Bitcoin Dip, ChainLink Partnership, Ethereum ProgPoW & more (Crypto Over Coffee Ep.6)

by birtanpublished on September 21, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen people of the internet welcome to yet another episode of an ongoing weekly series called crypto over coffee every Friday I pick out interesting news current events and announcements in the crypto currency and technology world and then I break them

Down for you over a cup of delicious coffee today we're talking about the harsh reality of bitcoins price drop chain links latest big implementation aetherium latest controversy Bitcoin adoption and much more oh and by the way

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That being said last week I challenged viewers to name me the show and episode name for a quote that I said in that episode to win $15 in Bitcoin then I randomly picked a winner from those who got it correct so can we get a drumroll

Please the winner is Felix Lionel congratulations sir please reach out to me so I can get you your Bitcoin and as always we will start the meat and potatoes of the episode with questions from the community on YouTube and

Twitter so we'll head over to the good old iPad and get started with those and remember if you want one of your questions answered leave them in the comments down below or tweet me at his shoushi for all right let's start with a

Question from YouTube actually hey brother I see you're an aetherium guy yes I am I guess you could say that I'm just wondering why you haven't covered matic Network in-depth yet especially since they're the best second layer

Scaling solution available for aetherium they use plasma sidechains as a scaling solution I'd really like to hear your thoughts I haven't covered Maddock only because of time constraint it's definitely on the list and I've

Done some research on it but not enough yet for a full video but I'll give you this in terms of Maddock I think it's a great project concept and they've done some really awesome work in essence for those of you who aren't familiar Maddock

Is a sidechain that uses the plasma layer to Architecture native to aetherium when a user wants to transact an ER seat funny token for example or pay for a store purchase with ether they want that

To happen instantaneously they don't want to wait even 20 seconds for a block to be mined so maddox network is optimized for speed and when someone wants to transact quickly they can send funds to the Matic contract on aetherium

Which is like an Orchestrator service and that contract mirrors those tokens on the Matic sidechain a separate block chain from the etherium main net on the maddox sidechain one can transact these tokens nearly instantaneously as the

Matic chain is tailor built to handle like sub one second transaction times for finality then when a user is done transacting he or she can withdraw any remaining tokens they sent to that Matic contract on the etherium network and

Verify that with a proof between two networks to make sure that the state of the funds is as they say they are right you don't want people to be able to create new coins out of thin air as you might remember in blockchain that is a

Big no-no so pretty cool stuff here I'm really curious to see how it translates into the world of aetherium 2.0 though so would you want to see an end up video on this if you guys are interested let me know in the comments below so I know

What to focus on so let's move on to another question oh this was a good one after a tweet that I tweeted the other day about NF TS someone asked what is an NF T so first and foremost non fungible tokens or NF T's are a unique type of

Crypto asset that represents a unique digital asset on a blockchain network famous implementation of this or example of this is crypto kitties each kitty is unique and has its own metadata attributes that give it value unique

Value the concept of fungibility here is what separates these two types of tokens right fungible tokens and non fungible tokens so comparing one like basic attention token for example which is an e rc 20 token each basic attention token

Is exactly the same you don't care which sixty basic attention tokens you have as long as you have 60 basic attention tokens the same way you don't care what dollar you have you don't care what particular note you have for a dollar as

Long as it's a dollar this is a fund acet it's exchangeable one to one at a common exchange rate now a non fungible asset like a crypto Kitty is one that isn't one-to-one exchangeable because each one is unique so I'd rather have

Five ultra rare crypto Kitty's worth thousands than 500 common ones that are super worthless that in and of itself is non fungibility so we've seen n empties being used on all sorts of platforms to create digital collectibles like art

Avatars trading cards as well as digital representations of assets like titles of homes or event tickets like we talked about in last week's episode now there's a huge opportunity here for crypto collectibles non fungible tokens and I

Think n F T's are going to be a major player and driving adoption of crypto in the near future so bear that in mind and do some research on NF TS thank you very much for the question XANA fundamental all right back to the questions can we

Convert real art objects like paintings jewelry and timepieces sculptures handicrafts etc into NF TS associated with real products or just have the option to tokenize them thank you for the question

