Bitcoin Going INSANE – Should You Buy Now?

by birtanpublished on August 15, 2020

If you've been living under a rock or something then you probably haven't noticed that bitcoin is making a lot of people money right now bitcoin has been going crazy it's going even more parabolic for the

Search term on google trends for bitcoin having than i previously talked about in my last bitcoin having video okay this wasn't unexpected but it's exciting to see that bitcoin is doing very very well so in this video

I know a lot of people have been asking me this question alex should i buy bitcoin now is it too late to buy bitcoin what's the good price to get in i'm gonna be tackling that question

And towards the end of this video i'm gonna be showing you guys a very very fundamental chart fundamental chart that shows that one bitcoin can potentially

Reach the value of 288 000 per bitcoin keep watching what's going on everybody alex back with another cryptocurrency video today we're gonna be talking about bitcoin everything about bitcoin because it's

Been doing well i'm sure a lot of you have seen it but the question that a lot of people have been asking me on my you know instagram follow me on my instagram if you haven't followed me there yet

They've been asking me in my group chat you know hitting me up with private messages and everything alex should i buy bitcoin now is it still a good time to buy bitcoin went up 20

Should i still be buying it and in this video i'm gonna attempt to tackle that question as if i don't have any bitcoin at all so if i had zero dollars in cryptocurrency and i was just starting but i had you

Know the intelligence of what i have today in this market what will be the exact steps that i would take to purchase bitcoin okay i'm gonna give you the strategy towards the end of this

Video and i'm gonna give you a whole bunch of bullish case news about bitcoin what's going on in the market and why it's been doing so well then i'm also gonna give you a price prediction

About you know i'm not joking on this how one bitcoin can be worth like 288 thousand dollars and what that basically means is if you buy bitcoin now for 9 000 it can 28 x okay we'll talk about that

Towards the end of this video but before we get started guys if you haven't already subscribed to the channel my name is alex i talk about everything cryptocurrency and internet

Entrepreneurship if you're looking to make money on the internet hit the subscribe button as well as the push notification bell so you get videos like this all the time as you can see i'm talking about current events so if you

Get to it first it could potentially help your situation out now of course none of my videos are financial advice and i highly advise people to really really do their own research and if you

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We'll see who comes out on top okay so that's it for that one guys go to the link below and go ahead and apply to this job application as an assistant marketer all right let's jump into the video so i'm just gonna

Throw this at you guys when my kids get older and they look back you know at the coronavirus and what's going on with the c virus and everything like that what did you do during the crone of ours

Dad i bought more bitcoin i'm not going to curse but legend you know it's crazy because this is true because what if like it comes to fruition right what if you know bitcoin actually

Becomes like really popular and makes a lot of money like comes like 288 000 or whatever or one coins worth even a hundred thousand would be crazy and then the chronovirus ends like and then your kids

Are looking back at history like oh my god you were you were in the coronavirus what did you do if you would have bought bitcoin at that time and both of them you know if our

Predictions come correct in cryptocurrency you will be a legend like i don't want people to miss out you know even if it's a couple hundred bucks and that's all you can afford

Guys watch this video this is gonna be something where you can average in and make a good position so short term you don't feel bad because personally you know for me if i were to put like a thousand dollars into

Bitcoin right now and it went down it would not affect me but i know for the average person you know that's really important that they make they make money quick so that they can

Feel good about their investment you know that's fine so i'm going to show you what i would do now this isn't guaranteed in any way shape or form again like i just told you if i put money in tomorrow and bitcoin

Drops it would not affect me okay i just want to be very clear with you guys on this video but i will show you a strategy in which you can minimize your loss so it doesn't feel as bad if it does go

Down or it doesn't you know you might actually you know make some serious money in the short term so yo by the way guys i found this really cool merchandise company as you can see here they sell hats they

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I highly suggest you come and get this if you haven't heard of like this this saying right here it's in like it's popular in hip-hop there's a specific label that says it in you know all of

Their their songs and stuff like that and i think it's just one of the best you know cryptocurrency websites when it comes to like fashion and stuff like that they're really like kind of setting a trend and

I just thought it was interesting i wanted to show you guys you know this shirt company here i'll leave the link in the description go ahead and check it out first thing i want to show you guys is the last video when i talked about

Bitcoin having we're about right here we were right here okay it's going parabolic now i want you to notice before bitcoin happening in 2016 look at the search trend there compared to this

