Bitcoin $20k in 14 days?! $1000 to $25k Trading Challenge! Ethereum 2.0 300% Price Pump! Crypto News

published on August 2, 2020

Now i don't know about you but i've gained a lot of experience from trading bitcoin over the past few years and i've traded it pretty much every day at this point and made a significant income from it especially over the past year and in

Today's video i'm going to talk about the bitcoin news the cryptocurrency news and of course some altcoins as well we're going to look at how the stock market is going to affect bitcoin's price over the course of the next week

And of course we're going to be looking at how the stock market itself is going to perform now with regards to all coins at the moment all coins have been popping off we've been making some insane returns on all coins

And i'm going to give you a quick update on some of the altcoin investments that we've made recently on this channel and show you how they're getting along so if you are interested in any of that slap a like on today's video make sure you are

Subscribed to the fastest growing best cryptocurrency channel on all of youtube and let's crack it off so starting off today's video by looking at bitcoins price bitcoin's price is currently forming a

Very very bullish formation of which we're gonna get on to in just a moment but starting out today's video with the cryptocurrency news for today ethereum has rockets at 50 this month this is due to the rise of

Defy this growth is probably going to continue next we've got the bank of japan appointing top economist to head up the cbdc this is their cryptocurrency central bank again more legitimizers for

The cryptocurrency space aggregators now drive 20 of ethereum dex volume again massive news that people are actually using aggregators these are things that nobody used last bull market

Nobody cared about decentralized finance two years ago now it's the rage so take advantage of it while you can because this is the booming growth period for ethereum and decentralized finance

Now next up mu finder the full reality of eighth 20 is still years away i agree with that ethereum 20 has got a lot of growing to do but when it does come out it's probably going to have a massive

Effect on the price of ethereum now in the other day's video i talked about the fact that i'm buying ethereum here because i thought that ethereum's price is going to dramatically increase over the coming days and it's proved me right

So far we're up about eight percent so far on this trade in terms of bitcoin value and even further than that in terms of dollar value ethereum is ultimately very very bullish at the moment again

Buy some absolute pure financial advice buy some aetherium the cheapest etherium i ever bought was six dollars best buy i ever did stupidest thing i ever did was selling

Them all for a hundred dollars and i've talked so far about the rise of d5 and how that's affecting the cryptocurrency space but china again we've talked about this before the fact that china is having a bit of a blockchain war with

America and that war continues as china aims to be the world's first dominant blockchain superpower with help from google amazon and microsoft now amazon google and

Microsoft are akin to something like italy during world war one and world war ii where they're going to take both sides they're not really interested they just want to participate in all

Markets not one or the other but it's even more interesting that china is building its own blockchains on private blockchain companies like neo

Like tasers now because they're using existing blockchain infrastructure rather than building their own they've got a massive head start on america but it's also good for us because it means the adoption of these coins these

Platform tokens will be massive now neo's price has done absolutely sod all for the past forever so i've bought some neo recently i expect new is going to perform particularly well in price

When the rise of chinese defy takes place from a government level which will probably start kicking in towards the back end of this year but honestly it wouldn't surprise me to see neo back at 200

At some point in the future i mean it's only what 15 20 x from where it is now i've seen that in so many small capped altcoins why wouldn't you see it in a government blockchain company and how did america

Decide that would be the most appropriate way to respond to china building its own blockchain infrastructure it is to vet their blockchain infrastructure by

Scrutinizing transactions on binance chain yep well done america absolutely fabulous idea you won't want to put any effort into building something of your own you'd

Just rather take someone else's thing down of course you can scrutinize transactions all you want it really doesn't matter because they're all decentralized and

You cannot stop it especially if the servers for binance end up being state-based in china this is literally the good news show though today where police have arrested 27 masterminds behind the plus

Token ponzi scheme from last year now this ponzi scheme accumulated 57 billion dollars worth of bitcoin ethereum and various other cryptocurrencies they were promising over one percent of their returns and it

Seems like half of china was invested in this now 27 people arrested this is good this means that one of those 27 people has the keys to the wallet that contains 57 billion dollars of cryptocurrencies now

This means that ultimately those keys will probably be seized by the chinese state and then the bitcoin and ethereum will either be returned to its rightful owners or it'll be auctioned off either way

