Best YouTube Setup Under $100?

by birtanpublished on September 19, 2020

All right everyone so in this video I'm gonna share some different YouTube setups for under $100 last week we did a video set up for under $1000 but today we're doing it under $100 it's understandable a lot of people just don't have money to

Throw upfront to start creating YouTube channels they want to do it on a budget and that is what we're gonna do here in this video I'm gonna give you multiple different audio options and then multiple different video options for

Creating high quality content the truth is you don't have to spend a lot of money just start creating YouTube videos you look at some of the most successful youtubers today and they started with essentially nothing they started with

Maybe a webcam they started with their phone potentially so there's a lot of options out there and I don't want you to think that not having the proper fancy equipment is going to hold you back because in in reality a 98% of it

Is how much effort you're putting into it and then the other 2% actually relies on the actual quality of your particular recording device or your camera so that's what it comes down to you but I'm gonna leave links to all these different

Devices down in the description below different products that you can pick up on mostly on Amazon for less than $100 in total for a total youtube set up now I mentioned this in the previous video when we talked about the thousand dollar

Setup that in my opinion if you're going to spend money on a budget and you only have $100 the truth is you're not gonna really be able to buy a high quality camera for less than a hundred dollars is just gonna be difficult to do that

And certainly not going to be better than most phone cameras today so the truth is if you only have $100 your money you're probably gonna want to consider doing one of two things for the actual video quality now one of them is

To use your phone so I think it's a great option phones can really take a lot of great video footage today but if you're using maybe a flip phone and that's not an option then you do have other options for creating YouTube

Videos and one of them is just by doing voiceovers or using your computer to screen record I'm gonna show you some screen recording software that you can use as well as some video editing software that you can use that are all

Free to use and get started with okay so let's talk about some of the first audio devices here now the first one I want to discuss is actually just your phone's microphone so your phone's onboard microphone or any

Camera that you might have that has an onboard microphone what you want to do with this if you want to work with this without spending any money is to instead of recording a video with your with your phone out here and it's a few

Feet away from you actually see if you can plug in some type of headphones and then run them up through your shirt or or somehow connect it so that it's very close to your mouth when you're talking sometimes people even hang something

From the ceiling but you want the microphone to be as close to your mouth as possible obviously not too close but it's close to your mouth as possible so that it's able to capture the audio without getting the background noise

Without getting the traffic that might be outside of your apartment without capturing all that other noise so you want to be pretty close to you so I've seen people run up with microphones up through their shirt and just put them

Right here kind of like what I have here but they're using just their Apple earbuds or there are other types of headphones and they just put the microphone right here on their collar and it gets better audio so that's just

A little tip there but if you are looking to spend some money on some audio equipment there's three options here that you could consider one of them is this zoom h1 now I mentioned this in the previous video but this is

Definitely my go-to for recording this is what I'm recording with right now so if you like the audio quality here this device is about 96 dollars you might see a different model of it on Amazon but it's about 96 dollars and I think it's

One of the best options because you can do it out in the field you can do interviews you can unplug this lab a linear microphone and actually interview people and use it as a microphone it's a very versatile and I think it's a good

Option but we talked about that previously so we're not gonna get into it too much now there's other options available one of them is right here this is the blue snowball microphone this is something that I use when I first

Started on YouTube and the thing about this is it's actually a USB microphone so this is perfect for people who are maybe doing screen recordings or are able to make videos in their room or in their apartment and they're able to plug

This into a laptop and run the wire somewhere and be able to sit down or just stand and have it slightly out of frame and it could be a great option for a lot of people and this is about 42 dollars on Amazon for the lesser lower

End version and then about 68 or 69 dollars for the upper end version of this blue snowball but this thing really does work wonders it's so much better than just using some type of onboard audio device like on your camera or on

Your phone so just making that little 47 dollar investment can really make a big difference now another one that I want to show you and this is really important to mention because this is what a lot of podcasters use it's this blue Yeti

Microphone so the other one was a blue snowball this one is the blue Yeti microphone this pretty hefty pretty big but it's great for putting on your desk or putting in the room and being able to record with

It now I've also seen people take something like this and actually hang it from the ceiling you don't want to hang it from the wire but they hang it from the ceiling right above them and so there's slightly out of frame but I can

Create really great audio quality now the thing about this is this one is a little bit more expensive it's essentially just a higher-end version of this but it's about one hundred and twenty seven dollars for this so a

Little bit over $100 but if you're willing to make that jump I think it's definitely something that can significantly increase the quality of your audio the downside of this well you're probably not gonna be walking

Around in the field interviewing people with this massive thing running around so it's like you're probably not gonna do that but those are some four different audio options for you you have the zoom h1 which is my favorite by far

You have just your regular phone recording with maybe some headphones going up through your shirt to create some recordings or you can think about the blue snowball or the blue Yeti all those are gonna be down in the