What does that mean that means that there's a lot more people in bitcoin than there was in 2016 and guess what bitcoin went to 20k there's a lot more new faces in cryptocurrency this is a

Perfect example there's just more search terms guys there's more searching why why there are more people is because what happened in 2017 everybody feel like they miss the boat right they feel like they missed a boat or they thought

It was a scam and they were like oh my god the bubble popped it's over it's over with a big one and that's what happened here around 2018 oh bitcoins it's all over bitcoin right

Nobody it happened to be a ponzi scheme we were all right yeah yeah yeah okay and then we started seeing bitcoin rise we started seeing bitcoin coming from that four thousand dollar mark to like

14 000 and dropping it then they're all like oh whoa what whoa that's crazy right and they're all realizing that maybe it's not a bubble maybe it's just

You know volatile market and it could potentially be something in the future and that's what i predict that's happening now is that all these people that previously didn't get in in 2017 but were watching their friends get rich

Are now you know researching it understanding what it is and taking action on it okay so guys look at the difference this is in 2016. this is now it's going parabolic 12 days to the bitcoin having if you

Don't know what that is yeah i have videos on my channel i really highly suggest that you guys dive into those videos because you don't want to miss out okay you don't want to miss out there's

Not a video talking about that specifically i have other videos on that like i explained but let's just jump into more bitcoin news so in this article here we basically just had

You know um the bitcoin is they're basically talking about how bitcoin right now you know is going up and stocks are going up but bitcoin is going up for a different reason right so if you didn't know

The us government's just they're printing more money right they're bringing interest rates to zero they're dropping interest rates they're printing more money for people

And you know that's why the stock and actually uh jerome powell um admitted to this live which will watch the video in this video we'll watch the video in this video but we're gonna we're gonna

Look at that and he admitted live that they're doing everything in their they even said that the goal of right now is to print as much money and that's not the specific words but he basically said the goal is to print as

Much money as possible without damaging the future so they know that this quantitative easing is really bad for the future really bad for the economy right so another thing i want to show you

Is peter here i don't know if you guys know who he is in the cryptocurrency community he basically is he's a gold bug he always talks about gold and his way of marketing to gold is having

The same principles as bitcoin so he believes in you know how the quantitative easing is really bad and all the same mindset his marketing tactic from what i've seen throughout the years is that he just

Completely bashes bitcoin as much as he possibly can and he says that bitcoin is like a cult and he does everything in his power and it's funny because somebody kind of put this here and i

Wanted to show you guys and it's basically him calling the bottom of bitcoin saying that you know bitcoin's done right it looks like bitcoin 4000 support level is broken it's now a blood block

As the floodgates are wide open so he's basically telling people not to buy bitcoin at 4 000. boy is he wrong it's almost like 10 000. you would have like 125 by the way guys like bitcoin has been

The best producing asset out of any asset class in the whole entire world in 2020. i'm talking about this year a lot of people always want to you know i bring out the you know how bitcoins the best

Asset class of the last decade the last 10 years everybody's oh but it's only 10 years okay what about this year if you would have bought bitcoin you would have been in a better

Position than any other asset class in the world and you know this guy's telling people not to buy it don't make the mistake of thinking that buying bitcoin below 3800 is a bargain just because the current

Price is better than 80 below its record high bitcoin could easily drop another 80 from here okay wrong again bitcoin pump and dumpers are losing their mojo they

Managed to pump the price up by 550 in one minute seven point five percent f uh spike yet the dump reversed the entire pop with eight percent drop in 7.5 hours bitcoin pumpers can no longer

Sucker new buyers and the game is over obviously you know that's not true i mean i don't think that bitcoin flourishes off off of suckering new buyers it's not what i'm saying

What i'm saying is more and more people are obviously researching bitcoin he is he owns a gold company and that's simply what he's doing guys he's doing everything in his power to bash bitcoin because it's good marketing

Good pr uh for his narrative and gold right and then another one where he's just been wrong over and over again you know saying getting ready for another fifty percent drop at five

Thousand three hundred now we're at like what nine thousand eight eight eight nine thousand i don't even i don't even like looking at the daily price but bitcoin obviously you know is doing

Better than any other asset class including gold right another thing i want to show you it's even better than the s p 500 obviously you know stocks fell as well as bitcoin bitcoin went down way

Further and of course it recovered faster but we've been playing catch up ever since and recently we passed the s p 500 yes we are doing better in recovery than s p 500 okay i want you guys to understand

