BIG TIPPING POINT FOR Crypto Markets! $20K Vs $7K!

by birtanpublished on September 19, 2020

These crypto markets are almost definitely on the tipping point basically of some very very big moves and i want to break down for you what those big moves are where it could go how it might do that and then kind of what the odds of

The of those things are so let's start off with the bullish side and actually i think the ethereum chart is a little bit more useful to demonstrate this point um you know first of all what i want to

Point out is uh one of the last things that i showed you with regards to ethereum was a potential breakout that it was looking at it was super obvious you guys heard how confident i was about it

I didn't want to trade it because of the climb out of the game at the at the time but we did end up breaking out very nicely and we have topped out at the 400 mark as well and this is where some of

The magic starts to happen we didn't unfortunately go as high as i thought we would i mean we only topped out about 394 395 and i would have liked to see us you know enter this green box or even

Hit this green line over here but it's completely fine and really what this does show us is that you know 400 this relative area of resistance is where things start to get a little bit hot for ethereum

And it's starting to test this area now uh bitcoin is doing exactly the same it's just that i think with ethereum it's a little bit clearer to see so i just i want to keep on showing you this chart

Just for demonstrational purposes and you know what will tend to happen when you've fallen down and you've come back up to test the resistance level as you will get rejected which is

What happened with ethereum in this case as well we did end up taking a slight dip down but more importantly you start to open up the floodgates to potentially allow the price to break out above the resistance level

And you know obviously that's going to happen each time we test this resistance level the weaker it's probably going to get which allows us to kind of trade higher again you know this is

Quite a basic early um how do i say lesson that you learn in technical analysis and ethereum is definitely starting to show that it might be ready for that at the moment and that's kind of where

It might be tipping towards the bullish side at the moment you know it really it's at this resistance area right now so this is you know this is where the magic happens basically this is the magic zone

So to speak and if anything magnificent is going to happen it's probably going to happen relatively soon to ethereum just because it's so close to this resistance area so what happens

Well if we do end up breaking this resistance area you can see that there's not a lot of trading that happens above this green line i can

Demonstrate this to you by showing you the vp vr let's take a look at this and just kind of zoom into what our current price trend is at the moment and we can see a big spike on the vpvr

At you know up to the 400 level but after that we don't really have any spikes on the vpvr until we hit 420 um above us

Over here and we can actually drop another horizontal line and that lines up roughly with an area of support so not rather resistant so it lines up very very well with the

Vp vr now if you don't know what the vpvr is then you need to watch my tutorial on it it's on youtube free of charge it's actually part of the wider four flies academy course that we do

Have which is free to yearly members so if you do want to jump into the yearly uh subscription gain access to that course for free you're also getting a year's worth of content in vip as well so it's an

Absolutely amazing deal just ask me for the information about it by following these steps right here but moving it back to the chart the vpvr is showing us some resistance up at the 420

Level but since this resistance tapers off completely and this massive spike turns into a valley as soon as we reach you know 400 this to me means that it's kind of a vacuum and if

We end up breaking above this green line it'll just suck us straight up to the next key area which is at 420 and then potentially even beyond and the good news for ethereum in this case

Especially is that if we do end up getting sucked up to you know the 420 level well here's the thing we've broken the resistance at 400 right the only way you can get this high

Is if you've broken the resistance which is lower and the good news for us is that this area of resistance is much stronger than the area of resistance at 420 dollars and

That means it should be a lot easier to break this resistance over here and so actually going off what we're seeing right here this means that we could be ready to

Rally hundreds of dollars higher if ethereum breaks above the 400 level i mean it could turn out to be a very very substantial rally and we saw the start of that

With this rally over here ethereum went from 370 and pretty much within one leg ended up reaching 480 dollars so that is we are talking about 110

Of bullish price action for ethereum it's pretty much got the same starting point right now and it could be ready to set some really really high targets if it's able to break this resistance

Area let's take it back to bitcoin now because obviously that's what we are more concerned about and with bitcoin it's actually a little bit more messy uh the the deal is ethereum has had a much nicer chart than

Bitcoin has had over the past couple of months and um you know ethereum all of its resistance ends at four hundred dollars like i showed you and there's not much above four hundred

Dollars because there's only a weak area of resistance and if we're able to break a strong area of resistance that means we have enough strength to break a weak area of resistance it's

Super obvious i can even show you an example of that let me see if i can find you one really quickly right now um i think i can show this to you yeah i can show this to you with the

Uptrend you know let's take a look at the uptrend so we've had uh right over here this green line acted as resistance for quite a long time this was the 10 000

