Bitcoin IS ALIVEEEE – Crypto Happy Hour

by birtanpublished on October 3, 2020

A great day great night wherever you are watching or listening in from and yes indeed I am right now live and the market has gone up an exceedingly high amount and the smart thing to do at this exact moment in time would absolutely be to bang a master short because market noise dumps may go live what is up to everybody who has been in the YouTube chat so far Chris Mitch Enrique beau hope you guys are having a good one and shout out to everybody who is tuning in on periscope and twitch as well so as of the time of recording this we are well over five thousand dollars as you can forget to see here we are

Over five thousand three hundred dollars actually and eath is pushing up against $180 litecoin has absolutely crushed Bitcoin cash has crushed it across the board been crazy hold on so it's been pretty awesome watching the market as a whole go up I've very much enjoyed it it's been pretty sweet it's been something that I've been pretty happy about seeing myself not getting poor and poor over time but when it comes down to it I'm not at this point I'm really confident in us holding over the five thousand dollar range

I don't play around with new buttons not what we'll have to see how things end up handing out but there has been a ton of it's been a ton of volume which has been good to see and not only has there been good volume on you move up but it has been pretty spread out across the number of different crypto currencies as well so happy happy to see that and obviously gonna be talking and interacting in the chat shout-out to Richard Holtzman who sold his light coin at $30 that is a rough go around like would really and shout out the light coin like coming kind of led the way I want Steve I hope

Like when in many respects kind of led the way out of the bear market it was kind of one of the early indicators of that I mean like when bottomed out at $22 in mid-december and is up 322 percent since mid-december which is I mean pretty crazy I remember it was a massive deal when like coin and voice Mahotsav heads to your credibility I remember when what's it called the light point broke a hundred dollars back in I think it was early 27 or not early 2017 December of 2017 and skyrocketed all the way to like 300 plus dollars then Charlie dumped on everybody's head

But the fact that litecoin is nearing $100 again it's pretty incredible and I mean it's it's a super high valuation to I mean for what it is it's pretty pretty nuts looking at Rodgers questions so there's a couple different things I want to talk about today but isn't all the volume fake so no that's not true at all so all the volume in cryptocurrency is not fake I think that's one distinction one differentiation that we definitely want to you know you definitely want to make when you're looking at this just asset class I guess in general is what we've call it so the all the volume is

Not fake on Shane FX shadow to on Shane FX because the row is leading the charge with this but if you look at this on the right hand side they actually have something called the reported 24-hour volume and the real 10 volume so they will take all the reported volume for these crypto currencies of like all the exchanges that they they essentially have and then they also have what they call the real ten volume which is ten exchanges that meet the criteria of what the bitwise investment report that they put out to the SEC but it's basically the volume from finance crackin bit for

Next coin based bitstamp bit fire gemini if it attracts and Cloney acts and they put that together and then they combine that so you can see that now for right now the real 24-hour volume on bitcoin is about twenty two billion dollars however the reported actually now she's maybe he reported twenty to twenty-four our volume is twenty two billion now or what is likely closer to the real volume is about 1.3 1.4 billion dollars there's still a massive amount of real volume out there but there is definitely a good amount of wash training that goes on on some of these kind of sketchy

Shady exchanges that you know we don't need to talk about we don't need to kind of waste our time with one of the big things today that I think you definitely want to take note of and we'll pull up poin Center which if you guys don't follow coin Center I would definitely recommend you do so but the sec in the united states released a report on token guidance as well as the first no action letter and the no action letter was for a and IC o—- but it's a really a full-on IC oh it was a airline leasing company that was essentially selling tokens or their airline leasing

But they were only redeemable or they were pegged to a dollar it didn't have a ton of the characteristics of what you would traditionally think an IC o—- is namely hopefully making profit for a lot of people that's why many people are interested in an IC o—- or seating a decentralized network a lot of other components of that but it was pretty big to see the SE c– number one issued a no action letter even though it wasn't a true cryptocurrency or an initial coin offering it did have a token on a centralized ledger but that was one aspect of it the other aspect of it was

The sec came out and released its crypto token guidance and coin Center there were there basically today was a wet dream for lawyers in crypto world it was the as Nick Carter on Twitter put it it was the super bowl for crypto lawyers because the second this came out they were all just kind of rub their hands together and getting super excited about the opportunity to read this report and see if it either proved some theories correct or kind of provided clarification help them out maybe didn't help them out whatever it might have been but so this report came out coin

