by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Oh mamacita Wow Wow update from yesterday's video so we actually closed slightly below the best projected target here however we're art we are currently seeing a bounch which is still the very first time that we've done this on this

Line in the last two and a half years however we are gonna reign it in for just a minute and show you guys the absolute most bearish snare we're not gonna show you a bear scenario we're gonna show you the most bearish scenario

Going forward over the next three months okay after this webisode I don't want to hear any more comments about being too bullish Bitcoin continues to trade in this very narrow channel but I don't think we'll be seeing it for too long

And most importantly are we going to be creating a massive gap on the CMA this weekend guys I think we're in store for a very big time and as well this is important enough to put in the intro you guys I am NOT emailing people there are

Plenty of people that try to scam people using my name just know I will never email out to you and if you get some sort of email from Tyler as official or whatever name they use because there's probably many of them just know don't

Respond to it it's a scam guys stay safe and is well the Bulls keep getting knocked down guys but it is very apparent that the Bears are actually losing a lot of ground we're gonna be covering the most bearish scenario on

These charts but in the short term bears are actually getting weaker and weaker so we'll get into that as well and huge very bullish news struggling miners done selling their Bitcoin okay this was actually expected within

The first two to three months after the last having that we just had about a month ago but guys this is absolutely huge we'll get into what this means with the miners the selling pressure is going to get weaker and weaker over time and

As well grayscale is buying more than just Bitcoin we'll talk about why this is significant you guys as we've been saying altcoins are going to play a huge role in the next bull run and if you don't believe that then you better start

Believing milky milky lemonade let's get this crypto so we can get paid let's do what's going on everyone welcome back to one of the most crazy webisodes we've done in a long time we're gonna be taking a

Look at what is going on on these charts because yesterday's clothes was very telling but more importantly we will go over in our minds what the absolute most bearish scenario could be going over the next three to six months now

A lot of you guys are interested in this I get comments all the time most of you guys are absolute chill cucumbers what would I do without you but as well we do want to acknowledge the bearish side you guys which we do at least once a week

Well we're gonna specifically devote a lot of time into this specific scenario and it's not just a normal bear scenario it is our most most bearish scenario okay so you better believe it's below a 7000 in terms of what our absolute

Worst-case most serious pullback would be and as well if that would happen I'm gonna share with you five altcoins well five coins one of them being Bitcoin so really only four altcoins that I will be scooping scooping up very

Much so if we get that massive pullback okay so once Bitcoin so we'll go over the other four with it for a total of five throughout this webisode Wow and as well guys we actually just passed three

Million channel views it's been absolutely exploding since November of 2019 this channel I mean it's been absolutely skyrocketing so again guys thanks so much for doing that and because of that we actually got

Extremely close to our target of 1,800 likes in the last webisode but to celebrate three million views and to make it really easy if we only pass 1000 likes we're gonna be giving away this ledger in the next webisode just make

Sure to leave your comment your smash here your dings your subscribes we've passed a thousand likes in like every video for the past few weeks so you know it's basically guaranteed and without any further ado let's jump in to the

Webisode Wow so we can start off on this chart you guys it's the one we covered a lot yesterday okay these trend lines are crucial in my opinion but we're actually going to just skip right to the point here we went into a lot of detail the

Second half of yesterday's video about why these lines are significant let me actually just save this chart because this thing tends to tends to delete every once in a while so we actually got to close we wanted that close above like

96 70 we got the clothes slightly under it so now what we were looking for around 9600 however what we're doing right now is still something that we've never done before over the past two and a half years that we've been in this

Consolidation pattern we have still never done what we just did yesterday it wasn't our most bullish scenario at all again this is why we're gonna be talking a little bit more about a bearish scenario in this video because guys we

Got to be honest we said if if this does a certain thing this is very bullish and technically we didn't do that so we're gonna be talking about a bearish pullback however the crazy thing that we did do

Is what you can notice on here let's take a look at this so over the past month we've had three really significant actually maybe like about three really significant touches to try and break above this green trendline the first

