Best Way To Set Business Goals – Complete Guide To Setting Your Action Plan For Success

published on August 2, 2020

Hey everyone jason here digital marketing consultant and this goal setting framework you're going to get a complete done for you as close to fill in the blank as we can get to creating your own goals for your

Digital agency or digital products business this is going to be especially helpful if you're still inside hustle mode and your time is limited and you're trying to figure out what is

The most important thing to focus on in order to bring your business to life so make sure you check out those time stamps below along with some other helpful videos i'll be referencing

To help you with your goal setting and business growth process so to kick things off the very first thing we need to do before we set our goals and talk about the four digital business quadrants and those fill in the blanks

Is take one big step back and talk about your vision so to help us do this we're going to borrow simon sinek's golden circle i'll link up in the description to his ted talk but essentially you need to

Understand why you're in business and if you're familiar with the vision boarding process this can replace the why question as well so either figure out what is

Ultimately driving you to create this business or what is your vision for your life and your business in the future so this is essentially your north star your ideal scenario what you're ultimately working towards

It needs to be more than just i want to make a bunch of money right there needs to be some sort of real passion or drive behind this specific business that you are starting and growing and so

Once you have that north star the next thing you want to look at is the how and this is going to be your businesses unique selling proposition and how you go about essentially bringing your vision to life

And then finally we have the what and this is going to just be your products your services and all of the goals that you set in order to bring that vision to life so think of your vision

As your giant north star and then your what is going to be all of your goals and how is well that's up to you to figure out how you connect the two right you know what your vision is you set some goals and then you figure

Out how to accomplish those goals to bring that vision to life because at the end of the day when it comes to goal setting all businesses almost have the exact same types of goals they want market share they want

More sales they want more customers they want better products and then of course they want an awesome team of employees and contractors that make the whole thing work right and so that leads us

Into step number two of our process here but step number one of the goal setting process and that is using the four digital business quadrants to figure out

What your goals need to be now in order to achieve that vision that you've set for yourself and your business so go through what these quadrants are very quickly and then i will go through the three

Different types of goals you can have for each one of these surge explore or refine so first let's go ahead and go through these quadrants we have the team quadrant which is all your internal stuff hiring

Fi unfortunately firing as well right training developing processes this is your business system then we have content and content is going to be creating blog posts your social media marketing your native

Ads your youtube videos your podcast whatever you're doing to grow an audience right and then we're going to have sales funnel which is your sales process your customer acquisition and conversion

Process and of course we have products which is your products your services the ultimate value that you're delivering to your customers so within each one of these quadrants

What you're going to want to do is set one of these three types of goals you're going to set a refined goal you're going to set a surge goal we're going to have a sustained goal just for content we'll get to that in a

Moment and then an explore goal so this ensures that you don't set too many goals at once it's also going to help you be laser focused on exactly what you're trying to achieve this

Month week quarter or year we'll get to gold laddering in a moment and how to actually space these out so you don't take on too many goals at once so first let's go through the team quadrant now your objective for the team

Quadrant is to remove tasks from your plate and empower others on your team to take over those tasks so the first type of goal you can have is surge and this is where

You are focusing on hiring finding new talent and offloading more onto your plate then the second type of goal you can have is refine and this is where you're not necessarily

Hiring or training anyone new you're just looking at your current processes your your current team and you're saying okay how do we improve upon the systems and processes that we already have so

And where surge is you know we need to go find people let's grow the team here saying we're not going to grow this quarter or this year this month let's focus on what we have and how we make it a better well-oiled machine

And then finally we have explore and this is where you are training team members where your focus is okay you know what we're going to improve the processes that we have by

Exploring a completely new process or explorer might be a result of one of the other quadrants exploring something new like tackling another content platform

So speaking of content this is going to be your second quadrant and again you want to choose one of these types of goals to set so whether you're looking at quarterly goals or annual goals

You want to have one big goal for each one of these quadrants and you want to choose which type of goal to focus on this is going to make sure that you don't try and do too much at once