We're not going to see a massive sell-off on the markets which is fantastic there's no need to worry about plus token the only thing left to worry about is is craig wright satoshi and i'm

Pretty sure we all kind of know at this point he's kind of definitely not although allegedly allegedly quick please don't sue me i know you don't like freedom of speech all that much we're not we're not

A big fan of craig on this channel but uh craig's not a big fan of freedom of speech because he likes to sue anyone that says anything bad about it he's got a bit of a reputation for being a little bit of a bitch

Anyway moving on from that last time this bitcoin statistic hit a new high bdc searched 35 times and it's back we're hitting a new high with regards to the amount of people

Huddling bitcoin at the moment now this is good people are holding bitcoin people are treating it as a store of value yes satoshi's white paper says yes you should be cash i don't care

What satoshi's white paper says he was written 10 years ago he's vastly out of date and the whole thing needs updating imagine if you stuck on version one of every single sodding thing

That was invented it's dumb don't do it it's stupid like we just invented the iphone and then just said well we'll just keep this one we've invented it now we're normally no need to upgrade this why bother developing

Any further we'll just stop here no you don't do that you build and develop technologies or at least you build and develop ideas and bitcoin appears to be building itself as a bit of a fiat gateway slash

Digital gold type asset rather than a peer-to-peer digital cash now when more people huddle bitcoin that means there is less liquidity on the markets and recently there's been a vast increase in the

Amount of people searching for bitcoin on google it's suggesting that the amount of demand for bitcoin is going up dramatically at the moment and if demand goes up and supply goes down and liquidity goes down then that

Means that the price goes up even faster so expect that to probably start kicking in fairly soon and how are the traditional markets getting along well is some bad news for the dow jones index

As much as trump likes to pump as much money as possible into the stock market in order to keep it afloat apple has decided it's going to split its stock

Four ways this means that apple stocks will be split four ways dividing them by four will mean that ultimately 75 percent of apple stocks value will be lost off the top of the dow jones index and

Thus it's going to have a downwards effect on the dow now also apple has continuously risen in price regardless of market conditions over the past 20 years because of this

It's been a large contributor to the rise of the dow jones index so when the cut happens in apple stock it will no longer have such a large influence over the price of the dow jones index

And thus it won't be a driving factor going forward and we could see some turbulence on the dow but how could this affect bitcoin's price because the dow at the moment has been ah it's been a little

Bit topsy-turvy had a bit of a candle down there actually a 400 point candle down today however it does appear to have recovered now my personal expectation on what's going to happen with dow jones and nix is we've got a

Pennant outwards and as soon as we break back below this red line here everything is going to go very very very wrong and it's not really going to be that much of an effect on bitcoin because i

Think that bitcoin is pegging itself too gold when you look at the two correlations recently bitcoin compares itself to gold much more accurately than it does to the price of the dow jones index

Indicating that its base peg has changed from the traditional markets to being a store of value basically changing from a cash to a store these are all good things for bitcoin and the price of gold

At the moment is just touching two thousand dollars an ounce i talked about this at the start of this year how the price of gold was too low and the fact that we're heading into a recession and probably one of my best trades i've ever

Taken to be honest was long in gold and i actually long gold on primexpt for which you'll find a link in the description if you're interested in trading the dow s p 500 gold any of these different assets you

Can trade them all with bitcoin without using any kyc on primexpt link in the description and speaking of exchanges the world series of trading is starting on by bit

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Of my team now my team i want to win i'm entering this with a bunch of different accounts because i fully intend on winning last time i made the mistake of entering it with my normal account which had a

Bunch of bitcoin in it and it's very difficult to make a 10 000 return on a very large account however i'm entering it with a different strategy this time lots of small accounts now for me it's

Basically gambling the only way that you're going to win this competition is by using very high leverage on several different accounts and hoping that one of those accounts pays off so

I'm going out this was 10 different accounts 01 btc in each account with the aim of making at least a two and a half thousand percent return because in the past a one thousand five

Hundred percent return has won the competition that means fifteen times gain i'm going for a 25 times gain on one thousand dollars meaning that i aim to make twenty five thousand dollars

Off one thousand dollars but actually that's not true because i'll probably lose 9 000 on all the other accounts i just need one of those 10 accounts to turn out to be a very good trade so

If you are interested in joining my team that i have every i mean i'm putting my own money down on this i expect to win or at least win something if you are interested in joining my team you'll find a link in