Description for links for those but let's talk about video quality and this is what's really important here how are you actually gonna create quality videos without you know really spending a lot of money on a camera because this camera

That I'm using right here was about 650 dollars most cameras are gonna be probably at that range or higher for video quality that is 1080 or better so I wouldn't really suggest using video quality that's 720 or lower 480 or 240

Something you just don't probably want to go with that low video quality so your options here with just $100 it's gonna be a little tricky now you could use your phone that's what I would really suggest doing if you're gonna use

Your phone what I would suggest doing is I actually find some natural lighting so you can use lighting in your apartment or in your house but if you want to get the best possible lighting I'll give you an example right here if you see when I

First started my channel I actually went to a classroom I found an empty classroom at Penn State and I started filming because there was this really big window that I would put the camera right in front of and this would give

Some really nice lighting so the key here if you're gonna film with your phone is to find the best possible lighting something with a lot of light but not hard lighting so that your phone is actually able to capture really good

Video quality and you'll probably notice that if you try to film with your phone in low light it just can't handle it because it's gonna start to make the video sort of fuzzy you're gonna see that it's just not look

Very high quality and that's because there's not enough light for that phone to capture it so that's the biggest tip fine a lot of light find a lot of light you could get some light boxes like this some soft boxes now these were about

Sixty some dollars so it's gonna be a sacrifice I would personally suggest if you're going for under $100 for the total set up I would go without these lights and just find natural window lighting somewhere where there's a lot

Of it now another option is to consider using a webcam you can use one that shoots 1080 something like this logitech webcam it's about sixty some dollars about sixty six dollars in total and it can create pretty nice quality footage

This is especially useful if you're on board webcam on your computer is not very high quality which I'm sure it's probably not but maybe this is better than your phone as well maybe you have an older phone maybe an iPhone 4 or an

IPhone 5 and the video quality is not that great on it so because of that you can consider using something like a webcam like this one there's a lot of these on Amazon they're available for $50 or less and can really help get that

Nice video quality or at least decent video quality now in in my personal opinion if you are trying your best to find a way to be able to create videos and you're doing tutorials and then I would consider getting something like a

Webcam a for your computer so something like this logitech webcam and then getting something like this blue snowball microphone and this will all be under $100 this is about 40-some dollars the webcam is about $60 I don't get you

The perfect setup for doing web tutorials or something on your computer or just sitting in front of your computer and talking if you're doing those style videos I think that's the perfect setup for less than a hundred

Dollars so there are other factors that are in play besides just recording the audio and recording the video you want to think about how you're actually going to edit this video how are you gonna export this video and upload this video

And this could be a problem that other people face as well so look if you need to edit this video because I'm sure you're not gonna go just turn on the camera or turn on your phone or a recording device and do it in one take

Without cutting anything then you're probably gonna want to have some video editing software now there are some free video editing software out there available you could consider using something like windows movie maker or

IMovie now I don't prefer those I don't use them because I just don't think that the very high quality they don't that many options so there are some other ones that are still free that you can use that are better than movie maker

Or iMovie and that's something like using DaVinci Resolve which is something that is free to use you can also use something like shot cut those are both pretty decent free video editing software or what I would really suggest

Doing if you can afford to spend the extra money is spend the $20 I think it's 20 dollars and 99 cents per month on Adobe Premiere Pro this is the video editing software that I use this is the video editing software that most

Youtubers and even filmmakers use to create their videos so even movies that you see in Hollywood are actually created through Adobe Premiere Pro through that editing software and it could be a little bit difficult to learn

At first but luckily we have the Internet and YouTube videos which you can learn and self teach yourself on everything that you want to learn about how to actually edit videos that's what I've been doing and it's been working

Quite well over time you just pick up different skill sets that you would have not otherwise had if you didn't have this video editing software so maybe about twenty dollars twenty one dollars per month for Adobe Premiere Pro it's an

Option if you want to sync some money into that or you can go with those free options as well that I just mentioned I'll leave some links to those as well down in the description you also want to think about if you're going to record

Videos on your computer if you want to do some screen recording the best option by far something that I use it's called OBS so OBS software it's a screen recording software it totally free never paid a dime for it and I use it very

Very often so if you are doing some type of web tutorials that could be an option but look you don't have to spend a lot of money on video recording or audio equipment I know personally some of my older youtube channel some of them you

Have never seen before but they are still racking up views some of them were literally just powerpoints so I would create PowerPoint slides and I would just go through the PowerPoint and talk and narrate over it with this microphone

The whole setup was about 40-some dollars and it got me a decent amount of views and the channels weren't growing at the time I abandoned them now because I didn't like them very much but it was still a great way to get started on

YouTube so so many options out there for you I really hope that you find success on YouTube if you have any questions comments leave them down below I'll try everybody I'll try to help everybody as much as possible thanks for watching the

Video and I'll see everybody in next video

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