by birtanpublished on August 4, 2020

whoa Bitcoin holding support for six entire days above its 21 day moving average is Bitcoin ready for a spike upwards and as of last night Bitcoin getting its first Green weekly candle in the last five weeks holding support at

The very very top of this ascending triangle is the momentum of Bitcoin about to shift upward and get extremely explosive the volume is still declining in there is going to be a massive break much much much sooner than we think

Bitcoin having almost no room left to consolidate in between this two and a half year resistance and this two and a half month support at the bottom of this ascending triangle we are gonna see an explosive move soon and guys a lot of it

Is pointing actually towards an upwards break with altcoins going nuts across the board we're gonna be taking a look at that as well an eight dollar chain link by December 2020 no it actually happened last night exploding all the

Way to $850 guys absolutely huge what is on the horizon for chain link and these other old coins and as well a coin I've been talking about for about two months now xtz Tasos looking absolutely primed as well up over 20% today and

We're still on the symmetrical triangle for digi bite at the very top guys this looks absolutely ready to explode as well let's jump in Wow what's going on everyone welcome back to much truly webisode we have a left velvet suit

Today guys I'll be honest I mean bitcoins price we've been saying this everybody's insane this for about a month now month and a half the Bitcoin is primed for an explosion but right now I mean guys it

Has really been getting more and more exciting every single day if you look across the entire market if you're just watching bitcoins price alone it has been extremely boring for the past few weeks but if you really look to see what

The entire market is doing specifically some of these altcoins are showing signs that the entire market is ready you could even say the disbelief stage of that psychology of a market cycle chart that I'm sure many of you are familiar

With that everybody's been looking at for like the past two and a half years so absolutely huge with that altcoins are obviously taking the lead here and we're gonna go over some that I'm extremely interested

In and is well I am covering that you know in detail specifically here under active investments here but guys I mean just so much to get into with that as I've said before in 2017 most of what I profited from were

Altcoins okay I want to say 95% of what I profited from was from investing in old coins I knew a lot less back then but taking the gamble of investing in some old coins actually paid off extremely well back then some it didn't

Some of the old coins it didn't pay off very well but most of what I invested in back then were my biggest payoffs of that bull cycle again I only caught like the last seven eight months of it but again even the last seven eight months

Of a bull cycle was extremely profitable now imagine this imagine we're going into a 1/2 2 year potentially like 3 year like mega bull cycle and you're here now investing before it even really kicks off ok maybe we're in like the

First 1% of this bull cycle so the very very beginning just imagine the potential for upside if you're getting in now so early as opposed to the last you know 15 or 20% of a cycle okay so we're gonna get into all that in detail

In the video but as well guys we're gonna be giving this ledger giveaway in this video so make sure you stay tuned for that but as well if you wanna enter for these next ones make sure to leave that comment subscribe ding turn on the

Subscribes and we can jump into the rest of the webisode Wow so we can start off here with Bitcoin and then we'll delve into some of the alt coins and some of the other material in the webisode but this is the first week that we've had in

Five weeks that is now a green candle cemented last night we had that closed guys and as you can see here ever since that massive increase of volume back on March 12th you can see that it's been kind of declining volume ever since then

Basically everyone's been anticipating a actual swing for the past few weeks so I mean it could literally happen any minute at this point because everything is ripe and prime on these charts for a breakout and is this green candle the

First indication that potentially we'll be seeing an upside swing could we have to look to altcoins for that because if we are looking to altcoins for you know a future trajectory for Bitcoin then 100 percent

Would be upside because altcoins have only been seeing upside again what I want to point out here on the weekly RSI for Bitcoin is this area right around the 54 was immense support for Bitcoin as it was

Going into a bull market okay from 2015 16 and 17 this 54 line is where all of the most important bounces came and right now we've had two bounces here one on May 18th and then one actually just about two weeks ago here so this so far

Is acting is good support and if this is repeating we could see a bounce here to actually initiate something similar to this our first kind of curve upwards of the last bull cycle so a lot of this has been repeating here in terms of just the

RSI in the weekly but we'd want to see that momentum really just swing it to the upside here similar to you know back in 2015 and here's well for Bitcoin ever since July 7th we've been above the 21 day moving average this blue line right

