Bitcoin Drop, Cardano Hard Fork, Flash Loans, & More! (Crypto Over Coffee Ep.5)

by birtanpublished on September 27, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen people of the internet welcome to yet another episode of an ongoing weekly series that I like to call crypto over coffee every Friday I'll pick out interesting news current events and announcements in the crypto currency and technology world and then

Break them down for you over a cup of delicious coffee today's mug is a Dunder Mifflin mug the office is great today we're talking about bitcoins price cardano's latest hard fork non fungible tokens flash

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Please confirm your address so I can get this bad boy sent out giveaway cheque as always we will start the meat and potatoes of this episode with questions from the community on YouTube and Twitter so I will head over to the good

Old iPad and get started with those questions now if you want to get one of your questions answered make sure you leave them in the comments down below or tweet me on Twitter at hash oshi for first question from zan s can I suggest

A future topic yes you can it would be great to understand the likely increase of minors entering the Bitcoin space and at what point there will be saturation Plus how that impacts the price of Bitcoin

Very interesting question I would say that we will likely see an increase in miners over time as long as we are starting to see an increase in the scarcity levels of Bitcoin the more value and the more value that Bitcoin

Offers in terms of its US dollar or whatever fiat currency equivalent the more miners that are gonna want to get in the game and try to earn those bitcoins right I think one of the main incentives for miners to stay in the

Game and keep mining is that they believe also that bitcoin is going to increase in value over time so even if there pool and they're only earning small fractions of the total block reward

Which is now 12 and a half bitcoins and in May will be six point two five bitcoins they're thinking even though we're right around $10,000 us right now in the future we think it'll be 50k or a hundred K and so our small fraction is

Gonna pay off for us long term so I think we'll probably see saturation in terms of miners new miners joining the game you know in terms of every year a bunch joining probably towards the last having because there'll be a lot of

Uncertainty about how transaction fees are gonna pay for miners effort but I think that overall the price of Bitcoin is going to pretty steadily increase over time in my humble opinion because of its scarcity level and because of how

Solid the protocol is from an economic standpoint so hopefully that answers your question I appreciate that one Seth miner biz estrada of a video coming soon with him he's asking Mac OS vs. Linux as good ABW

Anything but Windows options well I use Windows for video editing because I find it more stable but I do all my development work on mac OS and Linux I would say for the average person Mac OS is probably better because it's more

Accessible there's less available customization options and less just less options in general you can go and start diving into the Linux you know wormhole if you will or rabbit all if you will and you will get lost and how many

Options and customizations and things that you can do with a Linux machine so personally Mac OS for the average user for the person who likes to tinker and test and customize go with Linux as you're anything but windows option Thank

You Seth for the question blockless monster asks thoughts on the short-term versus long-term viability of flash loans and if you think they're good for the overall market I can see how they're good and equalizing arbitrage

Opportunities but seem attractive to exploits until systems are more robustly implemented another great point I think that your initial answer to your question is pretty much correct but I think that it's a viable option flash

Loans as are opportunities as a mechanism for funding for people in these sort of instant trades I think that for folks who don't know what a flash loan is this is probably totally confusing so a flash

Loan is essentially a smart contract based or defy process that allows you to get a loan in cryptocurrency you know of X number of ether for example and then as long as you pay it back within the same block so oftentimes in the same

Transaction you don't have to pay interest you're not paying a fee etc right so it's basically free money to trade with and in arbitrage which is where you're playing off the volatility where you're betting that the delta and

Prices in two different places might be enough that you can make a profit off of that free money that's what people are using it for but this is an issue because flash loans are so fast hence the name flash loan they have to happen

Within the same block than the same transaction that a lot of the tools that smart contract developers have to validate the value or the total supply given from the flash loan on both ends sometimes tricky right and so you can

Get into a position where your code isn't wrong but there's easily exploitable processes in your smart contract that allow people to steal from your smart contract and I have a lot more about that later on in this video

