Biggest ALTCOIN Gains!! Hiding in Plain Sight

by bigr10published on August 1, 2020

There we go i’m live and i’m streaming on theta too everybody um so right here theta damn so many tabs hasn’t started yet not live yet on youtube all right well i think i’m live now youtube just delays a little bit so

If you didn’t see me actually um give some thanks to the tippers early tippers um lamar glenn and g cloud i appreciate you guys you guys are excellent

But um we got a good stream today um of course if you you know are a cryptocurrency enthusiast you can watch my streams through theta earn some actual cryptocurrency for viewing them so that’s pretty cool

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Here get my social bill built back up uh markets are looking pretty good right now i mean nine thousand six hundred and sixty six for bitcoin it’s pumping over the weekend that’s good to see

Um short term uh good to see because initially you know last week beginning of this week it didn’t look too good it was a series of lower highs down from 9 400

And we couldn’t break um so if we didn’t you know in this next pump get up above there it was going to be bad but we did break 9 400 and now we’re up 9600 range

Uh but we still have a long way to go there’s the 9 400 you know right here um before that was 9 600 before that was 9 800 and before that was 100 i mean 10 000 not 100 so we do have a little bit of

Ways to go um some resistance points to break through turn them back into support um 9800 is the next big one so or 9650 then 98

So getting up above 9650 by this weekend will be very bullish and then staying above that in the short term but it is long road back up to 10k

Hey joel breen i appreciate the 50 tip man chico dropping truth bombs like you slain dropping names thanks bro ah she hopefully she does i mean in my opinion i mean there’s a lot i mean it goes through democrats

And republicans and yeah who knows what’s gonna happen 7-7 revelation i appreciate your tip too yo kusamo your mama yeah so a kusama is actually you know a little bit of a hint where these

Altcoin gains can be found i’m sure you saw in the thumbnail what was this video live streams all about and it is about you know where some of these gains can be found so looking at ethereum gas

Station um let’s see how it transactions are right now oh let’s see it’s so messed up they can’t even tell you right now um ethereum it’s expensive to transact

On ethereum right now and actually what’s good to see um over the last fifteen hundred blocks of top ten contracts basically you know dapps smart contract is almost to the app in itself

Is uniswap and dydx and they’re taking up about 20 percent a little over 20 percent of the gas so that’s good to see you know but as you can see the fees on ethereum

Are getting ridiculous you know are you going to want to be a you know high frequency trader and be paying a dollar or something per uniswap transaction you’re doing no they’re not they want

You know good fees i mean we’ll see what’s going to happen with fees but this is getting you know once again unsustainable for ethereum it’s obvious if it whoa alex chamberlain is it weird

If i watch this naked ocean protocol and ewt a match made in heaven uh yes i do like ocean and i love ewt um big stuff going down with ewt ocean is um

Ocean’s good it’s just the tech is a little not far out i would say it’s just far out because peop it’s hard to understand even for larger companies i mean it’s very valuable but oh vinsky cantaloupe pays

You growing some cron dude lucius 20 man i appreciate it you guys stop tipping me so much any thoughts on trust swap um slushpool sorry man i’m not getting into tokens right away

Um we’re gonna get into the content uh i appreciate your tip though but i’ve been hearing some things about trust swap jesus you guys awesome defy research tyler i keep hearing about saterra on uniswap pulling

Thoughts oh i wish i could answer that question for you more man nash um i appreciate the 50 tip but i am not you know there’s so much out there i mean just from this chat you can see how much

Stuff is out there i don’t have time to research everything i i don’t and so i try to nitpick what i find um has the biggest long the biggest and

Longest longer term value you know some of these coins are short-term pump and dumps i’m just trying to ride the d5 and i i mean some traders that’s good for traders you know some of

Them just want to get in and out okay great you know those are the coins you want to look at um i’m long-term so i’m trying to find those projects i might look into to it but not now sorry man no need to shill me tossing a

Coin for my chico toss a coin to your chico plenty oh and stop tossing coins to your chico rebel the bull thank you i appreciate that 25 dollar tip

It’s like a stripper dude even better than a stripper jesus i don’t even gotta get freaking nike love the chica love the channel chico how will ethereum staking work