The description you can only join if you have at least 01 btc in your account if you have less than 01 btc in your account it will count as a negative roi so will that you join the team it'll just make it look like you've lost money

Before you've even started but you can still participate and if you don't currently have an account on bibit as well there is a link in the description you're better off making an account on that link

And then joining the competition on again the link in the description because there's two links for five in the description if you do that then you get a lot more bonus in fact you get like a hundred and

Fifty dollar bonus for signing up right now for buy this now i think the fifty dollars is going to be reducing to thirty dollars after august the first so make sure you do this within 24 hours and now it is time to analyze bitcoin's

Price and bitcoin's price is looking it's just looking absolutely fabulous at the moment if there is any term to describe bitcoin it is that because we're having a tick bullish here on the

Macd the rsi we've just broken out of this bearish bias that we had and ultimately everything is looking so sodding hunky-dory now looking at bitcoin dominance at the moment this is suggesting that altcoins are

Going to have a rally as it forms a diamond formation diamond formations are inherently bearish now a diamond formation i'm actually gonna skip that a diamond formation looks like

This diamond formations break to the downside on about 85 percent of occurrences so we can expect an altcoin rally in the coming days hence why i'm still going heavy on altcoins an all coin that i've gone particularly heavy

On over the past 24 hours is elrond the other one being neuer the reason i've gone heavy on elrond is because he's had his dump now after main net but there is going to be a dramatic

Increase in demand for elrond tokens because their staking rewards are so high i expect the value of that to recover fairly sharply now with regards to neuro i just expect neuro to start dramatically increasing in price fairly

Soon because i know that they've got a bunch of things a bunch of news that they're going to be releasing so looking at bitcoin on a bit of a different chart you can see from a historic point of view that

Bitcoin is it just looks great i mean there's no better way to describe this bitcoin is going to eleven thousand six hundred dollars within the next four day period i kind of expect it within the next two day period now this pennant

Formation is going to break to the upside i've got zero doubt about that the longest that this pen information can continue on for is till august the second and on august the second we are going to either break

To the downside or to the upside of this pen formation if we break to the downside of it all that's going to happen is forming a larger pen and formation if we break to the upside of it we're going to make a

New high around eleven thousand six hundred dollars before forming the exact same pennant formation all over again ethereum as i've already explained i'm very bullish on it buy some sodding ethereum absolute pure

Financial advice i've got i've got zero doubt so that's bad financial advice although although ethereum technically isn't a financial instrument so no one can really complain about that because i'm not a financial

Advisor i i sell every single sorting video like you've got to state that either way ethereum is just ticking bullish here this is the bitcoin chart the versus us dollar because bitcoin is looking bullish and ethereum bitcoin is

Looking bullish and the all coin market is looking like it might boom i think ethereum is going to hit 400 within the next seven days i i'm about 80

Sure of it and i've got my own money riding on this in terms of what's going on in the traditional markets at the moment the eurozone gdp plunged by record 121 that's 121 percent of the economy

Gone the uk or rather the usa lost 33 percent of its gdp and the uk i think lost 30 of his gdp basically meaning we're all gonna get shifted that's the

Best way of describing it if you've got a normal job you may not have a normal job this time next year hence why everybody's probably gonna hop on the whole defy craze that's going through

Cryptocurrency at the moment this is ultimately is not going to have any effect on the dow because the dow is just going to continue probably to rise ever so slightly slowly towards the general election this year i

Don't really expect any major moves this is completely a political chart this pump here is just so manipulated there is nothing real about this chart at all and thus expect it to continue being

Absolutely 100 fake and definitely should be investigated by the next government of the united states and on that note please do comment your thoughts on today's video

In the comments section below i'll be responding to as many of you as possible and i read every single comment anywhere be interested to know what you guys are backing in terms of the altcoin market at the moment don't forget

Join by bit world series of trading link in the description for that there's a link in the description for primex bt where i trade my traditional derivative assets with bitcoin without using any kyc kyc's know

Your customer it's your identification basically you don't need to give them your id you don't need to give buy but your id either it's also a no kyc platform and please

Do like today's video subscribe to the channel i'm really happy actually at the moment because everybody seems to be subscribing so keep that going we're one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency

Channels in the world at the moment thank you very much for that i love you all please do follow me on twitter i'm martini yt deuces

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