Monty wild and witty on Twitter interesting name there the short answer is I think both of the things you said are true representing a physical asset with a digital asset is tokenization I do think in the future there might be

Ways that we can more accurately peg physical world objects to the digital world in the term of an NF T or a token and I think that's the place where people get a little confused because when you tokenize an object or an asset

In real life you're really only getting one thing you're getting a digital representation of that asset on a blockchain so you can show chain of custody and ownership on chain however that doesn't mean that the physical

Asset still followed that exact chain of custody because the physical to digital world connection isn't quite there so using things like 3d scanning technology rfid tags IOT devices and educates like that we can more accurately track the

Ownership of the actual physical item in the real world and track it on chain there is also an opportunity to take art that exists today and sort of mutate it create a brand new version of it in the digital world that people want to

Collect and then completely move it off chain making the physical world one less important at the end of the day so there are a lot of things that might happen but really it's hard to say what'll happen with all these things in real

Life we can even have VR making the whole entire world of art different and totally focused on nft so crazy stuff who knows thank you for the question David pengal asks where do you personally see Cardno next year at this

Time not price-wise thank you but schedule wise as far as their timetable to Shelley Gogan Basho and Voltaire also a great question so here's the deal a lot of people get really frustrated with Cardno in general because of the delays

And because of the poor timelines that they've given on a lot of these developments sprints and tasks I think a lot of the problem has less so been talent or capability but it's more so been poor communication and not being

Able to accurately estimate how long things will take long periods of time working is not necessarily an issue as long as it's communicated appropriate and expectations are appropriately set so in this case I think that's more so

The issue but that being said I think it's very important for Carano to get Shelley out mid year this year that is very important that will get people on board that will get people using the actual main net but then I think they

Also need to get Gogan out hmm by 2020 and/or the first couple months like quarter 1 2021 at the latest so I would say by the time we get to q1 2021 which is about where we're at today they need to have Gogan out and I think that

They will so they need to have smart contracts out there in main net or at least at least in a widely available test net but again it's hard to say and hopefully this last hard fork the way they communicated that and actually got

It right is an example of what's to come from cardano's so hopefully that's what we see thank you very much for the question by the way I'm drinking a local Virginia USA coffee Red Rooster fantastic coffee

Company check them out all right crypto and culture asks how do other dev communities react when you say that you're building in the crypto space hashtag Bitcoin I love that hashtag it still doesn't get old well I would say

That other dev communities are hit or miss I think some people say why are you wasting your time why are you devoting your career to something that's just gonna go to zero or get regulated away and that's I'd say

The minority objection that I get from people I would say most often people are just very interested in what that actually means they a lot of people think that developing gaps are working with aetherium or you know trying to

Learn Haskell for Plutus smart contracts it's like this wizardry this thing that you do that takes so much extra skill you have to be a genius and when in reality it's not actually that way most developers have the capability to do

This you just have to change the way that you're thinking about it and the key difference is how systems are architected and how you have to test is a lot different because in a distributed application you don't know who's gonna

Be using your application so public code not knowing who's gonna use it and how they're gonna use it takes a little bit more effort in testing phase but that's really all that there is to it once you know a couple programming languages you

Can really pick this up so I would say the deaf communities are often interested in learning how to get involved themselves or at least trying to figure out what it is that I actually do and how it's different from what a

Normal developer would do and in the end it's not a whole lot different than what a normal developer would do so great question there's that moving on Duran asks some exchanges like coinbase ensure your crypto is now up to 250,000

Us why do you need to move it if you have less than 250 K so what this means to me is that you're asking me why do you need to move to a hardware wallet if they're insured up to 250 K and my response to

You would be because you have to trust that that – and 50k is going to come to fruition if a huge catastrophic loss were to happen that is the grandest issue because insurance in this space is not like

Insurance that you have with FDIC or other reserve banks a they can't just you know print money they can't always guarantee that there aren't you sort of terms and conditions that would maybe conditionally say hey we can't actually