About a specific hack that's just occurred or a specific exploit so stay tuned for that but blockless monster great question I do think that there's long term viability but short term it's dangerous

Damian Spriggs asks I want to know your top three favorite alt coins you guys know if you watch my channel for any length of time that's not something I talk about very often I'm not really an investor per se I have a lot of things

That I've just had for a long time and I don't trade a whole lot so all coin wise things that I'm very stoked about from a tech perspective I'll be candid with you I think that Cardno is one and it's a de cryptocurrency that I believe and I

Really do believe in the technology I've read the papers I think that there are strong strong technical fundamentals behind the project despite the delays despite the time it's taken despite the you know frustration with

The processes and times that they've missed deadlines those things don't bother me right now I think they have strong technical fundamentals as I said I also think that I am very much high on aetherium in etherium 2.0 I think people

Underestimate how powerful this new aetherium is going to be I think people underestimate what a theorem can do in terms of value proposition going forward there's so many developers there's already dots that are widely used and

Theorem 2.0 is gonna come and make a killing in my humble opinion and then I think for my third one I would go for a product that is more peripheral to the rest of the crypto space I know Damon you're really into crypto comm I think

They have a solid use case as well with the MCO and CRO environment I think's taking to get benefits in the real world like on your crypto Visa card really powerful stuff so I am definitely really high on them it's really hard for me to

Rank things in top three because it really ABS and flows and changes but those are three projects that I think are going to continue to make a bigger and bigger splash as this year goes on and into the future so thank you for

Your question Matthew Aaron asks speculation on the minuchin regulations we talked about that this in last week's crypto over coffee segment where the FinCEN and other regulatory agencies around

Financial services and finance around the world are starting to take interest in creating regulation in crypto and there was word from the nutrient that there were significant things coming down the pipeline I said in that video

That I think we're probably going to see some more guidance on how exchanges have to handle transfers so we might see the travel rules start to get integrated into exchanges and I saw today there was an exchange that's claiming they are the

First to really accommodate the rules behind the travel rule so that's one I also think we're probably going to see more strict definitions of what types of exchange or trades with defy coming into the mix I'm pretty sure they're probably

Going to be looking at that very closely to figure out how to control funding and all that sort of thing for you know financial crime and that sort of thing so I think we're probably gonna see a lot of really

Focused regulations that already apply to financial services like banks and trying to fit those into crypto so hopefully we can as the crypto space be involved in those regulatory conversations so that no nonsensical

Regulations are made because of a lack of understanding right so Thank You Matthew Aaron my friend for that question Rauf sto feste asks nice stuff I didn't know about keeper thank you this is on

One of my other videos what if they get hacked and my info leaks somehow is it 100 percent so this question is about password managers which i think is a best practice for everyone create unique passwords strong passwords

For every single site that you have an account on and then keep those passwords in a password manager so keeper and most password managers use a zero knowledge model where your actual raw passwords are never stored on their servers so

Even if they are hacked and information is stolen they're gonna be getting a bunch of ciphertext so the hackers are not going to be able to get your raw passwords that is why on your client machines or on your phone or your

Computer the encryption occurs with your master password with a bunch of salt rounds which is just an encryption term or methodology and then you also have potentially each individual password

Encrypted itself with its own unique key right so you have a lot of layers of encryption and so the only place where that ciphertext that's stored on the server can be decrypted is locally for you with your master password so that is

The key they are not storing your raw passwords on their server they're storing ciphertext and that's so that if you lose that ciphertext it's backed up and you can retrieve it and then decrypt it locally with your master password and

Any other pins like MFA which you should be using so nothing is 100% secure so there are windows or attack vectors for this namely if you create a crappy master password you lose your master password someone were to get access to

Your machine and you left it running they could hack stuff but those are all sort of user error oriented things most password managers have implemented the Ciara knowledge model and it's I would say 98%

Effective not perfect nothing is thank you for the question Harvey Voss I hope I'm saying that correctly what do you think about one password and how can I move my crypto from coinbase to a Hardware wallet for

