by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

Wow Wow with Bitcoin getting rejected right at this specific price channel and actually failing to break above 9700 look we talked about a pullback is definitely in order but is this actually

The perfect time and the perfect setup over the next week or so we'll take a look at this guy's a Bitcoin 896 day accumulation will now spark $100,000 Bull Run argues this analyst there's some very good information in this

Article that were gonna go over guys extremely exciting and as well we talked about crypto Kaleo chart in yesterday's video guys so far it's actually still playing out perfectly he had this chart up for the last three days and so far

The last three days it's been pitch perfect he has a target to the downside and specifically this area of resistance actually lines up perfectly with this potential symmetrical triangle on the 4-hour chart here on bit risk as this is

Huge one thing to notice that these patterns don't necessarily break up more often than they break down however this would 100% give us the momentum to push clearly above 11 K so we'll show the targets for that and as well a pullback

Over the weekend actually would be the perfect timing for this guy's we only have two more days until we get a weekly candle close as we've been mentioning we did get rejected yet again for the fourth week in a row right at this

Golden pocket of the last two and a half years golden pocket Fibonacci retracement right here around like 9700 US dollars as we talked about yesterday's video we failed to break above that we got a push down so what

Does the next likely move but more importantly we're gonna be talking about why this whole set up is extremely bullish looking even a month down the road we're about to enter June of 2020 and I think that this is where things

Could really start getting exciting and I think it's the first month we really actually have the possibility this month to break 10k for good oh let's get juicing Wow what's going on if we're welcome back to an extremely extremely

Episode of Bitcoin guys we actually have some really important stuff to go over today specifically these charts have been playing out pretty much exactly as we would hope that they would we're still getting that reject

And we don't have the juice to get above the we don't have the juice to get above it just yet but it looks like we definitely could be seeing that and guys is well I'm extremely excited to go over this coin

Telegraph article by William su Berg this is I mean this is just chocked full of meat chocked full of some of the best information the most exciting information guys so many good points so I cannot wait to get into that webisode

Wow very exciting guys so make sure if we can hit 1500 likes regional average like 1000 or 1100 likes if we can hit 1500 likes we'll give away this ledger in the next webisode make sure to smash gang hit the comments turn on subscribes

Turn on the bells and you guys as well we actually uploaded a thirteen and a half minute of our first intro compilation here okay over thirteen minutes of just hilarious memes just awesome stuff that'll get your juices

Flowing so that you can learn and master some ta wow let's get into this ta guys so let's start off on a weekly chart today as we talking about yusei's video guys we got rejected right at the seventy are sorry ninety seven hundred

Dollar level which is this key level that we've been unable to break into and stay above for weeks and weeks and weeks now this is a really important level it lines up with a lot of these other charts but specifically we failed there

What is the next move so guys as many of you may or may not know in terms of the CM e gap which I can pull up right here this gap is already filled so we can get rid of this one here but what I love to see is similar to what we saw last week

Where we have a little price correction during the weekend and actually this week last weekend I think we pumped a little bit and then towards the end of the weekend like late Sunday night we actually dropped a lot because I

Remember this weekly candle close we were actually yeah we were above like 99 and we ended up getting pushed all the way down our weekly kinda actually closed around 86 87 hundred US dollars guys so pretty big drop right there now

What would be perfect because it looks like we have some downside momentum hopefully that can continue over the weekend because I mean it looks as though especially on this chart pushing up for the past few days if we can get

Continued consolidation maybe even travel to the bottom of this which will show a target of as as well guys this is huge but specifically if we get a gap to the downside that's exactly what we want to see in my opinion and if we switch to

This daily chart on bit Rick's got that rejection exactly like right on the line basically right here right around like 96 9550 you see we came all the way up here to about 90 625 and you see we're

Getting our rejections so far similar to we got the bounce down here everyone lines guys I can't like reiterate I can't state this enough this this chart is just insanely important here on the daily we can zoom back this is just so

Important this has just been providing resistance and support for so long but what's more interesting now ok so we're getting that rejection here what's more interesting now is that after we broke out of that seeming falling wedge what's