Um that’s a good question um it’s pretty simple i mean i’ve done a video actually on it ethereum test net staking um i mean it’s not simple for your average

User um right now it takes a little bit of computer knowledge and blockchain knowledge but i mean once staking is out there there’s going to be tools built to make it as

Easy as possible love you chico that oh god you guys that is for the time mr gtv i appreciate it hey chico can you show me my favorite coin it’s called just kidding you do you

All right i think that thank that from you sprite money austin a thumbs up for all the times i could say that’s what she said during your videos thank you for

Cheek thank you chico for being humble and legit jesus cheers here’s the bob’s repair pumping uh-oh now when that’s pumping you know something’s up i remember bob’s repair

I think that’s like i don’t know i i just for some reason remember it joshua langdian thank you my friend you guys are awesome all right i’m going to get to the content so ethereum fees they’re getting

Outrageous um but things on ethereum are going to be built and how is ethereum going to provide you know visa-like transactions if they’re going to be using a

Stablecoin on ethereum you know millions of people they can’t do it right now and that’s what visa is kind of saying with this they are talking about stable coins specifically in it

And if you’re looking at stable coins you’re looking at ethereum i’ll tell you that right now um but that the big question is how is ethereum going to scale i mean how is ethereum going to provide

Millions of transactions at a cost that is realistic for the average consumer um we’ll see but that’s where i see one of the opportunities in the space

Ethereum 20 and polka dot they’re offering alternative solutions to scaling so basically ethereum’s solution to scaling is very similar to what polka dots doing i mean both are implementing sharding but

Polkadot’s doing it in a bit different way um with para chains so the shards within um polka dot you know the para chains are interoperable they can work with you know

Not only ethereum other polka dot chains but also bitcoin and the like while shards within ethereum are going to be limited to the ethereum you know blockchain

Um so that you know right there scaling different much different you know ethereum is looking to scale within its own ecosystem while polka dots kind of

Lending a helping hand to ethereum through their bridge chain so people are wondering you know when is ethereum going to be able to scale that to the to that level and it’s not right now

It’s not when proof of stake goes live it’s you know next year um a year out two years that’s the reality of things um so that’s where i’m looking um people are ready to build already and polka dot

Is ready to do it um polka dot has just gone through phase three and they’re in basically phase four which i would expect maybe a month for phase four and we’re gonna have full

Polka dot live here pretty soon um i mean not full but you know the relay chain is gonna be functioning to um relay the data from the bear chains

Um hope i’m explaining that well um gavin wood founder of uh um polkadot creator of evm and solidity he tweeted polka dot is now permissionless so it is a permissionless blocked proof of stake blockchain

Functioning right now um and i mean polka dot big things i mean there’s a um actually a sale going on right now for polka dot um and i mean you

Find out what’s going on just in february of this year polka dot yeah i mean partnered with coinbase custody for claiming dots from you know some of these sales also from staking

So i mean coinbase custody is already you know working with dot future coinbase is very very likely um but one of the big you know coins i found um in this ecosystem

Was pokeswap you know not necessarily the coin but that’s one of the tools they’re building um and it’s a dex for the interoperable future you know imagine having uniswap you know but

Uniswap on everything you know um bitcoin polkadot chains anything you know and that’s what they are building and the big thing you know is polka dot or poke swap is coming out

Later this year it will be live this is from their medium post so that is good um and sorry you know it’s at a big old run and it’s probably come down a little bit you know oh yeah 32

That’s expected from a run of you know 1200 i mean crazy amounts so i mean if you bought at the top you know i don’t get mad at people or anything that’s your fault you know you shouldn’t

Buy when a coin goes like this um you should buy when it goes like this you know because it might come down a little further but i mean this is a stellar project if you look

Into what’s behind it hyperledger ihora um big stuff is going on with this one so it’s going to come down i mean but another one which has had outstanding runs nothing like um zora but you know

Pretty good runs is edgeware and this is a big coin you guys and i don’t think people unders i’m probably gonna make a video here soon explaining how big of a piece of polka dot this

Is so i mean to realize just one thing you got to go into the polka dot wiki you know and they specifically in smart contracts mention edgeware the polka dot relay chain will not support

