by bigr10published on August 1, 2020

wow bitcoin is currently breaking out of this three-month long symmetrical triangle the move doesn’t look insanely significant on this chart but it has just broken through some of

The most key critical resistance of the past three months and volume is slowly turning in could this end up being the actual beginning of a massive pump or is it a massive fakeout bitcoin could

Easily push us up here to the 10k dollar level and if it breaks that it is absolute lights out after finding initial resistance right at the 50-day moving average bitcoin is actually currently bouncing

Above that how high could we go in the short term and is this truly a breakout we see volume actually slowly starting to increase here with bitcoin guys this could be the real deal if

Bitcoin is able to break this key level within the next few days guys it is absolutely moonshot territory and wow as we talked about in yesterday’s video this cryptocurrency just broke out of

Its bitcoin pair you can see in the single daily candle guys absolutely massive we could see massive gainers for this cryptocurrency and many cryptocurrencies involved with this crypto as we’ve been

Talking about for the past few days multiple billion dollar market cap here guys absolutely huge and if this continues the gain on the bitcoin pair which we think it will over the next few months

Especially going into this bill cycle guys this will be huge for this crypto it’ll be huge for this ecosystem and all of the cryptocurrencies there a part of this crypto and as well ethereum flippens bitcoin to become the most used

Blockchain this is exactly what we’re talking about here defy stable coins the ecosystem is huge and this is only the beginning what’s going on everyone welcome back to an especially urgent

Late night megasod we have a lot to get into with bitcoins price and specifically the talk of the town which we’ve been mentioning for the past few episodes ethereum and the entire ecosystem behind it in

Fact ethereum just broke out of a major major resistance here on the bitcoin pairing how high could this thing go this puppy could run pretty far

And specifically what implications does this have for the rest of a lot of these coins built on ethereum does it have any at all huge so we could be seeing the absolute beginnings of bitcoin actually breaking

Out and with that we could see a lot of these other cryptocurrencies especially ones built on ethereum and this defy revolution also begin to moon as we talked about in the last webisode

They could moon first and that’s actually what we’ve been seeing over the past few weeks and it looks as though it’s leading bitcoin many people have been speculating on the trajectory of bitcoin’s price

But with so much health and interest in a lot of these all coins it definitely is pointing uh for bitcoin to go higher and the rest of cryptocurrency in general to absolutely explode that’s huge so if

You want to enter for these ledgers make sure to drop your like comment subscribe below and we will be giving away one of these at the end of this webisode so make sure to smash the comments dings

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On charting trading the chart specifically guys all here on t4 v4 20 off with the coupon code platinum at checkout so guys huge we’re gonna start here but something more

Interesting is happening on ethereum’s chart so let’s actually take a look here with bitcoin we actually over the past few minutes as i’m recording this just got a massive spike you can see

From 9390 all the way up in just two 30-minute candles to 9643 okay you see as bitcoin’s been trading along these four-hour candles above this two and a half year

Resistance a strong bounce right here now is this indicating which way bitcoin is going to continue to go one thing for sure you want to see here is exactly what we’re seeing is finally

A break after getting squeezed and squeezed you guys these are the most consistent trend lines right here with this two and a half year resistance and two and a half month actually three

Months now support you know in these types of patterns there’s eventually just nowhere else to go and as you can see there was barely any time left absolutely about an entire week

Until we’re at the absolute end but it usually doesn’t break out at the end or the apex here usually patterns break out before the end or before the apex right here so again we’re seeing a break right now now is

This going to continue uh one thing we do want to watch out for we need more confirmation uh before we actually say this is going to continue to go up because this could end up being a fake

Out but first sign is really good we broke this 9500 about the 94 90 right here but ultimately we need to break 9 700 and we’ll show you on another chart why that’s so key and we haven’t broken that just yet we

Went all the way up to about 96 40 we wicked up there extremely fast it happened like a one or two minute candle but ultimately we won a break above 97 and find support there so if we switch to this start you can see we’re actually

Above the 50-day moving average we were above the 21-day moving average when we bounced yesterday we found a resistance around the 50-day moving average and now we’re bouncing again

Yet again now the reason we want to break 97 is because that’s exactly where we’ve been unable to get a weekly close uh since february of 2020 so if we actually zoom in here guys we have not gotten a close

Above 9 700 concretely really for the past like five months specifically it’s around like 97 40 97 50 on this chart but really we want to get a close this week if we want to get really bullish

Above like 9750 here as you can see this is where we’ve just been squeezed in this entire time you can see we had some wicks which you also see on this chart on the daily you can see these are a lot of the candles on the

Daily but ultimately these have been pushed down immediately and that’s why we have this is the main level of resistance here because we are pretty much getting

