by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Hey guys what's going on jeb here and in today's video we are going to be doing some more shorter term technical analysis on bitcoin because as you probably saw overnight bitcoin has now once again rallied up to around 11

850 what that means is that if we close this candlestick up here the candle body is going to be closing higher than any candle body on the daily chart and on the weekly chart that we have seen in a very very long time

In fact if you look at the monthly chart on bitcoin if august closes anywhere above 11 500 bitcoin is going to be closing the second highest green candlestick in the history of bitcoin

Only barring the 2017 bull run guys big things are happening on bitcoin i want to bring you some important developments that have happened overnight and get you caught up to speed on that

But that's not why i call this the most important video that you'll see all year in bitcoin the reason i'm calling it that is because of what we'll be talking about after the technical analysis today

We have some very important things we have to dive into today so guys we're not going to waste much time before we get started i do want to mention the sponsor of this entire channel which is the cryptocurrency technical analysis

Academy this is where i put all of the knowledge that i have learned in the cryptocurrency markets over the last three years that i've been working in this space every single day there are 900 videos on

This channel i've been working in the market over three years and everything i know i pour into the academy for our students if you're interested in learning more about technical analysis

You can take your analysis your trading and therefore your profitability to the next level i highly encourage you checking us out at the link in the description down below use the coupon code bull run 2020

For 40 off at checkout more on that at the end of the video but for now though guys without much further ado let's go ahead and dive right on into it that was a good one i got to get my snap

Game on point so it's like that sucked wow come on let's try oh hey i forgot i was recording for a second guys before we get into the video i do want to mention one thing and that is that we're going to be passing 50 000

Subscribers a day we have been running this channel for over two and a half years now first video went up november 16 2017 gosh that feels like yesterday but good lord does it also feel like a long time

Ago thank you guys so much we're gonna be hitting that today and i'm so so pumped the next 50 are gonna come quick we're heading for 100k in the next nine months or so is the plan guys we're gonna have a lot of fun

In this video and we're gonna have a lot of fun moving on into the future i'm hoping you guys are excited so let's go ahead and jump on to the chart guys let's start with the 30 000 foot view of what

Bitcoin is doing right now as you can see this monthly chart candlestick has opened above any other candlestick open in the history of bitcoin what do i mean by that well we dragged this blue line right

Here to the perfect open of this monthly candlestick around 11 200 you can see that this candlestick does not count because we close below it this candlestick opened below that line which means that this monthly chart

Candlestick no matter what happens so long as it is green is actually making history for bitcoin we've never seen the open of a green candlestick this high now of course we're early on in the

Month and we want to make sure that we actually you know close green and not red but this is very good news if bitcoin even closes five dollars in the green we have just made history on bitcoin and

This is something that echoes in the couple of intervals below us down on the weekly chart as you can see we're having a very strong three white soldiers pattern all of these are about the exact same length

All three of them have no lower shadow which is exactly what you want to see and as we can also see right now we move this blue line that we had a second to go up to the top of this green candlestick on the weekly chart

We've never seen a green candlestick close this high on candle bodies the last three that even came close were this one and these two right there and they didn't reach where we are what that means is that in the entire

History of bitcoin we've only had one two three green candlesticks close higher than the one we're closing right now the point i'm trying to make with this is not oh look at this random interval

Technical that you might or might not care about the reason i'm pointing this out is because i want to bring your attention to the fact that even though bitcoin is still 40

Or so away from all-time high as far as the amount of trading that we've done since all-time high bitcoin is like 95 of the way there what do i mean by that well we can see what i'm talking about through the vpvr

Take a look at how much vpr price action there is down below us look at all of this trading volume but now look at where we are and look at what's above us we have blasted through all of the

Resistance guys it's gone bitcoin has gotten through all of it bitcoin is now above everything except the very top of the previous bull market a lot of people are saying that bitcoin's going to 20 000

And some other people are wondering wait a minute why is bitcoin going to 20 000 this is why bitcoin's going to 20 000 the fundamentals and the technicals have finally come into alignment because in past we've seen technicals

Call a bull market but the fundamentals weren't ready or the fundamentals called a bull market but the technicals weren't ready in this case the technical landscape is calling for a bull market and the

Fundamentals are not only permitting a bull market they are in fact encouraging a bull market remember all that good news we have with the controller of the currency and visa and mastercard and paypal and

All of that stuff that we had happened a few weeks ago that's still having an impact take into account also that something like gold just hit an all-time high yeah seriously in case you guys didn't

See that gold just hit a historic high gold has never traded at 193 dollars a share or 2 000 an ounce or whatever what happens during recessions remember people move out of what they perceive to be risky which is