Really interesting is that this downside target in this potential symmetrical triangle is exactly what would make sense in my opinion in terms of a pullback because if we get a pullback to that area and if we hold it again there

Is very little doubt in my mind that we're actually gonna head up over the next few days and actually test the top of this and most likely I think this is exactly where we could break out of this and this is also lining up perfectly

With this longer term timeframe of the past two and a half year resistance for Bitcoin so that is just huge these things are just lining up perfectly you can actually draw the same thing on this chart would be roughly like that okay

Basically you're getting the same pattern there but this is just a really clean version so my perfect scenario this is this would be the most bullish scenario is if for the next few days we continue and we travel down coming down

To that $8,800 level which again it's not that I mean this chart looks pretty big but this is on the 4-hour it's pretty small this price action from here what is this 93 almost 90 400 down to here would only be about a 500 dollar

Drop so this this looks pretty big this is only $500 we see swings like that all the time okay that happens all the time so if we got that one pullback and this could take a few days right ideally this would happen over a few days in the

Process especially if it happens over the weekend we would be creating a gap to the upside depending on where GME closes tonight okay only a few hours away have a gap to the upside and then try yet again to break this if we break

This I think that's going to be explosion time if we're gonna get the breakout so you know I I'd say it's very possible for the next 7 to 10 days ideally probably I hope it takes that long it could be sooner but I think it'd

Be better if we it took a little bit longer guys ever since May 7th we've been testing this level to try and break above it and if we show you on this longer-term chart again May 7th we've been failing to break above this why

This is so important if we break above this like we've been saying if we break above this the past two and a half years for the first time it's back to explosion so huge and that's exactly why I want to show you this article here the

890 de accumulation will now end and spark $100,000 Bitcoin run potentially according to plan B stock to flow even all the way up at the very highest up to maybe $600,000 per Bitcoin now guys

Before we get into that 600 just imagine for a second if Bitcoin hits six hundred thousand US dollars what do you think old coins would do okay anybody with a brain would say while the alt coins are also going to go up whether or not you

Hate all coins whether you love them whether you think they're pointless whether you think they're the real technology and actually better than Bitcoin whatever your opinion is it would be silly to not acknowledge that

Most likely like every single time Bitcoin is pumped alt coins will also see a pump as well I have actually been buying a lot of alt coins recently I've been buying a lot of them and I just think that it's a very I mean not

Financial advice but I personally think it's a very smart move for me to be doing that with that in mind always prepare for downside always prepare that you could buy and then the next day everything's down 10% but I'm talking

About long-term and guys even even now long-term for me is three months from now because I think we're so close to seeing a massive rally in the markets we used to be saying like oh it could be a year away a year from now if Bitcoin

Isn't over at least fifty thousand dollars I would be absolutely shocked if by summer of 2021 Bitcoin is not at the very least fifty thousand US dollars I will be you know I will be incredibly shocked with everything because that

Just simply isn't what Bitcoin has been preparing for the last ten years in terms of his technical analysis in terms of the patterns it's been repeating again I just definitely think I mean that's just what I believe could go

Either way and that's why it's not financial advice but that is 100% in my opinion where I think this is going so before we get into this absolutely awesome article here by William superg let's actually take a look at this get a

Little recap of yesterday so what crypto Kaleo had is charted this kind of like a phone wedge breakout up to basically here what is this 97 roughly which we got all the way up to let's take a look on this chart all the way up to about 96

38 again exchanges differ but for the most part I don't think we broke 97 on any of these other exchanges so 97 then he has a pullback roughly to about 94 let's see where we're getting a pullback so far he has about 93 94 or the actual

Charts have about 93 so very accurate so far and then the chart just shows a breakout from about 95 96 all the way up to almost almost 11,000 so ten thousand eight hundred years dollars guys so we will know we will know by

Tomorrow because this breakout charted on this on this screen has this for tomorrow so with that being said this goes against what I just said I'm hoping for a more weekend dump let me see here so that we can see something more like

This and this chart kind of goes against what I personally hope happens because we're gonna be creating a weekend gap and I just don't have I don't like weekend gaps because for the most part they get filled meaning the price just

Has to go back down however I however I got to give the guy props cuz so far over the last three days he he tweeted this back on May 26th been three days so far this price action has been very accurate so again we will know by