Center which is one of the kind of regulatory lobbying agencies in the United States that does a lot of work with the SEC Peter valcon Bert or Peter Van Valkenburg who wrote this report is presented in front of Congress before kind of on behalf of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency advocating for it point Center advocates for a lot of that stuff so if you don't check out point Center I would definitely recommend you do so I'll also put together I'll also put in the restream here as well a link to this article if you'd like to check this out but coin Center essentially put out this

Their analysis of the sec their currency guidance they break down what it means for them the bottom line it is possible to fundraise by selling tokens in compliance with securities laws and then have those tokens be clearly not securities when the promoter is no longer essential to the continued viability of the project and here is their initial analysis they have a kind of a whole whole bit about it but there's it definitely doesn't provide a a completely clear framework but it is good to see this type of information come out from the SEC and some

Willingness there to kind of continue to work with this industry in the United States and not just shut things out completely I personally have actually liked the approach the SEC is taken in in many respects for this so it's been it's been nice to watch and I think this has helped provide good clarity at is this bullish is this bearish for people would it know that that might be a question you might be asking yourself it's definitely not bearish all I'll say that it doesn't come out and say anything overly negative or overly different than we've heard it provides

Maybe a tinge bit more clarity for technology operators in the space especially in the United States but it definitely doesn't provide a perfectly clear picture for everybody we're taking a look at take a look at the comments here of what's happening have a celebration drink so I am actually right now unfortunately again I am drinking water however I'm meeting up with a couple people from Twitter for some beers and for some barbeque tonight in the city so that'll be a good time I'm excited about that but wanted to obviously pop in here beforehand and

Because I'm a lightweight now because I haven't been drinking too much figured hey I'll save the calories drink some water on Krypto happy hour and then I'll consume maybe some whiskey and some barbecue because that's that's what I enjoy doing oh hey John Penn do not joke about my mic being dead again do not do it do not do it you so a couple a couple different questions here how much gas is the BTU C rocket have I mean what I'm pretty interested in seeing right now is the balance of numero-uno how long can they only go how

How long can this run for yeah there's there's pretty significance beyond between like 50 550 600 is Bitcoin even against that 50 550 600 range can it push through can you get to the next level of resistance at around 6,000 I I don't think that'll likely happen anytime soon seems like that'd be too much too soon to be pretty Frank I don't necessarily know if that will happen but if Bitcoin does pull back I hate it at least kind of staying in the mid 4000 strange and then what happens there is that if Bitcoin does pull backs it substantially

Does that give altcoins room to breathe air people gonna take profits from Bitcoin move those into mid large small cap off coins whatever it might be because as you can see at least on the BTC ratio a lot of all coins have done pretty well recently through the Bitcoin rally they might have kept pace US dollar wise but they've definitely sold off on a BTC pairing finance bean betoken has sold off pretty substantially in the past two days from their really absolute all-time highs it's down about 16% Raven is down from the really the start of the Bitcoin

Rally Raven coin is down 30% I opened up a position and I opened up a position today around 2000 Satoshi's I should have waited because that sucks but I'm already down about 9% now it's good it's great it's great but I so I opened up a position on on tezo's today more of a position on tezo's and shout out to the guy who always comments on all my youtube videos and he's like hey you you are you took a position in tezo's and you're never gonna break even and you're a big dummy and I'm like yeah I know you don't have to tell me that twice I know I'm

Stupid like don't don't tell me that twice but I bought more to us pesos today actually I doubled my Tasos bag and the reason I did such a thing was because I'm wanted it pulled off pretty nicely from the top of the pump that it had at least on a Bitcoin pairing ratio but tezo's was recently added to to coinbase custody or staking and it is also available in the near future on finances trust wallet to just eight pesos so you can or you can bake tezo's but essentially you can delegate you can earn testes while while staking baking

Them whatever you want to call it so in my mind and this is this is a wild guess this is pure speculation but if you are if you're coinbase you and your finance and you're adding tezo so you're adding xtz to staking you've probably already gone through the legal due diligence to know tezo's there's an asset you want to associate with you've probably gone through you out you've obviously gone through the technical components of it because you're allowing people to you're basically allowing people to provide their their keys to you to earn tessie's back so you've gone

Through a lot of the the technical issues the legal issues most likely what's the next step probably to start offering that on the exchange in tezo's right now at least I mean that was also one of the thesis is back when I originally imported like two bucks before it drop seventy five cents and is now down hill cool fifty cents but it's only I mean it's on cracking it with pretty low volume it's on bit maxed I don't trust any volume up it maxed whatsoever but it's really only on cracking and necks and everything else is a little bit on hit BTC but it's

Definitely not on Finance it's you know it's not on coinbase before to be listed on Finance or coinbase I think you'd have a hell of a run that would be my best guest and I think that might happen in the near future so that is my best guess and that's why I opened up the that's why I opened up here doubled my might as e bag which so far today was was not the best move because I did not do it at an opportune time but such is life you as crypto supply Co said yeah no more said our it is not set our at this point