Smart contracts natively that’s polka dot relay chain is not made for smart contracts it’s made to relay the data from other pair chains and connect it you know to the ethereum bridge stain and

Create consist consent consensus so it’s not going to support smart contracts you know that load is going on to a para chain so one of the already announced para chains is edgeware

And thanks to the substrate built-in contract pallet is likely more para chains will support the future so this is the four first smart contract pair chain for polka dot um and people don’t realize like

Edgeware is building the smart contracts so other dapps and pair of chains within polka dot don’t have to build them you know they can just plug them in super easy that’s the thing about polka

Dot is it wanted to be on top of um plugability you wanted stuff to just plug right in developers not have to work too hard for the things that they have to work hard in ethereum

Um so yeah edgware i’m bullish on jesus i’m getting to your guys’s tips rebel de bull thanks for all the value you provide from chicago with love

Chico the people’s champ xor omg hey it’s a good one hey chico what would you recommend for us if we want to try collecting interest on our holds keep doing you my man i’m not going to

Recommend anything that’s a super financial question um i can’t recommend things there’s i mean these smart contracts are risky do your own research um and yeah

Sorry personal financial question man i appreciate your tip but thanks for the great advice on link no problem chain link is solid you’ll like what’s going who took me 250 bucks whoa i didn’t even see that low lowrider

Thanks for the tip on link here’s a little chip off my stack i gained this month no you don’t got to do that i appreciate you i can’t believe i missed that where’d

That come in at huh that’s insane oh there it is oh you’re the man you the man i appreciate you you probably made a crap ton on chain link so getting back into this is you know

Polka dot where can we find some of the games i think they’re going to come from a scalable version of ethereum you know that has all ethereum smart contracts because that is what edgeware

Is it’s bringing awesome smart contracts ethereum to polka dot and um you know this is where i look you know this is polkajs it’s you know one

Of the biggest tools for it built by the team so of course they have all the networks listed you know okay here’s another one we’ve already talked about kusama there it is kusama has done really well

Too especially with um polka dot you know going live here soon it goes fully permissionless kusama is going to go with um polka dot so this is a coin i’m going to be holding

On to for a while you know it is the canary network for polka dot so kusama is big and i actually have kusama um tipping in my i took out bitcoin trash and i put in kusama

I don’t know why i have bitcoin trash in my tips for so long but those are in my description if you want to tip through crypto not youtube um but yeah kusama so the next one you know

There’s a main net with kusama listed okay so that’s probably a pretty big project for polka dot centrofuge is next okay so i have talked about centrifuge and i am bullish as a mother freaker on

Centrifuge they’re doing some big big things and already doing them um there’s ways to invest in it um basically investing in some positions to give liquidity to

Projects not necessarily projects but businesses themselves for invoices basically you give them the money to do the project and then they give you a return back um

So they have two tokens for that um drop and 10 i’m pretty sure are the two and then they do have a government governance token and that’s one of the bigger ones but unfortunately

Um it’s not out there oh yeah this is the last big project they just did um one million dollars and new silver is launching a 10 lake pool to finance a portfolio of 12 to 24

Month real estate estate bridge loans that are extended to real estate developers through new silver so that’s all the details on that one but um

Brad yeah so rad is a governance token and there’s only one way to get it unless you are a validator for them um is to basically get it from the faucet and basically this is a team asking or someone asking the team you know when

How can we get that token they said um just 12 days ago for rad at the moment we just take your email and let you know if and when we’re going to have a token sale in the meanwhile you can also play

Around at the faucet i talked about and then dropping 10 if you want to invest in those you’d have to fill out forms so there is kyc with that um what was i gonna talk about next i

Know i got another token oh yeah edgware is listed there too so again some of the coins i’ve been bringing up you know they are live networks on polkadotjs but then you

Gotta go in the test networks because hey you know people are getting ready to launch their mainnet and when i’ve talked about is mandala so this is a big one um not mandalas coin

It’s kala but manolas or test network out right now and they actually just partnered with another you know project i’m super bullish on

Created renbtc one of the first decentralized bitcoin on ethereum and that’s called a network you know um they partnered together so when i see that i’m like yes i knew i was looking at in the right way

In the right direction you know for coins and um they’re basically partnering to bring you know run btc to polka dot and um bring an interoperable d5 future

