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by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

What's up everybody is a boy DK aka the boss of Bitcoin and today we are looking at what will soon become the first bank of Bitcoin it is officially official news just released this week and that's what we will be discussing on today's channel so stay tuned let's make this

Money laughs from the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the boasts a big coin the crystal of crypto is your boy BK and

If you don't like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody as I mentioned we have breaking news fresh off the presses hot off the wire regarding square cash I'm sorry cash at Jack Dorsey and assumed to be the first

Bank of Bitcoin this is a I think really really really big news for the crypto industry altogether and we're gonna be discussing that on today's show real quick if you haven't done it click

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People trying to figure out which way is up and I'm trying to help you navigate the current you know I'm saying and understand the motion in the ocean oh and by the way if you don't know your boy called the drop like a boss Bitcoin

Dropped $1,200 from 68 down to 56 inside of a few hours and I gave you not only the price that I think it will fall to but also the day that I think it will get there so check out the video it shouldn't be wanted to recommend that

One's on this list click that video watch that Bitcoin price prediction you know to see what's going on next so here we go this is a square right I saw this on LinkedIn this morning it says square gets clear to open a bank following a

Two-and-a-half year effort square finally got that okay to start its own Bank in Utah oh god the financial tech company best known for its portable white square shaped card readers will launch square financial services in 2021

And it will be overseen by the feds right doesn't sound like much at first glance until you realize that square is one of the world's largest providers for peer-to-peer Bitcoin transactions you

Can actually buy Bitcoin on square and I think send it to your friend right you can do that on a few other platforms we'll get to that but I think I'm very familiar with square I think square also has a point-of-sale visa you know so

It's so it's similar to some of the other products we talked about but I wanted to talk about this it says the payment headed up by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey right so this guy's actually running two companies he's running

Twitter and he's running squid that man is Megan some crazy money according to a press release regarding the matter Square will have a main office in Salt Lake City Utah it will originate commercial loans to

Merchants that process card transactions through the payment processing system right and so essentially they're giving a storefront to their digital app if you're not familiar what Square does up until now it's been 100% digital like

You can go on this website you know and get some of their little hardware like that valued a little tablet right there they have different point-of-sale payment products you know to basically process money is just like PayPal except

I think they're more Hardware based and software based that PayPal is because they have all these different products and I think honestly I think they're a better company than PayPal I think they're more customer friendly they got

Better products I think you know they're just a better business overall but one thing they do is they allow you to a process Bitcoin they allow you to store Bitcoin they allow you to buy it they like send it to your friend and they

Make some real deal money going back to 2012 this is in thousands of millions I don't know why they just didn't make it billions they did 200 million dollars in 2012 500 million 2013 all the way up the chart we get up here we are at four

Point seven billion dollars in 2019 right that is no drop in the bucket and these guys are allowing you to buy bitcoins so you can imagine if part of that revenue is coming through people exclusively by a Bitcoin or transmitting

Bitcoin what that has on the crypto industry overall what regards to the logistics and the specifics of their BTC purchases this is what that looks like it got larger over time I think they started at zero when they announced that

They were gonna do this people were looking all Street was looking at him like they're crazy Bitcoin was like I think maybe three or four thousand dollars and Jack Dorsey came out and said he was gonna start buying Bitcoin

You know on square basically to let people start transmitting Bitcoin through the square app you know and people Wall Street looked at him like he was crazy like Bitcoin fluctuates in too much price it's not a solid asset blase

Blase blah meanwhile this man then accumulated a hundred and fifty million dollars in Bitcoin fourteen thousand BTC as of October of last year so who's the same what do you got now

You know it's probably up higher another ten or twenty percent I'd imagine especially with this drop they're probably buying buy and buy and they buy the dips when you have hundreds of millions of dollars you know in escrow

On deck waiting right real quick guys I'm trying to you know cover some relative college knowledge and content so if you appreciate this information do me a favor hit the subscribe button join the money team hit the thumbs up button

You know if you have any other companies that you think should be covered on this channel leave them in the comments let me know what you think and we will get to those as well right but the biggest thing to note even

Though Jack Dorsey you know over here at Square has a hundred and forty eight million dollars in BTC he's like the small guy on the plan field there are some giants in the mobile peer-to-peer digital money space right bin mo Zil and