You Samuel Kings people still listen to all these clowns yep yeah clown at your service ah Sammy boy I look forward to Samuel King buying bags at the top again you do you do I still work for air swap yes I do I do indeed and if you guys are let's see you guys are in New York or consensus or if you're just in New York full-time we're doing a fluidity 2019 it's think in my opinion like the best value and in crypto just from a conference standpoint

So if you are in New York would highly recommend you check it out there's a lot of a lot of good speakers at it we got building consensus Chris Byrne iski Hayden Adams of you swap Lulu boat or Tiber one of the cofounders of Dharma cofounders of Bank or block stack some folks talking about digital securities have pomp we have people from galaxy digital also have the head of Goldman Sachs's digital asset markets HSBC kind of all over the board so if you're in town for that I think that the tickets are 250 max whereas basically everybody else just take it so

Like freaking $1,000 so I would definitely if you I'll be there if you're in the city for that would love to see you guys there as well but yeah and a lot lot of good stuff to to talk about at that point time Simon TV Bobby do you use bit max and how do you do it in the USA nice try IRS Simon you so that's a good question Jason what are your thoughts uh no what do you thoughts on Bitcoin bitcoins viability below $3,000 with a crash due to unsustainable energy costs I don't think I think we've

We've pretty well established the lows on Bitcoin in my personal opinion and the lows of our you know in that thirty to thirty four hundred range I I don't think we're revisiting those lows necessarily or going underneath them I think there's a lot of people shy about John Penn and some other folks out there that you know are were either we're betting or just kind of waiting to buy a ton sub 3,000 maybe even sub 2000 I would I would say that there is a a it's not it's not a non zero you know it's definitely a nonzero chance but I would say it's a it's my new chance that we

See sub three thousands at this point I'm I feel like we've established a good you know I feel like we've established a good four but that's that's my best guess you rj jamal i not in xrp shell by any means but what's the thoughts on SEC sending letters to crypto community basically exonerating other crypt xrp and other kryptos so III would assume that this comment is based on the token guidance that the SEC just released and I'll definitely make it

Perfectly clear that the SEC did not exonerate XRP or other cryptocurrencies from potential issues in the future there there was nothing in that that specifically mentioned XRP to the best of my knowledge nothing in that they really specifically mentioned a variety of other crypto currencies and you could certainly debate that the guidance still applies very much to XRP and very much to a vast vast majority of other digital assets and when you're still looking at the Howey test you still have basically people participating with an expectation of profit a centralized entity behind it

There are a variety of things that you can debate so that's that's definitely something you want to consider but nothing in nothing in this guidance relinquished anything to XRP specifically or to really a variety of other crypto currencies you we have to retest $750 I I don't know where that necessarily comes from or what timeframe that comes from but I I don't think we're I don't think bitcoin is retesting $750 anytime soon you want to bet on that go for it but that's that would be my my my money is not on on

Bitcoin retesting $750 – it feels some level of gap or something like that and so there's there's two things I think that are interesting too and we're looking at just crypto in general right now is number one keeping an eye on some of the trends and this is definitely a lagging indicator but if you have Bitcoin and I know some people have looked at Bitcoin as there by Bitcoin but even in the past seven days you've seen a pretty big spike up as of yesterday Bitcoin in Google Trends went from fourteen all the way up to one

Hundred it's trailed off a little bit but you've certainly seen some renewed interest in Bitcoin as a whole doesn't necessarily look all that incredible on a macro level but that's one thing is keeping an eye on what happens with actual interest in Bitcoin how does mainstream media play a part in that now that we have Bloomberg talking about cryptocurrency again we have CNBC you have Yahoo you have all these places where the quote unquote normal people that are not watching this type of stuff on on a 24/7 basis are going to you know are going to participate in this so

That's one thing I would definitely keep an eye on is what is the the kind of mainstream just general trend or are people starting to gain interest back into this and the other thing that I will say is ie owes I think they're the dumbest things ever I think they're just a really bad distribution model personally and the new hotness the new the new hot hot thing in the streets is is bragging about how fast your ieo or your initial exchange offering sells out you know this I think the fervor really started with BitTorrent and Finance so as you guys I'm sure some of you

Remember maybe some of you don't but Tron or Justin's son bought BitTorrent they torrent did a token sale but they did it specifically through by Nance and rather than calling it an ICO initial point offering they call it an initial exchange offering or an ieo so the ieo that occurred with BitTorrent was extremely successful I think at a certain point in time it was about 6x and USD value still pretty much in the heart of a bear market so it was very successful or both finance and BitTorrent then there were two additional token sales that occurred

