by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Wow I hope you guys ate your fiber cuz you're gonna be clogged up after this one you guys bitcoin has been defending this area for the past 365 days we'll talk about what will happen if as of

Right now we're bouncing there again if we can defend it one final time things can get even more explosive than anyone could have ever thought and we're gonna be talking about this minor cryptocurrency that actually is on track

To smash Bitcoin in 2020 is this possible could we see an altcoin absolutely erupt is well almost 36 hours Bitcoin defending this area guys this is really important we'll take a look into what this means if we can defend it only

A day away from the weekly close we'll talk about what we need to look for here to be on a bullish upward trajectory and is well Bitcoin exchange balances are actually down over three billion dollars from just two months ago what does this

Mean it might sound pretty bad at first but maybe it's not as bad as you might be thinking Wow let's get into the news Wow what's going on everyone welcome back guys today we have a lot to delve into this is the weekend and potentially

Could we be forming that cm e gap that we mentioned there's a lot to delve into Bitcoin is still currently on the brink and the next move is absolutely critical I cannot overstate this enough we could be breaking a two and a half-year

Downtrend – for sure or we could be plummeting now and setting some very bad levels on the charts mo show you the best case scenario for both guys because this is absolutely critical before you do guys make sure this is

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Hit that comment like subscribe and we can get into the content Wow and the Tia is just heating up every single day here we go this is the entire cryptocurrency market cap and we have a specific alt coin that I've been

Following for a while a lot of you guys might know what it is but we're gonna be talking about that in this episode it's very exciting this is not going to pass Bitcoin however the percentage gains very potentially could already this year

It's been very impressive and you are not gonna want to miss out on this update so guys here in the weekly chart we have a pretty nice-looking green candle still we have right around a little over 24 hours until we have

This close here on the weekly and that's very important we want to watch out for that as well Bitcoin has been defending this $9,200 level like clockwork okay it's been crucial we are we're just really squinching down on this time

Period you can see this is the descending line and this is the descending this is the horizontal line of support descending line of resistance not a lot of time left guys I think we're gonna see a move here soon and

It's gonna be a big one we need either a fierce rejection or absolute massive increase in volume and a breakout of this area to at least the 10 point 5 K level in addition to the downside we are still on up that 8800 specifically

Dollar level for good support if we would get pushed below that okay we have this ascending line of support for the past six years as well we defended this $8,800 level absolutely perfectly most first broke out at the end of April and

As when we came back to retest it just exactly a week ago as well okay so this levels been huge eighty-eights been huge for support over the past few weeks and 92 has been huge for support as well specifically over the past week

Bitcoin really needs to get above and break above some of these levels there are still some negative indications on the lower timeframes guys but overall we really I mean everything's kind of up in the air still we're in a very critical

Position we broke some very critical levels here on the daily chart for Bitcoin and you can see this orange line this is another reason why this is so critical simple ta going all the way back here at this summer of 2019 we had

That descending triangle we also found some support here when we rally back up some of the two biggest daily candles in bitcoins history from about 7500 to 10.5 K over 3,000 dollars in to daily candles and then when we broke out at the end of

2019 and this inverse head-and-shoulders this played critical resistance and support and as well right now it's playing a lot of resistance and turn support okay resistances turn support so we don't have a lot of room to the

Upside left unless we're gonna get breakout we essentially can't go any higher now unless we get a massive breakout we're at the peak okay okay and this is the best way to illustrate that we are absolutely getting squinched here

There's no more room to go upwards unless we absolutely break out of this massive trend so that's what we're watching I'm waiting for hopefully it doesn't happen this weekend okay we wanna we want to see this happen ideally

Next week this weekend hopefully can be used as kind of an evening out period for some of the indicators and also just maybe do what we did last weekend where we create a gap to the downside okay what I mean by that I get a lot of

Questions about the gap so basically you see this massive gap here is because the seamy was closed for two days on the weekend I'm gonna open back up bitcoins price was significantly below it so here let's say that we dumped all the way

Down to 88 over the weekend what we would do is something like this where we have this gap and then the price starts here and then what that means is most likely because these gaps tend to very much often fill very quickly as well we

