Best Website Builders 2020

by birtanpublished on August 14, 2020

Welcome back to the channel everybody in this video we're talking about the five best website builders you can use to create a professional website in a matter of hours or even less and so these are all website builders that I've used in the past and if you're looking

To make an online presence for your business or a portfolio for yourself maybe if you're an artist whatever it is maybe a wedding it could be literally anything if you're looking to make a website it could be intimidating you

Might think that you need to know HTML or know how to code stuff like that honestly it's easier than ever before now in a matter of like I said hours or even less you can use any one of these five make a totally professional website

That could have a store on there it could have blogs on there you could have people booking for your hotel you could have bookings for restaurants reserving tables just endless endless options and now like for the average small business

You really don't have to hire anybody to make your website you can just do it yourself so these are five that I like although quick disclaimer here I've tried many more than just these five these are the ones that I think the

Average person looking to make an online presence for a wedding or for a small business or maybe a larger business you're trying to make an online store whatever it is these are what I think you guys would most like and these are

In the order that I think most people would like them but depending on your needs you may want maybe number five instead of number one so definitely watch this entire video before making your decision I'll highlight the

Differences between these to help you decide which one's the best one for you now starting off at number one the one that I like best and I think most people out there would be using is actually square space and square space is a

Little bit less popular than Wix and we've Lee because they've actually main made some pretty big improvements over the last couple years that really brought them ahead but of course Wix and we believe still have a very large user

Base from five or so years ago so Squarespace now has some incredible templates that's the number one reason that I would choose them is because they're so easy is so bullet proof and very very robust so they have many many

Templates you can choose from they all look really professional you can tweak them as much as you need to to make them look like the perfect color the right pictures the right logos everywhere at the right text you can do everything and

It's a very curated process where at first people do say it's a little bit intimidating I'm not including that in this view here because honestly we did make an entire tutorial on it as long as you

Watch that if you read the comments everybody says it's super easy once you know how to use it so check out that tutorial if you choose Squarespace but honestly besides looking really good they also have some really great

Features in there including email marketing they have you can get a domain and honestly it is a little bit more expensive than the other options on this list upfront but actually Squarespace and I find it ends up being cheaper in

The end because it does come with so many things that you already need so for example it you can get a domain with it it'll come with SSL things like that that you would otherwise be paying extra for it just comes with all the

Squarespace packages so it's generally the most well rounded robust builder out of all of these in my opinion you also have some pretty good SEO some search engine optimization with Squarespace so on each individual page you can choose

The right header the right little text that goes below that and the right URL that you want so when somebody searches it in Google it'll show up with exactly the right title right there exactly the right little snippet of words like a

Little mini paragraph below that and you're gonna have a better click-through rate SEO is really good with Squarespace also on top of that they have great integrations with social media so integrating with maybe Instagram for

Example you can sell directly on Instagram and it's a very powerful thing if you're looking to do e-commerce that's something that you know if you've ever tried this you'll know that it's so much more powerful if you're able to

Integrate your products directly in Instagram so that people can just buy it right there and you're going to find much more success if you're doing that kind of social media marketing with that on top of that you do have an app you

Can get on your phone to have analytics in there and a lot of other tools that are very very useful I find that when you're on the go having the app on your phone is a great way to keep an eye on your website make sure things are

Working well Squarespace also has some add-ons it's not quite as extensive as Wix or Weebly zap library but the add-ons can be fairly useful if you want them I find that I generally don't use those but I do use everything that

Squarespace already has so they have a lot of e-commerce tools and they do have blogging tools as well so if you're looking to make a blog on maybe your restaurant or whatever you're doing Squarespace is definitely an excellent

Choice then that brings us to number two which honestly I was hesitant to make this number two I almost made it number one because me personally I kind of for this one for my own use but I'm a little more familiar with the website

Building industry out there so I'm looking to customize things a little bit more I think the average person like I said would definitely be looking for Squarespace but if you're looking to you know tweak things a little bit more Wix

Actually has a much more free experience out there so if you're looking to move things exactly where you want them Wix is really the option if you need some extra little fringe apps and add-ons on your website Wix is also very good for