Pay you those resources like I just have trust issues I guess that this would actually pan out the way that we think it would in relation to insurance claims the only way to guarantee that you have full control of your crypto and that

It's safe in the event that there is a hacker there's something that goes wrong is to have it in a hardware wallet so if it's that cheap to do and you have that peace of mind and not security personally I believe why wouldn't you do

It obviously I can't make you do anything and I'm not trying to make you feel guilty or to feel bad if you're oh well they're insured it's fine I would just highly urge you to take your crypto at least the majority of it off of an

Exchange the other benefit here is that if you have it in your control you have the keys under your control you can stake with tezo's for example without paying a fee to coinbase so you know there are those things that people say

About not keeping it on exchanges and it's terrible and those things are true but then again some people want to keep it on exchanges and that's just the reality in my mind best practice always use a hardware wallet even if they're

Insured you can never trust anybody all right let's see what else we've got here in terms of questions here's another interesting one because Jana asks hi bro I wanted to know that how can a fresher candidate so someone who's new who

Completed his career in mechanical engineering now trying to enter into the blockchain development field how can they get into it what skills do I need if he or she wants to have a career in the blockchain field great question this

Is also kind of going off of what we talked about before and that is the first thing you need is you need to understand the fundamentals of how blockchain solutions are built and how they differ from traditional systems

Centralized systems are actually a lot easier to and from a security perspective on because you know the end points you know the openings you know the attack vectors most of the time you know all those

Things upfront in terms of distributed systems you don't know who's gonna have access to your code because it's all open source as soon as you push it to the chain because anyone can see the Abdi eyes and all that stuff everyone

Can see the ABI all those things are now public so the security model is a lot different but beyond that being able to clearly speak to the value proposition of what blockchain has to offer crypto has to offer for a specific problem

Because you can be in the blockchain field and develop solutions that work but are completely worthless because they don't actually solve a real problem so that would be the first place that I would go understand the fundamentals of

Blockchain crypto and how they affect business problems that you would approach with it right secondarily if you want to be a developer you want to get in the blockchain field as a developer if you have development skills

Already you're probably already ready to do that to jump in go to crypto zombies io go check out Ivan on tech Academy go do one of those things and I think you'll be surprised at how much you can do now

That being said the couple languages that are really important or that I think are really helpful is if you have JavaScript experience you're gonna feel right at home with solidity and you'll feel right at home on the etherium

Ecosystem if you have Python experience as well you'll feel right at home with VIPRE and sometimes solidity but solidity is a little bit weird for people that are in in the Python space that being said – if you're really into

Functional programming you like Haskell you're like those types of languages you can go and jump into Plutus within the Cardno ecosystem there are a ton of different ways to get involved in blockchain application development and

The actual smart contracts are only a small piece of the overall development scheme so even if you are just a UI developer a UX developer all these startups need UX guys all these startups need you know UX UI guys and gals to

Come in and help them make their products presentable so go get a job in the blockchain space and reach out to me if I can be of any assistance so with that guys I think we're done with the questions for today and again

If you want your question answered please do tweet me ask me questions online all that good stuff I read every single comment and I try to respond to every comment to the best of my abilities but I'm not a robot so sips

Coffee moving on the very first story on the list today is in the world of Bitcoin which this week has been mostly bad news unfortunately that said we're starting with some good vibes the billionaire CEO

Of the well known space company Virgin Galactic Chamath Paulo Hypatia went on record stating that everybody probably should have 1% of their assets in Bitcoin and that is a direct quote and if I butchered the name I am sorry he

Went on to say that because it is an uncorrelated asset it's a great hedged bet for the future in a highly simplified definition an uncorrelated asset means that it is an asset whose price is intrinsically unlinked to our

Current global economic systems and other asset class prices shamov is one of my favorite entrepreneurs and to hear him speak with reverence towards Bitcoin and its standing as a safe-haven asset is really encouraging

Stay tuned though for more Bitcoin price and adoption talk throughout this video we have some really interesting stuff that you don't want to miss coming up later so stay tuned now another topic that seemed to just

Blow up this week was the long-standing and stale debate over the programmatic proof-of-work consensus algorithm change within the etherium ecosystem this is referred to Prague P o w4 short there are factions

