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by birtanpublished on September 15, 2020

Today is Wednesday June 26 2019 and my people my people it's about that time laughs from the USA helping you get paid every day this is the dose of Bitcoin the creased o of crypto is a boy BK and if you own like me you must not like

Money thank you for joining me everybody as we said March 20 no I'm sorry June 26 I was looking at some of my older videos trying to go back in time you know back when Bitcoin was like 38 39 you know but uh the intervention is

The vine and if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK known as a crypto traitor and I'm the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out

Every day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day you get to profit as a result today is no exception and so without further ado let's make it do it to do let's go ahead and make this money the dream is real you know I'm

Saying this is indeed the things dreams are made of bitcoin is a concept it's an idea it's a piece of paper it's not even real but the dream is real what's the dream the dream is to hope the transfer the capability of actually being human

And sovereign to be free of the chains the manacles of segregation and degradation that degrades you from day to day BTC may just be the salvation right and that's what this video is about we will be doing a live technical

Analysis on the price you know but I just wanted to introduce the concept of theology to begin this paradigm shift that we have I can I can jump in you know jump down the rabbit hole and take you to Narnia real quick but I'm trying

To stay high level for the people just now you know I'm saying clicking on my channel if you're just now doing it do yourself a favor pay for it hit that thumbs up button for me one time I got about twenty five thousand subscribers

That need to hear these words I think it's very important because I'm trying to get my people paid young-sam so here we go man BTC – the USD this is a 7b7 if you don't know how to chart like a boss you know I'm saying jump on over to boss

Of Bitcoin dot-com we do have free crypto trading resources tools and community available for you this one right here click that link that's my trading view per channel type my name in on there BB Kelly 1203 I will

Actually be publishing this chart live on the air to this training view page so make sure you follow me on there to stay up to date with the live technical analysis that I post YouTube you already know what time it is faux hunting videos

Young-sam and we keep on going we keep on growing and then last but not least the number one Bitcoin group in the world hashtag one Bitcoin come on in the doors are always open we got a hundred and

Twenty-one people waiting in line to get in I'm about to clear this cute as soon as this video is done so those are the free crypto trading communities we have this is trading view BTC – the USD honest 77 I tell you what man I was

Going back in time looking at some of the videos I did back when Bitcoin was like 38 39 I remember when we broke 42 I said hold on hold on I'll hit him over the head with it now we up to 12 whacks 13 and a half sitting

Long and strong so so so so couple things here BTC is running hopefully you made some money if you are in our telegram group you definitely made money because we had this thing nailed down once it broke 5800 right here you know I

Started to give the green light to my people that's when I you know big money players I play with you know I'm saying that's when I told them put put down – and pick up six and sure enough that's what

We will on track to do a big thing big thing big thing we go go macro then we'll go go micro right sometimes you got to take a look at the big picture to understand the small picture so you don't get lost in the sauce that's a

Pretty good reversal that's a pretty good uptrend what mic we have coming forward well that's gonna be a situation right there this is where the energy fell at twelve four keep in mind the candle is currently above that right now

But the macro is not our seven day moving average has not yet peaked above twelve four and so I think that may be an initial area of resistance for Bitcoin but fear not because I think we will inevitably be

Bounced off if you look at this we got we got this intersection down here which we already popped off of like when that intersection happened that's what basically gave us bambam got the rebound right so now we got one two and we got

The wheels coming back it's just a beautiful thing so this is gonna be our initial area of macro resistance keep in mind that is a seven day moving average do not get lost in the candles understand that everything is

Intrinsically tied together and so if you can interpret the past parlay it to the present well then the future is is a straight line equation because one plus two will always give you three right so that's that's kind of like a macro

Analysis of where we at we know that this is a very very strong uptrend if we wanted to do a quick Fibonacci on this thing let's see that would have probably been this right here boom boom and now yeah it's like we're coming right back

To it too threshold of this whole thing and again this is on a seven day moving average on it daily I don't normally chart on a daily but I'm just showing you how to do it to get the long-term scale so that

You understand what's happening outside the cycles so now that when we jump back into 343 BAM right this thing is just is just floating on these levels look at this look at this I drew that from November when did I draw that Fibonacci

Extension that goes from January of 18 my people if you haven't hit that thumbs up button you must not like money do me a favor smash that like button for a player one time I appreciate you and if you haven't done it subscribed right now

Turn your notifications on click that Bell I don't get pimped out by Google so I don't have ads on this channel so they don't show it as much as the other crypto clowns just you know I'm saying you know doing doing screen overlays and

Voice casting and you know I'm saying just just just just selling ads I don't sell ads I sell knowledge right that's why I give it to you for free cuz knowledge is power and power can never be purchased right so we do a quick

Fibonacci from January to April three months boom these are the different scales we get but you see how this thing just dovetailed out down here between the two two and two six that's kind of like our reversal zone so we know that

The negative energy has dissipated right flatline and now we're coming back up right that's a beautiful beautiful beautiful harmonic pattern again biggest thing to note is that we know from the macro scale this is going to be a strong

