BigFoot Finally Caught On Camera

published on July 13, 2020

is Bigfoot real that's the question that's been on millions of people's lips for decades and now thanks to a remarkable new traffic camera footage we may very well have an answer since the mid 1900s rumors have been

Swirling around that a hairy upright walking ape-like Sasquatch creature roams around the forests of the Pacific Northwest suspicions are rising the number of sightings are climbing with every passing month and appearances are

Spread all the way across the USA and even as far as India the FBI has even been forced to involve themselves in the hunt could something really be out there let's find out for as long as humans have traversed this earth we've been

Transfixed by fantasy Loch Ness style monsters vampires werewolves centaurs dragons some the fruit of imagination others the fruit of genuine unwavering belief since midway through the 20th century a new beast has captured the

Attention of Americans and internationals as well we're talking of course about the hairy giant elusive wandering thing that is Bigfoot while River Monsters like Nessie have popped up around nearly every corner of the

Globe the mystery of Bigfoot is for the most part centralized to forests throughout Oregon Washington Idaho Montana and Wyoming about one-third of all Sasquatch sightings circled back to the Pacific Northwest with the majority

Of the remaining reports spread throughout the rest of North America in total more than 10,000 people have described eyewitness encounters with Bigfoot in the us over the past 50 years then there are a few international

Bigfoot cousins but we'll discuss those a little later on today Bigfoot is the mythical Wildman with a global following of believers and he assuming he's he that is wasn't always the talk of a town his notoriety grew with time as more

People spotted him and as more people read the newspapers and as more people allowed their position to be swayed from skeptic to believer Bigfoot's fame continued to rise throw in the rapid advancement of modern technology and

That other beast that we call the internet and viewing and discussing him is now easier than ever before so from what did the intriguing mystery of his eight-foot fantastical beast originate where does our Sasquatch story

Begin as we wind our clocks back to 1958 a journalist from the Humboldt Times named Andrew Gonzalez received what he considered to be a light-hearted rather comedic letter it stated that loggers in northern California had come across

Mysteriously large footprints after reading through the letter and deciding that it would make a great fluff piece for an easy Sunday read he published a column to Andrew it was just a piece of writing to raise readers spirits and his

Statements like maybe we have a relative of the abominable snowman were nothing more than the work of a creative writer to the astonishment of ghen xoe the readers saw differently as soon as the piece went public readers were

Fascinated so much that gonzo lea and his fellow journalist betty allen were forced to publish follow-up articles about the footprints ghen xoe continued to bait readers teasing them with questions like are the tracks of human

Hoaxes or are they the actual marks of a huge but harmless wild man traveling through the wilderness in one of their follow-up columns the loggers who found the footprints had given the so called creature who left the tracks a name that

Name of course was Bigfoot and thus one of the world's most invigorating legends was born from this point on the idea of Bigfoot spread like wildfire media outlets across the country were pitching in on the fame with TV show Truth or

Consequences even offering $1,000 to anybody who could prove the creatures existence now unknown entity nationwide Bigfoot had his name condensed from two words to one and started to be portrayed as a cartoon like character in men's

Adventure magazines and some cheap paperback novels throughout the 1970s his image was that of a dangerous predator a man-beast lurking in the forests preying on unbeknown passerby victims but by the 80s representations

Changed and Bigfoot began showing his softer side he became a symbol of the wilderness that humanity so desperately needed to preserve and in turn was an environmentalist icon an icon mind you that still had not been proven by

Anything more than grainy footage and hearsay as the years have passed more and more sightings have occurred throughout the country prompting cyclical peaks of interest we'll show you some of this footage in a minute but

For first if you're still sitting firmly in the nonbeliever column then this new evidence might make you start to scratch your head a little researchers conducting a study in 2019 may have

Found the missing link between ancient primates and the Bigfoot enigma that's engulf the media since the 1960s the study led by Enrico capellini an associate professor at the University of Copenhagen found proof that a giant

Ape-like creature known as Gigantopithecus Blacky roamed the forests of southern Asia hundreds of thousands of years ago before likely going extinct the retrieved fossils showed that Gigantopithecus would have

Dwarfed the great apes that live today standing ten feet or three metres tall and weighing nearly 600 pounds or 270 kilograms DNA testing of proteins in tooth and amyl drew a clear connection between

Gigantopithecus and the modern day orangutan while a number of unanswered questions remain and while capellini findings can't denote anything about appearance we are now far far closer to any legitimate scientific Bigfoot