Through by Nance in ayios that were also successful you had fetch which pumped really hard out the gate was was trading at multiples over its USD starting point and you also had seller as well and I believe seller sold out in 30 seconds so that was by Nance and then you have what happened with bit racks the other day where Rex had a vb k which is Vera block and they offered Vera block in a ie o as well and I believe that sold out in about ten seconds and then yesterday or today I think yesterday today you had what occurred with you had what occurred will

Plug with COO coin where apparently COO coin sold out multi vac in two seconds so the there's a number of issues with this number one a lot of people are writing scripts and basically gaming the system if you look here there's I don't know the entire validity of these but there are literally videos of rooms of basically employees working at like a company or just getting together and all sitting on computers next to each other and then like entering in the CAPTCHA at the same time and then getting it and buying it and number one that is I mean

That's obviously profitable for the people that are doing that because most of these cryptocurrencies are selling out very quickly and then they're immediately trading at multiples over their initial price so that is definitely one thing you want to consider I mean if you even look let's see here even look here somebody who says I'm selling my multi back at X 2 p.m. a so ayios are I think a terrible distribution model to use if you're actually trying to seed the network it's they're they're great at pumping bags

They're not very good at distributing tokens to actually be used you think this room full of people or all these people writing scripts are actually gonna use the product no they're gonna dump it 4 2 3 4 5 X the second they have the opportunity to the first buyer on an exchange that's one of the issues however renewed interest and I am NOT an advocate for this whatsoever but this is the type of crap that pulls people back into to cryptocurrency as well is you know you hear about Joe Schmo trading on Finance and going in and going to you know participating in

The BitTorrent ieo and buying let's say it was like $3,000 at the time goes to 6 X and then BOOM I just printed 15 grand I printed more than that print to $18,000 whatever it might be printed a bunch of money tell their friends and then that happens with COO coin that happens the tracks is happening with all these different exchanges so that's definitely something that I think might for better or probably worse be a source of of regenerating interest in interest in encrypted currency Ronaldo what's up my man thank you so much for that super

Chat always appreciate any beer money that's I could use it this evening so appreciate that I sold all my crypto last week for lyft stock ramp capital would like a word with you on Twitter PS I hope to god that's joke I'm a past hard on left stock I was sure the living hell into that you come for the FOMO stay for the memes and signpost yeah and so a lot of guys are let's see I'll move this to a lot of folks are asking me to talk about a number of

Different crypto currencies today and looking at the I would say the large caps have have really in many respects performed extremely extremely well you have Bitcoin cash up 54% against the USD in 24 hours that is absolutely nuts and pretty crazy and and maximilien herb thank you for the question I think that's a good question so hey Bobby which weight do you give ta in this market phase I I am NOT a technical analyst as a lot of you guys know but I do give a good amount of weight to technical analysis and the reason I do give a weight is because there are not

Many ways to properly or there really is not one established way to properly value a cryptocurrency right now you can't point to one metric and say you know this is this is the reason that this this price is gonna go up with this is the reason that this is undervalued or this is overvalued you know you could look at certain fundamental components of things you can look at and maybe hey there's gonna be a main net launch in the future there's gonna be a partnership for this that and the other thing but for the most part there's no specific metric that you can look at

From a technical analysis perspective or from just a a just really any standpoint that everybody can collectively get to an agree on now with technical analysis in many respects it's almost a kind of like a wisdom of the crowds or just a if enough people believe something is going to happen or if enough people believe something means something then the result essentially comes true and that might you know happen with people over relying on a variety of indicators whether people are waiting on a moving average the 50-day moving average to cross above the 200-day for the Golden

Cross or if they're waiting for the price to break above a 200-day moving average or if they say the RSI is you know super oversold whatever it might be III do give some validity because it's just the same people kind of using the same things and all betting on that things a certain manner of of that sort so you and Marcelo what's up brother – Ecuador hi from New York City would it be a good idea to buy it five point five K or do you think is it safe that a correction will hit us soon what are you doing

Yourself my advice as always which is not financial advice but I dollar-cost average I think that is always the best move if you are not a phenomenal trader you know if I'm just looking at like the overall kind of position as a whole for me I'm looking at Bitcoin I'm in a dollar cost average if you know I don't think it's necessarily the best move in the world to perhaps buy a Bitcoin is up what do we have here you know bitcoin is up 31% in seven days you know what I advertised going all-in right now no absolutely not but do I think perhaps