Example and do you know the fees thanks again thank you for your question so I think that one passwords great password managers in general are great I think – Lane and keeper are my top two favorite

Choices for password managers but I think that's personal preference and in terms of moving crypto from coinbase to a hardware wallet everyone should be doing that do not leave crypto on an exchange not your keys not your crypto

That is the rule now moving from coinbase specifically over to a hardware wallet you're just gonna pay the network fees for whatever crypto you're moving now some exchanges they have withdrawal fees some exchanges they don't have

Withdrawal fees and you're gonna pay the network fee coinbase Pro though which is the more professional trader oriented option does not have any fees so if you can by any chance move from coinbase pro to a hardware wallet you won't pay any

Fees they're gonna cover your network fee for you so that's just some interesting stuff there thank you for your question thank you everyone for your questions now let's hash out some of these news

Items that we have on the list today the first one I wanted to talk about is the release of the unstoppable domains browser and ipfs website tools as some of you may know or may have seen on Twitter I recently launched my own

Website on ipfs and it's beautiful if I do say so myself I PFS itself is a decentralized storage protocol that is gaining in popularity all over the place unstoppable domains has been working to make it easy to

Connect an IP FS based website or an IP FS hosted website to their blockchain based domain registry so that means your dot crypto domain for example can resolve to your fancy new decentralized website hosted on ipfs rather than a

Centralized server to do this they've created their own chromia based browser that's available to download through the link in the description box below so go ahead and check that out and they've also created

A handful of website templates to which they will be adding many more on their website so you can easily create your own custom website and host it on ipfs then route to it using your unstoppable domain this is a huge development and

It's awesome awesome stuff in the growing number of features at unstoppable domains has delivered to its users since its inception if you don't already have a dot crypto or dot Zil domain I recommend that you check it out

And pick one up for yourself through the link down in the description box and pin comment below I'm personally a big fan of this project and I for one a really stoked to see my very own website online and routed to using hash oshi crypto for

Those of you who are wondering and stoppable domains is also working with other browsers to get domain resolution working outside of their own unstoppable browser and so will hopefully see that in the near future I for one really want

To see it on brave I will also be creating an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own unstoppable website how to host it on ipfs and then connect it to your unstoppable domain so make sure you subscribe to the channel

So you don't miss that tutorial it's hopefully coming in the next couple of weeks next on the list is some awesome news coming out of the soccer world a world that I live in very often I'm a huge soccer fan it was recently

Announced that the major governing body for the Champions League UEFA or otherwise known as the union of European Football Association's will be issuing at least a million event tickets on the blockchain

This year and beyond the Champions League is one of the most prestigious and highly attended soccer tournaments in the world and by putting a mobile app in the hands of fans that enables them to enter the event with a digital ticket

Issued on the blockchain is a huge huge development by taking this step to issue blockchain based tickets the tournament is taking a step towards the future not only is this a cheap instantaneous way to issue tickets it also provides the

Necessary level of audit ability and traceability to the ticketing process furthermore it's also an avenue by which they can cut down the wait times Eve out your ticket claim counters which is a real problem the scale of this is

Also impressive one million tickets is huge especially in the blockchain space now this is a positive development in the adoption of cryptocurrency and I hope that's such an influential organization doing this Spurs on other

Sporting event associations to consider doing the same thing in my mind there's a ton you can do to build on this to make fans happier to make fans more engaged and reward them for their loyalty tickets could be issued as

Collectible NF TS that fans can hold on to forever as keepsakes ticket holders can more easily transfer their legitimate tickets to others on the blockchain with a clear proof of provenance so we can help prevent

Fraudulent scalped ticket sales which is a huge issue all over the world speaking of NF T's this brings me to my second point here arguably the largest Italian soccer club Juventus launched a special edition ERC 721 non fungible

Token collectable on the so rare platform for fans to try and get their hands on legendary player Cristiano Ronaldo is the star of these digital trading cards and there are a total of 111 total NF T's up for grabs with

