by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

foreign wow wow we have to show you this

Insanely accurate but lesser known data metric that's showing that bitcoin is closer than ever to a prolonged bull market guys there is a huge difference between pumps

And actual bull markets and we're gonna get into more detail about that and go through some of this mind boggling data here uh also using glass node guys this is absolutely very interesting you

Need to check it out and guys since bitcoin is on day eight of being above this trend line and really not much going on in terms of price action as of right now so we're actually not going to be

Spending a lot of time on bitcoin ta specifically today everything that i needed to say about bitcoin ta really has been said over the past week so instead what we're going to be doing is looking

At four of these altcoins that i'm really eyeing up you guys are definitely commenting and you guys have said you're very interested in some of these and one of these specifically

Potentially is on the verge of a breakout so we're going to go through some very brief ta and just go through some of these altcoins in today's webisode as well two of these altcoins i

Actually have in my portfolio and two i do not however you guys have been commenting a lot lately about them and i'm very interested in learning more as well picking some up so i will be eventually here in the near term

Let's jump up wow what's going on everyone welcome back to an extremely extremely extremely cryptocurrency episode because we're going to be covering more than just bitcoin today because

Guys let's be real there's not too much to analyze not much else to analyze everything we've needed to say about the current position the current move of bitcoin has basically been said and we haven't

Really done much so there's not much we can do we already have our targets to the downside and specifically the upside because it's pretty big if we're going to get a break here

But we're really going to go into detail about this very awesome metric that you have to check out it's on glass node showing that bitcoin is closer than ever to a prolonged bull market now guys i

Read every single comment and a lot of you are actually new to the space so it's very important that i differentiate a little bit between pumps and a bull market because there's a huge difference

And i cannot wait to get into it wow so guys without any further ado we are going to be giving away this ledger because we did smash past that light goal of the last video but as well you guys we will actually be

Giving away a ledger nano x um all you have to do to enter this it's a little bit different just go over to twitter hit the like on this tweet retweet and leave a comment below and

You will be entered to win this ledger nano x and we'll pick the winner of this in the next webisode so guys make sure to head over onto twitter a link is in the description and pin to

The comments and if you don't have a twitter only takes two to three minutes to make one guys so make sure to get in i really want to start with this so since many of you are new to this space there's a huge difference between a bull

Market and what we've been seeing over the past few months now if you look at these charts you can get a really good illustration of the exact difference of it

Okay because there is a fundamental difference between a bull market and our current situation on these charts but specifically you know a bull market is not a 20 gain in some altcoins like we see here

Although this was much much higher than 20 over a month period this was like almost 500 percent on silica specifically absolutely huge right but it's it's much

Different than just uh like pumps like that over a month bull markets are extremely prolonged especially the one myself and basically everybody is forecasting and expecting over the next

Probably roughly six months at the most so now is the best time to prepare for that as well to recognize bull markets are absolutely wild so you really want to have your chickens in a row before we enter such a massive bull mode

You don't want to be part of that fomo you do not want to have to be getting your ducks in order while uh you know every cryptocurrency or certain cryptos are pumping 30 40 every single day or something crazy like

That if that actually would happen and with everything in life and especially investing especially it's the best way of illustrating this timing is literally everything timing is

The difference between a one penny bitcoin and a ten thousand dollar bitcoin in a few years down the road it's going to be the difference between a ten thousand dollar bitcoin

And a hundred and fifty two hundred even maybe three hundred thousand dollar bitcoin in this cycle okay timing is everything and it could not be more clear than in investing

Guys in my opinion the best news is we are still very very early uh this this space is less than a trillion dollars it never even got to a trend got to like 800 billion at its peak back in 2017-2018 so

I definitely think there is a lot of upside in this market all it takes is a bit of patience because everything on these charts everything in the fundamentals is saying that we are closer than ever to an

Actual rally that could actually eclipse 2016 and 2017 what we saw in those charts so guys make sure to retweet so you can enter to win this ledger nano x and we can actually jump in to this actually really exciting article

Published on coindesk by amcar god bless so this is a key data point suggesting we're about to enter a prolonged bull market bitcoin could be on the verge of breaking into a multi-month

