Bitcoin Halving 2020 Price Prediction

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

There's only going to be a limited amount of life-changing choices that you can have you know in your whole entire lifetime guys you guys aren't those earth from anywhere to 60 to 100 years on average and there's only gonna be a select few opportunities that present

Itself on this magnitude okay what am I talking about I'm talking about the bitcoin happening okay this is a four year cycle and every time we go through one of them it gets harder and harder to make money recently people have been

Searching bitcoin happening all over the internet it's been going viral in China and their Twitter version it's been going viral on Google Trends quite frankly the bitcoin happening is less than three weeks away

What is this opportunity in this video I decided to break it down not only in immense detail but I decided to break it down very very very simple for a person that doesn't even understand blockchain technologies and the opportunities of

Bitcoin this will be a video for you for the people that already understand Bitcoin and just need more evidence to why it could potentially be a hundred and fifty to two hundred thousand dollars in the future this video is for

You this video is for anybody that's looking to make money in Bitcoin I'm going to be talking about the Bitcoin havening I'm also gonna make a price prediction in the near future and a long term price prediction keep watching

alright guys so I got some you know good information for you here I'm gonna be giving you the bullish case for Bitcoin everybody talks about but I've had a lot of people talk about Bitcoin being a

Ponzi scheme for some reason recently a lot of people have been conversing on social media as well as some you know imma show you some you know Google Trends data here and you know Twitter you know in China people have been

Talking about the bitcoin happening now the last time people talked about the bitcoin happening approximately a year to six months after that point it went viral Bitcoin reached you know up to twenty

Thousand dollars the amount of searches went absolutely insane the amount of times people were searching Bitcoin price actually was up there with like stock prices on Google Trends when market cap was a top hundred

Web site in the world and it's basically kind of bring on a lot of adoption now every single time we go through this four year cycle and I'm gonna explain what I mean by four year cycles and the bitcoin happening every time we go

Through the cycle Bitcoin reaches a new all-time high now where is that all-time high gonna be and why I dove into the data science I found historical trends exactly what's going on in Bitcoin I'm gonna give you guys a

Lot of details so if you already know about the Bitcoin having you understand where it's coming from well this is gonna increase your confidence and investing in Bitcoin maybe you have some money on the side

That if you invested yet and you were looking to do it you know this might be something that pushes you overboard and if you don't know anything about the bitcoin happening guys I'm gonna explain it in extreme detail explains for

Someone that doesn't really understand blockchain technology in general by the way if you have already subscribed to my channel my name is Alex I talk about everything cryptocurrency and entrepreneurship if you're looking to

Make money on the internet this channel is definitely for you please do us both a favor and hit that subscribe button as well as the push notification bell so you can get videos like this all the time I try to keep it down to earth

Trying to just kind of back up everything with facts because you know there could be a lot of fake on internet so let's jump into the video now the first thing kind of explained it in my intro as you can see here in China they

Have like their own version of Twitter and you know this article is clearly stating that it's trending so Bitcoin happening is trending if you guys understand the Bitcoin and blockchain economy China is one of the biggest you

Know users of Bitcoin people are searching Bitcoin people it's really that simple I don't know how to explain it as you can see here this is Bitcoin having on Google Trends you can see here

This is like the max right this was the max we're reaching that point okay and Ikes spected good to go further actually went parabolic recently Bitcoin having has been going parabolic people have been

Searching it up they want to know what it is they want to know what's going on which is guys if you look like for example right here you know the bitcoin happened has happened in 2016 you guys know hopefully

You do if you don't in 2017 bitcoin went to $20,000 it was a 20 that went from like around 2000 to $20,000 that was the last parabolic run that's where everybody made a whole bunch of money myself included you know I made a lot of

Money on that first parabolic run so the point where I was able to quit my job and do you know all this stuff full-time and everything like that I was like literally the big stepping stone for a lot of people right now here's just some

More evidence what's happening right now with the stimulus checks all this you know commotion on the economy right people are kind of wise ending up there researching these you know finance books the most popular finance books they're

Researching what's going on with the stimulus checks you know what does this mean for the economy inflation they're trying to understand what's going on with macroeconomics now if I come over here what's the first book that people

Typically research they research Rich Dad Poor Dad you can see there there's a little influx on par with Bitcoin happening you can see the richest man in Babylon it's another very very popular finance book you can see that it also