Buying with maybe thirty percent of what you want to the disposable disposable kind of capital that you want to put into to Bitcoin maybe put 25 percent in today see what happens tomorrow if it goes down put 25 percent in again if it goes up no and you gotta you had a little bit of a lower cost average but go in I would just all across the average think that's the the best way you know that way you're not taking yourself in the ass if something goes really wrong and you're not as exposed as you would have been if it goes up yeah that sucks but it is what it is at

Least you made some money if it goes way down at least you didn't go all-in and you immediately lose money right off the top you you yes my name is Krypto not device Bob's that is absolutely you I'm checking out some of these comments here and if you guys like I said I am going out to I'm going out and grabbing drinks and barbecue with a bunch of people from Twitter brushes up strap list I think

Donnie is gonna be joining as well so I'm saving my booze for them but if you have anything good that you are sipping on or if you're sipping on water like me we'd love to hear it as well as where you're watching in from it's been a while since we've had this many people rip those back obvious 300 people live again so you you a couple questions about just my portfolio and in alts in general and things like that I'll post an updated portfolio soon Nick still mostly Bitcoin

And aetherium let's say like 80% Bitcoin in aetherium and then a small amount into small amount in alt coins like 20 25 % of or like other all coins Tasos is tezo's is the big position like my big altcoin position at this point so that's the one that I kind of went even deeper into today or again better or for worse still have my Z cash though my Manero but those are pretty small positions but right now my three largest positions are Bitcoin etherium and tezo's with a smattering of coins elsewhere so our cook good question why not litecoin

Because I'm not smart and I didn't like making money that's why Dustin Lewis is there good barbecue in New York there's decent barbecue in New York City there's a couple good spots it's definitely not I'm not gonna say it's the south I'm not gonna say it's Texas barbecue or anything like that but it's it's passable it's definitely passable it gets the job done Valentin ended up making actually I still have a tiny bit of a new Mirai but I exited most of that position after it pumped a pretty heavy amount so you

So this is a good question to maximilian last year's label is that institutions or the herd Novogratz quote is cut you know is there are coming are they coming and i think yes there are institutions coming to the cryptocurrency space there is infrastructure being built out for this but it's a slow methodical approach it definitely takes time and it takes more time than people are expecting so that is you know that's something that you I think a lot of people didn't take into consideration it's just how slow some of these like larger banks and institutions need as well as just the

Immaturity of the crypto space as well now I know we got into an 800 billion dollar valuation at the peak but the infrastructure when there was an 800 billion dollar valuation was still so nascent there's still so much crap data like shout out the companies like Masari and on chain effects na mcc's you know companies that are just building like real infrastructure in the space that provides real like live data that people can use and be be confident in rather than a lot of the crap data that people are you know having a lot of the crap data that people are used to so

I do think that a Wall Street as a whole will kind of slowly make their way for better for worse that might be with trading desks that might be for custody but you have fidelity making big moves you have backed which is not here yet it's you know when back back that thing up but you have back making moves into the space it's it's happening and it's it's happening in the slow steadied measured approach rather than like the all-in-one thing that I I think people that the problem was people wanted you know because the price went up so ridiculously people wanted to attribute

In many cases that price move to okay the price is up so I want to keep the price up and even I think there were a lot of like very experienced or institutional investors or like these VCS and people like that it just made a ton of money and the best way to to hold on to that money is to the most part have the price to stay where they are and how do you have the prices they where they are you've come up with this narrative that oh wow the institutions are coming in they're just coming tomorrow or they're coming next week they're coming to save the day

Well they're not necessarily coming to save the day they're not coming tomorrow but they're going to be here they're gonna be here eventually because for the most part I do think they they do want access to some of what Bitcoin and and some of the other cryptocurrencies might entail in the future you I'm taking a look at some of these questions 10k and I'm bch heyo where's PCH my peepees tells us you what's up Matt will hem thank you for

That man I appreciate that we both bitstamp that's crazy that's awesome so yeah etherium for me is still like I guess I'm not talking specifically about price appreciation here but I I do think aetherium still has the bill lead when it does come down to like platform play there is definitely more competition there was there was an article with a couple articles in the other in the other week where the other week where it was talking about Vitalik I think it was uh I don't know it was a blue I think it was a Bloomberg article but it was

Necessarily a hit piece but kind of a hit piece on the theory was they they quoted a bunch of investors and they were saying a number of different things about a theory of either losing its lead and the competition being tron the competition being a OS competition potentially being financed chained so there's a number of different competitors out there I still think that etherium has the most developer mindshare there is the most investment into aetherium Tron I think the tech is you know the tech is not ideal there's undoubtedly Tron has from what I