Varying levels of rarity the popularity of trading cards is undeniable still today and with NF T's the digital world of trading cards is just now getting started other releases of NF T's on the so rare platform have fetched thousands

Of dollars for the rarest of the rare collectibles and to me this is yet another example of how aetherium and it's tokens standards are being used for real-world use cases and getting adoption today no one can say that the

Etherium blockchain is not useful even in its current state so that's definitely positive news in my book now moving out of the world of soccer and into the world of Bitcoin payments and adoption open note a Bitcoin payment

Startup has recently announced its integration with Apple pay to get Bitcoin into the hands of more merchants and shops this integration which is currently in beta allows users of Apple pay to choose during checkout to convert

Their fiat payment to Bitcoin and then pay the merchant with Bitcoin instead of their fiat currency when I first heard this I was a bit confused as to why this is a useful product and how there would be demand

For it but after doing some research it seems that the overall sentiment towards spending bitcoin is still quite negative I don't like spending my Bitcoin personally and on the flip side it seems that many people and businesses would

Rather be paid in Bitcoin at a steadily increasing rate that being said open node has the opportunity to provide an easy and user-friendly Avenue for both parties to get what they want merchants can be paid in Bitcoin and shoppers can

Conveniently oblige without spending their own precious Bitcoin of course this type of rapid exchange from Fiat to Bitcoin to merchants must be done at the lowest possible cost and with the lowest possible friction to work perfectly

Especially with something like Apple pay so I presume that's going to be the motivation for this beta period that open note is running for this functionality it's worth mentioning that open node has partnered with wire for

The backend transactional element of this who has their like digital money market license all that stuff sorted out which is necessary and they reportedly plan to use wires full package of wallet features for merchants in the future

Personally despite my initial reaction to this I think this could be significant in the trudge towards adoption of Bitcoin in small business that said I'm a little unconvinced that this is not an idea that can be

Mercilessly ripped off by competitors so I'd be curious to learn about what types of protections they have for the technology behind this in terms of patents copyrights etc now for those of you who are interested in bitcoins price

Who am I kidding you're all interested in bitcoins price well here I am doing what I hate doing and talking about price and of course none of this is financial advice nor am I qualified to give financial advice with that said

Here we go in the words of Cosmo the fairy godparent I have good news and bad news which do you want first even get the reference that I just made leave me a comment down below with the show and episode name and I'll send a random

Person who gets it rights of Bitcoin first the bad news this past week was the worst Bitcoin price drop we have seen in such a short period of time in a really long while with a heavy rejection at the

$10,300 levels on Wednesday within a period of about 45 minutes maybe less Bitcoin dropped down over $800 in a complete nosedive now I have to give credit to Ryan otherwise known as crypto fiend on YouTube he called that this ten

Thousand three hundred dollar level would be a sticking point and he was totally right at the time I'm speaking to you right now we're at about ninety five hundred dollars u.s. for Bitcoin which is only a

Slight recovery from that low now there's good news here and everyone wants to talk about the straight shot to insane prices the to the moon talk and for me a non trader whenever we get into that mindset it makes me really uneasy

If we were to have gone from 9,000 or maybe even from 6,000 up to 12 or 13 K in a matter of days I would have been really really really pessimistic about the near future of bitcoins price just personally rabid buying sprees make me

Really nervous that said I personally think that these types of pull backs are healthy even when it's a massive drop in 30 some-odd minutes down about $800 looking to the fundamental economics of Bitcoin I am still as bullish as ever

And excited and long-term optimistic about the price itself the good news is that among the trading community the consensus seems to be that the bullish patterns are still in effect and that this drop is not an indicator of some

Massive reversal as always though beware of confirmation bias usually those who are calling for a hundred K Bitcoin tomorrow and those who are saying it's going to 2k tomorrow are both wrong and whether you're bullish or bearish it's

Easy to get caught in that bias on Twitter or on YouTube I have no idea where the price is going in the short term but I remain optimistic about the long term and that's all I can say with 100% confidence in other news Cardno

