by birtanpublished on September 9, 2020

getting a divorce how now that is what I call a sticky situation Wow Wow bitcoin is currently on the brink guys at Bitcoin breaks out of this pattern what could happen what are the targets that we could go to we talked about specific

Targets yesterday but we have a lot more to add on to that guys things could get absolutely wild as well a Bitcoin right now inside back inside this potential triangle and guys it's retesting this structural line that goes all the way

Back to the beginning of this drop guys back in the middle of March what is going to happen and as well Bitcoin still currently above the 21 day moving average on the daily chart and again this is actually a very key area we

Talked about yesterday we're still quite above this area but what this pullback means guys and we want to look at one more pullback area specifically on the weekly chart we talked about 64 being so important but let's take a look at

Something else and in a crazy turn of events the CEO of bit Mex Arthur Hays thinks that we could go back into the $3,000 range and then back above $20,000 per Bitcoin all within the next eight months

Wow if that doesn't get your juices flowing then maybe you've been watching too many dirty videos guys let's skippity do dot into this video what's going on might run along as welcome back to another extremely exciting late-night

Saturday update guys so many things going on again we're still on the brink as we talked about in yesterday's video we hope that this weekend is pretty boring we don't want to see too much price action over the next 24 hours

And so far so good it looks as though Saturday might be kind of boring hopefully tomorrow can do something similar and we have some very specific price targets guys that we have to get into and as well guys I do want to let

You know we are actually doing a giveaway for one of these Ledger's winner picked at the end of the weekend all you have to do is go to this tweet and retweet this tweet and do what the tweet says Wow awesome we're still

Giving away letters on this channel as well guys all you have to do is leave a comment below make sure to smash the likes hit the dings hit the comments and wow let's jump on into this while we have an exciting story that we need to

Get into here guys this is you published on Bitcoin it's by Arthur Hays absolutely insane what an exciting eight months so many things coming down to the wire and let's actually talk about this chart first here on the

Weekly chart guys this huge amount this is actually about 38 months okay over three years worth of data and volume here the 6400 is key but then guys if we actually take a look at this again this massive amount right around like the

Three thousand eight hundred to four thousand dollars if we're gonna get a low I think that's potentially the very absolute worst case scenario the lowest we could go unfortunately for some of

You guys I don't think we'll ever see one or two thousand or even the low $3,000 range ever again I think at the very lowest and I want to explain this situation specifically on the downside because even the most

Bearish of the Bulls and the most bullish of the Bears are thinking that if we would dip down to these levels guys still by the end of this year we could easily see new all-time highs very exciting stuff so basically what that

Means guys get the buckle in strap in strap on because this year could be absolutely bananas specifically one scenario I want to talk about before we really dive into the meat and tomatoes of the video and the charts here is this

We've been saying this actually about a few weeks but it's still a possibility if we would form a double bottom like we saw it back here okay we saw that here if we saw something back and we come back to the two hundred guys that would

Be fine they'll be perfect that would be like the 55 $5,600 area so we could get a double bottom there by only going back down to about 5600 US dollars which is only about a thousand dollars from where we currently are a little over a

Thousand dollars so if we'd get a pullback which it very much looks like it could be the case okay because there's the bullish scenario where we don't even go lower but I personally think the most bullish scenario right

Now is actually 64 and we'll get into that but specifically 56 could be another very good pullback area and we have it on this chart as well this is one we've had on here for weeks guys you're familiar with this I'm sure 56

Could actually be an amazing pullback area amazing pullback zone for Bitcoin over the next week or two because as we talked about in yesterday's video as well we definitely think there could be one more significant downside move

Before we absolutely skyrocket guys I think that we could easily pass all-time highs by the late summer of this year so maybe July August I think it's very realistic with that being said we also have to account guys there still could

Be more down in the immediate future we're talking about within the next one or two months max there definitely could be some downside and if we're gonna get some downside that is most likely when we'll

Get the downside so that begs the question is this the last opportunity to get extremely cheap Bitcoin and alt coins before a mega boom blast-off very possible who knows very much up for debate but guys that could very much be

The case Wow now that's exciting now if we actually switch over to the four hour here on Biff and X guys we're actually ending we're in that danger zone that we've been saying this redline we're currently getting a little bounce from