Time you saw a priest strong rejection the second time we saw a slightly you know not as bad rejection and now this time so far we actually haven't even gotten rejected okay all it took was like one or two daily candles to get a

Very strong rejection in the past and so far we've been above this for the longest time we've had the most daily candle closes above this line in the history of this pattern so for the past two and a half years even though this

Was not our perfect clothes okay let's be a little realistic this wasn't our best scenario even though that's the case we still have something that we've never done before the most consecutive daily candles closing above this level

Ever since this since this descending line of resistance has been in play so that's really important to take a note of so one one other thing I want to show you on this chart is that we've had these lower or sort higher lows here so

We had it first roughly around like 85 86 went all the way down really though to about 81 to even 8,000 then our second local bottom right here was around like 87 86 right about here went all the way down to yeah

86 now if we came down to 88 which is what we've been talking about for a while if we actually found support there then that could actually be insanely bullish considering we've been talking about getting a pullback to 80 800 which

Is also right on this line basically right around here on this chart we've been talking about that for like three weeks now it's been so long so if we did that okay this is another line of descending support turned a resistance

Turn support right now so that would make sense on this chart as well so if we got a bounce at 88 and we came back up to test this line guys let's let's say this let's talk about this bear scenario if we get a pullback to 88 over

The next few days down to here and then we we find support there and actually bounce back up here I think there is an extremely extremely high chance they will break through this once and for all now that's not even guaranteed that we

Get a pullback but let's talk about what our massive pullback area would be if things on this planet go a little crazy if let's just say worst case scenario for Bitcoin where what is the lowest that Bitcoin could go

And again if if we do this I'll tell you the exact for coins well five coins including Bitcoin that I would be investing in if that does happen so if we did get that pullback guys obviously in my opinion I think our area and this

Lines up with some very bearish predictions okay if we rewind two months ago people were saying 1500 2000 now those same bearish people this is how you know things are getting bullish because those same bearish people that

Were saying 1500 2000 US dollars are now saying 5000 okay they increased their minimum pullback or their their maximum pullback area it used to be the one thousand two thousand dollar range they were wrong and now their pullback area

Is like the five thousands so that's how you know things in this space have gotten absolutely bullish they're talking about a five thousand dollar pullback area as being an absolute low and I'll be honest I could agree with

That on these charts it would make sense if things went absolutely nuts and if this pattern completely broke down the lowest we could see Bitcoin go this year and I would say this would have to happen within the next two months it

Wouldn't be like prolonged towards like the fourth quarter of this year I think we're gonna get that big of a pullback it'll be sup pretty soon okay within two months if that did happen guys it would look like this on the chart okay I'm not

Gonna draw a straight line down because you know a straight line down like this I don't think it's something very likely I think if that would happen it would be something like that I'm just playing devil's advocate here I don't think this

Is very likely I want to make that clear I don't think it's very likely but I will admit it is a possibility that you need to pay attention to okay so everybody's saying you know I'm too bullish this is me saying like yes well

I think it's unlikely I do think this is 100% a possibility that you need to be paying attention to okay like we've said in the last webisode nobody even the best trees in the world knows what's going to happen but what the best

Traders in the world will tell you is that they are prepared for specific scenarios in this without a doubt is a scenario that they are prepared for so that would push us all the way down there you guys that's basically just

What it would look like on the zoomed out pattern so without a doubt if we actually ever got a pullback that significant the the spring the the compression the pressure that would be built up into

This pattern I think it would make our moonshot that much stronger okay so if again if that if we take into account that that bearish scenario could actually happen I think blast-off would be even bigger

Than the biggest space rocket to not only the moon potentially even Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune even Planet X okay it could be absolutely massive blast mode and like I promised the old coins that would most likely be

Buying there okay Bitcoin obvious aetherium obvious as well chain-link maybe not as obvious okay I would be buying chain-link and two more and two more I would be buying Tasos in Nano and I would be buying

Other positions as well okay keep that in mind I'm actually a pretty big altcoin fan even though I make Bitcoin videos daily because I think bitcoins the safest I think Bitcoin is the thing that you need be paying attention to the