Underwent a successful hard fork yesterday that's part of the mounting push towards Shelley's main net release the hard fork contained updates to the Ouroboros consensus protocol called or Boros EFT

This consensus protocol is designed to be a foundational stepping-stone to the full implementation of Ouroboros Genesis when the Shelly staking and incentives come to maintenance or Boros bf T stands for Byzantine fault tolerance which is a

Common terminology in the world of distributed systems Byzantine fault tolerance is really referring to the Byzantine generals problem which in essence is the challenge of reaching consensus among multiple war generals on

A concerted plan of action if the generals do not reach consensus and they act outside of unison they will likely fail and they will fall to defeat the puzzle here in this problem the Byzantine generals problem is that you

Cannot assume that each general can be trusted and they might send false instructions to others nor can you assume that your communications will ever reach the general at all and they may already be out of the game this is a

Problem faced in every distributed system not award general necessarily but in a block chain Network nodes are these generals they must agree with each other on the state of the network at each block every block chain network must be

Designed to be fault tolerant where node failures and malicious nodes will be omnipresent you will always have nodes that are either trying to push malicious blocks or nodes that just go out of sync and are gone you need to be able to

Handle those faults modern consensus protocols are all designed to address this fault tolerance challenge and aura boroughs BFT is designed to be a simple fault tolerant consensus mechanism that to be honest with you works really

Really well so here's generally how it works servers or nodes each take turns creating blocks in a predefined round robin manner within each epoch or consensus round in the network as these

Blocks are made each server in the order is collecting transactions making a block if they're next in the order they're in that slot and then appending the latest block to the longest chain every single time a server in this group

Makes a block now this is a highly simplified but you get the idea now the most important thing about this hard fork is that it did not create new ADA coins in order to create an adopted worked chain the new protocol with

Ouroboros BFT took hold and it is now the cardinal chain the only Cardno chain and the old or Voyles classic protocol chain has now terminated and no new blocks are being appended to that chain new coins are only created when during a

Hard fork protocol change both Forks the old one and the new retain significant support from nodes and block makers to continue both chains in this case the old protocol continues to grow simultaneously to the new one and as

Such there are two separate chains in operation that afford from each other and are keeping going this happened with Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin as well as aetherium and etherium classic during the DAO hack

Again no new ADA was created and no actions required if you're a holder of ADA beware of scams asking for ADA or promising forked ADA it doesn't exist not your keys not your crypto watch out for scammers in the world of defy some

Big news this week was unfortunately revolving around major vulnerabilities and exploits of the popular flash loan contracts most notably bzx a provider of uncollateralized flash loans of crypto fell victim to two separate smart

Contract related exploits that resulted in over six hundred and thirty thousand dollars worth of ether stolen from the DAP in simple terms flash loans are a new breed of defy loans that allow one to borrow ether or cryptocurrency

Without collateral as long as the full amount is repaid within the same block this is often in the same transaction as well you may think to yourself why in the heck is this a good thing uncollateralized loans are bad this is

True you only keep the money for one block what can you do with it also true the reason behind this is most often these loans are used for arbitrage where one can take advantage of the volatility of a market by buying and selling the

Same or similar assets simultaneously flash loans allow much larger arbitrage plays without interest or collateral however due to the speed at which this happens I can tell you from my own solidity escapades that I would never

Touch this use case as a smart contract there are way too many pitfalls trapdoors and weird side effects that can happen when this much money moves through a contract an execution end-to-end happens within the scope of

One transaction or one block a lot can go wrong here that's precisely what happened the smart contract logic responsible for this process was exploited by an insanely knowledgeable and resourceful hacker who took

Advantage of the weight of the contract checked for repayment of the flash loans and was able to walk away with 320 K worth of ether the first time then the second time I'm not sure if it's the same hacker but a combination of that

Same exploit plus a bad pricing Oracle resulted in a huge ether payday for that hacker as well this is just proof positive that even when a really talented team of solidity developers security auditors and etc are working on