Psychological resistance and we really struggled to break it at the beginning right i mean it was a very strong area of resistance we had a lot of rejections but more importantly these rejections they happened over the long term i mean

These rejections were spaced out by quite a bit this one was on the 7th of may then the 14th then the 18th and then bam uh you know literally two weeks afterwards and then another one

Another week later so i mean this was a very very long-term area of resistance and it was very strong and as soon as we were able to beat it weaker areas of resistance were beaten with a lot less you know

Much much fewer problems um you know the next area of resistance the real area of resistance that we had after 10 000 was right here at 11 100 right you can see that we started to

Get some resistance over here as well but comparatively i mean this 10 000 resistance took us how long to break it took us 80 days to break it from our first test to our breakout it took 80 days

Whereas the next area of resistance because it was weaker and because we already had the momentum of breaking such a strong area it took us three days so that's not even five percent of the time that it took us

The first time around and that's why i think that breaking the resistance for ethereum could be very easy once we pass 400 dollars if we do you know it really is because we've

Broken out of a difficult area which demonstrates that we have so much strength i mean this is like a bodybuilder breaking a thin a very very heavy piece of wood and then

Directly afterwards there's a thin piece of wood in front of him obviously it would be much easier it would be very easy for him to break the thin piece of wood if he broke the thick piece of wood it's

Not a bodybuilder my bad that's uh i don't even know what that is i think you get japanese people doing that to show off and stuff like i don't even know but back to the bitcoin chart it's not

As clear for bitcoin and the problem with bitcoin over here is that you know ethereum's resistance is for me defined between three hundred and eighty dollars and four hundred dollars but for bitcoin it goes all the way

Up to eleven thousand eight hundred dollars i mean this area is pretty much just a solid block of resistance that kind of looks a little bit like this it really is just a block of resistance

If i wanted to be very very nice then i might change it to be something like this but again i mean there's another block that i'm gonna have to draw right here anyway and and so

I mean you know no matter how you look at it yes there is a slight valley between these two green boxes where you know it should be very easy to pass uh and rise higher but i mean before it and after it there is a

Lot of resistance and essentially that means there's a lot of space for things to go wrong and and that means i mean you know if bitcoin does break above this level then of course it's going to be really

Goodly i mean let's take a look at it i think it's time for me to remove these um alerts because they're just clouding up the chart too much and uh you know if we take a look at what's going on above this blue line

And we take a look at the 14 000 level you know i mean there's not a lot of trading that happens above this blue line you you can take a look at it over here there's not really any resistance above

This blue line and so and so it should be very easy to reach the next area of resistance at 14 000 but more importantly that's not heavy resistance either

Take a look at this back in 2017 2018 there is a little bit of resistance here at you know that that we did establish we did find some support around this area you know we did find we did get rejected roughly at this area

And so there is some price history over here which is going to mean that you know we might find some resistance at 14 000 but crucially this what we have ahead of us is really

Heavy and so exactly the same thing that i outlined for ethereum i think is going to apply to bitcoin and as a trader this is paradise because that means a couple things that means

First of all a lot of people are going to get wrecked a lot of people are going to get destroyed in this market it happens all the time when we enter ranges like this because

Most people don't even know this they don't even know that you know uh you know you know how prices might interact with strong support levels and strong resistance levels and then weak support

And weak resistance levels and so on it could really really um uh screw a lot of people over and as a trader as a shark someone who knows what's going on when you know idiots start losing money

It can actually be very easy to profit off that blood because then panic sets in the market and nothing is is more predictable than panic you know so it can get quite easy to you know

Expect where fomo rallies might begin or kind of expect where big dumps might start to happen which is what i'll get and get on to in just a minute but if you do want to see how other experienced traders are navigating this

Market right now then you can jump into the vip group and see how i'm doing it um i you know i'm not going to call myself an expert or anything but i absolutely am experienced in this market

By now i know what to look for i know what to avoid and and how to trade and navigate these markets safely you've seen me pull beautiful profits on ethereum lately 180 profit 20 profit the very next day

I'm eyeing this up right now to see what the next move might be and my job is to be prepared for that because it can come very quickly and if i'm not prepared for it that's just not good enough i need to

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To learn from those insights and make an amazing first trade after joining vip based on what he learned that is a beautiful triple digit 500 profit i don't

I i don't think i ever made a profit this big the highest profit i remember ever making was 360 profit when i went long on bitcoin at this price level right here at uh 3990

I still remember it very clearly um that was a very very nice long position 360 profit rode it all the way up to 5.8 very very nice position there and i'm always looking to be ripping more games like that and if you want to see how i'm