The stock market because it's associated with the financial system in the banking system and they move it into something they consider safer like gold what is bitcoin called it's called

Digital gold why is it called digital gold because it has scarcity and it is unable to be controlled by institutions which in this case this recession that we're going through was not necessarily a cause

Of of screw-up at the governmental and mega-corporation level it was a mess up as far as you know stuff happens but no matter what when a recession happens things like commodities specifically

Things like precious metals and in this case because bitcoin has advanced enough things like bitcoin are going to do very well so what that means is that we've had the technicals come in we've had the

Fundamentals come in and because we're in a recession and people are moving into gold they're also saying hey wait a minute what else can we move into that's a hedge against traditional markets

Because most people are thinking wait a second are we not in the middle of a global pandemic what is the spy doing up here near all-time high that makes no sense by the way i can get into that the reason that the s p 500 and the dji

And all these other major indices are doing so well is because fortune 500 companies are doing fine right now barring some industry like hospitality and transportation the reason they're doing relatively well

Is because they're sitting on so much reserves apple for example has a quarter trillion dollars in cash savings but a lot of the smaller companies are getting hit which is why it's not reflecting in the stock

Market because the stock market is majorly driven by those big companies which are doing okay even though the economy's suffering complete side track but you get my point what i'm trying to say here is that the

Technicals and the fundamentals have lined up to allow a bull market which was already enough but now the geopolitical landscape and the global financial system is allowing and in fact encouraging investment

In hedge commodities such as bitcoin and gold which is why bitcoin's doing so well all of that to lay a foundation for what's going on here on the daily chart as you guys can see bitcoin was in this kind of

Strange-looking consolidation pattern that we talked about a few days ago and in fact as we predicted it did break to the upside on the daily chart you can see that we're setting a new high on candle

Body up here around 11 800 we close with candle wicks up here but now we're setting a candle body up there which if you're looking at candle bodies means that we're setting a new high if you're looking at wix we're still not

There yet but remember guys we're actually at the moment breaking into this zone of resistance one that we've discussed in previous videos this zone of resistance thirteen

Thousand dollars and then twenty thousand dollars are the last major resistance levels that we need to be looking at so yes bitcoin is going to have a little bit of a hard time getting through

Eleven seven to twelve one but guess what i'm making a call here it is going to happen and it's going to happen within the next four days that is my prediction bitcoin will break the zone of

Resistance between 11 7 and 12 1 within four days that should be before august the 10th that's my prediction and in fact there's a good likelihood that it'll happen even quicker than that

But guys that leads me into the point of this video and why i call this the most important video that you'll see on bitcoin this entire year and that's because what i just said with so much certainty with the influence i

Have now is going to incite fomo in thousands of the people that watch this video and i'll tell you what there's been a lot of fomo in the market and i believe as one of the medium-sized

Influencers now that i have a responsibility to make sure you guys are being safe the reason that i call this the most important video is because i'm talking about risk management

Guys during bull markets people tend to kind of just go ham and throw everything they have at the market and they invest way too much so i want to remind you

Really quickly what happened at the end of twenty thousand dollars bull run when bitcoin hit that back in december of 2017. i could go through a list of 20 different things that happened and all

Kinds of sad events that happened but i'll just go straight to the top when bitcoin hit 20k and then pull back 60 70 80 in the next 90 days people off to themselves

So i can say that and then you can extrapolate everything that happened that wasn't quite that severe because that's literally the worst thing that could happen and i go there to make a point and to

Make a striking point and make sure you guys understand the severity of this bitcoin is in a bull market but oftentimes what you have to understand is that people don't lose their life

Savings in bear markets they lose them in the transition from a bull market to a bear market and the fact of the matter is the transition from a bull market to a bear market can happen at any time

Based on any news story what i'm saying is i'm pretty certain that bitcoin's about to break out great that's all fine and dandy i'm a human and i'm wrong from time to time in the same way that everyone is

What happens if you go into 100x leverage you sold your car you sold your house and you put all your money on 100x leverage for a 3 000 breakout thinking this is it i'm gonna make 200

Grand i'm going to invest in the stock market retire on seven percent like that what what happens if you do that because that happens more than you might think if you're not the kind of person that's inclined to do that you have no idea how

Many people i see in the comments section most of you are joking but some of you are serious about saying oh i'm gonna sell my house i'm going to sell my boat oh i'm going to do this i'm going to dip into my child's college

Fund i'm going to dip into our live savings and they go all in on an investment but look the thing is unless you were a proficient trader a massive investment in bitcoin is

Probably not going to change your life a double in your money is not enough to change your life if you're in financial hardship when i had a thousand dollars in my pocket that doubling that to two

