BITCOIN BULL RALLY?! BUY SELL OR HODL? LIVE Crypto Analysis TA & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Bitcoin just had a major break out running up above $7,000 which makes us bring up the question is the bull market back that's what we will be discussing in today's episode so ain't nothing to it but to do it let's go ahead and make this money like a boss

live from USA hoping you get paid every

Day this is the bubs Bitcoin the crystal of creeped up it's your boy BK and if you don't like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody as I just said Bitcoin ran up above seven thousand dollars earlier this

Morning and it starts to change the charts a little bit with regards to the future the expected projection but most importantly it makes it a lot easier and a lot more possible for you to make some money as a result so if this is your

First time tuning in congratulations baby you are now riding with the best my name is BK known as the crypto trader and I'm them both these charts as you will soon find out every day I grace this

Microphone with my voice is another day you can profit as a result so do yourself a favor smash that subscribe button join the money team but doors are always open turn your notifications no what I'm trying to a video everyday

Especially when we got some major market action like we do today and that's why we are on this video and I also have a free telegram channel this group I just started last week we are almost up to 500 members everybody it's 100%

Completely free a lot of eclectic information all over the world members are all over to where that literally goes on 24 hours a day you know so come on in the doors are always open the link is in the description so here we go we

Are looking at a possible resurgence of a Bitcoin right and this is not just relative to Bitcoin I think you know it's definitely a cusp in the market with so insofar as the global commodities are concerned if you look at

You know the Nasdaq it is not descending at the rate it was descending previously so this you know begs the question is the globe so to speak not just Bitcoin but the world in a bull market well when you type it into Google these are some

Of the you know top populated stories that come up there is what they call sentiment analysis what does you know what's the feeling of this word like what do people think what's what's the overall emotion is it

Good is it is it green or is it bad is it fearful is it red right and here we go maybe the coronavirus didn't in the bull market right maybe we're still going higher right let's see SP up 20% from the lows

Here's what the charts say now right so it's more optimistic with regards to the global reporting of the financial financial markets right right and you kind of got a little bit of both sides right

One day bullet trap right Dow was back in a bull market should it be they called this thing a week ago I thought that was a little premature I was actually going to do a video on it but you know the powers that be

Controlled of money and all I can do is write the waves that they create you know so here we go this is Bitcoin right two things we're gonna do first we're going to look at the macro that's when we scale out and we can you know go as

Far back as eighteen months to two years on this chart if we wanted to by the way this is the boss method and been designed by yours truly it works quite well if you don't know how this method works how to set it up how those moving

Averages work all you need to do is type in how to chart like a boss into Google and click that playlist right there watch the first three videos and you will be well on your way to make some money and like I said make sure you

Subscribe if you haven't done it I try to get as knowledge out you know i'm sanna and I think it's very very valuable and very useful as well right so on on a long-term chart the trend is definitely down right and for now on I'm

Probably gonna be using four moving averages the red the green or I'm sorry – red white blue you know I'm saying looking like real white blue like American drink right the red is just the 20

Right so if you've been with me for a while you know that that's the 21 I haven't used it since you know probably about 2017 but I figured I'd bring it back it gives you kind of like a look at like the medium-term money you know on

These different charts right so the trend is still down right that is not a great trend but but this is the opportunity inside that trend you have different channels that actually produce positive results and

This is all I talk about you guys with the boss method if we go up to a daily let's just scale it up I'll make this real quick real quick real quick and I'ma turn that a21 off for right now right right literally is just this easy

Everybody I do buy when the white goes but blue and you sell it when it goes below keep in mind this all is on a daily if you were on the smaller candles you would be able to jump in and out like double-dutch much more often but

Seriously in two trades since 2019 you know you could have saved yourself a lot of time and a lot of peace of mind and still made more than 200% and Bitcoin right so now when we scale down right we see we had this little swing Zona let's

Jump back up there let me show you how that worked real quick right those and those are like the big big big area so if we wanted to we can you know color code this green we can say that was a macro buying period that's a macro