The significance of that okay remember s p 500 has way more money invested okay bitcoin is a spec on earth compared to the s p 500 okay i want you guys to really get

Wrap that around your head there right now i just want to do some quick technical analysis just to show you guys um what i would do and this is going to play we're going to come back to this chart towards the end when we're talking

About what would you do to average in or you know hold your position make some money in bitcoin um and just really quickly as you can see here i drew this a while back um there's basically three major

Resistance levels that i'm looking for so one obviously is going to be what around twelve hundred dollars around this range right here um one is going to be uh the obviously the last you know all-time high of

Twenty thousand dollars and then you know this more recent one which is a thirteen thousand one one that we recently saw so right here as you can see we kind of rejected so far it didn't close out there but we

Rejected at nine thousand five hundred dollars and we went down so just keep this in mind when we start talking about your entry position but just understand that this is an

Ascending wedge so what that basically means is that every single time it hits the top then hits the bottom it hits the top then hits the bottom every time it does that it's like it's a

Coil effect so essentially the longer we stay in this wedge wherever if this could go either way it can go up or down right so either way it goes it's gonna go it coils down as it keeps

Hitting and then when the coil pops it's much more force so if we keep playing around here whatever way you pick it's just going to be more exponentially true or wrong right so i want you guys to really you know

Think about that when you're investing in cryptocurrency is extremely volatile so let's go to jerome powell because i thought this video was extremely interesting and let's just re see what he has to say

We have not been on such a path for some time which means it just means that the the debt is growing faster than the economy the debt is growing faster than the economy um this is not the time to act on those

Concerns this is the time to use the great fiscal power of the united states to to do what we can to support the economy and try to get through this with as little damage to the longer run

Productive capacity of the economy as little damage to the long run productive capacity of the united states economy so they know they literally know that what they're doing now is going to damage the economy

In the future now i'm not saying that this is like there's no way i can sit here and comment on you know the world economic conditions and and propose a plan that's

Going to solve everything there's no way i could do that that's not what i'm trying to do what i'm explaining to you there's a lot of people on the internet that are saying you know that the

Stimulus check is ultimately a good thing that's not the way to assess it the way you should be looking at it is it might be a good thing for the short term but let's prepare for the long term

Because even they know that the long term it's not going to work out it's a damaged system it's not working and it's pretty obvious as possible the time will come again and reasonably soon i think where

We can where we can uh think about a long-term way to get our fiscal house in order and we absolutely need to do that but this is not the time to be uh in my

Personal view this is not the time to to let that concern which is a very serious concern but to let that uh get in the way of us winning this battle really role level so basically he's admitting

Everything that we've been talking about on this channel in this video okay if you guys don't know what i'm talking about there's a lot of videos previous videos you need to look at on my channel that we talk about

Specifically what's going on the biggest use case for bitcoin and there's other use cases that we're gonna we're gonna dive into like i said in this chart uh the 288 thousand dollar bitcoin there's other

Use cases we're going to talk about but one of the biggest use cases is when people lose faith the biggest premise of bitcoin when people lose faith and money in the government they need a

Sound money hedge against it they need a way to save their money so that the government doesn't screw it up okay it doesn't screw up their savings that's essentially the big argument for

Bitcoin guys and i really don't care about you know anything other than that that's just the truth i think you know cryptocurrency is here for a reason it's to save people to safe haven all right so we talked about s p 500

We talked about basically how they're admitting of what's going on right now um we talked about some bullish case scenarios and how you know the bitcoin having is going parabolic all right so let's talk about the prediction and

Exactly what i would do now this is a chart that we've seen before before you click away this is the stock to flow model we talked about a long time you know um if you haven't seen a video on that there's other videos again for

That reason uh you'll see it in my um previous videos i believe i talk about in the bitcoin having the bitcoin having video now the same guy that made this this coin that went

Viral for making this plan b he actually just came out with a new one okay which he thinks is a little bit more accurate and this is where we're gonna get the two thousand two hundred and eighty

Eight thousand dollar bitcoin this is where we're getting it from so i'm just gonna quickly go over this article in my own words uh you can go look it up for yourself all you have to do

Is you know search bitcoin stock the flow cross asset model that's all you have to do he basically takes gold and silver and integrates it into the stock to flow model to get a more accurate prediction

Right so just to give you guys uh a brief explanation of what's going on he's talking about here you know the basis of s2f which is stock to flow model by removing time and adding other assets