Here you can see we've been basically just holding right on that for the past week so upward resistance being that 50 moving average right around the 90 400 that we've been squeezed in between as well and more importantly the other

Prices just getting squeezed in the small area still guys there is not a lot of room left I want to say probably within the next week at the latest I think we're gonna break out of this once and for all within the next week there

Is not much room left in this area remember this this is a two and a half year line of resistance and then we have this support here that has been tested over a dozen times in just the last two and half months and we haven't gotten a

Daily close below this line okay it's come down here many times we found daily closes multiple days in a row and over yeah again over a dozen times just in the past two and a half months so very good support I feel right here and if

This would break I think we'd probably go below 8800 but it's important just that we hold that and then obviously in terms of the entire market we want to break that line as well so before we delve into the oats I want to cover this

Article published on a theorem world news calm by John P knew I hear chain link will be bigger than Bitcoin now guys I'm not saying that is the case at all however I just want to look at some of the information provided in this

Article because it is interesting here Timothy Peterson a crypto analyst believes chain link he believes chain link will be bigger than Bitcoin I'm hugely bullish on chain link but I wouldn't say that it's going to be

Bigger than Bitcoin you know I could be wrong about that but I'm not I don't know exactly if that could ever be possible so the reason he's saying this is because the link is not as affected by bitcoins movements

Obviously it's been pumping a lot as Bitcoin has been going sideways and even for the past you know a few months it's been doing really well the price of link is dependent on chain links user growth is another one of his

Reasons and finally here chain link allows for the interaction of real world information so like I said in yesterday's video one of the reasons I'm bullish on link long-term isn't because of technical analysis it's more about

Fundamental analysis and the actual use case of chain link which i think is there so when it comes to longer-term holds of these altcoins I don't care too much on what the price action is doing now because the long term I think it's

Gonna be more based on fundamentally what is it doing what value does it have why should the price go up so then he goes on to say how he moved a lot of excess capital from chase into chain link and now he says eight dollars per

Link coming soon now what's funny enough is chain link already broke that as of last night he was saying it's possible by December 2020 okay so like five months from now but it did it last night it broke 850 last night so again

Yesterday I was talking about a conservative view for you know chain link and just crypto and altcoin numbers in general it's nice to be conservative but it's also super important to realize that during both

Cycles projections often can get blown out of the water and the price can go much higher than anybody could have imagined if you went back even to the middle of 2017 and you would tell people that Bitcoin would go to 20k even as it

Was in a very bullish mode people would say no way it's not gonna go to 20k maybe five K and then it hit five K and then soon soon after that hit 10 K and then soon after that it hit 20 K and I remember that feeling

I remember what people were saying everybody was just completely Fork and it almost didn't make any sense like why was Bitcoin at 20,000 US dollars and same scenario with this I think right now we're saying wow maybe chain-linked

Could go to 10 15 20 dollars and next thing you know it chain line could be a hundred and fifty two hundred dollars and everybody would be absolutely shocked like wow how did this happen I didn't see this coming I had no idea

That could happen that fast but again guys what momentum really picks up especially in a space as speculative as crypto and especially in a space that has such a small market cap such as cryptocurrency less than a trillion

Dollars for the entire space at its height okay that's not that's not big at all there's so much room for upside there's so much available capital and so much available money in the world for cryptocurrency to absorb and become a

Part of there's just so much room for growth with that so if we say something like yeah link could hit $50 that is not outrageous at all even in terms of market cap as we talked about yesterday link could hit $400 and still be within

A very reasonable market cap in terms of comparing that to all-time highs of the entire cryptocurrency market and if you believe that cryptocurrency as a whole is going to go into a multi trillion US dollar market caps which I believe that

In fact most people believe at some point cryptocurrency is a whole will be multiple trillions of dollars of market cap then yeah a 150 200 $300 chain link is not unfathomable at all especially if you consider potentially a chain link

Might be you know in the top five cryptocurrencies will it be nobody knows that for sure but fundamentally does it have the resources to warrant that I definitely think so so timothy peterson is quoted here is saying unlike most

Other Kryptos and tokens link was not materially influenced by bitcoins price movement the merit to this finding lies not in the investment diversification benefit but in that almost none of the popular naysay arguments against Bitcoin

Would have a lot of weight or applicability to link links user growth rate has been an astonishing 17% per month our opinion is that chain link has viable real-world business application link does not simply serve as a