Bull run so i just want to go over a few key points here so the percentage of bitcoin's circulating supply in profit is currently at around 87 now according to data from glassnode which is a blockchain analytics

Firm here the metric is calculated by looking at the ratio of coins with a value that is higher now than they were when they last moved so it's a very interesting statistic uh not something that i've heard talked

About too much here over 16 million bitcoin of the total circulating supply which is uh 18 million bitcoin is currently making gains so 16 million of 18 million of the current

Circulating supply of bitcoin are currently making gains more importantly the 87 level is close to that seen at the onset of the previous long-term bull market so if we pull off

This chart you can see here back in 2016 and 17 you can see this was pushing the levels here of breaking 95 all of this time that you see when this was around 95 to 100 percent of that

Analytic we just talked about you can see bitcoin uh was exploding in price and it was actually at the beginning of that bull market where it was just up and up and up a key thing to note

Guys even in bull markets you do get substantial pullbacks however they're pretty short-lived and the trend usually reverses after you know at most a few months and continues up into a

Very strong strong explosion now something actually i want to talk about real quick is just that for example the nasdaq hit all-time highs this week which is huge right why why is that hitting all-time highs i

Tweeted about that as well but fundamentally is there any reason why the stock market should be as valued as it is you know with the fed printing money all the time with the current global economy everything going on in

The world is this the beginning of a massive rally for the stocks or is it what many people are saying which makes the most sense to me is that we're probably at the top for stock markets we've seen

Traditional finance go absolutely nuts over the past uh week or two right and many many people are looking at this and saying wow this is i mean if this isn't a top i don't know what

Is basically meaning there is some downside in store and that makes sense to me now how that will affect bitcoin i think that will be very interesting to see i think it's important to factor both of

Those in right now as well historically levels 90 and higher have clearly marked pronounced bull markets which is huge you guys so bitcoin continued to gain altitude and

Ultimately reach a record high of 20 000 in december of 2017. through the meteoric rally the non-price metric hovered largely in the range of 80 to 99 you can see that here throughout this entire thing for the most part

We ranged above 80 percent uh and peaking obviously at 100 here so in this range of that bull market now what we're seeing now is something very similar but let's actually go back to 2013. you

Can see very similar during this rally in 2013 uh peaking at 100 here and you can see that's where price was absolutely nuts same thing later on in 2013 right during

That bull run now this is the entire history here and you can see bitcoin is creeping up to those same levels what's important here is back in 2019 this is important here

In the past readings near 40 percent have marked bear market bottoms while highs above 90 percent have coincided with market tops so so we actually had that 40 percent right here back in 2019 which we also had back

In 2015 which we also had back in 2012 during those bearish cycles as well so as you can see now we are very much 90 right around that 90 area here on this so guys just yet

Another metric amongst so many different things showing that bitcoin is just ready and in a really really prime spot to where a bull market is uh is extremely close if history is a

Guide bitcoin may embark on a stellar bull run if and when the percent of supply and profit rise above 90 percent bitcoin will likely cross the key level that we're looking about on this

Non-price metric here if it breaks above 10 000 which again is just the biggest ta level that we've been failing combined with this metric combined with like

Guys i mean there's dozens of metrics basically saying and forecasting there is going to be a nice rally a nice beginning of a bull market starting basically any day this reinforces the argument put forward by

Analysts that ten thousand is the level to beat for the bulls without a doubt uh it couldn't have picked a more solid number the first five digit number for bitcoin obviously is going to be providing

Some very strong resistance like it has been for months and months so guys we've made it this far in the video make sure to smash that like let's see if we can hit up to 1 400 likes absolutely huge and guys

We're gonna get into some altcoins here however it has come to my attention this is absolutely really really interesting here so a lot of you guys have been pointing this out and coin

Crow right here is already in the number 12 spot on coin market cap it's been exploding uh over the past few months uh two billion dollars in market valuation and so people always ask me what

Exchange can you get some cryptocurrencies and so this again is another alternative to maybe things like coinbase okay i've heard a lot of good things about this fairly new but what i'm

