by birtanpublished on August 15, 2020

Wow according to this golden ratio multiplier data here over the last 10 years it's showing Bitcoin clearly likely has bottomed here and it is going

To be heading up however traditional technical analysis is showing something a little bit different as well the 200 week moving average heat map showing the same thing as this golden ratio multiplier however what is the TA

Showing for patterns like this technically still on the board what does this mean for other on chain analytics like the two charts we just showed you we'll get into that in this video and as well we'll discuss the likely time frame

That this will break out and exactly where it will break out if it does wow this type of symmetrical pattern actually tends to break up or down at the same rate however this longer time frame ascending

Triangle tends to break up over 70% of the time and down only 30% of the time so we'll get into breakout targets to the up and down side of this smaller symmetrical triangle within this ascending triangle and then we will show

You some more data and as well Bitcoin continuing to get a bounce at the key level that we've been mentioning guys absolutely spot-on love to see it but more specifically there's only around 24 hours until we get a weekly candle close

And if we close exactly where we currently are what does that mean for the market I'll give you a hint it's pretty dewy Wow let's do this Wow what's going on again welcome back to another extremely

Extremely extremely webisode we have so much to get into with bitcoins charts but in addition to our traditional ta we're going to be incorporating these two other very interesting charts and guys

We're gonna start incorporating more and more data like this over the next you know forever because guys it's just absolutely important to have a nice mixture of not only the fundamentals not only the news not only the technical

Analysis but also some of this on chain data and specifically some of these analytics which are just very interesting for example one of these analytics that we're not going to use today but we use last week and we find

Very interesting is how long a Bitcoin address has been sitting you know how long that while it hasn't moved because that does have a correlation to these bull and bear markets they are very interconnected every little piece of

Data can become significant if it's looked at in a correct way and over a long enough period of time Wow guys so so much to get into if you need a channel make sure leave your comment subscribe

Turn on the ding-a-lings and we can get ready to give that ledger away had a lot of winners over the last few weeks guys very interesting stuff but as well before getting to the webisode guys we do have all of our charts playing out

Live here as well on t4 and we do have about another week or two before our final sale on t4 version 3 is over so make sure to check out the link pinned in the comments in description if you're interested in that and as well if you

Want a new place to buy cryptocurrency check out crypto comm link is in the description and comments and if you use that link sign up and stake 50 MCO we both get $53 of MC oh that's pretty cool Wow so guys we're we talking about this

Chart here and this chart here so in as well as our technical analysis oh we're gonna start off with this one and we're gonna go into some TA and then specifically I really want to get into this because this specific thing has

Happened in the past before but what happened during this last bull market turned into a bear market hasn't happened in the last ten years which is pretty wild so let's start off here basically what this chart shows it's a

200 week moving average heat map so when it's dark blue like this when it's dark blue purplish historically those have been the absolute best times to buy Bitcoin and as you can see here you can see that's this is the scale let me move

My face camera here so you can see this is the scale here and then this is the top this is the worst time to buy so I mean obviously this correlates the very top of the market red worst time to buy top of the market red worst

– bye now guys we have been in this blue area for a very significant amount of time actually since the end of 2018 pretty significant but you can see in the past as well usually those times are pretty significant they do go on for a

Fairly substantial amount of time but what you notice about this time is we've been in the dark blue even purplish for a pretty long time as you see here back in 2015-16 and going into 17 it started off pretty like really dark purple and

Then just slowly lightly evened up and got really a little bit lighter into blue and then turn to green it was a very gradual purple to light blue this time we went light blue to purple – very light blue – a little darker blue back

Down to pretty much purple and now we're still currently kind of purple which indicates according to this heat map that it's one of the best times to buy Bitcoin now is it actually the best time to buy Bitcoin I think that's definitely

Up for interpretation in my opinion I will say this now financial device but I personally have been accumulating Bitcoin and altcoins over the past few months so that was the one chart we want to look at that one's interesting but