Understand one of the biggest Treasuries and cryptocurrency right now like over a billion dollars something like that is the room around the street that Tron has in money to deploy so that's something to think about EEOC obviously raised like four billion dollars they have a ton of money to compete directly against aetherium tezo's is is kind of slowly gaining a little bit of steam again but I still I guess like if we're talking about actual use and kind of finding a real fit I do think right now what aetherium is found with the decentralized finance

And have trend that's happening is really important and really pretty incredible to watch and I'm excited about that personally so it's still my bullish most bullish play in the long run but I'm not necessarily talking about price appreciation either I think no Justin song as much as I don't like Tron he markets the out of Tron and not only Tron but the TRX tokens but if you're looking a price appreciation and it's gotten whacked pretty good on its BTC pairing ratio at least recently so that yes might be a bargain right now for some people if we pull up euros

Across the board you're seeing you're seeing pretty stiff competition for our friends at etherium whoo damn you you Scarah dilly I did not take a refund on props I'm waiting for that distribution you what's your opinion on neo I mean at least for me I think Neos I've fallen behind in mine share I am not up-to-date on their development prospects but when I think about the platform plays and I think about who has

The best likelihood to to potentially succeed there I think about obviously aetherium I think about Tron because Tron has a ton of money in their war chest and you know you can make things happen with money as you saw with BitTorrent so that's I think about Tron I think about yose I think about tezo's to some extent some people will you know bring up cosmo cosmos polka dot so yeah there's some commentary there that people are saying hey you know they might have moved on to ology cardano's

Also another one you know I think about a little bit I haven't kept up the date as much on cardano's development I had a few short-term plays in the past month but admittedly exited too soon so that kind of sucks but I had like an early on entry into card on own like the twelve hundreds at range kind of back around here and took profits too early so such as life but you know that's that's what happens you Leon what's a good place to watch the charts I view right now trying to view is pretty

Good I bought that like premium version but I would recommend that card on Oh is going to moon I mean card on already has mooned from the Lowe's at least it's but it's up yeah it still has plenty of room I guess yeah I mean 115 percent in comparison so we'll pull up again on chain FX is always dope but we'll look at get rid of the inflation so percentage up since the lows months ago engine was let's let's we'll do we'll do large caps so the best-performing large cap is finance since it's low up three hundred sixty percent bitcoin cash is up three hundred

Sixty percent since in the fourth past four months like coin as well is up three hundred twenty six percent ontology is speaking of neo ontology is up two hundred eighty percent Etios up two hundred eighty percent card on Oh up to seventy I believe this is against USD not Bitcoin but I believe this against us DS that makes a little bit more sense pesos is up two hundred percent against its low so large cap crypto currencies right now have basically all bottom doubt for the most part with in the past most of them bottomed out four months ago some and I've had their their low

Maybe two months ago nem as well as Bitcoin cash SV but the worst-performing large-cap cryptocurrency at least in recent times has been x RP x RP is up only 48% against its flow whereas and Bitcoin even Bitcoin itself BTC is about 70% from the low you she'll some xtz me family yeah I mean me family – I'm getting xtz right now has been a I should have waited a little bit actually no no that's us cheese card ah no absolutely crush never usual but now xtz took a nice dive today just not been

Fun for you boy CK's gaming channel what's up CK Bitcoin kicking ass all of a sudden why there's a number of kind of theories around it I mean the big thing that happened was really thin order books and the push through 4200 or resistance at 4200 there were quite a few people that were playing this level right here because it was one-two-three-four anticipating five times the Bitcoin would get shot down it around the forty two hundred dollar range I think a lot of people are short as well as the order books are pretty thin some people are pointing to I mean

They're ridiculous things that people are pointing to were number one the April Fool's letter which just be stupid but yes so the April Fool's thing was one thing people pointed to another thing people are pointing to was an article on Reuters that said that there was a 100 million dollar order that somebody bought Bitcoin on exchange through I believe it was coined based cracking in bitstamp and what they did was the utilized smart order routing which allows an individual or an entity or a couple companies that do this now Caspian this one there's I think a few

Other out there as well to go me is another one but basically it allows you to like register for multiple exchanges and you enter you say I want to buy a hundred million dollars of Bitcoin and the technology will automatically automatically look at the exchanges that you want it to evaluate and then acquire from all those exchanges in separate components at the lowest price and apparently somebody went and bought 100 million dollars of Bitcoin on point-based Kraken and bitstamp at the same time and some folks are pointing to that as one of the reasons that we

Really broke through hard as to why they would you know perhaps go through that and not do oh TC a large OTC trade I I don't know what that might be perhaps they already had a large amount in OTC and maybe they knew if they were to put an order in like this it would pump the price there wasn't a lot on the books past where they anticipated getting through I don't necessarily know but it's as I said yesterday trying to figure out the exact reason in which Bitcoin has the exact reason why Bitcoin pumped is is typically a pretty futile effort

