Billionaire Rich Kids Under Quarantine

published on July 17, 2020

while the world is a vastly different place at the moments many of the wealthy strive to remain in their normal lifestyle as such they've been splashing the cash to make their lockdown more bearable today we're gonna look at some

Of the most expensive items and activities that the world's elite have been throwing their money at recently especially when it comes to their rich kids that often fill social media with their luxurious lifestyle you can expect

To see cars Islands and planes among many more luxuries so let's get started in recent weeks advice on wearing facial masks has grown many people now see the item as important in keeping safe when making a trip outside in public well for

Some of the wealthy a simple mask just won't do they need something a little extra something pricier take instagram user ty year Mara Sullivan in many of his recent posts along with a lot of other designer labelled items he also

Don's a Louie Vuitton mask while exploring Paris in his car the cost of such a mask obviously does not come cheap for just one of these branded face masks prices can be as much as $200 for comparison disposable packs of fifty

Masks can cost around thirty dollars online many other designer labels are now exploring the option of cashing in and making their own versions of face masks over in Nigeria a group of celebs arrived at an awards ceremony in March

With fashionable face masks a lot of the masks worn at the ceremony were specifically designed for the elite they're making the cost of them far more expensive than the average mask in march news broke in Venezuela as it turns out

Many of the children belonging to wealthy families decided to ignore social distancing and instead have a massive party on a Caribbean island they were discovered by musicians who went to the island in order to film a music

Video not long after the party many of those attended tested positive for the virus the majority of the Venezuelan public were furious they were struggling through this time yet they felt the elite were flaunting their privilege in

Their faces the cost of such an endeavor is unknown however we've taken out our calculator to figure out a rough cost the cost of renting a private island can vary from 500 dollars per day all the way to 11,000 per day considering this

Island is in the Caribbean it's likely to be on the higher end of those figures then the cost of renting a boat to get to the island the price of loaning a small boat for a week can be thousand while the superyacht can be at

Least 150,000 dollars celebrities are known for splashing the cash on private planes when traveling across the globe well since the outbreak the use of renting private planes has increased

Significantly the reasons are believed to be concerns with social distancing and the lack of regular commercial flights at this time certain routes across the globe being used by private planes are up 214 percent compared to

This time last year many companies that rent out private planes are struggling to keep up with the demand one person that's not struggling with getting private jet access is instagram user vadim Musharraf he's been photographed

Various times on his private plane since he's also recently uploaded images from the Maldives he's likely been using his plane to get some Sun the cost of buying a private plane can vary from eight thousand to three hundred thousand

Dollars depending on the size that's not even taking into account maintenance fees however purchasing a luxury plane is far more expensive the Gulfstream g650 can be bought for 65 million dollars yet

There are others that are valued at hundreds of millions if there's one thing the rich always buy and collect its luxury cars not even quarantine and lockdown rules can stop them from buying expensive vehicles via lena kulikov a–

Is one such person whilst in Dubai she splashed the cash on a mercedes-benz g-wagen to get around the wealthy City this car could cost 128 thousand dollars at its base form added extras can add further tens of thousands another

Wealthy spender is Sam Kavanaugh he uploaded an image of himself on Instagram taking advantage of the current low gas prices by filling up his hybrid car the car is a BMW i8 it's valued at a base level of one hundred

And forty seven thousand once again adding thousands of dollars of extra features are added in while Noemi Demeter currently has a Lamborghini in pink color within her collection the cost of a Lamborghini can vary depending

On the type the average cost is said to be around two hundred thousand dollars however some of the more expensive models can go into the millions the veneno roadster for example is worth a staggering 95 million dollars as

Quarantine measures began to sweep across various countries a number of the wealthy decided to leave their urban homes they relocated to their second more rural homes to escape large crowds one of which was Gordon Ramsay's family

Gordon and his wife Donna took their five kids to their holiday home in corn all England this massive house is worth a little over five million dollars and comes with a private tennis court among other features another family that moved

To their second house is the Beckham's David and Victoria Beckham took their four children to their seven and a half million dollar house in cost walled England the house comes with a massive garden tennis courts swimming pool and

Spa many us-based elite have been going to South Carolina's Kiawah Island many houses there can cost up to 20 million dollars not everybody is too happy by celebs using their second homes during this time many mayors in the US and the