Able to pull those profits in real time gain access to the information that this person had to pull these results then you can gain access to it by following these steps click on the first link in the description

Down below then click on the at four flies button and then click on send message to ask me how to join vip i did mention the yearly plan earlier in this video so if you just want a little

Bit of information about it kind of find out what the course has it's over 10 hours of content and it's definitely the product that i'm most proud of um i think it's well worth jumping into with you know i mean the

People who've joined it have been able to craft some really really healthy trading habits and over the long term that is what matters the most but switching it back to the analysis

Over here we do have that resistance overhead and so it's not as clear with ethereum all it has to do is rise above four 400 which it's very close to doing already but bitcoin it's not it is a little bit

More cloudy it is a bit cloudy um you know there is some concern to to be had at this range because there is quite a bit of resistance overhead but the good news like i've shown you on this longer term

Chart is that if we are able to break this resistance it's a very easy run up to the 14 000 level because there is no resistance i mean that this to me is just going to be

Like a suction just bringing bitcoin right the way up like a vacuum or something like that and then i mean 14 000 isn't really a strong area of resistance either you know i mean there was only

Price history around this price range for about 40 days in total that's not a lot you know and most of that time wasn't even spent around the fourth to fourteen thousand dollar level so broadly speaking and i can even show

This to you with the vp vr let's see where the vp vr spikes at these levels um there's nothing i mean there's there's literally nothing to be concerned about from what i can see on

This chart just waiting for the vp vr to load up it's it's having to process a lot of data because we're on a very zoomed out time frame and chart but what this would show us is that there is

There is basically a massive valley above the 14 000 i mean the the massive valley will probably start around 12 000 and it's going to be very easy to climb higher because there's just not

Really any resistance overhead we start leaving logical domains and we start entering emotional domains and you know when emotions are ruling the market things happen very quickly profits come

In very quickly and the people who don't know how to navigate the market the people who haven't taken up the offer to get into vip with their beautiful discount

They're the ones getting wrecked it's um it always happens it always happens and um and that's just kind of the nature of the markets they always rhyme and repeat i can't seem to get the vp vr to load

Today so i'm not going to be able to show this to you unless unless i do change the inputs and i make it a 50 row size this should load up a little bit faster now let's see if it does give it a

Minute um and that can help us kind of demonstrate the point over here and then you know the flip side to it is if bitcoin does end up getting rejected if it ends up getting rejected at this

Level then all of a sudden we're starting to look at some really bearish targets because what that's going to do what a rejection is going to mean for bitcoin is a new lower high

So okay i'm gonna have to give up on this now because it's not loading but you can do this in your own time and take a look at it anyway but what would happen if we do end up getting rejected

At this 11 000 range is that bitcoin will set a high somewhere lower than this high which would mean that we have set a new lower high and that would be the third one

Within the trend so we've set one high over here twelve thousand five hundred another high here twelve thousand dollars and you know let's just say for demonstrational purposes eleven thousand five hundred

And we have now set three lower highs within the trend uh or two lower highs and that is very concerning because we've also got lower lows i mean you know you can be very picky about this and still be

Technically correct but we have now definitely had a series of lower lows and so everything here is pointing towards this becoming a bearish trend and this is the flip side of it where i mentioned that we're at a

Tipping point i think things are ready to get pretty explosive taking a look at what's happening over here because yes if we are able to break into this resistance area

And then break even higher we are looking at the stars and this is why there's indecision in the market right now people know this and and it's making things you know all a little bit tense

And and and you know that when there's a tension in the air that is always what directly precedes that's what always comes directly before a big big big move and big volatility big

Moves they come with they come with pressure anxiety fear of missing out uh and and again those are the emotions that are profitable for a trader that's what's important so

If we do end up getting rejected at this range and i don't know if we will i'm not saying we will but if we do we are very very conclusively looking at trading lower in my opinion

We have already negated and dropped below some very very bullish levels and yes we have started to make a climb back up but we're going to mark something very

Hideous and scary if we end up getting rejected at this price level and i think that that's going to mean this 10 000 floor is also going to fail if this 10 000

Floor fails and we start to drop lower then we are fortunately going to fill the cme gap but with what momentum you know we are going to be approaching these lower levels with some momentum i

Think i believe because we've already shown that when the market turns bearish it has i mean it just falls like a waterfall and we know that this is a

Characteristic of bitcoin this has been a characteristic of bitcoin for a really long time where it you know when it rains it absolutely bloody pours we know this taking a look

At the previous downtrends right i mean let's take a look at what happened over here bam i mean this this was just a lightsaber candle this was terrible i mean the next sell-off was relentless