Thousand dollars was not enough to change my life when i had ten thousand dollars doubling that to twenty thousand dollars was not enough to change my life when i had a hundred thousand dollars

Doubling that to make two hundred thousand dollars was not enough to change my life working with doubles is great and you want to double your money but you need to do it more than once

So the point i'm making here is that for bitcoin to go back to twenty thousand dollars is roughly a double it's about an 80 gain i do think that's going to happen and in fact i'm starting to understand

Why people are saying it might happen this year and while i don't i still don't necessarily sign with that camp i definitely understand the argument but the simple fact of the matter is is that

Many people in these markets when bitcoin is exploding they get all in and then one thing happens and they get wrecked let's say bitcoin is banned in

India or again let's say bitcoin is banned in china again let's say bitcoin is banned in russia again because these people like to do this more than once let's say bitcoin is deemed to be um

a method for money laundering and is banned in the european union let's say something bad happens i'm just giving an example bitcoin drops 20 it recovers keeps going

Up that's fine but now you're out you're out of the game you got put out of the game because you were sitting in a 5x levers trade and you weren't ready with a stop loss guys i want to make sure that you

Understand and this means so much to me because i care deeply about you guys and a lot of people on youtube i'm going to be honest i'm not calling any of my colleagues on youtube out but a lot of people on youtube

Here they're here simply to make money and the reason is because cryptocurrency youtubers make a lot of money i am not content just to make a ton of money and not care about my subscribers i don't want you guys

Getting hurt i've read so many emails of people saying either cryptocurrency saved my life from the hardship i was going through or i get the exact opposite of that

Which is cryptocurrency brought me from having a good life to having a bad life and no one talks about that because it doesn't get clicks that's why i click baited you because i want you to listen to what i'm

Saying and you wouldn't have if i just said risk management in the title so i'm not ashamed of clickbaiting you in this title because even if you you you even if you think you're so good that you don't need to hear this because

You're fine you're dandy and you're not ever gonna get wrecked because you're so perfect even if your pride is blinding you to what i'm saying someone is gonna watch this video

And they're gonna take a second thought when they make 100x leverage trade with ten thousand dollars and they only have twelve thousand dollars of their name someone is gonna watch this video and they're gonna say wait a minute

Bitcoin could be life-changing but instead of investing my money let me invest my time in educating myself on technical analysis fundamental analysis and wisdom and mindset around markets

So that i don't get wrecked someone is going to watch this video and they're going to be careful which is good it's a good thing to be careful because at the end of the day guys the

Amount of money that you make in cryptocurrency is proportional to your knowledge and your experience in the space and that is exponential you understand what i'm saying when

You're just making money trade after trade after trade after trade you're gonna make money you're gonna make money it's gonna go like that it's gonna be linear but when you're working on yourself and

You're making sure you're implementing risk management like i'm saying it's gonna stop you from going boom and then dead it's gonna actually in fact make you go exponential because you know what

Happens you're continually improving yourself and the money you make increases time after time after time you're not making a thousand dollars on a trade you're making a thousand dollars on trade then you're making 1500 then

You're making 2 300 then you're making 14 000 then you're making 28 000. i'm using numbers that might not be applicable to your situation or they might be i don't know the point is here guys

Number one make sure you are taking risk management very very very seriously and if you're tired of me saying this tough go somewhere else because i'm going to talk about this probably at

Least once a week during this bull market because no one else is and you need to hear it if i have to be that guy i will because i don't really see anyone else doing it quite frankly but number two other than risk

Management which honestly should be your number one because you know if you're not in the game you can't you can't make gains if you're not in the game does that make sense for

Example i'll use a gem analogy let's say that you're in the gym right i would rather use 20 pounds less on squats or deadlifts or bench or whatever and make sure i'm using it

Perfect form and then go up with perfect form rather than try to use an extra 20 pounds and have bad form in the same way and technical analysis i would rather you make less money

But be making money the right way and then grow the right way and you're still going to get to the top it's actually not going to take any longer it's actually going to take less time but it means that you're taking your ego out of

It so that's number one make sure you're focusing on risk management in the same way in the gym you want to make sure you're focusing on form in cryptocurrency you want to make sure you're focusing on your trading form

And your risk management and then after you've mastered that continue scaling because it'll happen a lot faster than you think it will so long as you're actually focusing on your risk management number two

Make sure you're investing in your education in the space you do these two things make sure number one that your form is perfect as good as it possibly can be and then

After that make sure that you're learning as much as you possibly can every trade think what can i learn from this trade why did this trade go bad what technical did i not see why was bitcoin overextended why did i