Again I find this one more interesting now before we get into that though I want to go over a lot of this basic ta so we can get a nice basis for what we're gonna get into so so guys first things first on this chart here weekly

Chart on bitstamp one thing you notice is that currently we are testing basically exactly where the candle opened up back on May June 1st so our last weekly candle where it opened up last about almost two weeks ago and

Actually 10 seconds after I said that we dropped a little bit below that so again we're still kind of fighting this area where that closed was exactly around like the $9,400 level with this candle closing again we still have as I'm

Recording this we have about thirty two hours until we get our weekly close okay so we have over 24 hours if we get a close let's assume that it's gonna close exactly where it is right now just for the sake of analyzing that if it

Actually closed exactly where it is right now historical Emma's weekly chart again that's kind of a neutral close it's not really it's definitely not good but it's also not necessarily bad we want to get

A close substantially in this golden pocket here which is between the point six eight and 0.65 the area we've been failing to break through for her I mean really ever since the last few months of 2019 we failed over and over again to

Stay inside of and get immediately rejected at the top like we did back in February but overall guys on the weekly charts I definitely think a more substantial level that we would want to hold is that

87 to 88 hundred dollar level this is exactly where this is exactly where the 50 week moving average is and even slightly below that which is our bigger pullback error on 82 or 83 is where that 21 week moving averages which is much

More important in my opinion overall this box is incredibly important so honestly even if we saw a dump over the next few days down to this area that would be completely fine with me because we've been trading sideways for so long

We're going to be getting a move out of this at some point the breakouts have been so small lately it's been pretty tedious on the weekly chart not much to really know in terms of this close it's not going to be pretty substantial even

If this does look pretty engulfing the body engulfs the previous body there but again we saw that a few weeks ago where we had this nice giant green body the following week was the exact opposite the exact same sized body that

Closed exactly where that previous one opened right here on this 50-day moving average and then the following week after that you know this could have been seen as a bearish reversal sign but instead it just bounced reading that

50-day moving average and again we're still kind of just stuck in between the 50-day moving average and this golden pocket so basically between eighty seven hundred and ninety seven hundred okay that's been the story for like the last

Almost two months between ninety seven hundred and eighty seven hundred bitcoins been stuck in between so weekly not really too crucial right now this chart this is more important I think this is on the daily but this blue

Line is much more important it goes back seven years that's where he initially got the head on the inverse head and shoulders back in December of 2019 and then as well we fell through it a few times as we you know after we were

Trying to recover after that massive crash on March 12th and now we're above it again but yeah we'll have to see if this holds if we as long as we hold above 8800 which is right about this Green Line then I'm pretty bullish here

This is what we need to break to confirm a shorter term reversal if we break 8800 if we break this Green Line guys then I think we're specifically going down to about 81 or 82 hundred guaranteed and then over you know maybe a week after

That I definitely think we could end up going in to the mid 7 thousands and ultimately if that would happen I would 100% think that that would be the final dip before we really you know continuously move up and that's where

This other chart is gonna come into play of this golden ratio chart that I'm going to be pulling up in a few minutes here additionally what that would look like on this chart if we break 8800 come down

To that 82 like I just said and then is well if we fall down to the mid 77,000 so let's say 76 75 7400 right about this area this would be far enough down in my opinion to complete this inverse head and shoulders on this much longer time

Frame so if we did get a substantial pullback let's say to about here that would validate this it would be in my opinion a very very attractive inverse head and shoulders here be something like this okay with inverse head and

Shoulders you know we don't have to get Bo is this down to 6400 we don't need to come down to 6400 exactly for this to be an inverse head and shoulders okay it's not like that at all so I'll move like this and specifically with every other

Moving average an indicator I definitely think this would be the area of a pullback I think this would be the right shoulder right about here so it looks something like this and then if we did that came back at ten