There was no reaction rallies the next sell-off even worse this was so much steeper it just kept on getting worse and again there wasn't really any fighting chance apart from this little reaction rally over here could that

Happen again well ladies and gentlemen it's already happened so if i'm gonna bank on anything i'm gonna bank that that's gonna happen again because it's proven to be a

Characteristic so many times and so if that's the case what are we looking at well the good news is that we have a massive area of support over here this is a really really big area of support and

We established it over a long time i mean this entire trading range lasted something like 90 days bam right there 89 days 90 days depending on how you measure it this was a very long term area of

Support and it's confirmed by prior price action take a look at everything that happens around this price range there have been some quite interesting and key reversals around

These price levels between nine thousand dollars and ten thousand dollars so i think that if we do get a dump i mean you know this is how it could look we could end up going slightly higher and

Then just absolutely drop like a stone and it would be another big drop just like what we had before but it would be into a very very cushiony area of support i don't think that's going to fail

Honestly i think that's the best case scenario for bitcoin right now and i think if we do come down here that that is going to be as low as we will come to i don't think we are going to go below nine thousand

Dollars at the moment but if we do if we do drop below nine thousand dollars then we're going to have to start looking at new areas of support that are much lower as you can see over

Here there's no price history between nine thousand dollars and seven thousand seven hundred dollars between 8.7 and 7.7 nothing happens and nothing happens on the way up just as nothing happens on the way down

I actually if you've been watching this channel since that time since this move over here you'll remember that i was very clear when i told you that i thought if bitcoin was

Able to break above this level right here it was very clear that i told you if bitcoin was able to break above this level it would shoot right up to the next

Level very very quickly because that's exactly what happened on the way down yin and yang you know it's positive and negative it happens in reverse in exactly the same way so we drop

Down like a stone and we shot up like a star and i think that is what's going to happen again so that puts us into the 7 000 range and we have quite a bit of support take

A look at this trading range over here we can overlap this with some of the trading that happens over here there's quite a bit of support in the 7 000 range kind of 6.6 all the way up to 7.5

This would be a decent area for bitcoin to find some support let me define this for you by drawing a green box that looks something a little bit like this this could definitely turn out

To be a support area for bitcoin and i don't think it would be a bad thing i actually wouldn't mind seeing this at all and then below that we're gonna have to start talking about numbers like

Five thousand and three thousand dollars again but i don't think that's necessary so there's the tipping point for bitcoin there is a very very simple chart on the surface

Of it but there is so much to read into this and bitcoin ethereum the rest of the crypto market i think could be ready to follow these patterns right here super super important stuff right here

And for that reason it is absolutely of paramount importance to be prepared for whatever these moves might be that kind of preparation is exactly what allowed me to close a beautiful 180

Profit on ethereum i had that level of preparation when i entered the short position on ethereum where i played this entire drop down it was very predictable very easy to see coming but i was prepared for it beforehand so

I was able to position myself to ride that train downwards and then the very next day close yet another profit on ethereum if you want to see how i do it with

All of the exact numbers all of the exact figures seeing exactly where i enter exit where my stop-loss is where i'll be taking profits and why i'm choosing each of those levels you're going to be able to gain access

To that information in the vip group there is so much in there so you absolutely need to reach out and figure and and find out exactly what you are missing out on by

Not being in the group just just to kind of know what's going on and this entire process these three steps to find out how to join vip will take you less than 30 seconds there is no

Sign up process involved it is super super quick so i would highly highly suggest you take a look at this and find out what's going on over here shout out to the vip members that have

Been making beautiful profits on this market at the moment it has been very very volatile and let's uh there's another thing i wanted to mention i wanted to take a

Look at tron it has moved very very nicely just give you another update on that it's dropped i mean massively since the point i told you it might i defined for you this relative area

Exactly the same thing that i was talking about with bitcoin i thought that you know i mean on the way up there was absolutely no trading so on the way down there probably wouldn't be much support

And that's exactly what happened that was a big big big 20 drop and you know as i mentioned in that video where i told you about it first um you know a drop like that on 10 times leverage could be a 200

Profit and that's exactly what came into fruition so shout out to everybody who did take advantage of that i didn't trade this either i just wasn't interested in trading an

Altcoin at the time i don't think it was worth the risk honestly speaking but it does look very good in hindsight so that's very very nice to see and by the way this um this opportunity right here i

I spoke about it quite a bit in the free four flights gold channel so what you do by the way when you follow the first link in the description is it takes you to the four flies gold channel which is my telegram channel

Where i'm able to give you analysis on the markets and insights into the trades that vips are receiving it's completely free of charge and you have access to it