Increased and then the most important look Robin Hood investing one of the biggest search terms when it comes to money in general you know this is just kind of proving that people are kind of doing more research and understanding

What's going on you can see that the quantitative easing money in general stock market all this the oil prices it's in the news commonly right when people see it over and over again they have sort relevance and you know

Importance to it and they start learning they start understanding what's going on so towards the end of this video we're gonna talk about the Block havening okay we're gonna talk about bitcoins price I'll give you the price predictions and

All the data but just to give you some confidence people there's a lot of fundamental Bitcoin bullish reasons why this thing's gonna explode soon we're just starting if you're watching this video now and it's you know within the

Last two months of me making it you are on the cusp of Bitcoin blowing up this is a very cheap Bitcoin where I'm gonna show you the statistics and analytics and what I mean guys and I'm gonna back it up with evidence as you can see here

Digital asset investment report so one of the only ways you can get into Bitcoin if you're doing like traditional finance basically Wall Street it's the best way to put it to actually hold physical

Bitcoin as you can see here in quarter one investment highlights so they're quarter run report shows that they have reached they literally broke all of their records right here grace got raised five hundred and three million

And quarter Warren nearly doubled the pyrius quarterly hi so they doubled their last quarterly high so that means that there's a lot of new institutional investors coming into Bitcoin okay directly shows right there and this is

With every exchange there's a lot there's been a lot of reports that these exchanges have beginning new users and I'm gonna talk about some and I'm gonna talk about some statistics on literally people are creating new addresses in

Bitcoin all right we're seeing all-time highs in that aspect too so if I come over here I want to show you guys something really quickly so the reason we haven't seen it go parabolic is specifically because of the adoption

Curve as you can see here if you don't know and understand what this is is you know it's basically the the curve that we look at the chart that we looked at for adoption so first this is the enthusiast right it's a small majority

Is probably people getting in a Bitcoin in 2015 it was me as well I got you know I was playing around a Bitcoin for a long time then we have the visionaries okay that's probably like the run the people in 2017 now this is there's no

Facts about this look I want to show you this helpful tool that I found that's me that's people like me that got it in 2017 you understand how many people are creating videos and trying to teach people about cryptocurrency now that

I've known you know being a personal marketer being a person that sees it from like a real perspective you know me other people are hitting me up now asking me you know yo Alex what about that Bitcoin because they saw it in 2017

They thought it was a scam in 2017 but now they see it's about to go up again they're realizing they're becoming they're going farther up in the adoption curve the basically the pragmatic says not now starting to get into it okay and

This is what I mean by once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when I was saying in the beginning as Bitcoin goes up yes it goes up in more multiples but as more money but gets involved in Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency economy

As a whole less multiples and there's literally less chance of making money right there's it's still ridiculous don't get me wrong it's it's better than you know the stock market any other financial instrument ever when it comes

To making money like one of the biggest you know companies ever Renaissance Technologies actually just announced that they're getting into digital currency recently they're one of the most widely

Accepted firms when it comes to making money they consistently get 70% a year just this year bitcoins up like 95% so cryptocurrency and Jen was absolutely ridiculous in 2017 it was up like ten thousand percent five thousand percent

Don't quote me on that but for going from two thousand to twenty thousand is a 10x okay that's a 10x Renaissance finance can't do that if you were just a whole Bitcoin or aetherium any cryptocurrency you would have made more

Money than one of the best firms in the world bitcoin is a huge learning curve I know this firsthand right people don't just go into money start learning about money and then jump

Immediately to the bitcoin bitcoin is usually kind of like the last stop right people start learning about stocks they start learning about this they get burned in the stock industry they understand that or whatever and then

They started learning about you know scarcity they start learning about the manipulation of the government they start watching and documentaries that a lot of you probably already watched right and they understand dang like

Digital currencies are the future right and they get it and then they start then they start learning digital currencies right I call it the three phase explain it better in my course but the three days is basically the first phase is

Them being confident enough to invest their money the second phase is them actually making money in the third phase is that making a business out of it okay if most people don't even go that far but essentially what I'm saying is

People are learning about this space they will they're going to get to the point where they learn just like the last block happening when people are searching block out and seeing what it was right but block having I get it

Mixed up block having people were seeing what it was right six months to a year you later Bitcoin explodes so as people learn about this project they get more comfortable with the space we should see