Like silver or gold to the model because silver and gold the reason why people adopt silver and gold is for reasons right and the reason you know people about bitcoin are going to be different reasons now he's saying

That we're kind of evolving to the silver and gold reasons let me explain it's a little bit difficult to understand i call this new model bitcoin s2f cross asset model s2fx model enables

The validation of different assets like silver gold bcc in one formula okay so there's one thing we have to quickly explain is phase transactions what they're basically saying is that you know there's different

Phases for example of water it's a solid liquid gas and then it's ionized in some cases and the same thing with money right money has its different phases face transitions are also present in finance

For example the us dollar has transitioned from gold coin one dollar grains of pure silver to paperback gold to paper backed by nothing although we keep calling it the dollar the dollar

Has totally different properties in these three phases okay so essentially just like water you know the dollar had you know the storage of value has different phases same thing for bitcoin so as you can see

Here the the blue is the original case of bitcoin which was ecash proof of concept it was a con it was a concept for uh electronic cash right and that's what got i guess you could say the

Original adoption of bitcoin right then it was like a cheap payments network that's why people use bitcoin because it's really cheap to send transactions right then it was like an anonymous dark net currency

Okay people on the dark knight were using bitcoin for illegal transactions then it was a reserve currency for crypto okay you know when everybody was going into altcoins people used bitcoin as a

Reserve currency then it was censorship resistant like an e-gold right so when china banned it and there was a whole bunch of censorship on cryptocurrency

You know bitcoin was used as a hedge against that then it was a programmable shared database as you guys know it's an immutable database public right and shared across the world peer-to-peer networks

Now we're kind of close to an uncorrelated financial asset that is what bitcoin is serving right now okay now what he's saying is that it's kind of evolving from this point and we could potentially go into the

Gold and silver reasons and narratives right that's essentially what he's saying right so for example just go over again proof of concept after bitcoin white paper this was the proof of concept

Payments after usd you know kind of match bitcoin one bitcoin was worth one dollar then e gold after the first having one bitcoin was one ounce of gold then a financial asset after the second

Having one billion transactions per day milestone legal clarity in japan and australia futures markets at cme and backed right so this is where this is what i mean by financial asset right

Now if we come over here he kind of group these into their own like little categories as you can see here and the the four that we just talked about these are like kind of like the four clusters right proof concept

Payments e-gold financial assets so the first cluster second third and fourth now what he's doing is he's predicting bitcoin using the s2f model the using the stock to flow model but he's including silver and gold

So same thing these these clusters here are showing that he's also showing silver and gold okay and doing predictions note that the big difference with the original s2f model is that i use silver and gold

S2f and market value data and regression analysis so essentially what he did is he used s2f for gold and silver and implemented it into this model so we can make prediction now i'm going

To leave the article for you so you can dive in deeper depth because this video will be way too long but let me just show you this translates into a bitcoin price given of 19 million bitcoin supply so the

Circulating supply would be 19 million out in the world of 288 000 between the time of 2020 and 2024 and the reason why i put this in the video is because this is going to be very

Relevant and you buying bitcoin now this is going to speak the whole tune of what we're talking about here this is why i told you it doesn't even matter to me if bitcoin drops if i bought some today and bitcoin

Dropped 20 i would not care it would obviously be mad because i lost 20 of my money don't get me wrong but it's not as big as a deal as you think it is because in the long

Term it makes it irrelevant right it's very irrelevant so as you can see bitcoin is highly undervalued even today right now these are all predictions of course you know this is financial advice

Keep in mind there's a lot of smart people there are verifying all this stuff like it's not just me on the internet i'm just trying to be straightforward because a lot of people think i'm crazy

So what would i do right now if i was to get into bitcoin let's go to let's look at some price and i'll tell you exactly what i do now it's not complicated that's a beautiful

Part of my strategy is that it doesn't take too much effort um to look at something like this and it's pretty consistent across the board so i do it a lot right so if we just kind of zoom in

On what bitcoin is today actually i think a better chart would be if we look here so essentially what i'll do is you can see it rejected here we talked about the ascending triangle and everything that i

Rejected at the top here okay and it went down and and you can see like i drew these lines along long time ago and it's been following the path pretty clearly it kind of bounced up from here you know

Rejected here you know it follows the path so essentially right now we're at a good position to buy right now keep in mind the coil effect the coil effect basically says

That if it does break through this triangle it's going parabolic we can potentially see new all-time highs you know if it breaks this triangle specifically so

