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published on August 2, 2020

Are live from the usa helping you get paid every day this is the post of bitcoin the cristo of creeped up is your boy bk and if you don't like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody uh

This is a late night sunday the 26th early on uh monday morning july 27th bitcoin price live technical analysis uh we went up about almost about a thousand dollars since the last time i made a video and so

I definitely wanted to jump in and try to help you guys navigate the markets uh and help you make some uh new currency you know on the blockchain so if this is your first time tuning in

Congratulations baby you are now riding with the best my name is bk also known as the crypto trader and i'm the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day i race this microphone

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I try to help you make money you know i'm saying i got three letters behind my name from one of the greatest universities in the world and i'm giving knowledge for free away through these videos so hit that red

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As well uh and if you want to shout out at the end of the day do it in the live chat right now we got about 20 30 people rocking out with me live on the air or if you come to this video after the fact feel free

Uh to show me some love in the comments i will show you some love in the next video so who we got ragging out with us right now uh my man mr adam winter miss lady plants good to see you tracy

And hello again uh corrosion say a long time no see check out xbc uh zenfin when you have a chance let's do it right now why not xdc uh

Xin fin hybrid blockchain network i've not heard about this before oh it's continuing the war against those words so who is funding this project

And uh what what uh you know uh supposed presumed authority do they have over controlling this project right those are the questions you should always be asking uh

So nonetheless on library uh on twitter as well as you can see right here at boss of bitcoin you know what i'm saying uh so follow me on there if you haven't done it yet

There you go balls of bitcoin at bitcoin and let's go ahead and make this money yeah like a boss that's right lady plant said she been here since btc 1800 i was trying to tell them back at

1800 to jump on in once we broke out from 1200 and i couldn't buy any more at 800 i said shoot y'all might as well y'all might as well jump on there and we bout to hit our head on foreground

You know and that's what happened so this is what we got on bitcoin right i'm gonna delete this chart real quick again what i'm using is uh methodology developed by yours truly

This thing is called the boss method it's very easy there are three simple moving averages i'm not going to tell them to you right now you need to do your own research and by doing your

Own research i mean look me up how do you do that you what's up everybody um where is it i ain't got my google drive or my google drive there we go you just type in how to

Chart like a boss into big brother watch that playlist right up yeah and that will uh put you well on your way to making money in the markets to the end of your days this is math

This is money you know this is currency the current odyssey it all goes back to water and what we have with bitcoin is uh kind of exciting right here i'm just now seeing this live on the air

That's the biggest intersection you want to look for when that happens eighty percent of the time you're about to make some real deal money um that is a big big big bullish

Indicator right and uh often time is indicative of macro money returning into the market that's a very big intersection if you don't believe me let's just go back and see what bitcoin

Did the last time it went up the last time it happened that was right up and yeah right and it just happened again so you got one come on you have one to happen right there and

Then bitcoin went on a massive run you know before it came back down again 30 over the next two months uh so we could be seeing the very beginning of another run like that right

If we want to um you know put this thing on a scale and try to see where we're standing in this cycle right now let's jump down to i believe a 77 if we can get enough data on here

That's not bad right biggest thing you want to do when you're charting is go back to the place where the big run kind of started at it's very easy to see because again you know you can kind of see these

Different levels baked into this thing especially when you're looking at a 343 i don't really draw bitcoin on a 343 for you guys so i'll just keep it on this one you know it's very easy to see where the

Big swings and the big runs happen at right so we just take this one intersection right there cap it right yeah this basically gives us

Our uh cycle that we're running in all of this energy inside that yellow box is basically what has been dissipated out through here right and uh this is starting to look like a bullish

Continuation pattern to where you'll have something like this look at that i think almost lined up nail on the head uh to be kind of like your support channel running into it

Now what's going to happen bitcoin has the uh energy right now because we basically and this is when i made this last video i said all of this energy right here was coming into

You know uh a squeeze and a big move was about to happen up or down it was impossible to know at the time because humans are broke we don't have any other money in the market

We just need to follow the wave that the whales make but nonetheless this is going to serve as some initial suppression but truth behold that's exactly where we're at

Right now between nine right between 10 8 and 11 8 that's going to be another big buffer zone and if bitcoin is to continue this trend you would expect to see us reach that

Climax uh before um the end of this year that's that's looking at november i think this one's going out to january um and uh actually if we just do a quick sine wave let's

See if we can get this one yeah yeah this one looks like it's gonna cap out right around uh halloween october right we can get there a lot faster but if we just continue this soft little trend

