BEWARE! Economies Can’t Be Saved! But BTC Can Save US!

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

hey yo what is up and right with my people who I like to call the viewers of the tube if you're a first timer to the show my name is Tyler and I'm the host of the crypto Channel and knows Joe Rogan is the ultimate nice guy

Thoughts are almost like messages we send out into the universe to just let somebody else know they're not alone and maybe they grab them through some way it's through some realm or portal that's very deep I feel like I can get deep

Here with you Joe and you won't judge me I'm a very hopeful person you're sweet no you are you're really well balanced take those pills I gave you stupid you need pills you know how we spot it it's time for

Chico Cristo well if you haven't noticed this year 2020 has been one for the record books who knew so much could happen so quick that would change an effect the way we conduct our daily business for the rest of our lives

Highway robbery by the elites have been performed in front of the people's faces and there's nothing we can do to stop it per example which there was not a single bit of uproar in the mainstream media let's talk about Kelly Lafleur

Former backed CEO but still owner of it with hubby Jeff who also owned the New York Stock Exchange together she weirdly got a Senate seat without being voted in when former senator Johnny a Saxon stepped down then during

The viral panic she was caught doing what a shady mofo does and selling buying certain stock when she learned about how bad this could get in a secret meeting about as evil as it gets profiting off of people losing their

Jobs and dying and highly illegal especially as a public official which old yang gang tweeted about when it happened and I can't agree more if you find out about a nation threatening pandemic and your first move is to

Adjust your stock portfolio you should probably not be in a job that serves the public interest unfortunately yang that is what happens when a Wall Street rat is now deeply ingrained into our political system and

Cool Kelly she got off scot-free it was reported at the end of May that the investigation into her insider trading was dropped and then just a week later reports came out that she would be divesting from individual stocks weird I

Must say although Kelly faced harsh criticism rightfully so not only for me well where she holds the Senate seat in Georgia and guess what that seat is up for grabs in a public election come November 3rd and since oldest sacks and

Retired from the seat we get some weirdness with this one this election isn't the basic Democrat versus Republican but an all-party primary election meaning if no one wins a required

Majority the top two candidates will go to a January 2021 special runoff election and we got a preview of how messy the Georgia battleground state will be because some primaries were held just two days ago

And it was a disaster brutally long lines pretty much everywhere and public freak-outs that made the news god help us I made it right you've been our world to make us do not exercise their right to vote which finally led to Georgia

Secretary of State Brad Rapid burger launching an investigation into what happened so we are going to get a real fight come November Republicans they want Kelly where she's at because she is a serious Wall Street rep but number two

She has a die-hard Trump supporter but she has a challenging Trump supporter as well remember this is not the single Democrat versus Republican or election but an all-out battle filled with multiple candidates even from the same

Party and Republican representative Doug Collins who's giving up his congressional seat is going to challenge Kelly and there's most likely the one we will watch although since what we saw with the protests against wrongful

Racial injustice still continuing and picking up steam today even in Atlanta Georgia's biggest city the Democratic candidate could have a shot of taking it away from the Republicans the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has back

Reverend Raphael Warnock as their choice but all Senate politics aside as I would personally vote in Shane hazel the Libertarian candidate voted in for Georgia screw that two-party system we need to

Get two things bigger as it's getting really interesting to see a governmental shift towards blockchain technology the digitizing of assets including the United States USD you got to know this on the channel Brian Brooks former

Coinbase chief legal officer is now our acting Comptroller of the currency and he is making moves acting quick on getting a national banking charter for FinTech companies of which coinbase his former employer really really wants and

Has already been in talks since 2018 with the Treasury Department on acquiring one well be boy spoke recently to coin des about a national payment charter so crypto companies wouldn't have to acquire 50 different licenses to

Operate within the US which is the current rules let's hear what he had to say now and so my thinking is on the charter issue is that there are certain kinds of companies that are engaged in inherently borderless activities

Payments are an example crypto is an example and there are there other examples out there as well and if that's the case and if those are scale businesses then my question is doesn't Lincoln's insight apply to them the same

Way it applies to traditional depository institutions if they're engaged in a financial business and they're doing it across state lines wouldn't it be important for my agency to create a national license that allows them to do

That business on a national basis subject to the same kinds of a recycling supervision that traditional banks are subject to that's kind of thinking so it's plainly obvious Brian is passionate about this charter and wants to be able

To issue it this is what he wants to get done he has a plan can he do it let's hear what the man himself thinks and finally specifically on the crypto point you know there's the issue of a payments Charter which crypto companies might be

Interested in but wholly apart from the chartering issue you know I know from my personal experience crypto companies have had real trouble getting banking relationships you know I think there is a perception at the banks that somehow

Crypto is a disfavored asset class and you shouldn't even provide like a payroll account or or a corporate deposit account for a company that's engage in crypto and so what I want to do is make sure that we

Systematically identify what the impediments are to legitimate companies getting banking relationships whether it's corporate banking relationships whether it is custodial services by banks to crypto companies or otherwise I

Want to get a full spectrum analysis of what are those friction points so that I can identify with the team which we can solve and which we have risk concerns with so I don't prejudge any of that we'll figure that out but I think it's

Long past time that we get that feedback so that we could be useful and long past time we solved some clarity problems the crypto companies have had three for years well yes he seems pretty confident he will help solve what has plagued

Crypto companies for years is that bullish oh hell yes and you want to know what is even more bullish especially for aetherium and defy or acting Comptroller of the currency knows a bit by freaking name and

Knows of it's coming power well there are a lot of things I think we need to look at I'll just give you a few so for example defy is in its real infancy you know I mean I know it's the cool thing for people in crypto to talk about none

Of that's yet scale and yet it is the most interesting thing happening in crypto is it possible to live er a full suite of financial services without you know by algorithm without any central ledger keeper or whatever so it's

Thinking about that and the way that that would interact with the banking system if that doesn't get you looking into the top dphi projects I have no idea what will because Brian is going to make moves and changes in our current

Economic climate I can almost guarantee it and guess what happened today our government held a meeting on future stimulus payments and using digital tools to accomplish that specifically the US House Committee on financial

Services held the meeting and the hearing it went live today and I shot this video yesterday so I don't know what happened but the meeting was titled inclusive banking during a pandemic using Fed accounts and digital tools to

Improve delivery of stimulus payments and guess who was speaking as a witness the crypto dad himself Chris Giancarlo former chairman of the US CFTC and Chris I wonder what he is up to now well of course he's the director of the digital

Dollar project now why would they have him speaking I'm sure it's about how a digital dollar could improve and speed up the delivery of stimulus payments so hmm why oh why are we seeing such a quick turn of heads to finance 2.0

Digitizing assets including digital fiat and this isn't limited to the US as we all know China is moving faster than the speed of light but also Europe has decrypt cupboards at a European Bank was deciding to ditch Swift and use a

Digital token for cross-border payments I wonder who they are using was a triple XRP no way it was USD C and I'll tell you why this is all happening and utter banking collapse is on the horizon in my personal opinion sometime in the next

Year we will all stare into the financial abyss and at that point we will well be beyond the scope of the previous collapse in 2008 and we will have either exhausted the remedies that spared the system the last time or found

That they won't work this time around what then tune in later this week to find out cheers I'll see you next time

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