Beyond juggalos: Horrorcore history (Halloween Special!)

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

it's time to get spoopy boys and ghouls

lyrics about murder and rape fans with

gory costumes tonight we take you inside

horrorcore I like to think of myself as

a noted Halloween enthusiast this clever

bit of foreshadowing was one of the

first this exists episodes sure you of

the Vincent Price thriller monologue and

Boris Karloff did once cover Monster

Mash but that is nothing compared to the

fact Robert Englund has wrapped as

Freddy Krueger and also the original

Jason Voorhees plays in adjacent themed

horror funk band called first Jason and

last year we celebrated with melt movies

in case it hasn't been made clear by now

a melt movie is a horror film in which

the primary horror stems from a person

literally melting some of you already

helped me ring in this special time of

year when we live stream to marathon of

all 10 Friday the 13th movies and in the

process raised a few hundred bucks to

send some kids to camp while we

literally just sat around for 17 hours

doing this and a maniac cut up some

sex-having pot-smoking teens do you guys

what's your feeling about chin-ups you

think you can do I can do okay I'm gonna

pee get a snack get a drink Dan's gonna

do chin-ups and we were watch this

fucking movie here we go

so what is on the agenda this year I

think it's time we looked at horrorcore

don't you

Friday the 13th in San Francisco the

insane clown posse is in town these

horrorcore fans who call themselves

jugglers are lined up by the hundreds in

colorful creepy sometimes bloody


you all know insane clown posse though

they have two platinum and five gold

albums they have a festival called the

gathering of the Juggalos that you

secretly think about attending every

year SNL parodies them on the regular so

let's consider this episode a bit of a

history lesson if we all know ICP and

the Dark Carnival and the great Malenko

what came before all of this weirdness


sylvain his way he made home until one

day he decided to roll Monday Jimmy

Spicer's Adventures of Super rhyme is

sometimes sort of considered the first

horrorcore single released in 1980 it

depicts a friendly tussle with Dracula

and is a far cry from what the genre

would eventually become a little closer

is the ghetto boys assassins released in

1988 it's cited by ICPs own violin j is

the first real horror corselet it's like

Freddy I dug between the chair and she

screamed I slice the roof until I just

relax but there were some less brutal

dribs and drabs along the way but this

is where the relationship between brutal

horror movie violence and hip-hop was

really cemented and it led to the rise

of the goofily shocking acid rap of a

shot which was balanced by the relative

poise and subtlety of the Prince Paul

and Rizal and gravediggers look deep in

my eyes you see visions of death

possessed by homicide is what I am

obsessed keeping it is plain dear please

dragon a y-axis or my hook by they can

push it's around this point the early

nineties that I would argue that

horrorcore reaches a fork in the road

people like Bone Thugs and Big Al took

the occult elements of early horror

court and baked it into their otherwise

honest and earnest songs and then you

had dudes like necro who are just like

this all of this and only this you

beneath the fan you sink in quickly

thinking I'm sickly I need medication

the cadavers are getting stinky necro

along with tec-9 is who I think of when

I think about horrorcore both have

maintained devout underground following

so I'll never really cracking the

mainstream like ICP in addition to a

shaman gravediggers necro in particular

draws influences from death metal which

is where the sub sub-genre of butyl

horrorcore really emerges oh so you can

suck your ID now your foreskin onto my

quick put it up you're off and he is

ready that is honestly the least offence

of eight seconds of that song rappers

like MC Bush pig and MC mangina along

with MC come blood are pioneers of the

extremely extreme metal influenced

brutal horrorcore sub-genre and what I

find personally interesting about songs

like eat my rotten meat is that MC

mangina is a woman rapping about hacking

up a man's body and typically horrorcore

just mimics the lazy misogyny of so much

mainstream horror cinema they're just

equal-opportunity rotten meat eaters and

they make ICP look like a bunch of

harmless babies

but is horrorcore truly harmless and so

the question is do these lyrics give

kids ideas they might not have had

before I'm just kidding that's absolute

garbage idiocy but before we go I'd like

to share with you a special moment from

one of the only times that artists from

ICP Psychopathic Records made it over

the border and into Canada

what's up ninjas I'm Sam Sutherland for

auks TV and yes I am wearing clown

makeup because over the next few minutes

I'm going to be interviewing so six

social club Blaz you dead homey and

boondocks let it never be said that I am

NOT down with the clown my name is Sam

and so we gave me a new personality

which is we started with summer of Sam

kind of spit ball from there so now I'm

Berko spits like Sam Berkowitz but with

spitting you know for rapping what do

you think do you like these artists if

you hate these artists did I not mention

your favorite hey guys I'm very sorry to

be interrupting myself I'm sure I was

saying something truly fascinating but I

have a very special Halloween message

which is that this exists is

ridiculously close to having 200,000

subscribers which is a number that

sounds ludicrous coming out of my mouth

but is somehow true and about a year ago

we were ludicrously close to having a

hundred thousand subscribers and I kind

of threw in this pitch that just said it

seems like it's going to happen but it

would be amazing if you guys the ones

that support the show and watch to the

end of the videos and comment and are

really the lifeblood of what makes it

great could take a second and share your

favorite episode and encourage the

people in your community to check out

the show if there's an episode that you

love where you're like yo you've got to

check out the jihadist rap episode

because I learned a lot about jihad and

hip-hop please do that and lets you know

climb this awesome mountain together

thank you so much for your support of

the show I cannot believe it were that

close and please tell me that if and

when we get to 200,000 subscribers what

special episode I should write to

celebrate so thank you and you know go


maybe you think I mean glib and glossing

over the potential negative effects of

horrorcore let me know you think in the

comments and be sure to subscribe for

new episodes of this exists every week

happy Halloween and be excellent to each



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