the upper limits of the etherium protocol our hit this is inevitable one day this whole thing though just proves that a

Theory of to point no needs to get released to the public this year if I had to venture a guess we have about two years before dphi grows to the point where the etherium powa chain the chain we have today will not be able to handle

It at all and we'll see more symptoms of congestion long before that we're probably going to start seeing congestion issues by the end of this year now this is not Sam doom and gloom on aetherium it's not like I'm giving up

On aetherium I'm a huge supporter of aetherium a lot of my job relies on aetherium but I'm also a realist and I'm seeing the signs of potential issues of aetherium 2.0 phase zero not the whole thing but phase zero is not out in the

Wild by this summer because then defy projects that are smart are going to be thinking do we have to go and look at other protocols do we have to go and try something else but if they know that a theorem 2.0 is

Here it's around the corner and it's coming for real they might say hey we have a runway and we're gonna have scalability let's stick this out hang out and let's try and make this work so what do you think do you think that

Aetherium is in trouble do you think that defy will work out comment down below according to a study done by cyber research firm Barracuda Networks since the break out of Cova 19 in the subsequent quarantine

They've found a 667 percent increase in email phishing scam volume online right now hackers are mobilizing in full force to distribute malware via as many online channels as possible and they're using phone calls texts letters and all sorts

Of other means to do this as well with people expecting to receive emails from their work from their friends from services like Skype zoom Netflix slack and all that stuff the likelihood of someone clicking the link or downloading

An attachment without thinking about it has increased your like dramatically and email is a huge distribution network for malware and really want for phishing as well so please be wary of every email that you receive verify that it's from

Someone that you know and check the address twice to verify it came from the person you think it did look for minor changes in the domain name the part that says the name and then dot-com or gordo etc look for things like changing

L to a letter capital I things that are really hard to catch but you can see if you look at it also don't download attachments or click links to anything that you don't recognize it that you don't need regardless of who it's from

You'll never receive an email or a phone call from the IRS saying hey give me your social security number and your banking in phone will send your stimulus check tomorrow that's not the way this is gonna work so that's all phishing so

Just be mindful of the increased amount of time being spent at home on unsecured networks and all the opportunities that hackers see right now while people are home and just be vigilant be careful and if you have any questions about anything

Reach out to me at any time now I do also want to address the latest finance news really quickly many of you probably heard that by Nantz acquired the top cryptocurrency data sight coin market cap for 400 million bucks my first take

Here is that honestly this should make people feel kind of good this is a huge sum of money for a crypto related website it shows that crypto is making progress however the reality is that by Nantz is quickly becoming sort of like a

Cartel entity in this space don't get me wrong before people get mad I think by Nantz was instrumental in 2017 bull run they've done some amazing work incubating products and helping services get started in the crypto world but the

Consolidation of money power and now information under one central leadership is a little scary to me so when people use coin market cap and there are many there are troves of data on that website related to those users interests what

Coins people are looking at and it may be anonymized but it doesn't matter now that information is controlled by Finance who is in exchange so there's kind of like a conflict of interest there from finances perspective they're

Buying this to buy customers and to buy data to get more customers and they're buying insight which is a smart move no matter how you look at this this is a smart move however this is how Google took over the world they started with a

Clear and good mission something that was honest but eventually dedication to success and growth ended up souring the entire mission in the end which was to give people access to more information and

Services right finance wants to help crypto grow it's in their best interest but I also think they want to be the biggest most powerful most wealthy company in the space and they probably already are up

There in terms of that and I fear that the more power they get the more information they control and the more users they bring on the more the entire mission about crypto being good for everyone is gonna get lost

Massive monopolies almost always result in bad stuff so I hope and pray that this doesn't turn into another story of an upstart company that consolidates and dominates and consolidates over again for so long that no one can stand in

Their wake anymore that happens the ethos of cryptocurrency will be severely damaged and again not to be doom and gloom here but I'm just being a hundred percent honest with you about my fears and concerns about this acquisition

Could it all be nothing absolutely but one big acquisition of a data company doesn't mean they'll become the evil monopoly but it's best to be wary now than to be wary later when it's too late to do anything now in the enterprise

Tech world a company that I'm quite fond of MongoDB just launched a huge feature that I've been waiting for for like two years now and I'm really stoked about it so MongoDB released field-level encryption for their enterprise database

Platforms which means developers can selectively encrypt and decrypt individual data fields within a document for their applications so if I have a document with user name password user IDs smart contract address and all that

I could pick smart contract address and just encrypt that field and obviously passwords and stuff are encrypted in their own way this is particularly of interest to me because I often use MongoDB to store off

Chain data for blockchain applications that I'm working on and if I can further secure critical information like indexes to data within a smart contract or smart contract addresses where certain data resides I can make the security posture

Better for the end user this also means that I can keep some data unencumbered by the extra processing of encryption and decryption and do so selectively which helps performance so I'm pretty stoked about this feature and I think

MongoDB has done a great job over the last few years bringing really helpful services and features to the and they're one of my favorite tech companies out there today now as always folks please do check out some of the

Previous episodes of crypto over coffee I'll link them up here on the screen and I hope that you and your family are doing well and I hope that you have a great weekend together until next time Cheers

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