Could get another gap to the upside but as you can see here this gap that we filled this week basically filled exactly to the gap and then went back down so it's really hard to argue against these gaps right now okay look

At this this is exactly what it needed to fill this box here which was drawn on before this gap filled we drew this box on here when the price was only here and you can see it went up and it filled pitch-perfect it went slightly wikked on

A four-hour candlewick slightly above it okay only about $80 above this but then quickly wick back down okay had more candles testing this trying to get above it it could not and now we're just still fluctuating within

This period Wow before we get into this very interesting article and guys make sure if you haven't already check out t4 if you wanna learn some very basic but very interesting and some very eye-opening patterns and charts

Absolutely critical take a look in the description t4 huge and as well as one $40 off t4 put in the code juice at checkout so guys this minor crypto is on track to actually smash some of bitcoins gains this year so specifically we're

Gonna get into this it's very interesting one minor crypto has doubled in price since January with many expecting that could climb a lot further so guys yes you guessed it it is X TZ or Tasos and for anybody that uses some

Simple apps to get crypto some very fast ones like coin base it is on coin base as well I've talked about tails before and I I do hold Tay so it's a very interesting coin here it is risen by 85% since the beginning of the year adding

To gains made last year and giving Tasos a market cap over 1.8 billion it was 15th in the cryptocurrency market cap ranking okay at the beginning of this year now it's in the top 10 cryptocurrency

So this by no means is a you know a very small crypto it's actually it's in there it's in the top ten now it allows projects to build on Tasos okay so a lot of people are interested in this maddie Greenspan says here several projects I'm

Currently advising are using it Tasos as well that token ah mcc's are structured in a way that allowed the incoming supply are diverted to staking and taken off the market that's a really cool thing as well so this is not proof

Of work like Bitcoin it's proof of stake I'm sure many of you guys if you've bought on coin base you see that you're gaining Tasos basically by just holding it there very interesting proof of stick block chains are genuinely thought to be

More scalable and less resource intensive as they don't require miners to solve complex math problems and if Tasos holders funds are stored in certain wallets they can stake tase us and receive additional tokens as a

Reward for creating and verifying new blocks on the chain so it is a different structure than Bitcoin okay and some people might not like it again we cover a Bitcoin everyday on this so they're gonna be people that don't like Tasos in

The comments totally fine guys but again this is very likely to get some nice valuation going through this year if the entire crypto space goes on a nice run it says here one it is one of the more promising projects that come out of the

Initial coin offering area which gives in an edge in time such as these when Bitcoin price appreciates and lists the market for a select few quality projects okay now I want to cover this briefly as well Bitcoin exchange balances are down

Three billions so what does this mean exactly so basically investors are moving okay their crypto away from exchanges and towards cold storage because of something that happened in the past two

Months exchanges continue to see steady Bitcoin withdrawals they're down over 300,000 Bitcoin which is currently over three billion dollars worth of Bitcoin since Black Thursday which was two months ago on march 11th march 12th

Which is the lowest balance held on exchanges since May 22nd of 2019 so basically this is the lowest balance that's been held on exchanges for the past year so moving Bitcoin to cold storage

Actually limits the accessibility of crypto it makes it more difficult to sell but what it suggests is investors are taking a longer-term approach to Bitcoin and what this trend also indicates is that investors may be

Losing trust in centralized platforms as indicated by the fact bit packet bit mix accounts are actually they account for one third of all the crypto withdrawn from exchanges over the past few months

Okay bit max everybody knows everybody sees those alerts when people get wrecked on bit max and I think maybe people are taking a more long-term approach because a lot of people are anticipating that we're about to see a

Rally that we have not seen in the history of Bitcoin so guys absolutely crazy amazing stuff make sure to get your ledger make sure to smash your comment for this ledger as well as join a discord and as well if you want to

Learn some really basic TA and really just get a nice understanding of the market and as well as some tips and hints that even more experienced people with TA will appreciate check out t4 below guys it's absolutely

Huge in the comments in the description you're not gonna regret it we have dozens of people joining every week guys absolutely massive

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