Most I will be buying other out coins but those five specifically will take up most of my capital that'll be most of what I'm investing in and guys we actually have more Tiye to get into but because we're talking about all coins

That is a perfect segue into this article actually okay this was posted on corn telegraph by Samuel Hague grayscale is buying up more than just Bitcoin so 22% of crypto fund manager grayscale investments have been actually aetherium

Throughout the year 2020 so far over a hundred million worth of aetherium so just some few key points I want to highlight here speaking on a recent episode of coin scrum grayscales Director of Investor Relations Rea

Sharif Ascari revealed 110 million worth of eath has been purchased by the firm in the first six months of 2020 grayscales purchases are equal to 0.4 percent of a theorems total market cap so greyscale has purchased almost a half

Of a percent of a theorems entire market cap just in the past five months noted over 30% of grayscales clients currently now hold more than one asset so guys this is huge over significantly over one third of grayscales clients currently

Have more than just Bitcoin they're diversifying if they're diversifying do you think that it's smart to diversify I'm gonna answer that question for you I definitely think diversifying in everything you know whether it's your

Daily income whether it's your stock investments whether it's whatever it is it's always smart to spread your eggs to other baskets it says here it is encouraging to investors to diversify within the digital current

Asset class just like they would any other traditional asset class I 125,000 percent agree with that you guys it is always smart to diversify just as a general principle a general rule diversifying in everything is extremely

Advantageous and can really limit losses and completely compound your gains as well make them absolutely massive so I never give financial advice but I will give Tyler T one life advice and that is diversify in every aspect of your life

And then we actually have to get into this article I want to finish out the TA first one thing guys this this is like the sixth one two three four five this is the sixth week in a row if we don't get this close in the next two days

Where we fail to get a weekly close above ninety seven hundred US dollars you can see out of the last six weeks five over the last six weeks we've traded above ninety seven but we have not gotten a close above ninety seven

Hundred US dollars we continuously fail there okay it's the golden pocket that's one of the reasons that we keep failing there specifically look how long this played support here back in the summer of last year of 2019 this exact area is

What played support there and ever since then we have just had such a hard time staying in this range you can see we had a few weekly candles on that run at the beginning of February about four months ago but other than that we've not had a

Single weekly close in there okay so this is getting weaker the Bears are losing momentum I definitely think the Bears are looting moment losing momentum but on these longer time frames because this momentum can switch in a day that

Is exactly what we talked about a possible bearish scenario because this this switch can flip you guys just like we saw here just like we saw this everything going pretty well we had a little bit of a decline and then all of

A sudden things got extremely extremely bad granted that was because of what happened in the world but we see a similar situation here we immediately it's a certain point we can just enter a significant downtrend now if we get a

Strong rejection here I think if we break 8800 if we break this red line right on this chart right here could break this then I think it's likely that we're gonna go lower not necessarily all the way down here but again guys you

Have to keep that as a possible I just want to give everybody all scenarios bullish okay but I think people tend to relate more when we give bearish scenarios because it's it's safer to understand the risk to the

Downside I guess you could say that article published on coin Telegraph by William su Berg bullish struggling miners done selling their Bitcoin so Bitcoin miners are setting up a bullish trend despite large sell offs around the

Having according to glass nodes minor outflow multiple or Mommy M om for mommy outflows for mining pools compared to their one-year moving average are near all-time lows healthy Bitcoin miners are holding and struggling miners have

Little bit coin left to sell this is bullish okay basically my cover from that guy's make it short and sweet with that so guys definitely make sure to smash the like so we can hit a thousand I made it very low very I think we

Should easily pass this within the first few hours upload we will be giving away this ledger Nano in the next webisode make sure to drop your comments below and guys always be aware protect yourself from scams okay I'm not

Emailing you there are it's unfortunate there are such low lives that will actually try and impersonate people and try to scam them of money it's absolutely disgusting make sure you don't fall prey I am NOT out there

Emailing there's not really much I can do other than get on my platform and say hey guys it's not me don't fall victim don't send anyone any crypto or anything like that thanks much for watching peace

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