And there are ways to get a call at tokens right now so i wish i would have linked this um i might put it in the chat actually right now oh where’s chat god damn it

There we go that’s finding out how to get a caller right now so there’s no way to know biomon in exchange is actually to participate in the ecosystem and then also link it

On theta yahoo what’s up everybody on theta got to answer some questions on here whoa link what’s up everybody you’ve put me on a lot in the last three

Months hey i appreciate it anti-chris justin sane oh wow you guys are crazy on theta i appreciate all your tips too i wonder if there’s a way i can look at all of them

Gotta be away but um regarding akala i mean i’ll figure that out in a bit akala is you know doing things to get tokens out to people who are contributing to their ecosystem

And they are doing some big things you know call this full-fledged d5 suite is now open multi-collateralized stable coins supporting dot l dot rin btc as collateral staking derivative

And decentralized exchanging laminar trading ausd can now be transferred to the laminar chain to create synthetic assets like synthetic fiat and for margin trading a variety of

Interest instruments forex gold stocks blah blah blah um so here’s how you know you can earn mandala akala whatever tokens so you gotta contribute to the ecosystem in week one

It’s going to be through user participation and that starts july 27th so in a couple days and it goes till august 3rd and the ward pool is 20 000 aca and 20 thousands k a r and you gotta do this

They have what you got to do i’m not going to talk about it list it all but you just got to basically use the test net figure out what to do and then week two they’re having a

Trading competition week three trading competitions and then they have bug bounties and everything so for traders you just want to buy it on exchange you can’t do that right now but for those who want to get access

To probably some pretty valuable tokens in the future you can contribute and earn them so these are a few things i’m looking at um i’m especially looking at this one because it’s been mentioned by some of

The big players in the polka dot ecosystem but polka dot isn’t limited to you know just polkadotjs for exploring the blockchains or pair chains you there are other tools out

There and there is this one so if you’re looking for a small cap we’re going to talk about it right now um this is ring um and it’s on polka dot

It’s on a main net right right now and that is darwinia crab darwinia um cross chain bridge and that is ring token um up 17 percent right now but super small

Market cap of only 58 million and you know or 61 now so this is another polkadot ecosystem project i’m zeroing in on because it does have a main net you know you don’t want to be

Investing in a token that doesn’t even have their parachain functioning oh i come whoa i completed the panic button idea sdftio what

No way this better not be some crap you’re taking me to i’ll be pissed oh it’s here see someone did build it this is awesome man

So this was my idea so basically you know with how the police are acting like fools and being little bullies you know they get all their homies to come rush a person even if they’re innocent

You know and intimidate them make them feel like crap you know i mean if you’ve been in a police situation you get pulled over it’s scary you know it sucks so what if you know

When you got pulled over you had a panic button and you pressed it and it notified a bunch of people you know in your area hey oh come come here and you’ll be rewarded you know with cryptocurrency

Come here bring your phone make sure shit doesn’t get out of hand so this guy actually did it built it that’s awesome huh that’s super cool dude i

I love to see people run with ideas so small cap that you know could see some big gains darwinian network ring that’s pretty freaking cool sir chico you’re welcome to join the ample fourth cartel

Or bosse um we’ll see it’s just um something just doesn’t seem right with me with it i don’t know and when seth doesn’t just feel i i follow my intuitions

To a t there’s a reason my intuition is telling me and yeah i something just doesn’t feel right about it and there’s my thoughts tc i may be wrong but i i don’t know

Chainx yes i do like chainx it’s another one unfortunately it’s not listed on any of the i don’t even think they might have their main net out why do i see edgeware as a good project

Check out because it’s the smart contract chain of polka dot my friends if you don’t understand that i don’t know what i can do to help you so now let’s get into a little chico

Interesting stuff let’s see if youtube banned me yet for number one yeah they have oh cool youtube already took me out so stupid god it pissed me off

So yeah if you’re on youtube go watch at theta because they took me out video shadow band but i have 1900 viewers who are sticking with me so suck a ball sack youtube not 1898 hopefully you guys are

Going to theta not just dropping out but that shit pisses me off again they won’t let me break 2k they take me out before then fuck mother but