Of people on both sides that support this consensus algorithm change and those who vehemently oppose it this has been a topic of conversation for ages now like we're talking years and I'm shocked that it's still so hotly

Contested without any compromise or solution in sight so essentially this new algorithm is designed to close the gap in efficiency and block making probability between standard graphics processing units or GPU miners and then

Application-specific integrated circuit minors or Asics thus lowering the risk of monopolization of ASIC miners on the network right Asics are a problem in a lot of proof-of-work networks because they're highly specialized during this

Transition to proof of stake that were going through now this prog POWs my gracious was intended be a security measure against 51% attacks that are obviously to a lot of people more likely when Asics are in the

Game and it also provides an incentive for miners to move to the new proof of steak ecosystem as mining becomes more difficult over time so that the chances of a contentious break from the proof of steak network are lessened now prog POWs

Centrally is designed to take the core advantage of a six out of the mix which is that ASIC mining rigs are optimized to be lightning fast using a standard consistent specialized algorithm so they're really specialized

Pieces of hardware for a given hashing algorithm so prog P o w is designed to programmatically change that consensus algorithm every 50 some-odd blocks with a randomized sequence of mathematical operations in the computational cycle

Hence the name programmatic proof of work it makes perfect sense of course this means that every person with a profitable ASIC mining setup is really pissed off now and opposes the fork for the most part there are exceptions to

That rule but for the most part ASIC miners and people who own those rigs are not happy meanwhile GPU miners and standard users of the network are largely either apathetic they don't care or they support this change right so for

Me the original idea for prog Pio w was to make the transition to proof of stake smoother and less contentious when it came into the fold years ago but this issue itself is now contentious so I feel it defeats the entire purpose I

Understand the technical reasons for this change and the thought process behind it but I'm not comfortable with the contentious hard fork being forced within months of the estimated May June 2020 timeframe for the Eve 2.0 beacon

Change to at least start its launch this could be a real issue if that happens the debate and split amongst the community on this only means that the very risk of a contentious hard fork leading up to proof of stake that this

Prog powa them was designed to prevent seems to now be a real risk and implementing prog powa itself so I'll get off my soapbox but what do you think let me know in the comments what side of this argument you're on because I'm

Really curious what people think now in other news the joint photographic experts group who created the ubiquitous image file format jpg which you've probably seen recently spoke optimistically about the impact of

Blockchain technology on digital rights management and copyright enforcement of images and other digital media this group is a composition of a variety of regulatory and standard setting bodies in the technology world and they've been

Spending some resources to formulate a plan to explore blockchain solution or solutions plural that could combat fraudulent image postings and combat copyright infringement I will tell you this is definitely a great use case to

Approach and it's been talked about before but it's a lot more complex than you might think one nice way to check quickly if a file has been copied from somewhere is to compare the hash of that image or the fixed length data

Fingerprint of that file against a registered owners hash to see if they match and if those hashes match it means the files are the same so then they can check if the owners key had signed the image in question to make sure that it

Came from the proper source and it was a legitimate use of the image however because of the avalanche effect which is key to hashing algorithms you can find a video linked up somewhere about hashing and all that sort of thing one small

Change to the original image file like we're talking tiny change like one character one byte one bit and that hash is now totally different and will fail in comparison to the owner in a check with all these platforms like Instagram

Twitter etc that have their own formats their own filters or editing tools etc a standard hash matching mechanism is gonna fail completely unless standards are set to prevent that which best of luck getting standards to be adopted

Across multiple technologies it's not that easy this solution is possible but it requires both standards for image storage and validation in terms of file format what modifications are allowed what metadata is required to be stored

With an image and it's also going to require some heavy duty on chain components as well so I'm all for this happening but it's gonna have to be carefully carefully done on to the next one for those of you who follow my

Channel and thank you by the way if you already do follow my channel I really do appreciate it you'll know that I'm a big supporter of browser the privacy focused web browser that offers a unique cryptocurrency

Integration to pay you for viewing and honestly matched opt-in ads in the browser itself if you have not already tried it I encourage you to do so using my link down in the description below but if you're not already sold this news