So when it comes to your content creation we actually have a fourth goal and that is just sustained so i'll kick things off with that because sometimes you're going to be so busy with everything else you're

Gonna get you're gonna look at content and go you know what we're just gonna try and keep posting and creating the amount of content that we're creating right now it's just gonna stay the same and that's

Okay to have your goal to stay the same because it's so easy for content to start falling through the cracks and you go from five posts down to three and then one and then all of a sudden

You're not posting anymore right so the other types of goals you can have here is surge and this is going to be where you actually ramp up your content production so you're not exploring

New content platforms you're just creating more content so for example with this youtube with our business and youtube channel we focus on youtube a lot so surge in terms of content

Would be just making more youtube videos it wouldn't be going and starting a podcast going and starting a podcast or doing a blog post that for us would be explore because we

Haven't done that yet so we wouldn't try to ramp up our youtube content and go start a podcast or blog at the same time you'd want to choose one so you could focus on it and really do a good job so that's what

Explore is and then of course refine in the center i know it went all over the place on this one it's just going to be streamlining and improving your current content so here you're looking at you

Know what we're still posting five times a week right or we're still posting three videos a week five times a week is a lot right that might be your surge so let's say we're posting three times a week so

Instead of saying we're gonna try another platform or instead of saying you know what let's go ahead and post five times a week you're gonna say we're gonna keep it at three but we're gonna figure out how to cut

Down the amount of time it takes us to make that content or you're gonna look at how do we make this content even better than it is now so that's gonna be what refine is

In this particular quadrant again just choose one these all take way more time than you could ever imagine so now let's go ahead and go to the sales side of things so here your objective of

Course is going to be acquiring new customers so surge is going to be again keeping your current process and just ramping it up so if you're spending money on advertising

You're going to spend more money on ads you're going to spend more time optimizing ads if you're doing cold calling then you're going to make more sales calls right but when it comes to search you're just

Increasing the volume of what you're already doing it's very important that you never try and increase the volume of what you're doing and try and create a new traffic source or a

New lead generation source or project at this or project at the same time so it's very important you just choose one so you're either going to search with what you have

Or you can go down to explore and that's where you're going to be putting together a new sales funnel a new customer acquisition process and of course in the center you're going to be looking at your

Current processes and figure out how do we make these more effective because you might find that hey you know what we're already running three or four different ad campaigns

I'm already doing x number of sales calls a week i just need to hunker down continue doing what i'm doing but figure out how i can be more effective and more efficient with what i'm doing but again you're not

Going to look at becoming more effective or more efficient in your sales process if you're trying to create a new sales funnel or new sales process at the same time again just choose one i keep repeating

That but it's so important you're going to see when we get to goal laddering how powerful the power of one is actually going to be so finally we have product and of course your objective

Here is to cultivate lifelong customers through amazing products and services now surge here is going to be a little different and nuanced but by the time you're done with this you're going to see the difference between

Surge and refine when it comes to creating and improving your product so when it comes to surge in this particular quadrant you're going to be aggressively learning

From your current customers or aggressively doing research to figure out how to better understand your customers so as a quick example other than just sending out as

Another survey monkey thing and asking hey how are we doing how can we improve you know you want to look for ways that you can actually gain deeper insights onto how your product or service is being used by your ideal customer so

Something in the software realm that a lot of ux and ui designers do is they will actually record how people use a software and then they will literally sit there for hours and watch people go through

The software and figure out where are people having hiccups in using the software or using the particular process now of course if you're not providing software you can't necessarily

Play that creepy big brother card and track everything that your customers are doing but i just use that as an example to show what surge in this particular quadrant is all about

It's all about learning from your customer then on the flip side of the coin once you've learned all of that refine is actually going into your product or service and improving it but you don't want to

Go into your product or service and start improving it just based on what you think right or what your business partner or friends think you need to surge first here to