Essentially what i'm watching okay and it got to be very specific on this type of analysis is right here if it breaks through then i'm going to get very bullish at that point i'll definitely probably

Add to my position okay we get here if it breaks through this previous resistance of 12 000 13 000 i'm getting even more bullish then i'm like wow we can actually probably see

A new all-time high if it breaks the 13 000 and we see something like a 15 000 bitcoin then my then the chances will increase that is going to break 20 000 okay then if it breaks 20 000 okay that's when we're gonna be ultimate

Bullish now if you wanted to get in on this point you have zero cryptocurrency what i would exactly do is wait right now we kind of rejected off this line here so

Essentially if it doesn't go past this then we most likely will see something where it will bounce here bounce here it could play as long as it wants but essentially coil is going to keep getting stronger and stronger

And if it breaks up to the upside it's a lot of money if it breaks to the downside you know we could potentially lose money or we can get some cheaper bitcoin right now what i would do is right here is i

Would put my first position so let's say hypothetically i wanted to invest a thousand dollars i would break that thousand dollars up into five or ten equal distributions so that

Means let's say hypothetically we're breaking up into five okay it's called dollar cost averaging okay so what we do is right now you're gonna put it if you don't if you're unsure

Put in that 200 bucks so if we're breaking up you know a thousand to 500 put in that 200 bucks now okay you put in the 200 bucks now so what happens if the price goes up then you just made money and you're

Happy okay but if the price goes down then you can technically double up it's not technically doubling but you could put that second position in so let's say hypothetically you know we're right here

At nine eight thousand seven hundred in these different transitions you wanna wait for a twenty percent decrease i would say anywhere from 10 to 20 percent right now that being that i have so much

Crypto i usually weight about 25 to 30 but for you guys since you don't have any cryptocurrency right now and you're just you're waiting to get in bitcoin i would say weight 10 to 15 percent okay 10

Anywhere from 5 to 15 depending on how much like guys like i just told you bitcoin could potentially be worth 288 000 in four years and that's the overall price premise i want to get you

Guys is that you know 500 difference whoopty do right 500 differences doesn't mean anything to me that's what i'm trying to tell you is that this this is just to make you feel good for the short term

So essentially again just to go back over it we put in their first 200 which is a equal distribution of five so if you're investing 5 000 you put in the first 200 if bitcoin

Drops 10 to 15 or 5 to 15 depending on how bullish you are on bitcoin you put in the other 200 okay if bitcoin drops again five to fifteen percent you put in another 200

Keep going down until you have no more money all right and if it is dropping substantially so if you see a break below the wedge if you see a like break below this wedge

Then instead of waiting five to fifteen percent you can wait more you could be like okay it draw it drop below the wedge it's going down a lot let's wait now 25 so it's called

Technically dynamic dollar cost averaging which basically means that when there's riskier conditions you tend to wait a little bit longer and dynamically change your trading strategy it's not super on point with the five

Equal distributions so if it dropped you know 100 tomorrow you could potentially just go all in and you'll have a good chance of making some money so essentially you guys get what i'm saying here as it goes

Down a little bit more 5 10 depending on what's going on the conditions of the market you could potentially ease in okay but what i'm trying to say guys if you have no cryptocurrency don't get

Greedy and greedy to me means you know you waiting for a cheaper price because guys like i told you a 288 thousand dollar bitcoin is ridiculous let me show you what i'm saying so

Hypothetically let's say you get one bitcoin right now where we're at like what right now we're at about 8 700. so 8 700 times i think like 28 or something like

That so if you put in that you know you know if you buy one bitcoin 8700 guys it's like a 28 to 35 x 28 to 35 x on your money now if you're being conservative and you say bitcoin's gonna

Hit 150 000 100 000 that's a 10 15 x on your money don't get greedy over a 10 decline right that's to me what greedy is so again you guys got the whole strategy

Dynamic dollar cost average into bitcoin if you don't have any if you're looking to add more positions you can use the strategies what i use now of course it gets a little bit more complicated i have a whole entire course

For that you guys can you know go ahead and check the link in the description below to get more information if you haven't already applied and you're looking to get a job i leave the

Form in the description below but that's it for this video guys if you like the quality of content hit like if you don't leave some constructive criticism in the comment section below subscribe

For more video updates on cryptocurrency and internet entrepreneurship and like i always say if you don't get with this technology you will get left behind thanks for watching this video guys catch you in

The next one you

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