Bitcoin Hex Explained – Claim FREE Coins and Get Rich

by birtanpublished on September 28, 2020

The only thing better than making money is getting free money okay so in this video we're gonna be talking about hex okay this is Richard Hart's baby okay he's been talking about it for a long time yeah I'm gonna talk to you guys exactly

How to make money with hex how do you can claim your free hex tokens if you're holding Bitcoin and I'm just gonna do a quick review keep watching what's going on everybody Alex back with another cryptocurrency

Video and today we're gonna be talking about hex ok hex is Richard Hart's baby he's been talking about this for a while and it's launching in about less than a week ok so I want I don't want you guys to miss the boat I'm gonna show you what

I'm gonna be doing with hex token it's basically free cryptocurrency free crypto currency rewarded to me just for holding Bitcoin okay I'm gonna talk about my strategy when I'm jumping into this and this is not a video about

Richard Hart okay there's gonna be about hex token though I would say Richard Hart is a great influencer in the cryptocurrency community he offers all types of insights but I would never ever be able to offer because he's smarter

Than me and he's been in cryptocurrency for a very long time so guys go watch his channel he gives you all this inside his crazy stuff that you can't even think of and I think it's very valuable to go over to his YouTube channel

Subscribe to it and go watch his videos okay so you guys haven't already subscribed to my channel my name is Alex I talk about everything internet entrepreneurial so if you're looking to make money on the internet this is the

Channel for you do me a favor hit that subscribe button as well as the push notification bell so you can get the videos first okay so let's jump into hex point what is hex coin so hex coin he claims is the

First certificate of deposit oh he's claiming it's a you know it's inflationary of a three point six nine percent a year you know you can stake on this coin and the best part in my opinion and I'm not gonna dive into

Specifics you know you know all the numbers that's where which it hurts for right that's what it's his websites for I'm just telling you guys what I'm doing with this strategy you know you could stake it and it's trustless and engage

Basically gives you free coins for holding Bitcoin that's the crazy part about this in my opinion you know he gives you free coins for holding Bitcoin free money's free money can't really get

Scammed out of free money cuz it's free money alright a lot of people on the internet talking about his exit scam well don't turn your a theorem into hex don't pay for it just get it for free for holding Bitcoin the only thing I've

Ever seen that's close to this is for example when a Bitcoin split right when a coin splits they give you the other coin for free so when when I was holding Bitcoin when you know the Bitcoin cash fork and when they did that you know I

Was rewarded free Bitcoin cash which I immediately dumped by the way and got free money out of it but this is the closest thing I've ever seen is like an airdrop though it's not a chain split they're like giving it to you just for

Proving that you're holding Bitcoin which I think it's very interesting right and you can stake it for a long period of time and gain interest for the people that didn't you know get there so basically if you don't claim your

Bitcoin over from the day one you know you don't claim it you technically lose about a certain percentage of how much hex that you can claim later on so if you claim in week 25 you lost like half of your hex I think that's pretty

Interesting because it rewards people for getting in quick okay so that's what I'm doing this in my strategy I want you guys to read into it you use the link below go to his website read into it for yourself look in exactly you know what

Your strategy is gonna be but just to explain to you guys look at certificate deposit is a product offered by banks and credit unions that offers an interest rate premium in exchange for the customer agreeing to leave a

Lump-sum deposit untouched for a predetermined period of time so we do have staking opportunities and cryptocurrencies already but I haven't seen one that pays this much or that forces you to hold okay now again there

Is other things that are like big connect I'm not comparing this to big connect but those are like the only things that forced you a hold okay now what I would stay away from or not stay away from but do your own research and

Really understand is actually turning your II theorem and paying for the hex now I mean there's no risk in just claiming it right there's no risk at all you're just getting freak tokens and you technically still own your private key

Alright but state you know buying it with youth areum is another story and I want you guys to be very careful this is my channel I want all everyone watching this to be very careful because this has no inherit

Right we haven't seen anything I'm not into buying icos alright I'm not into the big connects and although you know crazy Ponzi schemes I'm not saying this is but I'm not gonna put my money into something