That so I'll explain what I mean right here so Squarespace you basically the way you're gonna edit is you choose a template and then you choose each individual little strip that you have a little block and you can choose

Different designs for each block so you can have a picture there and text over there you'd have like multiple pictures and they have many different options for what the layout is but you're

Constrained to only choosing those layouts which is good and bad it's good because you never have to worry about your website not looking great or your website not working on different devices so if somebody's using a phone or a

Desktop or if they're using a projector you never know what people are gonna use for your website but it's always going to look good with Squarespace now in Wix it with the other hand it's much more freeform the editor you can click and

Drag things anywhere you want unlike Squarespace and because of that the good in the bad here the good you can make it look however you want if you want this little picture to be rotated slightly and moved a little bit to the left

You can easily do that with Wix and then the bad part of this unfortunately is that if you move things around you have to be really careful not to have it slightly off the screen if somebody's using like an iPad for example so you

Want to make sure that your website works well with Wix and honestly when you're comparing the two I would say it's almost like Apple and Android so Squarespace is kind of like Apple where you can't customize it quite as much but

Everything works very well it's very curated whereas Wix you know you can change like launchers on Android and stuff like that it's much more tailored and it's definitely great if you're looking to be more a little bit more

Artistic with your website and on top without kind of what I mentioned before is that Wix has their own app market that is you know very extensive they have like 300 or so apps out there and you can really optimize your website and

A lot of the apps are actually made by Wix so they have like Wix hotel bookings Wix restaurant bookings and things like that so depending on what your business is you can use one of these way apps and have these extra functions on

Your website to really amplify how powerful it is and how effective your website is is well without having to go out and get third-party applications or other landing pages for things like that as far as search engine optimization or

SEO as I said Squarespace does a good job probably as good a job as most of the other ones on this list but Wix I think actually does something a little bit better they have something called SEO is which walks you

Through it and you don't have to go and check each individual page nearly as much instead they go through it's kind of like filling out a job application in a way where it just brings up like the next field it's like alright now type in

This now type in the next thing now give us like an image for this and you just kind of follow the instructions and go along as it prompts you to do things and before you know it your websites ranking at the top of Google so I really like

How Wix as SEO is and on top of that Wix also has some really great tools in there including email marketing they have something called like ascend by Wix so ascend is their own kind of extra thing you're gonna pay a few extra

Dollars I 10 extra dollars a month or something and you can do a lot of digital marketing with that you can you know you can manage ads you can manage your email marketing you can manage messages and basically anything else

You're looking to do with digital marketing you can do with ascend by Wix Wix of course also does have an app which is nice for the chat feature on your website if somebody visits your website and they go down to the bottom

Right and they want to ask you a question you know I don't have my laptop in my pocket ever or it's really not with me all the time but if I'm going around and I have my phone there it'll give me a notification I'll see that

Somebody setting a message on my website I can go in and just reply really quickly and it really improves the user experience if they can send a message and get a response instantly especially with you the owner

Of the website so that's a way that you can really gain a lot more business especially if you're looking for like lead generation or consulting it's a great way to just get more people on your website and using your website and

Engaging with you knowing that they actually have somebody on the other side that they can contact and then the very last thing I want to mention is that Wix also has many more features including like G suite hosting so if you want to

Get a domain through Wix what you can of course and then if you want to make an email you can use Gmail and then they have something called G suite that you can host through Wix so you just pay a little bit extra per year it's like

Fifty dollars a year I think with Wix and then it can be like my cat green plants calm or something and so you have a professional email then which is going to look a lot better when you're interacting with customers and potential

Clients so if Wix on one hand is total freeform but there's a little bit of room for error in there and then Squarespace on the other hand is completely curated and you don't have a lot of freedom but it's guaranteed to

Work and look good then somewhere in the middle you're gonna find Weebly and weevil is one that I think is number three here it's not necessarily the best at either thing but it's a good happy medium for a lot of people out there

Where you can't move things anywhere you want on the screen but it's still clicking drag it they just kind of snap to a grid and that grade is pretty much guaranteed to look good on it's gonna be responsive it's gonna look good on