Yeah taking me out when i’m gonna get to the dirty stuff so this was posted by coin telegraph and i it’s just ridiculous i hate that like coin telegraph

Is posting this bullcrap because they’re so big in the industry that’s why i’m creating blockchain leaks which which is coming very soon um it’s a rival to these fuckers and yeah this is just stupid like a

Sizable portion of tether’s 45 billion dollar growth crumbs from exchange fiat and it’s basically them saying oh yeah tether has been going up so much because traders you know were

On exchanges that only had fiat and now they want stable coins that’s literally what like paula ardino is saying the cto and it’s no dude i mean

So this just goes back to 2017 i mean this is what paulo said basically you can see what that you can see that happening after the 12th and 13th of march because there was a big realization that when the 50

Drop in bitcoin and ethereum prize happened many hedge funds were not able to hedge their position because if you keep your funds in fiat it’s really hard to move those funds quickly enough in order to cover your

Position well if you’re on a fiat exchange you can go back and forth between fiat and bitcoin i mean it doesn’t make sense there but let’s just go back to another

Time you know in 2018 was this yeah 2018 november 2018 tethers market cap stayed at 2 billion across this whole time period november 2018

To may 2019 what happened during then bitcoin had a freaking 50 drop okay we had tether back then now why wasn’t you know people going crazy into tether then

Okay we have a 50 drop what he’s talking about march right here so tether decides to go on a freaking go from 4 billion to 10 billion shut the hell up

Your stupid excuses that is absolutely stupid and coin telegraph reposting it when they can’t just look at charts you’re stupid too i mean come on no

Don’t try to blame it on a 50 drop nope you’re printing you are print print printing hey chico just for fun i know you don’t like price predictions link to 20 or bitcoin

20k what comes first um i would say link 20 because as you see what’s happened i mean link is already shot up there close to nine dollars i mean you get another alt season

And a stinky linky run i mean 20 isn’t that unrealistic jesus christ hgv lgv pcv cpc towing trailer training i appreciate that is a long name and i appreciate that big old

Tip that is awesome so what is ring exactly um multiple cross chain bridges for polka dot so you know chain x is going to be you know multiple

Two but they’ve done bitcoin first um ring is trying to i think out the gate go with multiples so yeah we will actually talk about elastos here in a second you guys so the new york appeals court so what is

Going on you know tethers pumping you know like crazy but there’s some things we need to talk about which i think connect back and i’m still trying to figure out

Exactly how it connects back and what exactly is going on and who’s the good guys and who’s the bad guys but as you guys know new york um appeals court they sided with the attorney general

And they’re forcing tether bitfinex iphone x to go to court and turn over documents and face trial um for that you know missing 850 million and this is one of the big persons

Behind the case um tony james she’s pretty recent um she was one of the first women attorney generals for new york as well as african american as you can tell um but yeah now more than ever we need the

Good stuff in life oh yeah so basically trump and and james are rivals i mean they haven’t like more than ever what the fudge get out of here so yeah um they’ve gone at it for

Multiple things i mean right out the gate she started going after the opioid manufacturers purdue she went after the nra then she went after facebook and she’s made it clear that she’s pretty much going after trump

Too um which oh so this is what was some shady stuff that went down um trump fired us attorney in new york who investigated his inner circle jeffrey berman and i’ve covered this

Before which is weird about it is you know she’s going after tether and bitfinex attorney james then attorney general or attorney berman he was going after other people jeffrey

Berman was going after reggie fowler and ozyosa who ran crypto capital which is exactly tied into this case so i found that extremely weird extremely weird and

What else was weird about the fowler stuff was fowler he was originally indicted on april 30th um and then it was announced he got arrested blah blah then it was announced he was taking a

Plea deal and then all of a sudden it was announced that no he wasn’t taking that plea deal um so plea deal would have seen three out of four charges against fowler dropped and the deal was conditioned upon him

Forfeiting 371 million dollars allegedly tied up still in some bank accounts and he he said he wouldn’t or couldn’t so he couldn’t and wouldn’t for his life

Because that is drug cartel money that is money that if they don’t get back to those guys or yeah so it might be safer for reggie reggie to be actually in prison um

And i mean if you look in the case i mean it’s crazy crap um but again you know why this is happening why fire why trump is firing someone looking