More adoption now I'm just gonna be going over a whole bunch of bullish cases of what we're already seeing so you guys understand that the you know when it comes to the four year cycles we're already starting okay and I'm

Gonna explain this four year cycles and all that s towards the end of the video but let me just give you some bullish case scenarios of exactly what's going on so for example if you go on to the top this is for today the top 24 hours

Like what's going on as you can see here the top 10 stories for Google Trends for today this stock market this is a direct impact of what's going on in the world economy right there's a reverse stock split ok and velorek it's this company

That basically provides tubing solutions for oil oil companies industries low-carbon energy for energy companies they provide tubing solutions so essentially if the oil industry is suffering they're obviously going to

Suffer because they're not buying the supplies right it's pretty straightforward so as you can see here I just want to kind of explain the reverse thought splits this is basically a sign that the company is doing really bad

Reverse stock splits do not impact the Corporations value but they're usually a result in a corporation stock having lost substantial value the negative connotation associated with such an act is often self-defeating as a stock is

Subject to renewed selling pressure so essentially it's a trick what I do is it's kind of the opposite of Bitcoin right there's only a certain amount of Bitcoin and you can't change that right there's 21 million bitcoins air and

Circulation you can't change it we're not in circulation but max all right there's 21 billion Bitcoin max what they're doing is they're they're taking their dollar stocks so let's say it's for example just to make numbers easier

Let's say they have $100 stocks okay what they're doing is they're splitting that into and they're taking 50 to 1 stocks all right so that what that means is they're taking instead of having 100 stocks they have two stocks

Worth $50 so the company is not increasing in valuation they're merging their stocks together so that if somebody does purchase they actually have to purchase a bigger share right so this is literally a manipulative thing

Which brings me to my next point generally a reverse stock split is not perceived positively by market participants okay it indicates that the stock price has gone to the bottom and the company management is attempting to

Inflate the prices artificially without real business proposition okay the reverse stock splits have been popular in the post dot-com bubble era of 2000 okay when many new companies saw their stock price declining to record

Low levels this is what they did 700 companies went for reverse stock splits with that it's basically signaling that there's problems you guys clearly see what's going on regardless of the the printing of the money which I have other

Videos for that if you don't understand the stimulus checks you don't understand how it's a negative effect on the economy just really quickly if you have juice right if you guys have juice and the juice is sweet and you like drinking

This juice that's sweet right so purchasing power it's basically your money having purchasing power if you put water and that juice it dilutes the juice so essentially what I'm saying is the juice

Is like you having money in your bank if you have money in your bank and they print some money over some somewhere else to make your money in your bank less valuable that's a simple explanation it's a little

More complicated than that but the more money that they print the worse it is for the people that have money it's the worse it is for people that are under lower mid class to lower class basically people are rich they get bailed out they

Get the majority of the money which it doesn't really affect them too well right so if I come over here I just want to show you guys what's going on if you didn't see what's going on guys oil went to negative figures so literally

Technically I mean not really like you couldn't get paid to receive oil but this oil crisis is substantial and this is the world's energy people this is like the world's first commodity this is one of the big things that governments

Are fighting over oil and a way to reach negative territory the biggest crash ever for oil what I'm saying is that there could be a potential you know bubble pop and you know what we know as modern finance there could you know be a

Economic turndown okay there could be something going on there's millions of people that are jobless right now unemployment is higher than it's ever been ever layoffs are ridiculous people are not getting to work this epidemic

Obviously has a huge problem and the house of cards is coming down so as we go over here just some more bullish information Bloomberg publishes an article I think it was today or yesterday so this year what they're

Saying is it confirms Bitcoin transaction from a risk on a speculative asset to Kryptos markets version of gold so they're basically trying to say that bitcoins being solidified this year of what's going on right futures

This is Bloomberg people this is not me this is Bloomberg increasing futures open interest the declining volatility and a relative out performance despite the stock market shakeout indicates Bitcoin is maturing from a speculative

Crypto asset towards a digital version of gold guys okay that's Bloomberg okay this is a bullish case scenario okay another thing okay stimulus checks everybody got 1200 bucks this was tweeted by Armstrong

Basically the CEO of coinbase the CEO of coinbase says this is the percentage of deposits that are directly the same exact size as 1200 and you can see the spike there these people were literally depositing $1200 okay so that is