Mobile on a tablet it's gonna look good really wherever people use your website so that's what we believe good for they also have a lot of apps again somewhere on the order of like 300 ish apps some of them are not quite as good as the Wix

Apps but there's still great apps out there you can use them for countless things I mean 300 different apps you can imagine what the options are there and the website building experience is pretty good something we've lea does

Really well is their navigation so on the top on the top little navigation bar of your website if you have like about us you have blog you have something like that you know you can have sub menus for each of those so if somebody hovers over

About us you can go down you can say contact us he can say a bunch of other things and then you can have sub sub menus so if somebody hovers over contact us it can hover it can open another menu and hover over that open another menu so

You can have many layers of menu on there which may seem confusing as I'm explaining it right now but just figure that it's great if you have a website and you're looking to make 30 or 40 or even more pages it's a great way to

Navigate around and just kind of make a hierarchy of organization for your website that's something we believe is really good for and that's really who I would recommend Weebly to the most Weebly actually has probably the

Cheapest options out of these but it also has a free version similar to how Wix has a free version and actually something I should have mentioned earlier is if any of these if you like two of these and you don't know what the

Differences are I did make more extensive difference comparison videos so like Wix versus Weebly or Weebly versus Squarespace I'll link those down below in whichever one of these you decide that you like I did actually make

A tutorial on pretty much all these so if you want to know how to actually make a website with Weebly or Squarespace or Wix or whatever you're using the link will be be down in the description below so go check that out

If you're interested after this video number four then it's actually GoDaddy which is very similar to Weebly I would say this one it's a little bit it's a little bit less powerful than Weebly Weebly has those

Extra apps on there and some other add-ons you can get whereas GoDaddy is a lot more simple and it's gonna be better for people that are just looking to just make a website in a very short amount of time they don't want to mess around apps

Or other things like that if you just want to make a quick website it's gonna be like a personal portfolio maybe if you're trying to make like a resume online or something then maybe GoDaddy would be a great way to do this it's

Also has some cool features in there built in such as the appointment feature so if you're looking to have people make appointments with your business which could be for literally anything then you go daddy is still very viable option for

That it's definitely not the best for blogging but they do have generally a very similar ecosystem in there that we saw with we believe and that brings us to the very last one which is Duda and Duda it's probably less known out of all

Five of these it's still one that I recommend but for a slightly different group it's definitely better for people who are more like consultants or really what I'm saying it's like agencies if you're trying to make websites for

Clients then Duda might be a good one for you because you can have some other account options on there so I think that's really nice with them they also have a similar layout to Wix or sorry to Weebly and to GoDaddy where it's

Click-and-drag but it still kind of snapped to grid setup like that due to overall is generally pretty good it's really good with multilingual options as well so you can change languages for different countries not

That you can't do that with other ones you can get an app for Wix that does that very easily but you get the idea that it's kind of very well integrated with Duda as well okay so those were the five website builders that I recommend

To people that are looking to start a website of course all of them have paid options I usually recommend paid options but as I mentioned before if you're interested in instead maybe like e-commerce website building or just free

Website builders I will be making two different videos about those I'll link those down below in this video if they're not there yet consider subscribing to this channel so that you get notified when they are released in

The next week or two depending on when you're watching us they probably are already out but otherwise guys so those are the five that I like really to summarize if you're looking to just make a robust

Website and it's just kind of a general-purpose website you're not trying to do anything super advanced then Squarespace is probably a good option they have great ecommerce they have great like a blog on there they

Have just a really good website set up that it's clean and looks very professional and for most people it's going to be exactly what you need that's why I recommend Squarespace if you're looking for more freedom I think the

Answer is probably Wix but if you're looking for something that's easier to make or a little bit more of a hybrid between the two of those then Wix or then Weebly GoDaddy and Duda are really the other three options you should be

Looking at so guys I hope you found this video helpful if you did please remember to like and subscribe comment down below which of these five you like best or maybe if there's a different one that you like instead of these five as always

Guys thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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