by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

Wow let's rewind it back I think this whole area is just going to be heavy resistance so for example if people are trading and you're thinking hmm you know how high could this go where could things get really rough tup right this

This whole area most likely will not be easy to break okay and I can tell you that's between like 81 to 75 he's gonna definitely be a lot of resistance I think at that level Wow looks like we found our resistance guys right about

That 7500 we're bouncing off most importantly right here this is the 50-day moving average now we're actually above the 21 day moving average as of March 25th okay so we got some meat under our belts if we would go down guys

This actually perfectly lines up this is a pullback chart we'll talk about our pullback targets as well as our targets to the upside Bitcoin currently struggling guys we have so many different targets to look at that we can

Corroborate with these other charts very interesting stuff breakout target you guys can see we are coming in line with our first resistance if this is a true breakout then we're gonna show you what really needs to happen next is well only

About a month away the Bitcoin having will this increase the Bitcoin price floor meaning will this set a new level that Bitcoin will never be able to go back under again because of mining costs and as well this is the deciding moment

Guys Wow let's delve right in whoa what's going on my little chung guy loneguy welcome back to another exciting episode we have a few things we want to talk about before we really delve into this Bitcoin price guys so many cool

Interesting things specifically we did get a little break out but guys we cannot get really bullish until these certain levels are broken and if in fact we would come back down because some people probably are gonna panic if we go

Below 7000 again we want to show you where levels of support could be and we think this is all going to happen relatively fast this is gonna be probably a pretty quick week so we really have to delve into that guys

First off we did actually just order a new shipment so we should be getting those actually fairly soon I ordered them tonight of Ledger's and I already got the email that they're coming to me so

Maybe there won't be a big delay it actually says they'll be here very very shortly so a very cool nice new stock of letters coming guys and guys if you want to win this one make sure to leave a comment below hit the dings hit the

Lights subscribes hit all the stuff let's do this and I just want to go over a few pieces of news that I posted on Twitter before we really delve into the TA guys there's been so many spam accounts I can block comments I can

Block these accounts so they can never comment on my video again but still I do that and I still get like 30 to 50 every single day especially over the past week for some reason like the same format same scam so I'm really trying to block

These things but I don't even know where they're coming from it's absolutely insane and guys as we tweeted about last night this green line is where he found major resistance here you see it bouncing off here and we have not gotten

Above that so we can actually switch to the chart you guys can see that it's actually on this one here you can see that's where we got rejected okay last night we were right about here on this candle and you can see over the last 1 2

3 4 4 4 hour candles we got rejected up there and that's where we found the resistance so key area there on these short-term time frames potential support actually down at the 72 and as well

Higher resistant that we need to break right about 75 70 600 which actually perfect lines up with this week which we can really just really jump right into but before we do that guys we have this having coming up right ok only about a

Month away now is it possible that we see a price floor for Bitcoin we're gonna go over this article very interesting let me know what you guys think about this this could be huge as you saw in the past we can actually

Switch to this you guys can see after the having's the price does tend to go up and now this is a moment we've been waiting for if you guys remember back to last summer of 2019 we go back to here we were not ready to be there yet we

Were still up a pretty long amount of way from the having guys but now finally there's a fundamental reason why the price of Bitcoin may never sink below certain levels again potentially specifically these zones right here the

3 or 4 thousand and as well the 5 to 6,000 maybe these levels will never be seen again will they or won't they do they or don't they make sure to leave a smash below guys can we hit 420 smashers in this video make sure to smash it up

Now primarily I want to spend some time talking on this guys because this is the big thing and I want to spend most of the video and the TA talking about this I do wanna point this out as well I've had this

Drawn on here but I actually would have forgotten about it but I actually saw crypto zombies video this morning so he actually reminded me that that this line actually was playing resistance and this is part of this falling pattern here so

I had it drawn under like here but I never extended it but because I saw his video it reminded me so shot out to the man the king himself but basically yeah this is one reason we're getting resistance I think that's a big reason

Specifically though I think probably the biggest reason as well is that daily 50 simple moving averages pink this purple line right here okay so that's one reason another reason and yet a third reason obviously is this so there's many

Reasons why finding resistance right here and this is kind of like the do-or-die rider fly moment guys if we can break this and if we can continue up and I and I don't mean breaking it by like $50 or $100 I mean a substantial

Move another candle this size then that would be really bullish so we would need another five to $600 candle in my opinion to be really bullish for the short term but there are always these possibilities that were gonna dive into

First off the target for this breakout if it is in fact a true breakout is very high okay if 9,000 again as we talked about yesterday I think that's a little too high I don't necessarily think that's realistic I think there's a