Forever i mean it it's it's basically a lifetime free trial to vip for you to get a taste of what things might be like obviously there's a lot more that goes into the vip group

But it's well worth checking out there's a lot of amazing content in there uh you know i mean it's a lot of people have made very nice profits just being in that group so if you're not there already

You are missing out so don't let yourself kind of be uh behind the back of the train essentially on this one for too long and then the final pair that i want to show you is

The us dollar to euro chart this looks very interesting because of what's happening over the next you know two three months we do have the u.s election coming up and we can see how uh you know

The us dollar has dropped by quite a bit um you know we we are looking at a 10 drop uh within what was it three months let's go back and take a look at that so three months ago i can't even do this

Let's just go from high to low this was march uh so this was uh i don't know like five months ago something like that we are looking at roughly a 12 drop right there on this chart the dollar has

Dropped by quite a lot i'm curious what happened when trump won the election um nothing in particular it was around this time but there is the u.s election coming up

Very very soon it has been in a in a steady decline for quite a long time and the thing is i mean this is a 10 drop which to you and i might not sound like a lot but the fact that this

Happened in the world's biggest economy the us dollar i mean this is a currency that's used by many many countries it's it's the standard currency for so many things

And and that's comparing it against one of the biggest collection of countries in the world uh in terms of power and finance um and and it's dropped by ten percent i mean this is a big

Big deal this is nothing to you know we have to pay attention to this and it has established resistance at the 0.85 level roughly thereabouts and i think that if

It's able to break above this resistance area it could turn into a very nice long position this by the way is exactly the same thing as what i described with

Bitcoin ethereum and tron i often get the question hey sami four flies what kind of trader are you and here's what i'm not i'm not a day trader you've noticed on this channel that i never look at any

Time frame less than one hour i don't analyze less than the one hour time frame i'm never looking at the one minute time frame because i actually do have a pair of balls

Believe it or not so i don't need to do that i'm always looking at the one hour time frame at the very very least i'm not a day trader so this means i'm not making multiple trades a day

That's just not the way i like to trade but i'm also not a long term trader it's not like i'm making one trade a month or just two trades a month either you know kind of swing trading because

That takes a lot of time uh and and i don't you know one of my problems with long-term strategies is that you can't see if they work until a really long time has passed it takes you a long time

To see if your strategy works or or even worse if it doesn't work and by that time there have been so many opportunities that you could have jumped into and that is where i like to take the

Cake and i want all of the cake that's why i like to trade these kinds of gaps because they're very predictable and they are big ranges take a look at this range just using a

Very very rough percentage tool over here 2.8 is a big move in the forex world especially when we're talking about two major currencies like the us dollar and euro trading this

On for example i don't know just a really wild example 50 times leverage is already going to be yeah i mean over 100 profit so it's going to be closer to 150 profit trading this on just

50 times leverage which is not crazy considering this market i mean this is a market where small fluctuations are what rule the market which is why a very high level of leverage is needed

This is why people use a lot of leverage in forex because the moves are very small and so a big big profit like that potentially being right around the corner is very exciting to me

And i am going to be trading this move if i get the chance to on prime xbt and the link to visit primexpt is down in the description below if you follow the steps for primex bt you're able to

You'll be able to get a deposit bonus which means that when you deposit money you're going to get some extra money for free if you meet that condition so check it out in the description down below you're allowed to trade

Cfds that's things like the s p 500 uk 100 alongside forex and all the other good stuff crypto as well using leverage with bitcoin so you don't need to link a credit card or a bank

Account to it and there's no kyc required um at point of sign up they might ask you for kyc in the future um but but to get started and and you know

Trade with it i i've never been asked for kyc put it that way so it is very very cool and useful for people who might be interested in that but there we are this was a longer video and we had

To get through a lot this was some really really important content and i think i've really set the preston for what i might be expecting over the next period of time

For the upside it looks beautiful but there is some turbulence just ahead if we are able to break above this area of resistance that i'm very optimistic about what's going to happen in the future but

My god if we do get rejected that's that is going to be the final nail in the coffin at least for now that could see us dropping very very low in either case there is a lot to trade there is a lot to profit from and no

Matter what emotions are about to go haywire they are about to get very very polarized there's going to be a lot of fear either fear of losing money or fear of

Not making enough money there's going to be a lot of anxiety and as i always say emotions are what we as sharks will profit from there we are that's what i'm gonna be showing how i'll be doing

In the vip group using all of the exact numbers i'm using hopefully to to see more people turning results like this if you do want to get into it you know how to do that i hope you have

Enjoyed this video you know what to do hit up the like subscribe tick the bell do all that good stuff and i'm out bye

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