BITCOIN Headed To $17,000 If THIS Happens!! Must Watch! (Cryptocurrency Trading Price Analysis News)

published on August 2, 2020

What's going on guys patch here hope you guys are all having a fantastic day today we're going to be looking at bitcoin pumping all coins dumping and this key level which if bitcoin breaks gives us a huge chance of seeing 15 maybe even 20

000 sooner than we thought but before we get started with that i do want to highlight to you guys one thing now remember this green line that i was talking about was the last take profit for the trade that i've been

In ever since like the 10th of july this trade we were in way longer than we wanted we were waiting after bitcoin you know was starting to consolidate waiting for

That breakout you guys heard me talk about it for probably weeks at this point since it was the 10th of july at least for over a week and then we had this breakout come in

From the pattern bitcoin shot up we hit all of our targets the fourth target the last target was this green line and as you can tell bitcoin exploded from there so that's why we got the green lights in the

Background green lights for money green lights for profit because this has been absolutely insane especially the fact that a lot of this took place a lot of this pump took

Place on the weekend which is usually a time where a lot of people stay away because of lower volume and because of the increased uncertainty but if you guys want to make sure you don't miss

Out on these opportunities you feel like you're missing out you want to take part in these trades but you don't know what you're doing you don't have time for technical analysis you don't really know how to trade for yourself then make sure

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Our trades so if you are a complete beginner like i said or if you don't have time you don't know how to do technical analysis you can copy our trades takes two to three minutes to set up and after that

Profits are taken automatically for you so it becomes really passive we have all of our all coin trades all of our leverage trades and the number one community in the cryptocurrency space and as always for two weeks for 14 days

You get a completely risk free trial you will see every trade that we enter in the next two weeks from you joining every single trade that we enter for two weeks and if for some reason no

Questions asked you don't like it no matter what you can simply cancel and you will avoid getting charged so it's as simple as that telling you guys we're in the group it's on you guys joining tell you guys

We're in that trade all the way back from july 10th so congratulations to you and if you weren't in that group then i look forward to seeing you guys there now so let's go back into bitcoin

And take a look at what's going on first of all remember those targets that we talked about remember the resistances where we talked about you know around about here at 98 k

We had some resistance we saw multiple touches over and over again bitcoin didn't really care we saw one wick close roughly around there so again it highlights the fact that we did have a resistance

At this level but from there bitcoin just had a huge explosion upwards and if you look at this i personally could say that i expected us to have a little bit more of a touch to the ema ribbon before

This huge explosion coming in but that's where the whole weekend thing i was talking about came in so the weekend's usually a time with lower volume a lot more a lot more volatility because of that

Lower volume and it's a lot easier to move the price not gonna say manipulate it's a lot easier to move the price with less money because on weekends like i said in general usually we see

Less volume so these are actually i'm not surprised we were able to see these moves i'm more surprised at the fact that they usually don't happen during the weekend but i'm assuming most of us are not upset at this because

Bitcoin going from where it was before 9 000 all the way up to touching 10 000 almost 10 500 on this chart if you're holding bitcoin which i'm assuming a lot of you guys are that's a very

Very good move but what lies ahead for bitcoin what exactly are we looking at right now well if we zoom out we can actually see we are at a very important level going on right now

Over here multiple touches previously of this resistance several times over and over again and that's the big area that bitcoin hasn't been able to break it the ten thousand five hundred dollar

Mark ten thousand five hundred has been an area a lot of people were looking at because we say we wanna break above ten thousand that's the five figure you know psychological barrier

But it's shown time and time again that between ten thousand ten thousand five hundred it seems that a lot of people secure profit a lot of people sell so that ends up being a very strong resistance holding

The price down so we want to see that 10 500 break which is roughly around here we want to see this area break a confirmed break we want the volume to come in there as well

Because that would bring us into an area again like i mentioned before with different uh with bitcoin and different all coins of a lot less volume we've been in this area a lot less a lot fewer times

Recently right so that means that during this part we have a lot of price movement we have a lot more supports and resistances and a lot of volume at different levels

Meanwhile a break above 10 500 you see we haven't had recently that much movement in that area and then when you look at the movement that we've had we see a lot of just big movements up and down because of that lack of volume

In that area the lack of supports and resistances means that we could see some pretty big moves now obviously you guys remember the recent obvious recent earlier in the year

26th of june 2019 not the year uh around one year ago you guys get what i'm trying to say around one year ago we had them move up almost to fourteen thousand dollars again a break above this would be a

Great start for us to start trekking upwards but there is one thing that we need to know before we get over confident on that break take a look at the cme futures

Gap now the reason i want to talk about the cme futures gap we haven't looked at this chart in a long time because there hasn't really been any need to at least in my opinion for us to bring up this chart however

You guys know especially on the daily time frames the cme futures gaps usually get filled sooner rather than later they feel 999 of the times it seems right almost every single one if

Not every single one has been filled and they tend to fill sooner rather than later now i've said this for at this point years we've been looking at this chart and we've used it as a very good point of you know potentially

Capitalizing on a trade in this gap now you guys can see previous attempts right to give you guys an idea for those of you who are new you know we had that gap a few days later bitcoin closed the gap

We had the gap obviously this took a little bit longer but we came back up we filled the gap you guys get what i'm trying to say it fills a majority of the time same thing here look

Gap and then boom we instantly the next few days came back down or within a week and we can a week or two we came back down and we filled that gap so now we have this gap coming in here

And what a lot of people are focusing on are is the fact that do we want to break ten thousand five hundred dollars get to eleven twelve thirteen thousand dollars and then have that big drop up into filling the cme

Futures gap or would it just be better if we were to have that cool off come back down would test the ema ribbon again for example right fill the cme futures gap and then move its way on up from here so