Little too much resistance in the way but for their short term a very possible scenario that we could see if we're not able okay this is all assuming that we're not able to keep up the pump egde because if we're not able to if we keep

Up the pump edge then I mean the TA kind of speaks for itself it's pump zone right absolute pump zone so if we come back down to like this 69 $7,000 level we could see a very strong bounce off here as we've had you have resistance

Here ever since march 19th so a very long time a few weeks where we had this is pretty strong resistance so if we'd come back down we won't see support there to get mega blast off balance mega zoom zone but as well here if we get

Rejected off here this would still be okay even if we came all the way down to that 64 at 64 90 about 6500 so even if we went below the 7000 the 65 could be important and as well guys so important because that's exactly where the 21

Daily moving average is simple moving average so these this line of this two sang channel nine months in the making very important this is on the daily this is on the four-hour so it's not necessarily as robust I think this will

Be a more important level to stay above if we can find support here as well where that 21 guys that would be golden if we get a pullback okay that's on the downside now there's always the possibility that

We do something like we've seen recently we have a fair amount of candles on this chart where we have indecision spinning top candles like you see right here just like this one okay you can see that right here and then the following day we

See move up so it's possible today's the big day okay basically I want to say this Tuesday so important if the candle closes like this this would be perfect if we got a candle that didn't go up and it didn't go down if it just basically

Held right there guys that would be bullish okay now if we face a sharper rejection off of here then that would be bearish so today is really the day to watch if today we can refrain from dumping and not eat we don't even have

To pump as long as we can hold as long as we can hold here then that could be golden and tomorrow it could be very likely that we could try to get above this 50 moving average okay very key but as we talked about you saw in the intro

There this is a very muddy zone this is where most of the resistance is okay in the very tippy top of that would be right around here like the 83 to 85 but for the most part this is where the strongest resistance most likely will be

We can actually zoom out and show you guys for the past almost three years let me actually make this a little smaller so you can see this three years this area here right here guys you can see a very amount of a very big amount of

Resistance right here just volume in general on the V PVR this culminates and of almost three years of data so this area is huge I think and it's no coincidence that that's exactly where the 50 and 200-day moving average are

Right right here guys so again very big zone I think this is gonna be much harder to get above than even this entire range right here and like I said if we're able to get above this and go up to these levels then I

Think it's gonna be fairly easier to break this very long three-year downtrend okay this goes all the way back to 20 thousand US dollars all the way up there okay this could be a lot easier to break than it was the last

Three times okay failed here failed here and obviously topped out there back in 2017 2018 so muchos importantto so if we're able to break above that guys very important but for right now this is kind of like the do-or-die rider fly decision

Time so crucial so definitely keep an eye on that on this chart I wanna spend some time doing with this guys this has been my absolute favorite tweeted about this chart last night these lines have been crucial obviously we got a bounce

Right here so if we can they in this range ideally what I want to do there's gonna be only about two more for our candles before we get a daily close here so as long as we can remain above like the 73 yeah basically

Stay above 70 300 guys this would be good but we'll have to see what happens we really want to bounce around in here and then we could potentially see this climb up but for right now we really need to hold I think I think the fact

That we see like a spinning top candle where we have the body in the middle and then equal size wicks on either side is probably the best bet we have right now so if we can hold that absolutely golden beautiful and other than that you know

Things to watch for let's have you jump over this article guys because of this let's take a look at this as opposed to by Tony Spilotro on news bTW see basically according to data from a top crypto industry analyst price floor of

Bitcoin could jump to as much as 7 to 8 thousand US dollars immediately after the halving takes place ok about a month away bitcoins having is currently set to occur may 13th just about a month away

The lack of sell pressure causes price to grow quickly resulting in what many analysts refer to as a miners bottom the Bitcoin miners or an absolute price floor to which Bitcoin price won't trade below because if it does miners will

Stop selling and prices eventually stabilized and according to data miners bottom is set to rise to seven to eight thousand US dollars the moment the halving takes place next month so guys what do you think do you think this is

Possible if so absolutely beautiful and golden these things are starting to look very exciting we're really closing in on this having guys a month away time to get excited about to having we could have been putting it off the last few

Months because everything going on in the world obviously I think that is the smartest thing to do but now time it's coming down to crunch time now this is where things get spicy so guys thanks so much for watching if you want all the ta

That I know and continuously will be added to for one price for the cheapest price out of every course I've ever seen definitely check out the course you know in my youtube videos I definitely have to play the algorithm a little bit I got

To make them a certain length I got to do certain things with the videos but in these guys these are jam-packed full of knowledge and knowledge alone I don't got to play the YouTube algorithm over here okay so definitely check it out

Still a nice sale going on if you want information check out the description in the comments below and I'll see you guys in the next one

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