Asking is guys definitely make sure to leave your review i definitely want to read what you guys think about this website what opinions what things you like about it what things you don't like about it

Guys and as well if you sign up with the link pinned to the comments and also in the description you and i both get 50 in usd when you stake mco basically when you sign up to the website so guys huge i've

Actually downloaded the app i like it a lot uh they have over 45 coins says here true cost no fees no markups they have an mco card there's a lot of interesting features here and crowcoin

Specifically has been blowing up so that's not an altcoin that we're gonna be covering specifically today but a lot of you guys have been requesting that i check it out so guys definitely check out and if you use my link in

The description you and i both get 50 us dollars when you sign up on so the three coins that i have pulled up here i want to show you something very similar between all three of these charts we have v chain

We have silica we have nano and then i also want to talk about zero x which is something i've i've been talking about lately specifically nano i've been covering a lot in the last few weeks but let's take a look at v chain so one

Thing you notice with all of these cryptocurrencies they're coming up against one of their first major resistance going back over a year so for v chain it's right around uh this level printed right here

You know a little less than a penny right here for zilliqa it's around two cents okay you can see that same resistance that goes back all the way to 2018 and 2019.

For nano we're actually not at a very significant level and that's why i think there could be actually some more upside for nano nano's been doing really well lately um it's a coin i've been invested in i'm

Actually not currently invested in v chain or zilliqa but i definitely aim to be within the next week and then also nano and xerox i actually have been invested for a very long time in

So i'm talking about nano and 0x here so nano i could see some more upside in the short term nano's all-time high it's still incredibly down incredibly down just like all of these coins a similar thing you see is

For the most part they're massively down and finding resistance along just this basic horizontal level for v chain here zilliqa you see the same thing with nano although nano is a little bit high

Around two cents currently it's about a dollar thirty and then zero x what's interesting about this is that rally we had back in may it actually pushed way past that initial horizontal

Resistance of around uh 35 cents here went all the way up to like 51 cents and currently it's about 40 cents so uh 0x actually making a huge move today if we zoom in you guys can see

On this daily candle uh 34 cents all the way to 44 cents almost it's almost a 10 cent gain almost like 25 gains here absolutely really big and overall another one of

The reasons i'm showing you guys these coins is because these are coins these two specifically nano and zero x but then also silicon and v chain for me are coins i'm going to be adding with

The approach of writing it up in a bull market not necessarily short-term trades if you guys watch you know i don't really make trades every single day obviously not even every week usually maybe once or

Twice a month uh longer term trades i'm really not interested in in day trading every single you know every single hour if you can do it successfully that's awesome but i definitely don't advise

People doing that especially if you're new to the space but overall i think there's some really nice setups in these charts you guys can see them all here and overall they're still all massively

Down for the most part when we look at things like tazos and chain link which are two of my favorite altcoin picks um they're not really that far down they're actually like setting new all-time highs within the last like

Month or two right so they're not really down from their percentage tops of like 2017 2018 some of those coins are doing really well a lot of these coins specifically a lot of people are talking about cardano

That thing was down massively like 95 just recently had a huge blow up same thing with digibyte it was down massively so it's no shock some of these coins are just having massive rallies because

They're just condensed and pushed so far down from their all-time highs that value just pours back into them a little bit so i definitely think that's a trend that's going to continue as well

And again yeah guys i think these are coins that are definitely have good prospects you guys absolutely huge let me know what you think about these all coin picks definitely let me know what you think

About uh to hear your firsthand reviews of i'm really curious to see what experiences you've had what you like about it what you don't like about it all right so let's get

Youtube comments here uh and we can pick the winner for this ledger now guys and as well make sure to go retweet follow on twitter and leave a comment and we can give away this ledger nano x as well

That's going to be on twitter so get youtube comments 489 comments and let's see who the winner is wow thanks so much for leaving your comment jordan make sure to leave me a comment

Uh reply to your original comment and also just shoot me an email the link is in the description um we can get you this shipped out guys but other than that make sure to enter for your ledger and as well check out if you haven't and i'll see you in the next one peace

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