Speculative store of value or meet a medium of exchange like a lot of these cryptocurrencies boast okay the reason fundamentally wide link has value according to a lot of people is because of this it has an actual application

Aside from just being like a store of value it actually seems useful and in the short term I actually have a chain link potentially if a run would continue over the next week or so potentially reaching all the way up to about 13 or

14 USD now I think right now for the short term it is likely we should be receiving a pullback especially if Bitcoin isn't going to do much here but again the article I just talked about was chain link not really

Being correlated at all to bitcoins price movement so chain link maybe wouldn't be as hindered even if Bitcoin doesn't do anything like it's been doing and then we have xtz as well looking to almost see a breakout right above $3

Potentially reaching again those all-time highs right under $4 pesos is one of the first alt coins that I start talking about about a month or two ago it's a coin as well I'm really to see the price movement over this bull

Cycle and as well guys I'm definitely checking out the symmetrical triangle with digi bite here in the Bitcoin pairing so this is digi bite in compared to Bitcoin not paired with USD but yeah this looks very much so like it's ready

To break we have our target significantly higher here back to the highs of last summer actually before the litecoin having before Bitcoin ran to 14,000 US dollars but yeah let's go ahead and pick the winner for the

Giveaway generate okay generate number five so we'll go to video number five one two three four five okay paste that in there get YouTube comments and then we can see who the winner is looks like we have 201 unique

Comments here yeah and let's see who the winner is Andrew Castro Tyler is strapped in and strapped on blast-off City Andrew make sure to shoot me an email it's provided the bottom of the description there as

Well guys make sure to enter for your ledger and huge as we talked about in yesterday's video guys we added this active investment section to t4 version four and as well some other videos and there are more coming out soon as well

But basically these active investments are just what I'm doing with the portfolio what coins what prices and on what days so if you want to keep up to date with that this is where I'm posting that and yet to be honest I value money

And making money more than probably anything else throughout my day I take it extremely seriously and the investments that I pick the ones that I put in here and the ones that I put on my portfolio I try my hardest to make

Sure I'm confident that they'll do well because I want to make as much money as I possibly can and so far my portfolio has actually been looking extremely good over the past two months I'm extremely confident in what coins I have most of

My portfolio invested in I have no doubt that my portfolio if we have a bull cycle will be profiting immensely because of the specific investments that I have okay I have a lot of faith but I think it's extremely important to learn

From others and not necessarily take their advice but listen to what they say and then research projects that you obviously see they have a deep conviction for or a big passion about to really just maximize portfolio make as

Much profit as possible again I'm not gonna lie the main reason I'm here is to make as much money as possible and my biggest way of doing that is having strong investments and that is exactly what we cover here

So yeah I want to profit a lot in this market I would love to see how you profit as well everybody invested in crypto now and taking that chance on crypto obviously we're on the same team and there's a lot

Of people outside of crypto that are doubting and they have doubted for the past 10 years Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and everything like that so without a doubt I would love to see everybody here now investing profit immensely

You know maybe change their life or at least increase their income or increase their savings a lot just by being here and as well I think we're all in a situation to do that there's no doubt in my mind you're extremely early still and

Again I think the next one to two years is going to be extremely eye-opening for anybody not involved in crypto because they are going to miss out they are going to have immense regret it has been a tough two and a half years if you only

Got in at the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018 and you basically have only seen downside in your portfolio since then but guys I mean the reason everybody can come on and be so positive is because we understand

I mean basic market cycles and as well this thing is most likely going a lot higher there is not a doubt in my mind that Bitcoin has so much upside and as well some of these altcoins like chain-link have immense upside over the

Next few years as well so yeah with that being said guys as well if you want to get access to more crypto currencies check out crypto comm app okay they have accessed over 40 crypto currencies right now including chain link and Tasos as

Well and if you're interested in following my portfolio as well as learning to trade in a bunch of other tips that we cover here on t4 version 4 you can use the coupon code platinum for 20% off in as well guys if you're

Interested in getting trading which I don't recommend day trading but if you want to do a swing trade here and there which I definitely do recommend if you're going to trade it all then you can check out the links in the

Description in the comments as well there's some nice bonuses when you do deposit an initial amount to trade with oh and yeah thanks so much for watching I'll see you next one


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