Not get a good deal why did i exit too late what happened do that with your trades make sure you're learning continue learning remember what we talked about in yesterday's video what's your why why

Are you so hungry why are you having a burning passion for this why does this have to happen for you make sure your form is perfect perfect you're never going to be perfect don't be a perfectionist but aim in that

Direction anyway and then focus on your education and the rest is history guys technical analysis is the tool but if you don't know how to use the tool it's useless with the gem analogy for

Example how good of a gem you have is technical analysis how good you are technical analysis is the quality of the equipment you're using so obviously you want to be using the best quality equipment if you're working

Out so you don't hurt yourself or anything like that and so you're able to hit all your muscles right technical and fundamental analysis understanding that is the quality of the equipment you're using

But your risk management and your understanding of the importance of education is your ability to do the exercises correctly and understand the got the process of

Setting goals and correcting yourself and learning etc so i think i've made my point but i want to make sure you guys are being careful because like i said if you take anything away from this video take

This away from this video more people go broke in bull markets than they do in bear markets and the reason for that is simple it's because they forget their risk management is for because they forget

That they're not perfect so keep your ego in check leave your pride at the door and you'll do just fine that's my spiel hopefully you enjoyed not gonna lie a lot of you probably didn't most of you

Probably clicked off this video most of you are gonna listen this video and say yeah i'm gonna get fired up i'm gonna think about risk management it's gonna go in one ear and out the other and

You're gonna forget about this in 20 minutes but five percent of the people that watch this video hear what i just said and they're going to take it to heart and they're going to incorporate it in

Their trading and they're going to be much better for it so ask yourself the question are you part of the 95 that are gonna hear this and walk away or are you part of the five percent

Who are going to actually make sure that they're doing what i just said and be successful because of it it's really that simple it goes back to your hunger and your why and your passion and what you're in this for so cheers to the

Percent 95 thanks for the views i appreciate you guys i'm not bashing you but you know it's just how it is anyway guys that is going to wrap it up for this video before we go i do want to mention

What makes this channel and all of the expansion that we're doing possible and that would of course be the cryptocurrency technical analysis academy guys c2a is the course that i have designed

With my three years of experience of working in this market every single day i have poured out the knowledge that i have about this space into this course i haven't held anything back when you joined ctt2a you're going to be

Joining an exclusive community of 2100 students that we just passed yesterday that are in this academy that are learning every single day that are working on their craft they are improving their understanding they're

Working on their knowledge they're becoming more profitable and they're working towards that dream that they have of however much money you want to make in the crypto guys at the end of the day what i talked about

Earlier i didn't actually say this to lead into a sales pitch but it kind of ties in with what ct2a is about because that was the entire goal of this channel is to on is to teach you guys markets so

That you understand how to actually be profitable in them ct2a is where you go to do that look guys at the end of the day the goal of this channel does not say help people through c2a it says help

People period so if you go somewhere else and there's some other way for you to go and learn technical analysis you go right ahead and do that tell me about our competitors and we'll beat

Them but at the moment we are beating them so if you want to learn technical analysis c2a is the best place to do it by the way with a full 14-day money-back refund guarantee yes we do accept

Bitcoin payments you can email us in the comment section in the description down below our emails down there and we'll get back to you and do a bitcoin payment for you and there's no subscription this is

This is ct2a is a one-time payment you get all current all future content which there are about 10 videos coming out to c2 over the next couple of months you're going to get access to everything

That's currently here and everything that's coming also it's a lifetime membership it's not a yearly thing you join once you're in period full stop guys if you want to invest in your education

Good you need to because as we said that's very important c2a is where you can do that so if you want to help to support this channel and all of the awesome expansion we have going on in about three weeks we're

Gonna be in our office oh man that's gonna be crazy by the way like i said we're passing 50k subs a day guys thank you so much i just cannot man i can't even ima that's insa that's a lot of

That okay i'm living about to dox myself i live close to uf uf is a university go gators the there's about 50 000 people enrolled in uf and i'm like whoa that's a lot of people i remember when

We had like 20 subscribers anyway i'm getting off topic guys thank you for 50k subs if you want to invest in your education c2a is the best place to do it links in the description down below if you have

Any questions put them in the comments or email us guys that is going to ramp it up for this video remember don't get burned that's really the whole point of this video is don't don't get burned

You know it's like you got to know when to hold them you got to know when to fold them you got to know when to run you got to know when to walk away philosopher kenny rogers once said that

May rest in peace but anyway guys like i said that is going to do it for this video before we go though i do just first want to thank each and every single last one of you for watching as always

And i will see you guys in the next video peace

I got a real good feeling

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