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by birtanpublished on August 4, 2020

All right all right i am uh officially live on the air wanted to uh make sure that everything was going good so if you can hear my voice please jump into the chat and let me know i'll try to pull this up

On my phone looks like we're good yeah is the sound good can you guys hear me okay let's see yeah we got it i haven't done a live

Stream in forever you know back for the first time um what's going on everybody uh mr cory madden always good to see you how you doing sir

All right all right so without further ado let's make it do what it do uh today we are talking about bitcoin btc to the usd and um we will be doing a live price analysis on trading view as i

Mentioned i haven't done a video in a while and i think this is a very very very important time in the market uh so um let's jump right into it man let's get this little rocket countdown

that's right that's right like a boss live from usa helping you get paid every day this is the post of bitcoin the cristo of crypto is your boy bk and if you

Don't like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody as i mentioned btc to the usd this is on a 343 complement of the boss method it's a very very very easy and proven

Methodology to help you make money in the market so if you haven't done it already subscribe right now join the money team come on in the doors are always open 25 000 of my best friends have already

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Happening in the market so again if you appreciate this content hit that thumbs up i appreciate you so let's look at bitcoin this is going all the way back to uh this cycle that started right here

In um february of 2019 right in order to know where you're going you gotta know where you've been and uh right here you can see bitcoin uh has basically completed one part of that cycle and that was

Capped off right here between four two and four six uh and that was north of like 12 000 right now keep in mind we had another big big big run about um 12 months before that uh

In the 2017 that took us north of 20 000 so actually this is a micro uh cycle inside a much bigger bigger cycle right so one thing let's see if we could do we let's like fade that down a little bit

You know put it in purple and jump out yeah over to let's see what the daily shows us right bam right so again uh it's very easy to get

Trapped and lost in the moment but you can see that this is indeed just a section of that right because if you do a fibonacci on this one boom boom right now you're starting to

See we're getting all these different levels of congruence here uh in between the two two and three two uh but nonetheless this is a very pivotal and important time uh in the market and that is why

I'm making this video right so let's delete this you know delete that young right and so what we have is we're basically flat lining right here inside this golden triangle

We're flat lining right there on top of the 32 fibonacci right what does that mean that means that we still have macro momentum to the up um but because it's running flat

You also have this downward pressure coming from the long especially when you go out to the daily and i showed you this thing basically went all the way from eighteen thousand down to twelve thousand and

Today it's at nine thousand right and it's almost kind of like in this straight line linear uh regression and so essentially we have a very very very big decision that bitcoin is going to

Need to make in the very near and dear future right and we can color that box yellow so it stands out like that now one thing i noticed when i was putting this chart together

Is that the last time this happened it really wasn't a good situation for btc and essentially what i'm talking about is when um you have a situation inside the chart

And this is over the course of months like if we look at this you know when this whole trend started right here this is going back almost 81 days right and bitcoin has been you know waving you know up and

Down uh 12 inside of 80 days that basically means all of that energy that was dispensed and dispelled between 3 000 and 12 000 all of that energy

Writing has now since consolidated and confined itself for three months inside a very very very very very small channel right

And so again uh energy just like water does not like to be constricted confined it will always seek to expand itself it will always seek uh to be free you know and um

That's that's and and when it breaks out it's going to break out or break down there is no you know if hands or butts about it this is shaping up to be a major major move but uh one thing i

Wanted to show you guys in this video let me check the comments make sure everybody's good jj no money what's going on good to see you uh you know the squad is in the building uh is i saw this right here

This is basically essentially the exact same setup we have uh to where we kind of have a flatline price baked into it and that price back here was a much better price let's see

Right that was kind of our stabilization price it kept bouncing and bouncing and bouncing i was at like 9 400 right and then we kind of did this uh descending wedge formation until it literally just kind of broke

Down and then it came right back up to 9 400 and got smacked back down all the way down i think like 6 800 somewhere in there and so we could have a very

Very similar situation to where we do kind of like a microcosm of that uh inside this descending wedge right here to where kind of like this floor that's been built in probably like what 88

92 somewhere in there right that floor that's built into there we start to reject on that floor and that will drop us essentially below 8 800 right we could stretch it down just a little bit that

Would drop us below 8 800 and then we would probably fall to around 82 to somewhere 78 88 all i'm doing i'm looking at these different loops over here you got a loop right there

You got a big loop right there big loop right there so that's probably where we would fall to so we would probably do something like that bounce back up and then reject again that's looking if it goes down right um

The market makers have not yet decided what they're going to do all i'm doing is showing you what's possible you know what i'm saying a lot of people get lost in the moment and want to be cheerleaders and put

Their pom-poms on and and hope yeah i'm saying let's hope that it goes up i don't hope i i i deal in reality right um we do have net negative momentum pushing us lower

Uh we do have quick positive momentum that has pushed us higher a little bit and um now we're kind of sitting in between limbo land right and so that's the opportunity if you want to play it to the

Up uh just know that it won't be going up until we stand long and strong north of uh ten thousand probably ten two to ten eight you know then we could then we could look at bitcoin running at twelve five

Twelve eight you know and also forming a double top to put us up north of sixteen that hasn't happened so uh now we're looking at a net neutral to net negative situation and that's what that chart