Directly correlated people are dumping they're stimulated checks into Bitcoin because they're scared people are getting scared of what's going on they're getting scared and I don't blame them right here's another one from glass

Node insights big hash rate has recovered from its recent drop showing a clear upward trend as we were approaching to having what does that mean Hacha is basically how much computer hash is dedicated to mining

Bitcoin if you understand how bitcoins mind I'll explain it so when there was the flash crafts from Bitcoin Bitcoin went down to like thirty eight hundred forty two hundred or something like that recently okay

The hash rate had the job because people were mining and not they weren't profitable so they literally had to turn off the computers because they weren't making money as miners okay we're up 64 percent from that drop ok that's less

Than like two months ago we're back up 64 percent just in time for the happening which will all make sense as we go through this video another one okay this is from glass note insights Bitcoin experiencing influx of new users

Krey-kin record I told you guys in beginning crack I recorded third eighty three percent rise in signups and a further three hundred percent increase on verifications so people are not only signing up for the exchange but they're

Putting their details in to get a kytc didn't know your customer putting their ID so they can get cash directly into crypto not only of the exchange columns growing but new user activity on Bitcoin network has also accelerated as you can

See here new users on Bitcoin which is gonna blow your mind a little bit more despite this influx of new users Bitcoin has continued to flow out of exchanges people are so when people go on exchanges when people have Bitcoin

Exchanges they're looking to sell it that's how Bitcoin is right everybody knows exchanges are not the way to go there there's hacks that can take place or funds are not safe on exchange if you're in cryptocurrency you generally

Know that so the only reason your money would be on exchanges I can vouch for this the only meat reason my money is ever on exchanges is because you know I'm gonna sell it okay so as you can see here people are not leaving their money

Exchanged or putting it in their wallets okay that's suggesting that people are trying to say Bitcoin as a safe haven potentially not right now but potentially in the future Bitcoin can be

Seen as the safe haven that we're looking for now is bringing you to my next point let's talk let's start talking about the bitcoin happening and exactly what's going on here you know I'm gonna break it down for you

What mining is and everything like that try to keep it as simple as I possibly can so just really quickly I want to explain to you something called scarcity okay now just like any property in the world right so for example if you're a

Basketball player and you're better than another bass while player you're gonna have certain skills and set certain properties to yourself that's gonna out-compete theirs for example you could shoot better

You're quicker you can dribble better right these are skills that are better than the other person and if you play a game of basketball 200 times you're gonna win more because you have better skills it's the same thing with money

Properties of money there's properties of money I'm explained in this video I have a video for that I'll link in the description below but there's certain properties of the money that make it superior over another property of our

Money right and one of them is scarcity this is a huge factor and you know bitcoin gold and a lot of commodities scarcity is a huge factor why it's valuable now it happens to be that the u.s. dollar absolutely sucks as scarcity

But let me explain what scarcity is so the max supply of bitcoins only 21 million and actually it's gonna be less than that considering you know we're not gonna get to that point and you're gonna be dead by the time we get to that point

What I'm basically trying to say is if you come over here there's only 40 6.8 million millionaires go back to Bitcoin only 21 million bitcoins in the world in the supply okay I go back over here again there's only 40 6.8 let's call it

47 47 million millionaires we go back to the spot do you guys catch my drift here so not even a millionaire if everybody started adopting Bitcoin okay if everybody started adopting it this is what scarcity is this is why so

Important not even every millionaire in the world could own one bitcoin they would be able to own like a half a Bitcoin and that's considering you know that these there's guys with hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin so realistically we

Could say that if every millionaire in the world try to grab Bitcoin if it started being adopted they wouldn't even be able to hold point 1 of a Bitcoin or point 2 of a Bitcoin that's pretty safe there okay scarcity

Has a huge effect on price of anything right because look why do fashion brands destroyed billions of dollars worth of their own merchandise every year clear and simple the brand admitted to it okay they demolish their goods it's a part of

Its strategy to preserve its reputation of exclusivity right fashion brands are notorious for being able to charge high super expensive prices for items that you can get for like a fraction of the cost and the reason they can do that is

Because of scarcity okay it's a collectible right Jordans electable people collect them and sell them for thousands of dollars some Jordans are worth like 30 40 grand because of scarcity it's one-of-a-kind I