Something you can still get hit with this type of exploitation there's no true bug or flaw with the code itself necessarily but there's a vulnerability in the way that the code is used in a decentralized environment especially you

Can't hide your code you can't find a way to protect your code from prying eyes so there's a way that the code you've written can be used in a logically legal way but that is also vulnerable to different exploits it will

Be found eventually and if there's enough at stake for the hacker to go after it they will so ultimately you need to understand that smart contracts because they're public and accessible by anyone you don't have the same

Protections as you would on some other types of code in the more centralized application world another interesting development in regards to Bitcoin came in a coin Telegraph article outlining the usage of the latest cryptography

Advances to power cryptocurrency in the future the crux of this write-up came from research done by block stream a Bitcoin focused development firm in the industry now the next-gen cryptography in question was zero knowledge proof

Which you can find a simple easy to understand explainer video all about in the description down below yes it's my video and I think it's great personally feel free to pause this video right now and watch that first if you're

Injured did that said in my opinion a lot of the discussion was nothing really new or exciting with exception to one really intriguing concept which was Bitcoin sidechains for those unfamiliar

Sidechains are a methodology for scaling a blockchain network that revolves around spawning one or many side block chains that handle and process transactions in parallel as if they're their own standalone chain then those

Side chains share the state of the network to the main blockchain which allows them to keep one unified blockchain record of transactions despite the fact that transactions in reality are being processed

Multilaterally or in parallel across multiple chains however this state sharing and cross chain communication stuff is both difficult to manage efficiently and securely but also often makes

Compromises and things like replay protection privacy and more to work properly and that's why very few protocols actually use it however using an efficiently implemented zero knowledge proof mechanism one-to-many

Side chains could be created that peg directly to the main Bitcoin chain that could instantly reconcile with main chain validators that the Bitcoin protocol rules have been followed in transactions and blocks on each side

Chain this problem in and of itself is not dissimilar to the one of the core architectural challenges faced by aetherium in its quest for aetherium 2.0 the question at hand was how can we efficiently and deterministically

Establish a proof between side chains or shards and our main chain about blocks and things happening on that block chain I personally would love to see this something like this on the bitcoins implementation though I fear that a hard

Fork required solution would never fly with the maximalist community at the end of the day which could stifle any opportunity for this to make it into the mix so I'll leave this up to you guys what do you think leave me a comment

Down below and let me know if you think this is possible if you think it's feasible if you think that it's positive for Bitcoin what do you think about side chains let me know now swinging back into the realm of regulation once again

Everyone's favorite topic the IRS has reportedly invited an array of cryptocurrency advocates and companies to a summit on March 3rd that is intended to provide an open dialogue about enforcement

Policy and more as reported by Bloomberg tax one of the primary goals of the summit is to find avenues to balance taxpayer service with regulatory enforcement now every week I get a bunch of hate from anarchists and trolls

Because I'm not a hundred percent against every piece of regulation on earth and to that I just respond thanks just to level set here crypto was not invented to be a method for tax evasion or to rid the world of

Government at best one could argue that it was invented to provide safe haven from reckless monetary policy that the reserve banking people are doing back to the IRS though to be honest with you I think that this news shows that the IRS

Is at least willing to involve the industry in the conversation about policy and this is good the policy is gonna come no matter what so the more hand actual crypto companies have in the development of the policy the better off

We are again there's nothing wrong with regulation that protects people and creates clear operating rules to work with but there is a lot wrong with regulation that's made without an understanding of the subject of the

Regulation or regulation that stifles growth and development of a new technology without us in the crypto space coming to the table to help educate and influence regulatory policy our odds of getting poorly thought-out

Restrictive and naive regulation grows exponentially if poor regulation is passed today it could take years and years to undo and that could cause damage to the space and the growth of the crypto space overall so the fact

That the IRS is involving us in the process is positive news in my book as always folks you can find some awesome content to watch here on the screen I'll link it up such as my previous kripp bill over coffee segments please do keep

The party going and keep watching if you have the time but as always thanks so much for watching Cheers you

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