There but we're definitely in danger zone right now now this looks like it wants to break out so again it's very possible this could be the scenario I definitely think that if we're gonna get downside over the next two months we

Could be seeing it very shortly so prepare yourselves for that after getting rejected in this little corner right here guys getting pushed back into here again one of the scenarios is we could bounce but again I'm much more

Inclined to think that it makes more sense right now that we get one final pullback in one macro test of a low before we continue higher guys the Bitcoin having is literally exactly like 30 days away from now okay we're a month

Away from the Bitcoin halving and as everybody knows you know after the Bitcoin having things go actually crazy if you guys are familiar with the stock to flow there's no doubt in my mind that's going to continue and we could

Easily see $100,000 Bitcoin sometime before this time next year I think things could be absolutely wild but before that does happen we do need to brace ourselves because we could see more downside again there's always the

Possibility that the moves we're seeing now are it and we just continue higher from here but I want to take a look specifically on the downside targets what makes the most sense and for that we can go here guys this is the one

Downside chart we've had up as we were saying a few weeks ago the 5400 again would be absolutely crucial I think that's one of the biggest areas and specifically the very lowest like 5000 but again pointing your attention back

To the weekly chart guys the 5600 I think is just gonna be very strong it's where the 200 weekly moving averages where we found our bottom after 2 touches back at the end of 2018 beginning of 2019 and then went

Absolutely nuts so we had a similar thing I'm not gonna show you guys this again cuz I've already shown it multiple times but we've actually had double bottoms in the past as well right here before rallying into having's and

Rallying – bull markets for Bitcoin so another test here could very much be the case and specifically I don't see Bitcoin going down into that $3,000 area again and if it did it would have to be you

Know we've already seen that we actually did see that going to the three thousand and immediately wikked back up which is something we were saying if it was gonna go into that level it would have to be a very quick wick back up which it in fact

Was a very quick quick you can see this massive wick here and about half the wick was not even a part of the candle was just half of it was a wick half of it was a candle so a very quick bounce there

So we've already dipped our toes down into there which makes me think it's possible that we've already got our low and if we're going to see more downside 5,600 might be like the lowest that we could go okay so that's really important

To take a look at there I think that's probably what makes the most sense playtime is absolutely over so that's really important to watch there and I'm just waiting to see if this breaks this is what I have my chart mainly on right

Here if this breaks then we could see a move but again I'm also watching so much for this 64 I think it's gonna be very strong and we're the 21 day moving average right here acting a support we haven't gone below it guys and the

Longer we consolidate because right now the Bears have the the Bears have the momentum the Bears that have the momentum for about five days now rejecting right here that's all just adding to the bearish momentum they're

Gaining more and more power and right now they're just trying to push it down as much as they can so if we can stabilize that's not a bad thing right now the Bears are on offense the Bulls are on defense as opposed to where we

Were completely on offense here and the bullish bullish zone so now we really have to see if the Bears have what it takes to push us back below 6,000 and potentially all the way down to 56 and even at the lowest maybe even 5000 US

Dollars now guys I think this is important to note the CEO of bit Mex Arthur Hays says this he predicts a total collapse of the USD saying the u.s. is the only country that can depreciate its currency to the degree

Necessary to continue to generate economic activity basically was saying if you print too much money to monetize your government debt your currency craters in your inflation and runs ramp it at that point the Jacobins enter the

Street and you better not be munching on a cake I have no idea what that means all of the global chaos in a financial meltdown will eventually swing the pendulum to Bitcoin he says the hardest form of digital money could not be

Better meaning Bitcoin so he definitely is betting on Bitcoin but he says here could the price retest 3000 absolutely as the SPX rolls over and tests mm expect all asset classes to puke again okay we have that potential

But he also says this despite him saying that he thinks that he still stands behind the previous call of a year Bitcoin price of $20,000 or higher there basically he thinks Bitcoin and gold are the best things to be holding onto right

Now so that's absolutely bonkers let me know what you guys think below what is your low target okay cuz it's very clear that Bitcoin could continue pushing down that's obviously momentum for the past five days or so what do you think the

Low target is and guys I'll be I'll be honest even some bearish people what they're doing they're calling for downside but they're also saying that we could easily be breaking all-time highs still in this year okay within the next

Eight months most likely before December of this year so that's absolutely wild so guys let me know what you think and I'll see you in the next webisode you

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