Point four and then blasted off there guys it would be absolutely guaranteed in my opinion if that scenario played out to where we did this a pullback to 74 and then back to ten point four and broke that 100% I think we would blast

Through fourteen thousand US dollars in within days go up to test the twenty thousand dollar all-time high resistance level that's exactly a pattern that I think would have more than enough momentum to shatter a lot of this

Resistance we've been facing so that's that scenario and then if we switch over to this final pattern ascending triangle which again guys these tend to break up about seventy percent of the time and they break down thirty percent of the

Time so they're more likely to break up and currently what we're facing though is different we have to take into account all of the technicals and this green line is the last two and a half years of resistance so again a

Substantial level after we broke below it we found support on the bottom of this ascending triangle here but we obviously found a resistance right at this two-and-a-half year resistance so this is the pattern that's in play right

Now and I think that we're going to get a breakout probably before June 16th which would put us right about here so again this could give us a few days to trade in here and if that does then I definitely think it's likely we could

Come up the breakout target of this we take it from longest point here would put us basically almost up to the top I didn't measure this perfectly so be a little bit bigger but almost up to that 10,000

Level and to the downside guys this is interesting to the downside it would put us to our exact target of about 9000 which even if we broke down out of this guy's there is plenty of scenarios where this could still end up breaking up very

Massively within the next few weeks because 9000 is a very strong level and it doesn't even take us all the way down to that $8,800 level which I think if we get to were headed a lot lower over the short term but then you know mid to long

Term it's a much more bullish pattern Wow and now in the meat and tomatoes of the video the golden ratio multiplier so what this is this is really interesting so the one thing I want to point out is this orange line right here it's the

Three hundred and fifty day moving average now if we go back to November or back to 2011 when we initially broke through this moving average we came up each one of these times by the way I want to point out we fell below the

300tdi moving average and we got resistance initially before breaking up it's okay so the first time but then mainly the main thing I want to show here is that when we broke below the three hundred and fifty day moving

Average and came up to this green one point-six accumulation High Line and this red low a bull High Line okay so this green and red line right here when we came back up to those lines after breaking back above the three hundred

And fifty day moving average then we went on to set new all-time highs we get it here back in 2012 and 2013 okay and then when we fell below this and then broke the three hundred fifty day again yet again we found initial resistance

Right that red line but after we broke that orange we went on to set all-time highs now what's interesting is that happened the last two times back in you know 2012 2013 and then again 2016 2017 however this time we broke the 350 day

Moving average right here this orange line and when we came back above it we did exactly what we did the last two times where we found a resistance at this red line however instead of going on to set new all-time highs shortly

After that we got rejected actually got pushed back ultimately down below this 350 day moving average line so that's the first time that's ever happened on this chart where we go below this orange line and then we break above it to the

Red line we have always set new all-time highs after it except this time this time we went to that red line and instead of going on to new all-time highs we broke end up we ended up going low that 350 day moving average line

Again so guys in my opinion what does that mean if things are anywhere similar to the last 10 years of bitcoins price what that means is that this thing is coiled and spring-loaded okay we talked about all the tension on just these

Regular technical analysis charts but there's tension on these other charts as well there is tension I definitely think an explosive move is is setting up you guys this is Bitcoin has been beaten down very substantially

Over the last few years we had an insane bull market in 2017 that ended in 2018 and we've had an insane correction in same bear market since then and I think based on all of this data we have more than basically paid our dues in terms of

What we had to do in a bear market because we have such a crazy bull run naturally we probably needed a very crazy bear market and we definitely got that so let's definitely my take on that guys let me know which if you think

About this I'll leave a link to these in the in the description if you guys want to check out these charts and mess around with it very interesting stuff as well make sure you leave your comment for the ledger guys check out t4 we

Still have that sale going on the last sale of version 3 you can access the charts there as well and make sure to sign up to crypto comm if you're interested in finding another way to get those dances Wow thanks guys I want to

See the next one peace

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