by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

What's going on everybody today we are looking at the markets can they recover they took a huge shot this week actually this month you know wiping off more than a trillion dollars between auto markets come on we're looking at the stock market Nasdaq

Dow Jones Bitcoin gold oil and we're gonna be at asking the questions can the markets recover so stay tuned let's go ahead and make this money like a boss

laughs from USA hoping you get paid every day this is the boasts of Bitcoin the greased-up of crypto is your boy BK

And if you don't like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody can the markets recover that's the question of the day what they say to $80,000 $60,000 question of the day can they recover what does recover we look

Like how do we define it how can you measure it and most of all how can you profit from it as a result if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my

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Turn your notifications on hit that thumbs up button join the money team this is what I do I'm very good at my job helping you make money is you know one of the things that I'm here to facilitate you know I think this is a

Great time you know regardless of all the feed fear and capitulation that you might see in the market it's still a great time because this is indeed the transition right and so without further ado looking at a Big Brother if you just

Type in a stock market right here you can see you know all the different articles and you know events that are happening all over the world there they're talking about the worst drop since 1987 worst meltdown 1987 here's

Why the stock market is cheering King bobble head you know lccn King bobble head rallies the market King bobble head calls in an emergency the reason right so let's a lot of

Things happening right now and we will get to the actual chart in a quick second and when you jump over to Bitcoin and look at the top stories this is more cost sentiment analysis guys when you does literally type two words in the big

Brother you know and in a 4-speed publications you know what's the general feeling is it positive or negative and you can see it's a little bit mixed the top you are you know extremely negative words drop words drop milk down but then

They come back down here and they say they're cheering they're saying it's a rally right and you know and then they're claiming games right those are good those are positive let's look over at Bitcoin they say

Crypto traitor explains what caused the Bitcoin price plunge negative lost 30% negative dead negative right Bitcoin is much more negative than the stock market why is this one of the reasons is because Bitcoin doesn't have an orange

Puppet speaking on its behalf right remember decentralized no central authority no CEO no 1-800 Bitcoin number that you can call and get your lost Bitcoin when you lose your private wallet keys none of that right um

Blending at big to date humble right and so a Bitcoin is much much much more negative in general stock market mixed negative positive Bitcoin negative and so when we look at the question can the stock market recover right can the

Markets recover can money flow back into this system this economy right one of the questions you need to ask yourself or you know essentially that you're looking for is what are the safe haven assets right if the market is

Gonna recover then everything Zuma bleah becomes a safe-haven asset for example you know traditional investing if you listen to Dave Ramsey he teaches you that the safest of all havens you know is a already call it a

Mutual fund good growth mutual fund I think on average since the 1900s it averaged 8% what he doesn't tell you is that you lose four to five percent of that a year and inflation and then you got to pay a thirty five percent capital

Gains tax so you're probably better off buying a savings bond in humps and giving it to your grandkids after you that that might has a money tattooed but you know good growth mutual funds I've done 8% that I'm sorry that's not gonna

Do it for you that's why you got 80 year olds still working at Walmart because their mutual funds ain't have too much mutual interest only behalf getting back to what we were talking about safe-haven assets where can you park your money in

A downward economy to ensure that it will have growth and value right back in the day there was real simple it was just a few options you had gold silver you know and you had the money market it's based off fiat currency USD but

Nowadays we got this thing called blockchain technology right and then and so it introduces a new spin to an old game but when we look at the chart right especially when we go to a 3:43 this is the boss method by the way if you don't

Know what this method is I suggest jumping into Google and type in how to chart like a boss that will bring you up to the truck like a boss playlist watch the first video on that playlist about a 90-minute dissertation and that

Will let you know exactly what you need to do again my people if you appreciate this message I appreciate you subscribe right now join the money team 25,000 people you know have already made that decision so I encourage you to do the

Same so this is Nasdaq right Nasdaq ink on a 343 and you can see this line right here let us know that it was time to get out of it right BAM tanked done done Nasdaq is not a safe haven asset right now this thing is legit

Underwater when you go down to that hourly right you see this big intersection right there that is the 77 under the two 2:31 meaning this thing is under water right you can't make money when it's underwater you only make money

When you're floating above it this is the Dow Jones Industrial Average does that look like a safe haven asset no none of that right what about the Russell 2000 these are the you know most profitable 2000 companies in America

This is the heart of the engine in the industrial revolution no get out of here what about Bitcoin this is this is the new boy on the block the rich kids the Nerds right no nothing none of that what about gold we got the baby boomers we

Got we got you know I'm saying people been hoarding gold since the 30s how about the baby boomers this thing is about to take a huge hit by the way no none of that what about oil you know they got OPEC in Saudi Arabian and order