And there we are now we're starting to see a little bit of a little bit of a bobby live on crypto happy hour you I mean I wouldn't call this a dump but yeah no no I mean people attributed CK people attributed that to the April Fool's joke but there's in my opinion no way that a shitty fake article on finance magnates calm that you literally needed like sunglasses to avoid seeing all the ads encroaching on your face I I don't think that is the reason at all as to why Bitcoin and really the rest of

Cryptocurrency market went up substantially but yes let me wanna say that monthly you I look too bad on a monthly chart actually you and I think the one thing that you know there's there's obviously a lot of technical indicators that people utilize but I would say the one thing that is really the most trusted technical indicator in my mind right now is I don't know if I don't think tradingview has added it yet at this point in time

But I'm calling it the the Lopez podcast cloud fractal indicator and essentially what this means is that you you buy cryptocurrency you dollar cost average your way in and you don't sell any until you see another tie Lopez cryptocurrency podcast and right now we can pull it up we can go to iTunes and I believe the last tylo Pez podcast so this is not actually a crypto podcast but the last tile Lopez crypto podcast was on May of 28 May 28th eeen May 23rd 2018 so you are safe to accumulate Bitcoin you are safe to buy crypto currencies at this point in time according to the Lopez

Podcast cloud fractal indicator it is very much a fantastic way to you know very much fantastic way to go about your business you and in many respects I really do think that I really do and I believe that that is one of the that's kind of one of the ways where you start knowing like people are asking it I think now in the chat to like hey you know dude do we know this is a bubble is this a bubble keep fork laughing at all you crypto broke what's up Pete how's it going man laughing in all your crypto broke meanwhile probably

Riding around in a freakin 1994 Honda Civic with freaking carpet interior olive Brown seven dollars and a freakin prepaid debit card with a Motorola RAZR from 2004 sup Pete you you ah yes the TL PCF is a is a premium indicator I think I'm actually working with a developer right now and we are going to go through the process of we've developed an API it's looking really good and it is going to I should actually abroad just build a Twitter bot and it's going to tweet out

Every single day every single day I should do this actually this is a great idea it's gonna be the tie Lopez cloud podcast fractal indicator whatever I called it that I don't remember cuz it's a mouth mouthful but it'll be that and it will literally just be a Twitter bot that tweets out every day did did ty Lopez release a crypto podcast and they'll say no no no in one day it'll just be like bit max rekt and he'll just be like mega kill ultra kill oh my god so all your crypto the day it happens because at some point time again it will happen it will 100% occur and when that

Does sell it sell it sell it you an ST J what's up man not a ton of price history between 5 and 6 K you are absolutely correct that is very much true and you had pretty much a straight fall November and a straight move up in October of 2017 it really is not a ton of price history there or how long were we even in in the at least in November we were in the $5,000 range for five days and there was slight slight support in the $5,500 range that fell through so that would likely be according to what I would say

Most folks are saying that would be the area where we're probably gonna come up against some level of resistance when that acted as support it did not hold for very long and it also was in very significant price history so I don't know I don't know how how applicable the past history is to what will happen right now so it's it's it's up for grabs at this point in time I don't think there's there's a ton of data there to make any decisions on that yes if you are enjoying this video right now make sure to hit that thumbs up button helps to get this video out as

Many people as possible I always appreciate when you guys do you and as a as the last bit here so I think what I think crutches about the get here at some point in time but we got about four minutes left on this or will go for about man will go for about 10 more minutes or so let's say and price action on this is a lot more fun than it was when it was just flat flat flat if you guys haven't signed up for HX ro there is a waitlist right now some of the people are starting to get added to it at this point but if you sign up through

Crypto by be calm / rekt get 100 free tokens that's like eight dollars worth I think maybe 10 dollars worth or so at this point I'm with free tokens to play with but you basically bet whether it's gonna go up or you bet whether it's gonna go down and before we finish off here to let me know if I should throw money on moon or rect I'll go nuts and we'll throw I'll go nuts when we'll throw eight Hyundai on see what happens here let me know if we're going moon erect and I will make that I'll make that move for you

But if you haven't signed up yet there's also a big match your bet going on this evening with a bunch of expensive pots that are happening so pretty cool payouts bs wants you give it a shot definitely do that with the link so we got 2 moons 1 rekt 2 & 2 not very decisive some more there you again we're split right down the middle and now we got 1/4 moon 1/4 moon all right we're going moon screw it we're moon you guys want to go moon we're gonna moon so we got 800 on there