Buying period and then let's do the same thing over here where we say it's red and that's our macro selling period right now let's go down to a 343 and this is what I wanted to show you guys inside that are these

Steel these different little runs so even though technically this is our selling period we still have this little area right here that we can make some money in right

And we'll color this thing like yellow and you can see it happens like if we go to the other side right over here right even notice technically all this area if we would have been trading on a daily is green we

Just would have hobbled it you know for the better part of six months well actually you could have jumped in and jumped out a few different times right this being one of them right so and this is this is basically the concept of the

Roman sums and fractals to where you can get up in there and one picture becomes a smaller picture becomes a smaller picture becomes a smaller picture and so inside each macro cycle are these little miniature micro-cycles that allow you to

Make some money in the interim you know and it literally works like that we go from one big macro cycle essentially holding for six months to make 200% and then we can break that down into these little micro cycles so where you're

Literally stepping up the ladder right and this is what the boss method does for you that literally compounds your interest you get all of the game none of the loss all of a reward and very little of the risk so this is why

I'm telling you if you haven't done it make sure you jump on that playlist how to shark like a boss calm I can't stress to you guys enough especially if you are just getting started in the market because I do this in real life this is

Real people making real profit and this is a screenshot from the VIP trading group the boss alert messages our telegram group there's morning one of my man my man said BK I currently got a

Trailing stop loss activated on BTC how high is this thing go go this was 9:50 a.m. y'all notice he hit me at 944 I got back 6 minutes later as you get up to around 7200 probably between 70 50 and 70 250 right he said I put half and BTC

Yo I'm saying scared money don't make none put down to pick up 6 so far so good half hour later everybody he said he's sold at 70 one hundred and eighty seven dollars it's good he sold it at 71 what's it at right now right back down

That letter 67 hundredths right and so I told them it was gonna get between 70 50 and 70 250 between there and there right this is what I told him 70 50 70 to 50 when did I call that at 9:50 a.m. back here so this thing hadn't even you know

Started started the big run yet I got my man the information you know at 9:50 10 minutes later BAM right that's how you do it everybody that's what we're doing right now and that's why I invite you to join the telegram brute if you haven't

Done it already and if you actually trying to get paid you know I'm saying with the rest of us we have a option available for you on balsa Bitcoin com2 options available the profit package top seven coins a swing trade every seven

Days and then the VIP trading group this is where you actually get the live price action stop losses and entries to help you ride each wave up and down the chart this is what I do for people all over the world and I wouldn't mind doing it

For you as well so with regards to Bitcoin yes this is a small section of the chart that we can indeed make money in and just like I showed you it's pretty easy to make money when you know the different levels

That are going to be coming inside of this frequency however we are not out of the woods yet bitcoin is still very much underwater the world is still very much in distress in this array with regards to with regards to the global pandemic

That it's been dealing with since the better part since all of 2019 and we are nowhere close to being out of the woods if anything this is just a brief spot of sunshine in the midst of a very very big storm it appears April 2nd has arrived

Winter has not left us yet you know we're still treading through the snow but I promise you you know there are many many spots that we can choose to jump on in and jump on out like double dutch and keep that money flowing to

Keep that bank account roll so with that being said everybody I appreciate your support if you appreciate this content you know if you've got some use out of it if you were able to make money with me you know I'm saying all I do is ask

You to subscribe turn notifications on hit the thumbs up button if you want to see a chart I'm doing more altcoin charts this week leave me a comment down below let me know what chart you want to see for the video tomorrow I won't be

Picking a comment live out the comments and that's no it doesn't be deterrent we do for the day so thank you very much for rocking out with me I appreciate each and every one of you guys if you appreciate me hit the thumbs up button

Thank you for joining me with that being said is that time of the day signing out oh boy BK no matter where you stay Brazil BAE telephone oh yeah all the way back out to jerk money good night good morning

And good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time hit that thumbs up button for player one time do that for me if you appreciate my to admit against a cryptic y'all like a boss

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