Can I want to hit this home really hard now if we come over here this is purchasing power so I explain to you guys with a little cup you know dilutions of the water purchasing power of the dollar versus Bitcoin Bitcoin

Will literally get you more items in reality than the dollar would you know since at least the past whatever since like 1913 or something like that and that's because of scarcity they keep printing they keep printing money I

Don't know how else to explain it it's short-term good yeah a short-term props of the stocks and makes people more confident but if you're not invested in stocks if you have no investment right or if you have a

Certain like if you're like minimum wage minimum wage has to go up too if your minimum wage hasn't gone up and it printed all this money essentially you are literally making less money now because your purchasing power is worth

Far less it's simple supply and demand I know you can feel it like a lot of this stuff and cryptocurrency very very hard to explain it takes years to really understand and if you're new to cryptocurrency just feel it I know you

Can feel it there's something wrong with receiving a $1200 free check nothing's free in life let's talk about Bitcoin mining because it's very relevant when it comes to the block Avenue now this is a picture I'm not gonna go off the

Picture I'm gonna explaining in my own way because it's it's just very it's so much more complicating this I'm gonna dumb it down as simple as possible so essentially what's happening is every ten to fifteen minutes or so

There's amount of Bitcoin rewarded so just like mining gold for example these these gold companies they're mining they're mining right and they're getting about 2 to 3% a year when it comes to the relative you know supply of gold

They're mining oh they got some gold right same thing with Bitcoin there's computers that are contributing cash we talked about the network cash before how we recover 64 percent they're true they're contributing Hash computer power

To basically solving this random puzzle that's what bitcoin is it's a random puzzle it's a lottery system and whoever solves it first gets rewarded right now the specific number is 12.5 Bitcoin so every 10 to 15 minutes 12.5 Bitcoin gets

Split amongst the pool so I'm not gonna explain pools in depth but essentially it's not like you don't get 12.5 Bitcoin if you win there's a pool there's a whole pool of people that all connect their hash power together and

The 12.5 gets split amongst those people in the pool so essentially it's like one person mining but everybody is contributing to that one person and that one person 1 12.5 which they split out their shares to everybody according to

How much hash power they have okay now the reason I explained that is because that 12.5 number is decreasing to 6.25 in less than three weeks this is what the Bitcoin happening is okay so we're gonna have the same amount of users

Adopting Bitcoin the same amount of people researching Bitcoin the same amount of people understanding what this space is there's literally gonna be less Bitcoin being shot out every 10 to 15 minutes or so

Right which decreases the supply similar to what you know these these fashions brands are doing they're burning their excess supply so they can increase the price of Bitcoin this is automatically executed every four years or so not to

The time it's all depends on the blockchain but every four years or so this is happening and we can see a direct correlation with the market in the price of Bitcoin so all data lines up with this four-year cycle thing that

I keep talking about all the data lines up as you can see here there was a bull market in 2011 okay now after the bull market after people made money there was a hundred and sixty-three days data that we went down a bear market okay the red

Part is accumulation now keep in mind as we go through this we're getting close to having these big black lines that's the having having having all right these big black lines okay so as you can see here as we're getting closer

To the halving we see the price go up and then a little bit after the happening it goes parabolic four year cycles let's go to the next one it's not exactly four years it can be anywhere from three to five years so it just

Depends on the market because it's gonna all change because there's back in the day there wasn't as much money in crypto one Bitcoin was worth 17 cents so it changes this one was a little bit quicker being that there was more upside

Room potential now it's gonna be a little bit slower as we get further on because there's more money in Bitcoin the law of diminishing returns basically means that over time there's diminishing because there's more money in Bitcoin

Simple supply and demand so as you can see here okay again boom market boom as we get closer to the Hat the having just happens then a couple months later boom market boom market okay oh man the having is way too far look at

This having way too far bear market okay cumulation as where people were like buy right then we see the in this case it was going up a little bit before alright it's going to look a little bit before having bull

Market and we're gonna talk about specific numbers I'm just explaining to people I don't understand right bull market bear market because this is far away having far away bear market okay this is supply and demand now what we're

Seeing as we saw this influx here going up okay now this charts a little bit old we're like more of like right here where we kind of went down but as you can see we're up right we see these little jumps