Rejected here concretely every single time every time we did come above this we would immediately get rejected back in basically the next daily candle you see it happened here it happened here

It happened here as well and then here so literally every time basically the next daily candle or within 36 hours after breaking above it we immediately got pushed back down again now ultimately what we want to see here is a

Continuation of that but one thing different so far is that we had our first candle above this line we came back down as you saw here but then we bounced right at the top of

This so is this the first time of this actually turning resistance into support huge guys you know the bollinger bands have been tightening everybody’s been waiting for this move

And so far this is looking really good the one thing we want to see though we don’t want to get rejected at the top of this band you can see that has happened before it happened back on june 1st

As well when we started forming this pattern we don’t want to see bitcoin get rejected here now a daily close would actually be perfect we’re actually at the time of filming this we’re only

Actually about one hour away from the daily close so it’ll be really interesting to see if we get a daily close here or if we get rejected we want to get a daily close basically anywhere above

9 500 currently we’re at about 95 20 but ultimately the entire cryptocurrency momentum of the market has been up up and up with all coins leading the way and again i think that’ll actually give

Bitcoin a lot of momentum to go forward so guys i want to delve into some of these altcoins and especially ethereum specifically uh because what we talked about yesterday actually happened but i want

To jump into this article on coin telegraph by antonio madera ethereum flippings bitcoin to become the most used blockchain so new data from massari shows ethereum has just surpassed

Bitcoin as the network that settles the most value per day it means that the dollar value of transactions of both ether and its tokens is now higher than bitcoin

Okay because ether has more than just ethereum right there are so many tokens built on ethereum which is kind of one of the selling points of ethereum so while the d5 sector has been gaining in popularity

Stable coin transactions have been responsible for most of this volume having settled over 500 billion in transactions so far in 2020 figures nearly double of what it settled in 2019

So the smart contract capabilities of ethereum absolutely destroy what bitcoin is capable of in that sense which continue to be showcased through the novel possibilities of d fire decentralized finance

Coupled with lower fees and faster transaction times ethereum has become the chain of choice for centralized and decentralized stable coins alike and it just goes on here in this article to talk more about how much

Ethereum can actually handle and how big the network can actually get so guys huge with that being said if we take a look at ethereum we talked about this ascending triangle in yesterday’s update and how much we’re watching this and how

Exciting ethereum it currently is and how much we expect ethereum to continue to rise and we actually broke currently from about 25 million satoshis all the way up to 28 but again guys there is a lot of room

For upside if this breaks this level of resistance right here basically ethereum has 25 percent the value of bitcoin right now without counting stable coins and everything else involved in d5

Specifically with ethereum’s ecosystem but without a doubt we think ethereum is going to absolutely moon in the cycle okay in 2016 2017 ethereum absolutely exploded as well going from just a few dollars to

Thousands of dollars okay absolutely massive and i think it’ll i think it’ll happen again with ethereum but specifically a lot of these projects that are built on ethereum’s blockchain

Still watching omg uh actually looks finding support right here we’re still looking at the targets we talked about in yesterday’s video we are still seeing that tightening with digibyte we think we’re going to see a massive blast up

With this as well but ultimately all eyes are on bitcoin what we want to see is a break to at least 9 700 at least holding today above 95 and then if you know over the next few days

Get to 97 uh or 10 000 but i have a feeling things would get a lot more explosive because when we see these moves guys this entire candle basically happened in a two-minute candle now this is breaking

Out for a good reason uh this is necessary here we’ve been watching this pattern for three months bitcoin needs to make a move and it looks as though it’s pushing up to the upside right now so again

We need to watch the targets we’ve actually set now a higher high especially if we get this candle to close within just the next few minutes and ultimately yeah we want to see this volume really come in we want to see a

Break out of this and we want to see a return to volume similar to some of these other volume candles you see on this chart okay we’re going to generate a number here so number four so

One two three four we’re gonna paste that into here get youtube comments uh this one only had 217 unique comments and let’s see who the wiener is clay sound love this new style well done

Made great content wow clay make sure to shoot me a an email my email is at the bottom of my description absolutely radical guys awesome stuff uh definitely

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Invested into certain projects because they are just simply better than most of the stuff in the ecosystem because guys keep in mind most of the stuff in cryptocurrency is trash there’s over

5000 coins there is no way that 5000 coins are valuable and should have any value whatsoever some of them 100 should okay i’m not a bitcoin maximalist

At all i definitely think all coins have a lot of value but most all coins don’t have value so guys if you want information on that check out t4 v4 and you can get 20 off at

Checkout with code platinum and as well guys if you’re interested in trying to trade this opportunity or future trading opportunities we have a lot of links below to receive nice bonuses

On those trading sites absolutely huge guys make sure to drop your comment for these ledgers and i’ll see you in the next webisode peace you

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