And then we got a let's go see what happens you you so start shooting over some questions as well now that we're waiting on that bet to go through see what ends up happening with our friends over at moon rect if you haven't signed up crypto by / rec to get those 100h xro tokens and get added to the waitlist as they open that bad boy up hey Bobby if Bitcoin does correct significantly will it pull all the all games down at the same time do

You think like coin will hit $100 this week so it depends on I guess the the level of Correction I think Phil and that's that's really what I'm paying attention to right now is with this with what's happening with Bitcoin if it pulls back like let's say slightly like if it pulls back and settles in like the mid to high fours if it settles in the low fives and some people start taking the profits are they gonna take those profits and move those into the Fiat are they gonna exit the system or are they gonna look to undervalued or not yet pumped altcoins

So that's something that I would definitely look at like if it's just if it's a slow steady kind of move down with Bitcoin and it's the money I think might flow back into some of the aqua n–'s however if it's a sharp steady pullback kind of indicating okay this was the suckers rally i think you see the off points pullback now twice as hard as they went up typically what I'll end up happening you know if it's if it's a severe if it's a severe drop am $31 move now we definitely got a better got a bit moon here we're going a thousand make it happen

Boys let's me could happen pray for me pray for me it's dropping that's an ugly candle there's your there's your crypto Bobby's alive in a five minute candle come on boy sit for a second sit give me a nice price to bounce come on moon alright let's roll let's go moon moon hold for five minutes we're good

With the 2.69 payout come on boy come on boy you get it baby come on I let moon rock this is the best it really is it is it's I say it's the best but it were moon by $19 right now like with a minute left it's just gonna dump off and I'm gonna eat it but hey let's let's let's be happy for now let's enjoy let's pray you you this is the lowest form of degenerate gambling yep welcome to the party baby

Welcome to the party breehn although what's up man what exchange prices does it use so I believe I'll pull it up the prices and scoring so they use pricing data they have what they call the HX ro Bitcoin index but they use there it is yep so the user price feed is a combination of the price feed between bit max the perpetual swap and coinbase so I think those are two pretty yeah bit max which is really I think in many cases a large amount of the price discovery action now and then you have my base though a pretty good pricing

Indicator at least at this point and Thomas that's a good point too so that's one of the things that I think a lot of people forget about or don't want to take into account and GRA now I'm not saying this is gonna happen by any stretch I'm not betting that I'm gonna eat my own hotdog if like Bitcoin goes up or whatever but when when Bitcoin and when cryptocurrencies go up they typically go up in a ridiculous fast time period when you had the altcoin run in January of 2018 or December of 2018 or December of 2017 like that was a rapid rapid rapid move where like if you

Weren't in it very quickly you missed it same with Bitcoin like when when Bitcoin and when cryptocurrencies move it tends to happen very very quickly so I think that's something you do like want to consider you know sometimes it you know in certain situations in the past that has been a slow burn but if you also look at kind of the big bubble that everybody loves to refer back to now or the biggest bubble that that really has been in the cryptocurrency market that is I was that was a super super fast move and that's DJ thanks for the super chat brother yeah moon RAC definitely

Would send a scratch-off addict to rehab and I think there even is if I pull up on Twitter too I think who is a crypto Dale ledger and Sicarius are playing tonight so they have I think that's literally live at night at 9 p.m. Central Time if you go on the Crypt history podcast YouTube channel they're playing live and they're doing I like a 4-2 on 2 game where ledger in sea carriers are playing against I think it's yeah Mike double spending and Dale from crypto Street so that'll be you guys are around probably another good crypto happy hour to get your degenerate

Fill in but right now jumps off you boy is in decent shape right now so thank you to the folks who said X the folks who said moon because I mean hey oh yeah you why would you invest in Bitcoin the underline when big money gets higher profit from shorting I don't think that question really makes sense there's higher higher profit from shorting I there's there's limited upside in some cases to shorting and there's kind of unlimited or there's limited upside to

To shorting in many respects and there is unlimited upside to being along this spot asset if you have half thoughts about where bitcoin can potentially go you home take the W home we're back there we are when I just get paid out enough thank you thank you for the moon out there the people who wanted me to go wrecked I'm thankful I didn't listen to you I'm very happy about that but until then folks I am like I said before I'm heading to grab some barbeque and beers with some of the crypto homies from Twitter so

Looking forward to chatting with them about what's happened in the market getting some thought system feedback as far as what they're doing how they're playing things would love for you to hit the thumbs up if you enjoyed hanging out here and I hope you guys have a fantastic day or night wherever you're watching in from good luck hopefully the market stays in a direction that is beneficial to you hope yes take it easy ace

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