UK have condemned the actions of the elite temporarily relocating as from their perspective it could cause the virus to spread in a smaller more often older community with lockdown in effect people are struggling to keep themselves

Entertained after all there's only so much Netflix one can watch well for the wealthy they found their methods to keep themselves busy mirco sell vetti videoed himself enjoying a bottle of the luxury

Champagne brand Dom Perignon with a vintage year of 2008 the price of a bottle can start at nearly a hundred and ninety dollars since Sal Betty regularly as images involving the branded champagne he probably has a big

Selection of bottles at home while max Logan took a photo of his girlfriend Lamborghini and the swimming pool as he relaxes the cost of an outside swimming pool can be as much as a hundred and ninety five thousand with pool

Maintenance fees of around six thousand per year Drake also gave us a look at his stunning 100 million dollar valued house in Toronto Canada during the music video twit see slide we got to see how he keeps busy during this time with a

Private NBA sized basketball court within his massive mansion with some estimations stating that a full sized court can cost 46 thousand to build another item sought after by the uber rich is a luxury boat in February just

As the news began to trickle about the impending event Yanni resti uploaded an image on Instagram Beamen shows her enjoying the benefits of a private yacht waltz in the Maldives waters another quarantine yarder is masha campbell in

She uploaded the photo on instagram of herself on board a boat in italy little is known about the boats that the two influencers are using however judging from other images the boat seemed to be of the luxury persuasion the average

Cost of purchasing such a yacht is believed to be 84 million dollars American businessman and film producer David Geffen reason found himself in hot water with the public due to an ill-timed social media

Post he stated in the post that he was isolating on his super yacht near the Grenadines in the Caribbean waters he also uploaded images of the temporary boat home the average cost of a super yacht is around 275 million dollars

However Geffen's boat is said to be worth an incredible 590 million dollars in March news broke about King maja vajura on corn of Thailand as many of the countries across the globe began to take lockdown measures King maja decided

To go into isolation in a very unusual way he rented out the entire Grand Hotel sauna Michael in the Bavarian Alps in Germany he also took with him an entourage of 20 women along with servants the group was said to be a lot

Larger at over a hundred people however many were denied entering the hotel due to possible health concerns social media erupted in anger at the news of the Kings adventures the exact cost of renting out the entire hotel is unknown

However since it's a 4-star luxury hotel with 99 rooms it might easily cost millions with all the other fees involved after all his coronation Parade is believed to have cost an astonishing 31 million dollars others of Thailand's

Rich and famous have also been sending their children to hotels across the country one of which was in Hua Hin where many of the elite children decided to have parties as a result a number of the partygoers later developed symptoms

Many of us have considered escaping to a private island in recent events however the vast majority of us don't have the means to do so well for the very wealthy they can do just that a number of countries have even set up resorts for

The rich to escape from the world costs of which vary with many island resorts charging $13,000 per night to live the life of luxury and that's not including food and other expenses Richard Branson and his family don't

Have to worry about that he owns a collection of islands already one of which is Necker Island there he lives in a 10-bedroom mansion back in the 70s Branson bought it for $180,000 since then he has spent millions to turn

The island into a luxury resort recently with Virgin Atlantic's struggling financially Branson attempted to use Necker Island as collateral for a government loan another island owner is Shakira her and

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters spent 60 million on bonds Cay they had plans to turn it into a luxury hotel resort sometimes the rich don't like spending their money and instead hold on for long stretches some claim that's how

The rich stay rich but in a world ravaged by financial and security sometimes uploading images of their money piles can be in bad taste other times they've been accused of being out of touch with the majority of

The population one such person is James Ison he posted a video online of a massive water container filled with dollar bills Ison then proceeded to squeeze a collection of $100 bills into the container in the description he

States that this is the amount of money he has saved due to not eating out during quarantine as for how much there is in that container we have no idea pop your estimations in the comments below another image that

Spread across social media is of an unknown rich kid with stacks of cash he's also pretending one of the stacks as a telephone for some reason he's dressed in a balaclava which while it hides his identity that also keeps him

Safe during this turbulent time and that's it what is the most expensive item that you've seen rich kids buy during quarantine pop your thoughts below if you enjoyed this video please like share and subscribe to stay up to

Date with new content all of those really help us out finally thanks for watching we'll see you next time

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