Before we get over confident on the break happening right right now let's focus on the fact that we might see this come into play as well of course as always i'm just going to be looking at the important

Levels the important levels right now to me 10 500 we want to see that break it's testing this area of strong resistance again multiple times before we want to see that break come in so we

Can see that higher and higher prices but we do want to keep it out as well on this cme futures yeah good news is it feels roughly around 9 600 so it's not that big of a job especially compared to

The pump we've had it's a little bit of a correction a little bit of a cool off uh before we do hopefully come back down test that and then continue on its way up and for those of you looking to enter

Guess what same thing looking at the bottom of the gap looking where the gap could get filled would might be a pretty solid opportunity for us to actually uh for us to make a good

Entry either on a long trade if you're using buy bidder bit mex or if you're just buying and holding on a regular exchange this would be an area where i would look to pick up bitcoin if it does come

Back down to now a big shout out to another youtuber mm crypto showing this graph of bitcoin's very long term uh patterns that it's had right you can see the resistance up here

The support down here you can see that this pattern is played out multiple times before in multiple different halvings usually right that's what these lines here represent and usually once we see that

Break above this pattern that's when that exponential bull run just the huge huge huge price search comes in and he's saying right now based off again based off the graphs you can see

Where the lines were drawn you can see the support the clear resistance as of right now we are at that point we are at that point of the resistance where if we break above this and we see that vault we need a lot more volume to

Come in we need a lot more confirmation to come in for you know a pattern this big on this big of a time frame this is the weekly i believe but either way on this big of a time frame

We do want to see a lot of things backing it up the volume you know multiple candle breaks maintaining above that level but if we are actually breaking above this based on past trends based on

History you you guys start to see what happens right a huge run-up following that so that's something again we want to watch out for look at the cme futures

Gap look at the resistance that bitcoin is facing right now and then look at the long-term potential of bitcoin breaking this level and what that could mean for everybody who's involved so good

Time to be involved good time to be buying bitcoin at least in my opinion i've showed you guys the levels i gave you guys if you guys want to follow my trades again first link down below in the description

But with bitcoin pumping we are seeing a lot of altcoins take a dump now i want to come in here especially to talk about this and give you guys a little bit of it if you're holding all coins it's okay

This stuff happens cardano's down nine percent chain links down ten percent taser's down ten percent stellar is down nine percent where's v chain v chain's down 11 you know neo's down five percent usually

What happens i don't know what this one is but it's down almost 17 usually what happens is this is the money flow right a lot of the times there's a money flowing to bitcoin and all coins and there's a pattern as to

How that works when bitcoin is seeing these huge moves to the upside especially when it's like really quick and it's instantaneous just a huge move to the upside that's where we usually see money leaving all coins

To jump into bitcoin fomo into bitcoin all coins dump bitcoin pumps even more that's where we see these you know thousand dollar moves in a matter of a couple of hours or a couple of days

Usually if bitcoin's making steady progress up you'll see all coins also start to have all coin seeds and you'll see them move a little differently but when these huge moves come in

Usually we see the opposite effect from bitcoin happen to the altcoin so that's one thing you want to keep in mind again for everybody who wants to get into all coins now might be a pretty good time to

Dollar cost average in if you wanted to if you were looking for the opportunity bitcoin having a huge five percent move obviously five percent doesn't sound a lot but for bitcoin

It's actually pretty big especially on the 24 hour chart it's pretty big if you were to use a 10x leverage that's 50 profit if you caught this move right absolutely insane

Nobody should complain with a 50 profit but that's what i'm trying to say if all coins are falling and you're looking at dollar cost average in now it'd be a perfect time to do so on some of your favorite all coins

And if bitcoin continues to pump if all coins continue to drop you can then dollar cost average again and you're just going to bring your average price down instead of timing the market i've talked

About this plenty of times before on this channel and that's the number one way investors actually get in a position at a good price versus trying to time the bottom because

You're going to get it wrong 999 of the time now this actually came in was pretty interesting i wanted to ask your guys opinions bitcoin has only a 30 chance of breaking 17 000

This year according to this estimate now 20 30 17 000 like a 70 move right to be fair in the last in the last few months of the year the second half of this year 70 is huge but i wanted to

Ask your guys's thoughts do you think bitcoin has a chance of hitting 17 000 by the end of 2020 so in the last half of this year do you think we have a chance of

Breaking or do you think we are going to obviously we have a chance but do you think we are going to break that to 17 000 or at least test that 17 000 mark i want to hear your guys's thoughts

Down below in the description then at the end of the year we can check back in and see which one of you were right and see which one you were wrong and make some fun out of it so again let me know in the comments down

Below your guys's thoughts on this personally it's a 70 move i want to say if bitcoin actually does break above those resistances and we see that parabolic move that we've seen

Historically then 70 percent is nothing right we've seen just we've seen two x's in a day right if you were in the if you were in 2017 if you're in the bull run then you've seen some crazy price movements

70 sounds like a lot we're gonna have to wait and see it's going to depend a lot on if we repeat the patterns previously and if we do actually break above

These key resistance levels that's the main thing that's holding us back the resistances are obviously what's holding us back those are the main levels we want to look at

If they break then of course the possibility is there so that's my thoughts on it can't wait to hear your guys's thoughts again as always if you did enjoy the video leave a thumbs up let me know down below

In the comments your thoughts on this and anything else you guys want to see more of in the future in terms of content and as always make sure you are subscribed and you hit that notification bell next to it as well to

Get notified every time we upload a new video so you can stay updated with everything to do with the bitcoin price all coins and how to maximize your gains from

This market guys thank you so much for watching see you guys on wednesday for another video

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