Shows you uh to where we do have this descending wedge that again is uh you know putting downward pressure from the inside kind of on this quick median line

At 9 800 but once that fails or i'm sorry 9 200 once that fails if that fails then we'll probably be going all the way down uh to 76 right 7876 it's not much support there in the eights that was

Kind of a quick escalation level and so when you when you break through it you kind of kind of will expect the elevator to fall so it's like if the elevator takes you up real quick then when you go back down

On the other side the elevator is going to take you down just as fast right um and so again this is this is the opportunity i think when we look at btc and what it offers what it provides what it facilitates

Uh in our new universe um these are the opportunities real quick i forgot to do this i'm you know i got all these slides put together i do have a channel on library

Uh at bitcoin lbri if you haven't uh check that out please do it's a uh uh 100 completely free decentralized social media platform and your boy got uh the number one handle on that death thing so uh check it out at library on

At bitcoin on library in addition to that crypto bubbles as i mentioned we are net negative uh on the long term but we are net positive on the quick term right so this is the

Weekly right if we look at crypto bubbles this is the daily i'm sorry this is the daily and you can see it's a lot of red a lot of red in there but when you go to the week and even the month everything literally

Changes and again that's because we are in between two very very very big cycles we also have a free telegram group the link is in the description for you guys uh i think it's number one bitcoin

Group in the world on telegram like 600 700 people in that group and we also have some news articles that are facilitating mainstream adoption

To financial technology digital currency so to speak uh this is what bitcoin is based on um and so take it as you like it uh bank of america ceo we want a cashless society

Right uh what is once uh what was once you know kind of like a uh unspoken truth like they were literally pushing us uh digital um and then bitcoin kind of came out of nowhere and and uh took the

World by storm but now uh they're kind of back to pushing it again like you can't even get change at some gas stations now uh you know especially here on the west coast like they're not even giving you

Quarters back pennies back right uh so essentially this is a move a very big move to push a cashless society and this is straight from the horse's mouth over there at bank of america ceo

Brian i don't know his last name kicked off fortune's integral financial conference by discussing the tech driven strides may be uh made by one of the country's largest financial institutions

Let's see 27 million customers look at that 27 million mobile customers right peer-to-peer mobile digital transactions they already got 27 million of them 37 million digital so they got another

37 million you know that's that's coming in on the computer they got 27 on a cell phone 37 on their computer and more than half already digitized this is the opportunity for btc this is the opportunity for blockchain

Right and some people will say oh well they might use ripple they might use uh one of these other protocols i don't care as long as it's digital money guess what bitcoin is the granddaddy of them all

And bitcoin uh will receive value from that transaction right as long as people are sending money back and back and forth back and forth through a digital uh interface btc

Is the number one protocol in the world for blockchain and blockchain is light years ahead of the swift network which is what most of these uh fortune 100 dinosaurs currently run on today look it up lexus

Nexus it was built in the early 80s and these people are still using it to move billions of dollars a day it's literally a joke um and that's why btc is here uh and that's why it's literally not

Going anywhere so again in closing i would encourage you to never let this opportunity go to waste while the rest of the world is literally covering their

Faces in fear of each other you can open your mind and expose yourself called the boss method brought to you by yours truly so that's all i got for you guys today it's going to be a

Major move but as long as bitcoin is still squeezing between 92 88 96 somewhere in there as long as it's north essentially of uh 8 800 then we're just waiting to see what the powers that be will do right

And so i thank you very much if you in the chat let me tell you something shout your country out shout your city out i'ma show y'all some love we got 27 whole people rocking out with me right now man

You know i'm saying i'm glad i thank you for each and every one of you guys man uh at one point i tell you what i was getting about five six seven eight hundred eight hundred uh live streaming with me but i tell you what

Uh rome was not built in a day and so we go build it back brick by brick uh miss a logical feat warren buffett sold all his shares in wells fargo and went all in on bank of america that really to me that really doesn't

Make a difference that's like swapping you know uh swapping a dollar worth of it down for a dollar worth of nickels you still got a dollar you know they're still dealing in the hierarchy of capital guys uh what is it uh

Capital what uh capitalism right and so it doesn't matter if it's chase td ameritrade wells fargo goldman sachs they're all playing for the same team so i was like you know i'm saying who cares

Who cares that doesn't that doesn't mean one ounce a bit of difference for me oh no by the way warren buffett owns berkshire hathaway which oh by the way bought circle which oh by the way bought

Bittrex i'm pretty sure bittrex or one of poloniex one of those one of those exchanges so he already owns bitcoin he owns the subs he owns the entity that owns the entity

That owns bitcoin you know so he's like three people removed but he's still getting paid off the blockchain make no mistake about it right his pie over here all right good to see you thank you for

Joining thank you for joining um looks like an imminent move yes yes yes yes it does all right cool and if you do want to shout out if you you didn't get shown any love it was really only one person

That kind of shouted they said yeah uh do it in the comments drop your name your city your country you know let the people know where you're coming in from and i will make sure to get to you guys

In the next video so with that being said everybody it's that time of the day signing out both boy bk no matter where you stay brazil the bay a california all the way back out to jerk my name good night good morning

Good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time hit that thumbs up button for a player one time do that for me if you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic

Like y'all boss

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