Aggressively have a better understanding of your customer and then go improve your product or service don't just make changes that you think are going to be great because ultimately you might find that

The changes you're making are actually worse for the customer right and then of course here the last one explore this is where you're looking at okay what new products or services

Can we bring to market so hopefully surge explore and refine are three things that you can really understand how to apply to each one of these quadrants

And then start setting actionable goals which is going to be our last step of the process goal laddering now quickly going back to our company vision our big north star we're going to take that and

Connect it to all the goals that we've created so every single goal that you set think of it as a ladder or a step towards creating that vision bringing that vision into

Reality and so this is going to be the last step of our process and this is going to be a little controversial but you need to choose one big goal to focus on per quarter each one of these blocks represents a

Quarter and if we add a little overlay here you can see that our vision would come to life in about five and a half years now i know this might seem

Way way ocd or ridiculous like you're kidding me it's gonna take five years to get the vision that i want but you want to think of your vision as the last domino in this series or the steps or ladders

Whatever analogy works the best for you in this series of dominoes where you're starting today and so when it comes to setting these goals i'll quickly go through an example of what our goals look like for

2020 and when you're setting these goals they're all based upon actions i hope you noticed that when we were going through none of these goals were saying x number

Of sales or x number of new customers because at the end of the day we can't actually control those results our goals need to be action based and we're hopefully assuming that when

We take the action and complete the action we get the result now sometimes you don't right and that's part of business and that's part of understanding the how because you can clearly define

Your vision and you can clearly define the what but the how in the center is always going to change the how in between those is always going to change and be different so just be ready for the fact

That just because you set a goal doesn't always mean it's going to achieve the result that you're looking for but when you focus on results you take a hundred percent of the responsibility

And at the end of the week the month the quarter there's never any excuses because you set your goals based upon actions so speaking of actions here's

What our annual goals looked like for 2020 before a bunch of things changed right so for our team we had a surge goal hiring three writers one account manager for content

We were just at sustain we said you know what we just want to keep posting the same amount that we are posting and then we also had a goal for 200 blog posts you'll get we'll get to why there's actually

Eight instead of four total here so explore we wanted to create some new funnels and then for sales funnel we had explore we wanted to create some new funnels and then refine two funnels that we already

Had and for product we wanted to explore create a new product and then refine a current service that we already had now i've been really harping on the

Point that you need to have one for each one of these quadrants and that's assuming that you're in side hustle mode and you're working by yourself if you have a business partner or you have

Part-time or full-time team members it's okay to create goals for them right which is why we have eight there's four quarters there's two of us myself and my business partner so it works we each get four and one per

Quarter that we really focus on so that's how the math works out here but you just want to make sure that you're not taking on too much because that ladder

Doesn't work when you're trying to create multiple refine and explore and sustain and create multiple things at once focus is the key because if you're in side hustle mode

You have two to three hours per day even business owners who are working full time at best we get four or five hours in the morning and then we have to work on all that other stuff right

You there's a bunch of other things in growing your business that you still have to do right you still have to check email we still have to respond to clients we still have to fix bugs in our software

And website all that other stuff that's just day-to-day business running right and sometimes that could take up half if not more of your work day so when we're talking about allocations in terms

Of the actual time you have you probably only have 10 to 20 hours a week to devote a hundred percent of your focus and energy to a big new goal which is why it's so

Important that you have one big goal per quadrant and you have one big goal per quarter now of course if you want to break your goals down even smaller you could do it

On a monthly basis but i definitely wouldn't go less than a month because after that you're really just creating a project plan week to week as opposed to having weekly goals so i sincerely hope you got some

Value out of this video and most importantly going through those four different quadrants and the three different types of goals you can set susta or four different types i guess

One sustain then refine explore and of course search was helpful in figuring out how to set your business goals and stay focused make sure you comment below with any of your questions i still read and reply to

Every single one go ahead and hit that like button subscribe for more deep dive business building videos just like this one and until the next keep building the business you love


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