by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

yes big juice are you kidding me wow as of the last six and a half years bitcoin has only broken this line one other time substantially back in

August of 2015. we'll show you exactly what happened back here on the charts in august 2015 and why it looks like it could be setting up perfectly this time as well

Guys this is one of the most important lines in bitcoin's chart and we'll show you why we might be seeing a resurgence similar to five years ago and now we're on day number

Six of actually hugging and being slightly above this two and a half year resistance line we'll show you why this is significant but more importantly what does this indicate for the actual momentum will we

Finally be getting an actual break above 10.5 or will we see ourselves plummeting below guys indecision is real the neutrality is real nobody knows what's going to happen next

But there are some key indicators on these charts that you absolutely have to be oogling wow and as well blockfire co-founder simon detech actually predicting bitcoin booming to

150 000 in this cycle but he says four altcoins will actually perform bitcoin so we'll get into what those four altcoins are wow and what is this malarkey bitcoin price to 75k within

Weeks guys i highly highly doubt it however there is a very important chart that i want to show you by the people predicting this that actually is very uncanny

While i definitely do not think bitcoin's price is going to rise to 75 000 within the next few weeks this chart you guys you definitely actually want to check this out so we'll get into more detail with that wow bitcoin is

Absolutely wild it looks like christmas is not the only thing coming early this year let's do this what's going on everyone welcome back to an especially especially exciting webisode today you guys

The price is not doing lunch today however that's why we have some very very interesting articles and different insights and ideas that we definitely want to share with you today it's the perfect day to really delve in

To a lot of this absolutely mind-boggling content specifically bitcoin price potentially on the move to have a massive burst now you guys you know me i definitely think as i've

Been saying that we should have you know even if it's a small pullback here soon uh or after we have like a nice little thousand dollar rally maybe around 11k i still think we should see a pullback

Below back into this two and a half year resistance anyway however there are some interesting data and charts showing that uh we could be seeing a massive explosion soon you go around the crypto

Community as a whole on basically any website there is so much indecision i will say it's basically fifty percent bullish fifty percent bearish everybody is

It's completely neutral opinions we have people who are hyper bullish and people who are hyper bearish but there is not one significant predominant opinion out there you guys it is a complete mixed bag and i think

In times like this are when we could see some of the wildest moves in crypto truly it's getting wild out here so we really have to delve into some of this information and as well i'm very excited to go over

What simon is actually predicting what he thinks uh altcoins will explode and he actually has a specific price targets and percentage gains at the height of this bull run for these

Cryptos so guys always exciting to get into price predictions that specific so without any further a goo uh if you're new to the channel make sure to squeeze that like button tap that uh subscribe button also ding

The bells leave your comment below to enter for this ledger and let's get into the data so we can start off here in this chart guys this is still significant in my opinion no matter how you're drawing your trend

Lines because i do see people out there drawing them slightly different my trend line specifically actually kind of used for the most part the tops of wix but then as of most

Recently uh just just in the month of may um when we first had those initial breaks to above like 10 000 us dollars now it's a few bodies are actually included in this but i'm not going to

Move the trend line just because this trend line has been i've been using it for for uh you know months and months and months and it just actually works out very well i think

So that being said we actually are still above this for the longest time in history uh over two and a half years we've been we've had this resistance line and now we've been above this for one two

Three four five six and in fact it looks like we've actually gotten a bounce about a day or two ago and specifically yesterday on this line so now i want to point this out this definitely does not mean that we found

We found support and we're going to head up straight from here and break 10.5 that's definitely not what i'm saying what we're seeing is a slight turn from massive resistance to potentially big support and that's how you want to see

Something like this happen because this is not just a typical four hour or a daily trend line that we have here this is a trend line if there's one trend line in terms of resistance that bitcoin has not broken

Above for the past two and a half years for for most of your guys crypto careers and as well the trend line you have to be paying attention to this is the one right here so this is without a doubt this this thick green

Line is the most important trend line in cryptocurrency still it's been the case for for years and it still is the case however again we're trading above this for the first time

Uh for for almost a week now tomorrow will be a week that will be above this if we stay above this and guys you also have to keep this in mind this trend line is descending okay every second that goes by this