Tomorrow two sides of the same coin so basically he's saying it'll probably go to 11 K this weekend and I'm hoping that we get a continued umph so we will see and this is his Twitter account as well uh at crypto Kaleo but he says here most

Of y'all won't believe this until several days from now after it plays out and he tweeted that four days ago guys so it's always interesting to see people make predictions and see if they come true or not because if they do become

True it's truly where people become legends absolutely huge so let's get into this this article here coin Telegraph Bitcoin 896 basically nine hundred day accumulation now will spark $100,000 Bitcoin run over the next two

Years but specifically a lot of price action very soon meaning we're gonna be breaking 10k soon according this article so let's see here a giant repositioning since December 2017 is about to come to a close claims positive crypto that's

His account name positive crypto leading to new price all-time high so Bitcoin has spent almost 900 days correcting from twenty thousand US dollars Bitcoin has not been above twenty thousand dollars in in about 900 days but its

Trip to $100,000 is about to start here so that is the opinion of popular social media trader and analysts positive crypto who on May 29th today declared that the largest crypto currencies 896 day climbed down would soon be over says

Here according to an accompanying accompanying chart the time since December 2017 has been one massive accumulation phase during which investors reposition themselves and bought in it says here this is about to

Give way to a new book bull run which will obliterate 20,000 US dollars the last 900 days he's quoted as saying were simply one massive accumulation phase between our sorry before the run to over $100,000 per Bitcoin and the

Consolidation structure will soon be broken are you prepared so the consolidation structure he's talking about is literally exactly what we just spent this first half of the video talking about breaking out of this

Breaking out of this specifically this specifically 900 day we can actually yeah let's take a look at this guys this is the entire consolidation will actually take it from here and we'll get the exact number of days so far yeah so

It's literally according to this it's actually over 900 days but basically yeah 900 days we've been below this line I got a comment yesterday somebody said they're new to the space and they're like what is this line well this line is

What bitcoin has been failing to break above for the past 900 days and when it does break above that line that's by far the biggest macro indicator that things are about to get explosive so guys again not financial advice but if you want to

Be invested in these markets if you're interested in you know joining for the next year to get ready because I definitely think it's going to happen extremely extremely soon I've been saying this for a long time and I mean

I'm getting annoyed that I repeat myself so much but guys I mean there's no there's gonna be a certain point where we won't be able to say get ready because it's already happening anybody that's been in the space knows this

Stuff happens so so fast it can happen so fast so as your coin Telegraph reported various analysts are now convinced after this month's block subsidy having a bullish trend will kick in for Bitcoin within the next one to

Two years at most plan B stock to flow predicting $300,000 per Bitcoin with an all-time high easily being twice that around six hundred thousand dollars per Bitcoin network indicators are also providing food for thought sixty percent

Of Bitcoin supply for example has not moved in a year or more which basically means people are holding on because they expect a very big ride bitcoins position in his current so-called Hottel wave supply data says

Has triggered bull runs in every previous cycle guys so again huge just very exciting episode I think there's so much coming and I think you guys have to be prepared so definitely definitely check it out let me know what you think

In the comments below and as well guys let me know if you think in the comments below do you think we gonna get a weekend dump or do you think we're gonna do similar to what crypto Kaleo has charted here for the past almost week

Going up to 11 K this weekend which inevitably would create a downside gap which we would probably have to fill but I mean in the long term really it doesn't have any bearing if we break if we break this long term stroke

That is by far the most important thing we have to watch out for so guys as well everyone involved in t4 make sure to check out all the updated courses they're actually getting better as I make them I'm actually putting more work

Into these videos as time goes on so the newer videos are much much better I believe and I think and that's what I'm gonna continue to do so everybody already involved just prepare for better quality videos as well we update them

And just to make it a better experience because you guys have paid for some good knowledge there and as well guys that 13 and a half we're gonna add more of these 13 1/2 intro compilation of all of our intros

Here on the channel down here on humor so if you guys are interested in that definitely check out that it's a it's a riot I'll make you laugh and giggle all day long huge stuff $45 off with coupon code made a huge guys thanks so much for

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