Might actually help in a paper published by Douglas Jay life and I think I'm saying that correctly from the trinity college of ireland brave browser was identified as the most private browser right out of the box among six major

Browsers tested in a comprehensive study life tested brave chrome the new Microsoft edge that's built on chromium Firefox Safari and Yandex for privacy by using a variety of tests while recording network activity during web searches and

Normal browsing activity this was very much a forensics study if you will to give you a summary of the results brave shined in its ability to conduct web searches and browsing activity x' without propagating unique identifiers

And IP addresses that can be used to track your browsing history to you and it did not log any of your browsing history to back-end servers which is fantastic without having to install any extensions or configure brave to mess

With any settings it was private by default Chrome Firefox and Safari on the other hand all did log your browsing history to servers and then it was a black box from there Firefox was also dinged for its wide

Open push notification WebSocket connection which personally I don't think is a giant deal but one thing I do think is a big deal is that Firefox also comes default with its telemetry collection setting turned on so you

Could potentially track your browsing history and what you're doing in the browser back to you if you were to request that information to be deleted they could track it back to who you are this is a theoretical attack but it's

Something that you shouldn't happen it should be off by default now I also have to say that Yandex and edge were both guilty of sending persistent unique identifiers that could be linked to your IP address and compromised your privacy

Which is not good edge was the worst of the two as it transmitted the hardware UUID or unique ID for your device to the backend servers as well of course this does not mean all these browsers are bad it does not mean that

They are all insecure garbage but rather it means that they are not optimized for privacy by default like brave is Firefox is definitely a great browser do not get me wrong but for those of you who question how privacy focused brave

Actually is this is just more actual substantive evidence in favor of that fact of course you can find the full details of the study linked below as well so you can read through the method and the results and think for yourself

Now I have really really enjoyed both the negative and the positive responses to my talk of regulation on these weekly episodes so I'm gonna keep the party going on that front cue the hateful comments this past week the SEC rejected

What seems to be the millions proposal for a Bitcoin ETF or exchange-traded fund that would provide more access to Bitcoin for investors at scale this is not at all surprising as it seems now the running theme at the SEC will appear

To deny any and all proposals regardless of their merit in response to this rejection SEC chair Hester Pierce who is an advocate for a cryptocurrency and common-sense regulation in the space made her distaste for this decision well

Known and I quote this line of disapprovals leads me to conclude that this commission is unwilling to approve the listing of any product that would provide access to the market for Bitcoin and that no filing will meet the

Ever-shifting standards that this Commission insists on applying to Bitcoin related products and only to Bitcoin related products now that right there is some fire I have an immense amount of respect for Hester Pierce

Because she's laying down facts here and she has earned the title crypto mom for her long-standing support of this technology she just wants rules to be followed to protect consumers and investors but also wants the space to be

Free of restrictive and punitive regulation that stunts the growth of the space overall I had the chance to meet her at a conference recently and introduce myself and she's had a lot of great ideas for a long time that I hope

She can one day implement in full force and she will talk to you about all those plans if you ever meet her so I highly recommend that you go and introduce yourself if you do come across her at a conference but for now my imaginary

Hat goes off to you Hester thank you very much for your advocacy now moving back into the world of aetherium 2.0 for I think the third week in a row now we got some updates that explained more deeply both the components of EVE 2.0 is

Implementation but also provided some insight into the testing and the process that's going on behind the scenes coffee break okay thank you a couple of interesting things popped out at me in this report the

First sentence read quote-unquote no updates to the current version v0 10.1 for the phase zero beacon change implementation which implies to me that things are starting to get stable enough to stop rapidly adding new features and

Changing versions there were some updates for denial of service protections bug fixes efficiency improvements but that's all part for the course we also got confirmation that the phase one implementation spec for

Sharding functionality that's due later this year early 2021 is rapidly approaching finalization after review cycles furthermore the test that's being run at prismatic labs for aetherium 2.0 are looking good under a load of around

41,000 validators and 300,000 slots or rounds completed so this is a good load test for the network i'll be looking into a heavy load test being done in the near future though as we approach a wider test net and then hopefully