That's bacon in the background then that's going to be kind of like the soft price target for bitcoin 11 8 now the question starts to happen well what happens once bitcoin

Breaks through that level that's when things begin to get interesting because at that point is where you really start to see macro money

Move into the market and so as you begin to look at dow jones which is very very very uh overextended at this point i can't believe that these guys have punched

Uh pumped so much fake money into this market but they have right so you have a maximum upside of say 10 11 on dow jones uh versus

A minimum downside of 18 once this thing uh begins to self-correct itself right um and then actually if that happens when that happens it'll probably fall right there first and so now you have

These different fractals built into it and this is what i did in a video a long time ago uh where i talked about the biggest bubble in history right you have you get like a peak and a

Little trough guess what that forms head and shoulders bam you know what i'm saying and it's going down the gutter right double bottom

Bounce bam you know this will not be a very very very good formation for a dow jones they're going to have to pump this thing up uh another 15 20 and keep it there uh for the better

Course of six months um that hasn't happened uh if you look back over time when it goes up it comes down when it goes up it comes down right and now it's uh and then it had a huge

Hit right and so now you have to start looking at well when is that next huge hit gonna happen what is that going to look like this is the catch basin down here if you haven't seen it yet that's

Basically the garbage can for dow jones you know when uh the big big money starts to uh stop losing money and the broke guys start making money you know but but

That's that's kind of where that catch basin is and that's under a hundred so if you're looking at uh current day prices this is easily gonna be another 40 fall when

They pull the plug on it it's not a matter of if but when remember there is a big difference between if and when gold on the other hand is doing quite well this thing is uh

Looking pretty on a 343 um gold is running gold is red hot right now i believe i told you guys like last spring sometime this was the greatest investment in history to buy precious

Metals silver and gold real money uh bitcoin money of the future right mark mark those two down and take them to your deathbed because by the time you die both more

Than likely will be true um you know so you have all of these different things coming together right you got where are we at where are we i think turn that off turn out turn that off you got bitcoin going up

You got wall street pushing the stock market up you got gold going up you got real estate going up you got unemployment going up you know i'm saying

Stimulus spending going up uh interest rates going down which means money is uh cheaper right except for the people that don't have it because you ain't meant to have it so

Uh money is cheaper for those that have it and um you know it's crazy oh covet rates going up i'm saying 90 of the free world is still shut down right now right people walking

Around scared with a mask on their face hiding from their own shadow and so these are very interesting times indeed which is all the more reason you need to uh take heed to this opportunity and this

Is btc to the usd i told you back in march of 20 damn uh 18 that buy some at 3 800 damn dollars i said bitcoin is about to take off my mark my words like you know what i'm

Saying men a lot of women like numbers don't lie let's just go back into the damn archive let's go to uh um look this up real quick i'll pull this up on a different window right um but in addition to that one of

The uh services and features that i do make available for you guys is actually uh called the profit package right this is the top seven coins to swing trade

Every seven days and uh i take a lot of time to go through the different lists go through all the coins i review probably almost 200 different coins uh every week and so uh the different coins that i see in the

Market that are looking good that is what i put on that list for the people who are still tuned into this video i will give you a free one right now it is ethereum eth to the btc this thing

Uh just broke out of a very very very big psychological threshold which was this top down price right yeah right right around 028 once it broke through that level this thing

Let's run all the way as high as 00345 so in the boss alert messages group this is actually something that i offer uh is this live window swing trading where we literally have a telegram group

And i'm in there almost every day helping people updating them with the charts giving them the best coins letting them know what i'm for the first month you know what i'm saying if you don't

Make your money in the first month then you don't need to be there and i don't need to be selling it to you right so so take that first month on me you get it on protecting your money and you got somebody that one of the best in the

Game at uh making money on the blockchain right and helping others do the same so again those opportunities are available for you bossabitcoincom to check it out if you

Haven't done it yet i've got six more coins on the profit package to where once bitcoin begins uh transitioning and sending some of this money down into the rest of the crypto verse we should see those coins

Uh resurged and take a nice pop but when bitcoins riding we just got to take a back seat and so uh thank you guys for uh rocking out with me and watching this video i appreciate each and every

One of you shout out to john moore holdings and balance vibrations big dean what's going on uh and if you are coming after the video my man just leave a comment in the comment section i'll get you guys on the

Next one and so with that being said everybody is that time of the day signing out folks boy dk no matter where you stay brazil the bay california all the way back out through

Jerk money good night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time hit that thumbs up button for a player do that for me

If you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic y'all huh

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