Area of resistance on the daily so now we're looking to say okay we know we're gonna run into the ceiling zone where is the ceiling going to be right I can take this one off I showed you how that one works and we can just project this

Energy up here this is going back from February to April we didn't hit that one so now we can play it to the up and that's getting us nor 4:13 – we cracked that already so you can see we just have to like fine-tune this scale

Here and actually when it doesn't work and this is at 343 that's a long candle we need more intersections you see this and the chart changes but the frequency doesn't that's the magic of numerology right there right and you literally just

Like go up the scale look for the next intersection the next intersection we're all the way up here now this is a whole new harmonic series right and so what I see what I say what I see tighten it down and out one

Right here right now you see with the Fibonacci you can fine tune it it shows you different things but most of all it shows you correlation and continuity between consecutive cycles or sequences right

And so everything is a frequency but you don't want to look at everything at once so it's kind of like you it's like a microscope right you can only look at one slide at a time but we see this is the most influential sector cycle right

Here right boom boom and we do that boom boom now where's the amplifier this is the amplifier right there green on green which means white on white we should be saying good night and that will be up

Here right we got a ceiling I think this is this is gonna be an initial resistance area for our candles or our moving averages rather right there at at 3 3 I think our candles could peek out easily you know 15 8 what 15 8 right

And even if we scale this thing out that could come as early as July 21st possibly much earlier and there somewhere for for July right so between the 21st and the 5th more than likely will peak out around 15 8 I'll

Just put it like at that end spot just so we have like the flag in the ground as the we're you know kind of like the end date is but because this little line right here say that kind of like repeats right there that could be interpreted as

Like one wave kind of like a consolidation so we could stretch that out and that is what we look like there this is probably gonna be the next wave there's probably one Bitcoin is gonna consolidate and this is gonna be all

Season right here that's when the market comes back that's not till October though I think we'll probably start to come back around August right so early October I think is when alt season will start it's gonna be an Indian summer you

Guys though a hot autumn right but I think we could easily do something like this right where we hit this little initial consolidation pop it 16 8 come back down ride it out possibly drop right and ride until the altcoins

Come back in October right mid August to early October is when you'll start to see these altcoins rise we got we gonna have a hard stop up here you know mid 16th and that's that's a lot of money you know I'm Sam but but guess what

Guess what the energy just comes right back to where it started right that point right there sixteen eight what does the Fibonacci say BAM that's gonna be a ceiling for us coming up on this next cycle energy does not stop it

Merely flows and goes and goes is like a circle there is no beginning there is no end it just goes forever and that's what I show you in these charts time and time again if you understand the past you correlate it to the present then the

Future is not uncertain right and so with that being said everybody thank you for joining me on this video Bitcoin sitting long and strong thirteen but uh it will be running I think north of fifteen very soon as

High as sixteen eight before we see some consolidation all season coming up you know get your popcorn ready I told you guys these are indeed the end times and as a result they are the beginning times as well the dream is real bitcoin is

Here they still got that uh fake Ponzi scheme known as the stock market pumping up all time high sitting north of twenty thousand I tell you water is currency water runs downhill when they pull the plug on that one where do you think that

Money will flow that being said everybody it's that time of the day signing out boats hold on I got to tell you about the packages and products we have available I got about three or four new people signed up for

The profit package today welcome to the money team this is a very very very very good group if you're just getting set up I haven't done the top seven coins to swing trader every week cuz to be honest we haven't been swinging traded for

About a month since Bitcoin started sucking up all the money but in that money and and that loss we've made dollars right so whatever the market values we value but normally when we are in a healthy market this will be the top

Seven swing trading coins to where you can jump in jump out like double dutch you know use the boss method to accumulate more Bitcoin however during this time we've just been using Bitcoin to accumulate more dollars but I do have

Two coins identified as potential reversals that I just sent to that group this morning right and I'm also giving them because I'm doing the weekly updates I'm giving them like by daily every other day they're

Getting a video from me showing like a live market update that YouTube doesn't get right so again fifty dollars for the first month it's a very very great group and then I got the VIP trading group boss

Alert messages these guys have direct access to me 24/7 we got some of the best moderators and crypto traders in the world in this group and it and it's just a eclectic community for continuity and continuous development on on all

These fractal harmonic sector the AMA tree different trading tools tactics you know and it's always eyes on the street so if you got a little bit of money to play with put down to come pick up six with us we've been running for a few

Months on this group man this is hopefully these guys are making some real-deal money I don't know how much people make that's the thing young then but but we got a lot of happy faces in that group over the past few days thank

You for listening thank you for joining me smash that like button if you haven't done it already leave me a comment down below let me see let me know what concepts what topics you guys want me to discuss as I said I'm doing a lot more

Video now you know that this energy is flowing and the money is growing inside the BTC community and I want to leave it an open door for everybody to have a two-way dialogue with me have a great day everybody

Stay informed stay empowered most importantly stay cryptic y'all ease

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