Into tether and stuff i think it ties back to some darker things going down i’m sure you’ve heard of wayfair i don’t want to bring it up too much because if i get too close to it i might

End up dead um but yeah it’s crazy stuff so but trump is a peter i’ll tell you that um if you like trump and you don’t think he’s a peter you got something funked up in your head

Dude’s a total pete pizster all right no more tips that’s good so i probably pissed off a bunch of trumpsters in here why is the last dose up 38 today well

Yeah we’re actually gonna get into that we’re about five tabs away so bernie sanders um i don’t like bernie sanders anymore i kind of liked him in his first run uh but he’s a wuss um

He’s going after elon musk right now because elon you know is kind of leaning towards the right whatever i mean everyone should just stop this stop listening to bernie stop listening

To the riot elon musk but elon’s not that bad he basically went after elon saying because he said it’s not okay in citizen’s best interest to receive another

Stimulus um and then you know reddit is anti-elon musk right now they go after him but you just gotta look at the whole thread i mean he said did say that but then he says

Yeah he said if we do a stimulus at all it should be just direct payments to consumers i mean he’s not against you know consumers i like us getting the money he’s just against what’s going on with

This stimulus right now which i mean bernie you’re higher up than elon musk you should be i mean you’re the one that helped pass the last one you asshole don’t be yelling at elon musk yeah

So but yeah why is the last dose pumping elastocenarium side 10 side chain to offer a cross chain stable coin powered by chain link oracles so elastos and chain link are partnering

Up and hey elastos is on the move um i mean a lot of like i said um all crypto projects are going to be moving to d5 and it’s obvious that’s the next wave

That’s the next bull run um still hold my last house so it’s good to see the 38 pump but i mean elastos is going where are they going to find this market you know for their

Stable coin you know you can’t just build it and they will come you know you have to you know where is the stable going going to fit in you know who’s going to use it so i’m still interested to hear that

Brings the next chico gem with 10x potential i don’t know maybe markets are crazy right now see lou thanks for the great content any thoughts on swap top and escrow time

Release smart swaps token and tokenized assets founder also created uptrend ah um no i don’t have any thoughts as yet i haven’t looked into it um too many coins i mean right now

Three coins people ring yeah um swap and now the next guy tipped me is ample um there’s just a lot i mean if i find it and i start you know and i’m not gonna spot everyone so if i don’t like a coin you know don’t

Necessarily think it’s gonna be bad it’s just there’s too much you guys um if i look into it i’ll look into it but i haven’t yet i appreciate your tip man oh see lou two tips i i might look into

It man so now we’re gonna get into some stuff um some people might get pissed at me for what is this doing up here okay yeah now this i guess we can start

With this kokichi mikimoto so that’s a big word so yeah i’m sure you guys have seen this video the chain link sergey video you know put some good research out

There that put forward you know sergey might be freaking satoshi now i’m going to show you even more so kokichi mikimoto i hope i’m saying that right so this is where it comes from sergey

Has probably start talked about it he did talk about it in march 27 2013 which startups have the best stories gokichi mikimoto and there’s a big old post um that

Reveals even more stuff regarding it so i’m sure if you saw the video basically smart contract was registered you know just a few days before the bitcoin white paper

Um and then also these people found out satoshi was using russian proxy and also you know that it was coming from a guy named sergey so basically if you look up you know

What’s going on using that ip they found out there was also a person named sergey posting hotel reviews you know out in um i think vietnam was where he was at on using the same ip

With the name sergey so basically uh more people did some more research and dug into that ip and they also found the ip was posting with from a name um where is it

Fucking a yeah irena and sergey’s freaking mom is irina nazarova okay so satoshi ip proxy posting from sergey and irina this is all back 2008 and here’s the big one

So that sergey ip posted basically he was traveling um in estonia and posted a hotel review from there blah blah blah talent capital of estonia same time sergey is you know

On ferry cruise going to estonia yes i mean there’s some connections right there i i mean it’s crazy it’s hard for me to even comprehend and then um the kokichi mikimoto they believe it’s

Just a mashup of the two names eureka sergey plus kokichi divided by two equals satoshi nazarov plus mikimoto divided by two equals nakamoto