Evidence than ever before for decades believers haven't had this kind of scientific proof to lean on and have relied solely on rumored sightings and often hard to analyze footage let's take a look at some of this footage and you

Could judge for yourself thousands of alleged appearances have taken place here in the forests of Oregon one of the most recent has substance to its claim thanks to thermal camera technology in December of 2019

Maria Maher a primatologist from the Florida International University was filming for expedition Bigfoot a Travel Channel documentary when she managed to capture a moving object on her heat tracking equipment when asked about her

Experience by LiveScience Maria responded that to me is probably the most compelling piece of evidence that I have seen so far even though over one-third of all Bigfoot incidents occur in the Pacific Northwest let's expand

Our horizons for now just two months earlier in October of 2019 we had another sighting this time on the other side of the country in North Carolina these grainy images were taken from a boat by a team of Sasquatch hunters

Called Bigfoot 9-1-1 about 2:00 am on a Saturday morning the image shows a mysterious outline behind the trees along the lake James shoreline in the mountains northwest of Charlotte after the group had received

Reports that night fishermen felt like something was watching them from the shore they called up Bigfoot 911 to investigate it was then when scouting the area that the night-vision cameras captured these puzzling images one of

The group's members John Brunner said that the encounter lasted five minutes eventually wrapping up when the ghostly figure appeared to turn its back and walk away a few months earlier in July of 2019 a Bigfoot was apparently roaming

Through of all places Kentucky in Mammoth Cave National Park Madeline Durand and her friend Brad Ginn were camping when a frantic man approached them who mentioned that he'd returned to his campsite only to find it

Completely demolished while he didn't have footage or pictures he told the campers verbatim that quote it was Bigfoot country a few minutes later Madeline and Brad heard gunshots and called 911 mention of the Bigfoot named

In such strange circumstances prompted countless news headlines there must have been something in the water in 2019 because reports were being filed all over the country on May 20th 51 year old Edward Lee was driving down a highway in

The rich mountain wilderness area when he spotted what he claims to be a seven foot eight hairy two-legged creature with a pointed head standing on the road he pulled over to the side of the road thinking that it might make another

Appearance but it never did the sighting was reportedly one of two in the same area in a short period of time coincidentally this took place in cherry log just a three minute drive from the Sasquatch museum it's not just the USA

That's been enthralled in Sasquatch center news recently this photo was taken in April of 2019 close to the McCullough base camp in India showcasing what appeared to be giant footprints measuring 32 by 15 inches each the

Indian Army took to their official Twitter account to share the photo stating that quote this elusive snowman has only been sighted at makalah beroun National Park in the past suggesting that these marks may very well have been

The work of one of Bigfoot's relatives the Yeti otherwise known as the abominable snowman the Yeti isn't the only hairy cousin to our elusive Bigfoot the Canadian Sasquatch is essentially the same creature as

The American Bigfoot though it is claimed to be nocturnal and a very fast runner in Indonesia natives of Sumatra have long believed in the smaller equally elusive orang pendeks while in Australia

Yaoi is the name on everyone's lips reportedly standing anywhere from five to eleven feet and sporting yellow or red eyes while the majority of previous stories have been shrouded in uncertainty some people believe that

Footage recently captured by a traffic camera in Washington State serves as proof beyond doubt the eastern Washington State Department of Transportation tweeted pictures captured on its Sherman Pass

State Route 20 webcam the images depict a dark figure strolling uphill through the snow could this be unwavering evidence of Bigfoot we'll let you decide for yourself either way it certainly added gas to the debate flame and has

Reminded people around the world that the presence of Bigfoot is still taken seriously by many we only have to look as far as the FBI an organization dedicated to squashing the country's top threats to realize the severity of the

Bigfoot allegations in 2019 official FBI documents revealed that they actually investigated Bigfoot in the 1970s testing both hair and skin particles so after all this time with so many viewings and with such a large portfolio

Of visual proof or so-called proof at least why haven't we been able to catch him is Bigfoot just playing one giant game of hide-and-seek with us is he merely an idea designed to distract us from something else going on is it all

Just part of a giant conspiracy theory or is it just a bit of fun or is the evidence that you've seen today enough to convince you that Bigfoot and even his international cousins really do exist share your thoughts in the

Comments down below which camp do you fall into believer or skeptic and why don't forget to like this video subscribe to the channel and as always thanks so much for checking out the richest see you next time and

Have a great day

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