Trend line gets a little bit lower so let's say you know in the middle of this month june 17th only about a little more than a week from now this trend line is going to be all the way down at 9530

Currently it's at 9 600 roughly us dollars so in about a week from now it'll be like 70 less than it currently is so as time goes on guys this trend line will be defeated eventually

Um and it looks as though maybe it's actually taking its first steps to being defeated this is probably going to continue to be a slow process it's been a slow process for the past few weeks

Specifically even the past few months so it's just not going to be a trend line that breaks all of a sudden and we go straight to 20 000. but what is happening right now is that break above this trend line even

If we get another push down to 92 or 8 800 that's still fine we're still testing for the first time to actually break above this key resistance this is exactly how we most likely want to see

It slow crawl finding that support evening out any indicators um so it's it's slow and it might seem boring it kind of is boring but i mean that realistically is how uh

How that works not to mention like 90 of bitcoin's trading history is kind of sideways action most of the explosive moves most of the big moves down and up happen

In a very short time frame okay massive runs usually happen in a very small i mean we can even just see it on this chart right here you see most of the moves happened on this day then we traded sideways for a

Big amount then a few days of massive run-up then we traded sideways for a fair amount of time and then another massive run-up and then traded sideways for

About a month and it was just mostly sideways trading you can see most of these moves happen all at one time look at this specifically i remember this this was uh this was my least favorite time in crypto back at

The end of 2018 september to november of 2018. let's look at this this was this was two entire months trading between six thousand and six thousand seven hundred guys this

Was two entire months where we traded in a 700 range i remember making videos back then i remember waking up and watching the market back then holy moly that was the most

Insanely boring time for price action that i've ever been a part of two entire months where bitcoin stayed within a 700 range but then guys what happened it went from boring

To uh insane 6200 down to 3 100 3 000 us dollars and you can see this happened within this happened within a few weeks but specifically it went from 6 000 to 5 000 in a day okay so it

Happened extremely fast my point is when things are boring in crypto don't let your guard down because they can get massively explosive anytime and where we are right now is significant because we're above this

Trend line so guys i know a lot of you guys are waiting for this as well this six year actually almost seven year trend line we can zoom out you can see going all the way back to the middle of 2013

So actually seven year trend line now you can see the only time that it significantly broke this blue line besides where we are right now was back here in august of 2015.

If we zoom in one thing you notice here as well is this we had a ema ribbon turned very red consolidate here and then we had the nine-day moving average slice above it you can see it sliced above that and

Basically that also signified the last time for that year and for the following next like five years that it would go below this blue trend line and also this is where initiated full-on

Bull mode so basically where we had this ema ribbon turn red and then slice the nine-day purple moving average slice above that that was when that was the defining

Moment of when we started that bull run so now what we see here is a similar thing we are below this blue line we have the ema ribbon currently on the weekly it's actually not red anymore but you do see that that purple nine-day

Moving average right now is actually slicing above that still so you can see it it's all the way down here it might be hard to see so i'm going to highlight it with my line as well

Uh it's not letting me copy it exactly apparently this is where that is right now you can see that's slightly above that ribbon so is this an indicator over the next month or two that things are going to get

Explosive and we're gonna get above this blue line currently we are above the blue line but i would say within the next one or two months we will not be seeing a retouch of this blue line uh

Again for maybe you know till the next bear market after we have a full-fledged bull market so also where would the 10.5k level that we've been unable to break meet that blue line guys would actually

Meet it fairly soon just within another month or two because this line is sloping upwards so basically i think within the next month or two we're going to have to break 10 500. i definitely think it's extremely likely

That we'll break 10 500 this month uh the only caveat to that is we could see one more potential dip into the 8 000 level that's still what i'm eyeing up i still think that's possible so absolutely huge

On this charts let's actually get into this now so venture capitalist uh co-founder of blockfire simon detech here says this predicts bitcoin boom to 150 000 us dollars says ethereum and four altcoins

Will outperform bitcoin so let's take a look what are these altcoins so he thinks bitcoin is going to put together a face melting rally in the next bull run which literally everyone thinks

Okay everyone thinks this but he thinks these specific five altcoins will outshine uh bitcoin uh and guys these are actually coins that i've mentioned on the channel multiple times over the past few weeks