Oh chance was sergi satoshi highly possible some of the more hard evidence out there the rest of the evidence isn’t hard this is hard evidence you

Guys i mean this is an ip proxy that satoshi was posting from and most likely posting from you can’t 100 say it you can’t 100 say anything but crazy stuff joel munoz i appreciate your

Tip brother you’re awesome man chico partnership link plus kai um chain link’s going to partner with everyone so i mean i don’t get why people think a

Partnership with chain link is like a pump for your coin it’s good news you know but chain link’s going to partner with everyone they’re going to bend the knee

They have me magic if you didn’t know i’ve got the magic in me your share of the darwinia ring picks thanks for all the great content no problem man yeah i’m looking at it

Definitely yeah it’s an open cross chain bridge protocol so basically bridging a lot of different chains you know ethereum tron blah blah i don’t know why they have

Tron right there don’t think that’s good tron’s just a bunch of fakeness you guys edgeware up 115 what no way that’s stupid why are people just buying coins like

That so now here’s all evidence i’m not pumping the gosh dang markets i’m freaking live right here with my hands no one else at my house right now it’s other people

That’s stupid if that’s true oh my seventy three percent yep it’s going jamin need christmas i’m not doing this sec it’s other people i can’t help it

I just like talk crypto oh sec approved arca us treasury fund they tokenize their share principal underwriter is sarah’s financial sarah’s owned by dgb holding so that’ll be good for my

Holdings digi bite me magic i’ve got the magic oh yeah if you guys want i didn’t actually bring up much stuff in that video

Regarding if you want to learn some meme magic um not me magic but if you want to learn actual some of the more powerful stuff so aleister crowley where he

Learned a lot of his magic from is what book it’s the book of sacred magic of abraham abram mage and you want to get the german translated version not the french i

Think not this one off amazon or you’re gonna do it wrong and you’ll get taken over by demons don’t want that get the german version you can find a free

Pdf of it online too but yeah supposedly um it was found translated wrong that’s the version aleister crowley learned a lot of his magic from and that’s the reason he was

You know dark he got corrupted he didn’t do it right didn’t meet his guardian angel um but supposedly the new version correctly translated but you got to be committed because

Supposedly it’s like a 90 maybe the old version was 90 day maybe the new version’s like a year it’s a long process which wallet do i prefer for ring kusama

Polka dot um well i do not own any ring yet personally i’m just looking at it um it looks like a good freaking coin um but what i hold my other coins on is polka dot dot js

Use just a made a mass like insect extension wait are you into that stuff chico no i’m not into it i’m into it because i want to figure out what’s going on

So if you look into a lot of the elitists they are into this shit they are into the cult um that’s the main reason i wanted to figure out you know why why are they so into it you know are they just freaking bored

Or is there actually something behind it the more you look into it the more you start to realize oh shit there might be something more behind it papa whoop thank you man canadian 69 bucks

6999 hey chico you’re the smartest guy in the room no you are getting wary of ample bumpers can you look closer when you get a chance i have some and have done well however i respect

Your conclusions um i’m yeah i might look into it um we’ll see i’ve been thinking about it i mean but just something doesn’t seem right with like that

Coin that moves that quick that high i mean even chain leak didn’t do stuff like that so just right there i’m like something doesn’t feel right rings good i mean i’m probably going to

Be picking up a stack i mean i probably should have picked it up after this i didn’t think people are going to go balls out crazy balls out freaking crazy nutty but

Nutties oh i need to go talk to my theta viewers too jeez i hate tr streaming on two platforms it’s so hard i need to just pick one hey we got some viewers

199 i like it thanks guys but my views are going down stream after stream on theta if you can see 424 336 199 uh yeah that’s not good see what’s going on tina

Better start promoting me traveler av up up 750 in the last three months partnerships with expedia and swipe uh yeah i i mean traveler seems okay um i did a video on them sponsored content

I just didn’t like they went to the binance they they seem really and this may be a good thing but i don’t like projects that are greedy

Um and want money like they’ve done a lot of things to get themselves money they’ve ran an ico they’ve sell shares in their company they went to binance and you know started issuing on binance chain

Just a lot of things that you know remind me of i’m just being honest that’s you know 100 honesty and i do like matt you know he’s actually a great guy but

