Best YouTube Setup Under $1,000

by birtanpublished on September 25, 2020

So in this video I'm going to share one of the best budget setups for creating YouTube videos I'm going to share everything that I used to create my videos to create this video right here all of the equipment for all less than a thousand dollars in total so look if you

Are starting with a budget you can still create YouTube videos that are relatively high quality and you know quite frankly you really don't need some of this equipment that I'm gonna share with you in this video to create YouTube

Videos if you're just using your phone if you're using a webcam it's better than nothing I think everybody should get started on YouTube with whatever equipment you can afford now if you have up to a thousand dollars I think this is

A great setup that I'm going to show you in this video this is what I use I don't use expensive $8,000 cameras everything that I use is less than $1000 in total so if you're new here to the channel and you want to learn more about growing

Your social platforms growing on YouTube then consider hitting the subscribe button for more videos like this one we're doing our best to help people to kind of build something that they're trying to build on YouTube so let's get

Started with this now the camera that I actually first bought when I was starting on YouTube about two years ago now almost about two years it was the Canon 70d now I bought this for $1000 and it's interesting because I could not

Afford a thousand dollars to pay for this camera so I put it on my credit card which is a recipe for disaster but I decided I'm gonna put this on my credit card and I'm gonna have to make enough money I'm gonna have to get

Enough views on YouTube so that I can pay off my camera with the money that I make from YouTube so it's sort of like an ultimatum for myself I said I absolutely have to do this and actually helped me find some success on YouTube

But that might not be a strategy that everyone's willing to take so the camera that I got after that one which honestly I believe is just as good or if better is the Canon SL 2 so this is the Canon SL 2 right here and get it on Amazon for

549 dollars I will leave links to all of these items that down in the description below on this video I do get a small commission when you click on that link and buy something through that link but just be aware it doesn't affect my

Decision it doesn't affect the items that I use this is what I actually use to create my videos and this is one of the cheapest cameras that you can get that's still decently high quality so like I said I use this for all of my

Videos for this channel from my primary channel it's Kanon sl2 $549 give or take a little bit but definitely one of the better cameras you know it has a sensor of a Canon a DD it shoots 1080p and video I find that

You don't really need 4k video quality unless you're shooting some type of cinematic films and even at that a lot of devices can't even play 4k so a lot of phones don't really support 4k a lot of people who are watching YouTube

Videos even on their laptop it's not showing in 4k a lot of times it'll be 1080 maybe a little bit higher but I find that 1080 is perfectly fine for today's day and age for creating YouTube video so that's what I really like about

This camera it's really easy to use there definitely is a slight learning curve but over time you can kind of just learn your way around the camera and get better at it now this right here on this camera is a kit lens most of these will

Come with a kit lens which is I believe 18 to 55 millimeter kit lens I actually suggest getting a kit lens just because it'll help you kind of get started and help you be able to zoom in or zoom out depending on how big your studio is now

If you want to go with some other lenses both of these lenses here we're about I believe 125 dollars a piece this is the 50 millimeter 1.8 lens and this one is a 24 millimeter I believe 2.8 lens but both of these lenses are pretty nice I

Put them on this camera and sometimes I will use them for my videos that I'm shooting here but you don't think it to confuse on lenses and whatnot but I will leave these links down below for both of these as well so you can experiment with

Some different lenses but so this is $549 these lenses about 125 dollars apiece they're not absolutely necessary you could get away with using the kit lens when you're starting your youtube channel now besides video quality audio

Quality is another thing you need to really heavily consider and honestly I believe audio quality is more important than video quality and I'll say it again audio quality is more important than video quality and the reason for that is

Look if I'm watching a video and it is really good video quality but the audio is absolutely terrible and I can't hear what they're saying because it's it's muffled its sounds really echoey it just it's a really big turn-off and I

Honestly just stopped watching the video but if it's the other way around where maybe the video quality is not that great put the audio qualities on point a much more likely to watch that video for a longer period of

Time so there's some audio options that are available to you one of them is something like a shotgun microphone now I actually have a couple of these this one is that just a tax dollar shotgun microphone this is like $30 you can get

On Amazon what I actually wouldn't suggest over this one though is the rode videomic it is about a hundred dollars but it's much higher quality than this one I have it somewhere but I just don't know where it is it's like in a box