So i think this is another reason why i really want to get into this because i i actually agree with these coins here i don't necessarily know or agree 100 that they will completely eclipse bitcoin but i definitely think they will

Be amazing performers now what he says here is that uh this is interesting he says that he doesn't think that another bull market will rise the tides or lift the boats of every cryptocurrency basically what he's

Saying is he doesn't think what happened in 2017 where basically every altcoin in existence exploded he doesn't think that'll happen this time he does think a lot of volt coins will

Explode but he doesn't think he thinks many of them won't which is different than 2017 when basically everything exploded so bitcoin he predicts bitcoin will soar 1500

To 150 000 in this cycle but he also says here he thinks only a handful of all coins will print potentially life-changing games the first one he has here is ethereum he expects ethereum to top out around 9000

Us dollars which is a 3.5 k percent increase so 3 650 percent increase from current price of 240 and then he also says chain link uh currently trading around four dollars

He expects it to search to over two hundred dollars which is a four thousand five hundred percent gain he's also saying here binance coin which is something i haven't covered actually

We'll sort of 500 and post gains of two thousand seven hundred percent gains vechain he's predicting a fifteen thousand percent run from uh let's look at this pretty much

Half of a penny to about a dollar and then his last one here one of my personal favorites i've talked about a lot is tazos here predicting uh a two dollar ninety one cent current valuation roughly

About three dollars to over two hundred dollars which is about almost a seven thousand percent gains gain so as he's saying here not all coins will explode but he's saying he thinks those

Will explode and he gave those numbers as well so very interesting uh guys whether you believe those gains or not i think we're going to see percentage gains similar to those in those altcoins or at least

Some of the altcoins in this next blower it's going to be absolutely wild it's not going to be like the games we've seen over the past two years okay these past two years we see little breakouts on coins okay

But nothing like a bull market we're still in um overall a very non-bullish explosion market bull markets are much different than like full-fledged bull markets are

Much different than what we're currently seeing especially in the middle of a bull market percentage gains can absolutely erupt psychology the mass hysteria everything builds up

And things get absolutely wild not one or two days of pumping but literally weeks and weeks of pumping and then guys here this uh this is a pretty crazy article this is on coin telegraph by william sueberg he's

Talking here about uh let's see here kane island alternative advisor timothy peterson so he shows this interesting chart now i want to show this here i'll pull up the chart here this is his cane island

Digital research chart now what you can see is historical data of past pullbacks and then rallies so what you can notice is here none of these are very identical except the last three months

Specifically starting back in march of 2020 compared to early 2013 where specifically these last three months have been identical in terms of price action

You can look everywhere on this chart and price action is you know here this one's going pretty wild here this one's going wild here this one was almost identical for like two weeks but other than that

These are very not similar this one was pretty identical for about a month okay besides that this is three months of very identical price pattern and actually for three months before this was actually completely

Identical as well there's just this one little area and this a month and a half range right here which is kind of not similar you can see that by the very dark blue line and then the lighter blue line

And then you can see all these lighter lines in the background so the lines he's talking about are these two darker lines on the chart and what it's showing here is a dip similar to in 2013

Followed by 75 percent or 75 000 dollar gains comparative to what percentage would be in today's bitcoin price so this increase you see here was about a 700 increase and in today's

Value that would be about 75 000 if bitcoin would mimic this chart exactly so again pretty outlandish i really highly doubt bitcoin is going to go above 70 000 in the next few weeks

I really highly doubt that and i'll be honest i don't even think i'm prepared for that uh i don't even think that just because i think it's a very unrealistic scenario i don't think i'm really prepared for

That but i think after after seeing this data i should prepare myself for something as outlandish and as crazy as this but overall i don't think this makes a ton of sense i think it's very interesting

This is following specifically but guys uh i just want to point this out anything is possible and as crazy as this prediction seems because i'll be honest it does seem really crazy it seems very very very

Unlikely as crazy as it seems you cannot count out a scenario like this okay bitcoin is just prime in my opinion it's ready for an explosion so definitely keep that in mind guys so

Again thanks so much for watching make sure to check out the links in the comments and descriptions below guys make sure to enter for your ledger as well and i'll see you in the next webisode


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