Cash app right cash up I think is what we just talked about that square square owns cash at PayPal owns venmo and I forget who owns it one of those big money people um and so

Essentially this is the chart right here it's I don't know why they put it in black but it shows elv in MO and square cash up square is the smallest guy on the field we only did about six point nine what is this

Million dollars and peer-to-peer transactions right and the projection for its saying it's gonna get lower that doesn't make any sense I'll just go off 256 basically it is 16 2 is about a third of Zil so if you

Triple what Jack Dorsey has a Bitcoin that's what the number one player could do if they were buy a Bitcoin right so keep in mind it's like not all these banks are on the Bitcoin train right now they still view it as competition they

Think you know it's a Ponzi scheme a bubble blase blase cloud whatever it is and put it this way they're not going public with you know the knowledge of them buying Bitcoin I guarantee you behind closed doors they have it as a

Diversified asset a speculative investment however they're not making it public because when you make it public now you got to be held accountable for what's done with that money you know and and it's some about that's three that's

Two it's about six times more money not committed to MIT Queens Square cash out Bitcoin is an integral part of you know its business but you got six times that money through Zell and venmo they're not specifically allowing their

Customers to access Bitcoin and to distribute it through the platform right so it's still a lot of room to be made a lot of progress to be made Square cash up is literally the smallest guy on the field that's doing it and I think that's

Why he did it because you know as the number three guy you have to take risks and you have to you know get your business known and you have to adapt to the industry right and that's what he did with Bitcoin and I think it's pretty

Cool and that's why I'm doing this video um so let's see if we jump back to this guy a hundred and forty eight million dollars oh one thing this USA article says real quick it talks about the mobile payment space and it said

It's going to grow to 240 billion would it be dollars by 2021 that is next year people in less than nine months 2021 250 of them banks right keep in mind bitcoin only has a total market cap of about after this drop

Finishes about a hundred billion dollars right so you could imagine when another two hundred and fifty billion dollars basically a hundred billion dollar growth comes in and these other players start adopting Bitcoin technology and

Integrating it into their platform that total market cap will grow there's no other way around it even a fraction of a fraction I think one percent you know adds two billion dollars to the total market cap that doesn't sound like much

But when that extra two billion is a floor and it's not you know moving that's that's that's very very very significant you know in building traction moving in the future and then in closing I thought this was pretty

Cool it talks about the mobile peer-to-peer payment services for car you know they got Zil like I said is Elda biggest one I've got got great customer support horrible everything else you move up Facebook peer-to-peer

Messenger broad access everybody use Facebook you can send money on there to anybody in the world anytime that's cool everything else sucks square cash at the little guy on the field broad access you know a little bit of security a little

Bit of support in other Nils bin Moe has support brought access nothing else Apple pay you know Apple is really good there a technology service provider and also a operating software company so you know they got a lot of the bases covered

But nothing touches Bitcoin payment authentification days security data privacy customer service lol there is no 1-800 get my Bitcoin back if you if you lose your money on the black chain it's just gone right so I thought that was

Pretty funny like you know gotta laugh at that was I've definitely lost some money on bitcoins blockchain I think everybody has at some point in time it's just a learning curve that you got to deal with so there you go

Everybody I hope you enjoyed this video if you did make sure you to subscribe turn your notifications on I try to do one of these videos everyday especially when the market is crazy like this I think you know the biggest part is to

Empower people with knowledge knowledge is power and power should never be for sale so that's why I make these free videos to disseminate this knowledge and information to the people so I hit that thumbs up button if you appreciate it

And then if you try to get down with the boy you know I'm saying like I said I call I called this drop we had some haters come on and on the channel when it was 6,800 talking about lol I said lol you just called the top

You know you proved my point we aren't they going down this is a bear market Bitcoin is correlated to the Dow Jones Dow Jones down about 12% today something crazy you know and I'm making these calls left and right helping

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The profit package and you'll get a daily update on the price action was gonna happen next with bitcoin to support the resistance the trends you know in the projections freestyling on the fibonacci how to make money in the

Market so there you go everybody thank you for watching thank you for listening and it's that time with a date signing out folks boy BK no matter where you stake brazil debate kind of phone out yet all

The way back out through jerk money good night good morning and good day smash that like button if you I mean people I appreciate you I'm gonna keep it on wheels and keep on rolling until we meet again stay cryptic y'all

He's like a boss

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