I've never seen before and so be careful about this part ëthere 'i'm transform you know the amplifier shading your aetherium for hex tokens that you don't know if it has value we don't know the price of hex tone coins

In the future we're never gonna know right so you know you could show this you could make you know 20% talking about it you know if somebody does exchange you know their aetherium for it but to preserve the quality of my

Channel do want to let all my followers know that the only thing I would be doing is claiming the Bitcoin because free money free money and you cannot be mad for claiming free money it's as simple as that so as you can see here

All you have to do is there's tutorials on his website if you guys want me to make my own tutorial on how I'm gonna be claiming the Bitcoin please let me know asap he is launching this on December 2nd so we have a limited amount of time

Leave comments below if I get 10 or 20 comments that people asking me to do the tutorial I would do it immediately okay I want you guys to be involved I don't know if people are gonna want to get into something like this so I'm not

Gonna waste my time I have other videos I got to make but if you guys want me to make its tutorial leave leave a comment below his is a little bit I mean he teaches you how to do it in less than one minute but if you're not computer

Savvy you're not gonna know to get all this stuff I'll dive deep into it I'll show you exactly how to claim your hex tokens okay so I mean what is hex man they're rewarding you free tokens you can stake it it's a CD if the longer you

Stake in the more hex tokens you get rewarded it's basically he says it's like free electricity it's like mining it's like free electricity and free hardware that you get rewarded right and there's big paydays and stuff like that

For staking it longer it's a smart contract and you know it's it's replacing CDs I think it's very interesting to look into I don't think it's a scam and then I use a lot of people on internet talking about it's a

Scam this is exit scam I don't believe that at all you know I will be careful though because you never know how projects do nowadays of cryptocurrency most of them fail so I'm not going to turn my aetherium into it and to hex

Tokens I'm just gonna claim mine but that's it for this video man is it's really best straightforward you can come to his website you can go on the simulator here let's just do a simulate simulation real quick show you guys I'm

Basically claiming it let's see it wants to load for me reload the simulator here websites down let's try this again on my eggsy here profit simulator mmm interesting other than that I mean when it comes back you

Guys can go to the simulator type in how many how many bitcoins you have to claim and see the future profits what I like about the simulator is that it actually gives you it gives you you can change the global you know variable so like if

You if 50% of stickers are staking how much money you're gonna make and you can change all those things and and basically plan out your strategy to maximize your games it's funny right here it says right here take your hex

But yeah I mean if this button works ah stimulators down I guess a lot oh there it is perfect okay so I have a simulation here I'm gonna basically claim it in week one one Bitcoin it's gonna give me about I don't know I wish

I could do day one but it's gonna give me 10,000 X 4 for claiming it in day one gives me almost a two thousand dollar speed bonus and over time this is how many so week four I should get you know some ice take returns would give me

Thirty three thousand hex I guess but you guys dive into this for your own your own self but I mean I think this is really cool how he shows there's let's drop out what is this jump here so week 51 a big payout there I guess big pit oh

Yeah big payday bone you get a massive amount of oil a school man see that's why I'm just gonna stake it man 52 weeks it's fine it's free money I mistake it for a long period of time so I get these big payouts see how this hex works but I

Think it's very interesting take advantage of the free coins man this is the beauty of cryptocurrency definitely head over to the website use my link below and claim your free hex okay you get this big payout right here

Definitely take advantage of this but that's it for this video guys have nothing else to talk about I'm not gonna dive into specifics because I'm not smart enough for that go definitely check out Richard Hart he'll give you

The exact numbers um this is his baby so he understands it better than anybody and I'm not gonna claim that I understand it better by you know putting up an article or anything like that I've seen some bad stuff guys you know

There's people out there to always hate on people I don't recommend that you know I'm not gonna rant but if you like the quality this content hit like if you don't leave some constructive criticism

Subscribe for more video updates and like I always say if you don't get with this technology you will get left behind go claim your free hex stop watching me and go claim your free hex thanks for watching guys

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