Hopefully a phase zero launch in May or June or maybe July of 2020 work is being done work is being completed on the eath deposit contract that will effectively migrate ether from the current proof of work or eath 1.0 chain to the new proof

Of stake eath 2.0 chain hopefully this year as well in that same timeline so more on that as we hear it now if we pivot over to the world of chain link the team announced that chain link Oracle's are now operational on the

Polka dot network for those unfamiliar with polka dot it is a project focused on building a deeply integrated interoperability network I'm really happy I got that right among a variety of different block chains it's like a

Tongue twister this continues to reinforce the strategy that I believe chain link is very wisely taking and getting adoption and that is focusing on interoperability chains that will get their Oracle's in

More people's hands without having to individually integrate with each unique blockchain network and their unique execution environments they're in by targeting the interoperability focus network like icon that we reported a

Couple weeks ago and now polka dot that's doing a very similar thing chain link is setting itself up to ride the wave of interoperability in the space this cuts down the amount of work they have to do in terms of custom dev and

It's a fantastic approach by the way make sure you subscribe to the channel because I have a deep dive on Shane link coming really soon I'll teach you all about it and how it works so if you're interested in that it's coming all right

Well yet again we have a week completely dominated by what seems to be a continuous flow of bad price news for Bitcoin we saw yet another day where Bitcoin not only fell below 10,000 for the 1000th last time and not only that

It fell well into the mid 8,000 range on the momentum of sell offs and bad news now this signals to me two things number one this puts the bed the nonsensical idea that bitcoin is going to pump every single time bad stuff happens in the

World and people are fearful coronavirus fear and panic was on a high this week and stock markets have been crushed because of that news and guess what it coin fell right along with the stocks what do people do when they face

Uncertainty they pull out cash they buy supplies they sit on their cash they're conservative what they do not do is go and buy a speculative asset or focus on fundamental economics as much as we would want to think that that was the

Case people by default or panic errs and that's why a 2% drop in a stock can turn into a 10% tumble people don't think in economically sound terms they don't think clearly when things look bleak it's all self-preservation in a lot of

Senses so for those of you cheering for a recession or for pandemic because you think bitcoins gonna pump because of it I'm really sorry I don't think you're in for a real treat here if that is the case number two as always this is not

Financial advice and I'm far from qualified to tell you what to invest in and what not to invest in but this just further proves that the technical analysis you see online for Bitcoin the stock to flow chart all

These indicators that you see on Twitter cannot ever predict the price with a level of accuracy that you need to make these types of crazy crazy decisions financially this means that you need to protect yourself from that by not

Risking too much by not falling into the constant buy buy buy and then sell sell sell panic cycles that we go through what seems like I don't know every month or two now have a plan have a goal and stick to it

Don't deviate from the plan cool heads prevail and that is one thing that I'm absolutely sure of all of that being said there is some good news here in the financial reporting cycle for square in the Bitcoin space the company that runs

My very favorite place to buy Bitcoin these days the square cash app is run by Jack Dorsey the CEO of square and Twitter and they recently announced that nearly half of the revenue that they earned through square cash app in the

Last quarter of 2019 came from Bitcoin services and that's huge in q4 2019 Square did nearly a hundred and eighty million dollars in revenue related to Bitcoin on cash app and they finished the year with over five hundred million

In total revenue from Bitcoin for the year this just further shows the momentum Bitcoin has even in times where prices are dipping or volatile or going crazy to put it into perspective the revenue for Bitcoin and cash app for

2018 during the same time period was around one third of 20 19 s at around 48 million you can see the growth represented in these numbers on paper in my mind that is a positive sign despite the fact that the prices aren't looking

So hot right now even further more squares pushing its own implementation of its own Bitcoin focused payment products with lightning that should further catapult Bitcoin into more hands globally and this year cash app is

Already poised to process nearly 750 million in Bitcoin transactions just in q1 2020 so that being said I'm quite optimistic in this regard now as always folks I will link up some other awesome content here for you to check out if you

Have a moment and of course thank you so much for watching and until next week Cheers

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