Somewhere but you can actually just mount it on top of the camera and it's great for vlogging you probably see people walking around vlogging like this kc9 stat uses a pretty similar setup to this but if you go something with like

The rode videomic for about 90 some dollars or $100 it can be a great start to get started now the audio that I actually use is this little device right here it's called the zoom h1 and then I run a lavalier mic that was about 20

Dollars up through my shirt it's a Sony a lavalier mic and like I said I'll leave links to all these down below in the description but this zoom h1 is about a hundred and twenty dollars baby I believe it's $119

For this specific device and then this lavalier mic is only twenty dollars so this setup honestly if you think that this audio quality is decent this is exactly what I'm using this is what I've been using for the past year and I think

That the audio quality is pretty decent much better than if I was just using the regular camera audio like this doesn't sound very good does it so there's a couple other things that you need to really consider when trying

To create YouTube videos that are of somewhat high quality and the next one is by having lighting right so lighting is really important for your video quality now there's some options that are available to you one of the best

Options for free is to just find some window light if you have a window in your apartment or your house consider getting nearer especially if it's like a nice cloudy day or the sun's not shining directly through the window creating

Hard shadows that could be a great option I think it's a free option and and it's something that you do have to work around a little bit though you have to you know film during the day I used to do that where I would try to time it

And if it was a cloudy day I'll go and film some videos and then the Sun would come out and it gives some hard shadow so you want to avoid using window light and natural light which can be great but in some cases you

Have to kind of work around mother nature consider just getting some soft boxes I'm using two soft boxes here I'll show you them like this but two soft boxes a very simple setup and the setup for these I think they're new or soft

Boxes about $69 $70 for both of them come with the light bulbs and I think it's a great setup to have and having that good soft lighting is really important if you just had a regular lamp and you're using a regular lamp to light

Your videos you'll see that it creates hard shadows if you just turn on one of your lights like a lamp near you and try to create a video you'll see like hard shadows it just doesn't look professional that's my soft boxes can

Soften the light so there's a couple more things that we need to discuss here one of them being in the or post-production how you're actually going to edit and upload this video so if you are recording this audio

Separately from the camera audio you can actually have to line up those two audio files so to do that you can't really use Windows Movie Maker it's just not very effective so you want to consider doing something like getting something like

Adobe Premiere Pro now I believe this is about $20 a month if you're just getting Adobe Premiere Pro and not the other Adobe products I personally don't pay for it because I get it through my university so I don't the worry about it

But it's about $20 a month and it's really definitely something that you should consider like getting an upgrade for and getting started with now learning your ways around that learning the ropes of Adobe Premiere Pro can be a

Little bit difficult but just watch some YouTube tutorials that's what I love about YouTube there's so many free videos out there that can help you get started with that but I think it's a great way to edit your videos and then

Learn how to upload them and we do have videos on this channel to help you kind of get those upload settings so that you know what settings to input and to export your video for now another one thing that we do want to mention is what

Kind of background you're going to have so this is just like a regular canvas background you can get all kinds of different backgrounds you can just have a nice studio I actually don't really like this one very much probably gonna

Maybe change it up a little bit maybe build an actual studio but you want to consider what's in the background if you have too many things in the background and it just gets kind of noisy and you have various things going on it can just

Kind of get cluttery and not very attractive and hard for people to actually focus on your the video that's why we don't really have much in the background which is very simple so that you can see what's

On the table here you can see me and that's about it so you don't lose focus hopefully and if you're watching this video you didn't lose focus because we're almost ten minutes in so that kind of wraps up this video

Any questions comments leave them down below I will leave links for all of the equipment here that I use for my videos like I said you don't have to spend a lot of money you really don't have to spend a lot of money to get started with

YouTube you can start with very simple things if you are using a shotgun microphone like the rode videomic or this cheaper tax dollar microphone this actually puts the audio on board on this camera so you don't have to edit those

Audio files and match the audio files like you do with the microphone that I'm using right here so this might actually be a better setup than what I'm using but it's just what I've gotten used to so if you find any value in this video

Thanks for watching make sure you subscribe to the channel and I'll see everybody and next time

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