Here we're up now what's gonna happen potentially is when having happens remember the same amount of people are still getting into Bitcoin it's like a perfect storm everybody's losing faith in the dollar right they're losing faith

In a dollar to understanding what's going on the market the researching money oh man this is a horrible thing manipulation they're looking for things with fixed supplies like gold gold is doing really good right now right and

Bitcoin just happens to be one of them all right actually deflationary we're actually going lower than 2% the the US economy plans to be 2 percent inflation we're going to 1.8 percent inflation and in next four years it even goes down

Even more so it's literally made to win it's literally made it sits in the algorithm automatically executed to win so as you can see here all right we're getting closer and then we could potentially see $100,000 Bitcoin now

Probably even more than that actually $100,000 is pretty pretty like conservative so as you come here Bitcoin logarithmic growth curves and they call it logarithmic regression okay so essentially they're doing that they're

Making predictions right from all the past previous history of Bitcoin this is data science right so as you can see here okay the tops we're looking at $100,000 Bitcoin by the end of 2021 right so just more this is the one I

Like to look at a little bit more stock the flow model they use this I'm sure I've talked about it a couple times I might if you guys don't know what it is it's basically a way to make predictions

Based on the stock right you use this for oil accuses for anything that has a limited stock as you can see how these lines are pretty straightforward right they're pretty straightforward and they make a prediction right so you can see

Here this prediction right here there's about a 12 there's about a there's about a 6 to 7 X difference so their prediction of Bitcoin around 2014 was $165 but they were wrong Bitcoin ended up going to $1200 give or

Take right then here their prediction was you know a $6,000 Bitcoin they're about four times wrong Bitcoin went to 20,000 right now keep in mind right this right here was less than this it was like a 6s X difference this was a 4x

Difference right and then notice that it happened a little bit after their prediction okay now just to give you guys a kind of understanding what's going on the red that means that we're far from the halving and the purple

Means were close so we're at the purple right here we're at this point right here okay so we're looking for that parabolic run right there so if I were to make a prediction short term I'm talking about the prediction so if we

Look right here we can clearly say that you know it's probably gonna happen probably somewhere in the middle here a little bit later maybe maybe 2022 around here I'll say I'll say the end of 2021 beginning of 2022 midway through 2022 if

I was to be safe maybe more like you know 2023 or the end of 2022 if I wanted to be safe all right we could say safely that since this was like almost a 3 to 4x return maybe we'll see a 2x from their prediction so the 2x case would be

You see here this is $100,000 guys this is a million a 2x would be a $200,000 Bitcoin by the end of by the end of 2021 beginning of 2022 potentially okay and if I was to be safe conservative I would say we see personally if I was to talk

About my my exit strategy I'm exiting 100 I'll start pulling positions at $100,000 so what essentially I'll do is I'll take a certain percentage my portfolio split it up into five equal distributions and our dollar cost

Average out so when in Bitcoin hits $100,000 I'll pull out that one equal distribution right then when it hits like maybe a hundred thousand dollars I'll pull out another big lump sum Akash then when it hits

Like 140 I'll pull out another lump sum the cash then it hits 200,000 and I pull out and that's exactly what I'm doing but I'm starting my pool out at about a hundred to one hundred and twenty thousand dollars and a Bitcoin so just

In case you guys wanted to cash out strategy that's essentially what I'm doing but just to give just to reiterate I'm the prediction for a hundred and fifty thousand dollar Bitcoin potentially is going to be around the

Middle of 2021 potentially towards the beginning of 2022 so in about a year's time guys in about a year's time we should see Bitcoin if I were to just predict for like one year I'm looking at this chart man it's as you can see there

Lags a little bit so I would say bitcoin is gonna hit like twenty thousand it should hit twenty thousand in less than a year I'm thinking bitcoins gonna hit twenty thousand in less than a year and potentially 150 to 200 thousand about

Two to three years that's my ultimate conservative price prediction for Bitcoin you guys understand how Bitcoin mining works you understand how the Bitcoin happening affects due to scarcity remember this is only one

Property of the money this is not the only reason bitcoin is superior there's ten other properties to why bitcoin superior I have other videos for that I'll link it in the description below if you like the quality's content hit like

If you don't leave some constructive criticism subscribe for more video updates and like I always say if you don't get with this technology you will get left behind thanks for watching this video guys I'll catch you in the next


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