A lot of things that they do it over there audio grievance nothing right truth be told there are no safe haven assets right now right so to answer the question can the markets recover it the answer most

Simply is yes when something anything becomes safe too investing when does it become say BK well when that 77 goes by that 231 bad just that easy right for example let's go back on another side you know and

Look at look at right now look at right now that one intersection right there 77 over 231 7 above 231 comes behind it we call that the Holy Trinity we are off to the races capitulate for a minute goes sideways guess what 7 above 77 77 above

– 31 – 31 comes up back off to the races right we need something anything to do that right my bed is on Bitcoin to do it first but if if if this thing continues to fall which by the way this is the Nasdaq these are big boys we just broke

That support look like we're about to break that one and we got one left downtown right that's a huge drop people that is a lot of money that has disappeared off this market and this is in a month 30% of the world's money gone

Right and so you don't recover from that within a date right so so you know I'm sure it's a lot of people just like we saw those articles you know living inside of three minutes this is a three minute chart by the way and they're

Saying oh wow the market is back King bobblehead did it he sent a tweet to Iran actually he sent some missiles diarrhea this story but he's in a tweet to the Federal Reserve Federal Reserve you know

They printed up a trillion dollars that they bought a body's deteriorating assets and now we would have made how much we make guys we donate five percent in three hours its back right its back

Stocks maintain games what games what games I just showed you we down 30 percent in a month you don't say it Fox Business what games that they maintain what chart are you looking at right do we own research no I don't know

Know what the money looks like this is literally what money looks like you can't fake it right and it's very very easy to see when the money's flowing in where's when the money's flowing out right and so there are no safe haven

Assets right now meaning the market will not recover or begin to recover until one emerges can the market recovery is a whole nother question because guess what that's not up to us we still trade in our times the money a

401k you know in a false sense of security institutions have 99.97% of all digital money in circulation therefore it's up to them to decide and with you know my man my man doctor you know with his face mask on as long as

That's a reality then more than likely this will continue right and so again that's what I got for you people to markets are getting hit over the head and beat like they stole something but that don't mean you cannot profit as a

Result let me tell you a little secret man I told my people and now this profit package group I told my people to sell Bitcoin at nine $200 and they listen so essentially we doubled our money in the past week feels

Pretty good you make a lot more on the way down then you do on the way up I going up you know mega money is like escalator you know I'm saying it's real slow you gotta wait in line other people got to get off

First going down that's the elevator comes in and if you hit that down button you hit that first floor you walk out like a boss you know so at the top jump back in at the bottom that's how you do it that's that's how you swing trade and

That's what the boss method does better than any other statistical method you can get for free on YouTube I'll tell you that right now so this is what we got the profit pack is $50 for the first month if you're

Trying to get paid today is the day the VIP train group this is the boss alert messages they get exclusive access to me myself and a bunch of other crypto traders and light into the community 200 for the first month you know but if you

Trust trying to get your feet wet man doesn't learn how to make money in the market we have a lot of first-timers in a profit package is more of an eclectic community just bringing people together to empower each other you know and make

Money together man I am I'm I'm quite happy that Bitcoin went down everybody in a profit package is quite happy it went down we hope it go down and 1800 you know and stay there for two years cuz we go be buying and buying and

Buying and buying and swing trading all the way up right so that's what we got today we also have the number one Bitcoin group in the world this is on Facebook 20,000 members growing every day come on in the doors are always open

I actually just made a new telegram group this is 100% completely free so you can join that telegram group right there I will include a link in the description we already got 10 members in there I

Just made this name ten minutes ago so that's pretty and I'm gonna be posted charts and you know everything in there as well I'll probably take a link of this video and send it to that telegram group so so

They can get this information too but there you go Ben thirty percent off the top you don't recover from that in ten minutes six hours you got games in and now you clean it clean King bobblehead and made a

Declaration and that's what bringing money back into the market it doesn't happen like that you know I'm saying look behind the curtain the emperor has no clothes which means he's ready to you at any given nose right with that being

Said everybody my name is BJ I appreciate you being here if you appreciate me hit that thumbs up button thank you for watching this video thank you for tuning in and I most certainly thank you for your engagement in your

Participation in the greatest transformation of financial technology known to mankind the blockchain is here maybe I don't care if this five thousand five thousand or fifteen thousand I will be advocating for it I will be speaking

On its behalf because it literally turns that pyramid upside now all power that once was held at the top can now be experienced by the masses with that being said is that time today signing out

Both boy DK no matter where you stay Brazil babe telephone oh yay all the way back out boom jerk money good night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time leave your city in the comments shouts

It country young here city out we got a kaleidoscope of nations in here everybody here on my voice I want to know where you wrap them out from do that for me if you appreciate mine till we meet

Again stay cryptic God bees like a boss

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