Um money blinds people hey tyler what do you think when do you think the next bull run will happen according to the having life cycle um i predict the end of um 2021 we’re going to start you know

Getting wild maybe 2022 not anytime soon i mean it’s going to be bullish i mean on the way up to even all-time high the markets are going to be bullish hey guys it’s not going to be

Like we’re not in a bull market we kind of are satoshi doesn’t want to be identified satoshi better have hit his tracks better then satoshi doesn’t get what he wants

You know it’s like a treasure dude if there’s a treasure to be found i’m gonna find that freaking treasure i’m a treasure hunter if you’ve seen those thumbnail it has treasure map on it

See if my stream pops up no oh damn dude i wish i could see your freaking all tips anti-chris what do i think of wi-fi on yifi i don’t even know what that is it’s a

Coin or a new type of thing people are trying to create a bull run off of you know um slow down is all i gotta say slow down um swapping protocols

Um big i mean some of the interest earning protocols i’m weary of because it feels like it’s a pyramid not necessarily pyramid it’s it it’s a piece of dynamite ready to

Explode because there’s smart contracts you guys and there’s vulnerabilities in probably some of these interest earning protocols out there and the hackers are just waiting for the

Right time and the more these integrate together the more the ripple effects will be seen so wifey okay i’m not look i’m not a moon boy you guys

I mean if you want a different channel you gotta look for other people that are gonna talk about those type of stuff like one after another i’m not like that that’s not what i’m gonna do i’m not a

Short-term trader i don’t do that so why would i try to identify coin after coin after coin that’s gonna pump week after week i’m trying to find long-term ones

So i mean there’s points in you know my content where i don’t bring up a new coin for months at a time because nothing i’m really interested in at the time nope all right guys well i have been

Streaming for about an hour now a little under um i’m gonna get my weekend started probably not gonna do much probably just chill but other than that um

Oh actually i gotta finish a script tomorrow on sunday i usually finish them on friday but if you hate interest earners and i don’t hate interest earners i mean i use some of the protocols i

Just um i mean i just ceased i mean you see all these new different protocols coming out one of them is going to have a fat smart contract vulnerability in it and one of

Them you’re gonna lose all your money on that’s gonna happen what happens with turning complete smart contracts and i don’t want to be over leveraged in one of those

You know contracts i mean uh-oh louisville’s getting crazy yeah i’m probably gonna smoke a bowl after this i’m going to actually take down this video and then um

Re-upload it as a regular video because that’s what i got to do when they take down so if you’re watching this stream right now theta viewers all 199 of you i wish i could see your

Tips a way to see all of them i know there was a way i just don’t remember i’m it figure it out here soon all 199 of you i wish i could um but yeah all

Um you youtube viewers all theta viewers come um watch me on my other platforms um i mean if you were on youtube and my stream got taken down great for you guys to go over to theta

That’s awesome um i mean youtube i would love to stay on your platform but you keep take my streams down week after week this is like the third weekend in a row um and it’s

Happened three out of four times this month so getting annoying hey chico thanks again for all your great info sure you missed it because it was on twitter john wolpert mentioned buying a

Small stack of unibrite on twitter ethereum enter enterprise meeting on 7 30 thanks for the tip john wolpert has a fatty stack no i don’t know um he probably i mean he’s prob

Part of the baseline i would expect them um ewt yeah excellent coin you guys so if i could ask you a favor when this new video gets uploaded it’d probably be in about 15 20 minutes just set it on your phone

Laptop tablet computer whatever you don’t have to watch it again set it silent let’s give it a view um it’ll help the video because in the short term i mean i know most my

Faithful viewers you know are watching my live stream so if they don’t watch my newly uploaded video it doesn’t give it that initial boost you know and it does bad um

You know you the algorithm doesn’t like it so please viewers that’d be excellent all right guys well i will see you guys on monday um video i’m still coming up with i don’t have a necessary

Necessarily a good you know i like to have my videos laid out well you know have an actual theme to them um i don’t have a theme to this one yet it’s kind of

All jumbled together but i’ll get it so see you guys then and um peace out see you oh god damn it tud futters god dang you i appreciate your five dollar tip and geo rob

You guys are excellent and now i’m out peace

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