Best VPN 2020 // (watch this before buying a VPN)

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen today we are talking about the very best VPNs that the world has to offer in 2020 I'll break down why you need a VPN what's good about them what needs work and what they cost but before we get started if you're new to the channel welcome I'm a

Full-stack blockchain developer working in industry today and my passion is making technology easy to understand and accessible for everyone that said this channel is all about providing you free educational content in-depth tech

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Now if you search for or click this video it's likely that you know what a VPN is and if so please skip ahead to this point in the video right here I'll link it up to jump right into my VPN pics however for those of you who might

Not know what a VPN is here is a super brief and clear description VPN is short for Virtual Private Network which can be thought of simply as a secure tunnel through which you access the internet more specifically though a virtual

Private network is really a server or a series of servers that accepts your outgoing internet traffic from your device routes it on your behalf and then passes back the response from the server you're trying to contact the key benefit

Here is that your traffic is encrypted in both directions are secured and that your IP address which is an identifier for you and your device is shielded from the sites you're visiting so your identity is safe as such a VPN is an

Essential online security and privacy tool in my humble opinion especially when you're working from home in potentially insecure internet access points it is well known that your internet service provider tracks your

Browsing traffic to at best market to you directly or at worse sell your data to others for profit which a VPN can help fight against right at the source in my opinion a VPN is the best few dollars a month you can spend to protect

Yourself online for everyday use but a poorly implemented VPN is just as bad if not worse than not having one at all so it's important to get the right thing so with that being said let's dive into my top three VPNs for 2020 now the very

First one on my list today is surf shark and this is what I'm going to classify as the best all-around VPN it's reasonably priced it has great user experience and apps it's on every platform you can ask for and it works

Really really well in terms of speed and stability in my experience surf shark is the VPN that I'm currently running with on my phone my iPad and my desktop and also my work computer and I'm loving it surf shark has hundreds of servers

Across dozens of countries giving you a wide variety of options when selecting a server to connect to on their app and I was routinely able to get 80 to 90 percent to my home internet speed while running through

VPN which means latency was not really a problem even on really remote servers where surf shirt really shines though is with its clean intuitive mobile app and desktop clients people that love a good user experience will feel right at home

Here on mobile the app is an absolute dream to use and it has all the important controls centrally located right when you open the app on desktop Chrome and Firefox the client is equally well designed I'll be a little bit

Slower on navigation than on mobile but still good within those apps surf shark has all sorts of cool features that you can use and choose to use to enable things like app whitelisting multi-hop connections and a bunch more in the

Security realm surf shark is also top-notch they're one of the few VPN services to have passed a third-party security audit which you can find in the link down below in the description and because of their location in the British

Virgin Islands they can legally abstain from collecting and storing logs of any of your Internet traffic many VPNs claim they offer no logs policies but few can really deliver on that promise legally due to regulations on data retention

Logs of your traffic are potentially paydays for hackers so no logging tends to be better for your security overall now in terms of pricing which everyone cares about surf chart normally runs at eleven ninety-five per month on a

Month-to-month plan which isn't that cheap to be quite honest but that price goes down to six dollars a month on a one-year plan or as low as $2 per month on a two-year plan you're making a commitment long term but it does drop

That price however you can use my link down below to get a discount on that variety of different plans and get an extra month of service for free on the two-year plans themselves if you don't like it though you have 30 days to get

Your money back scot-free the best part about the pricing with surf shark is that it's truly unlimited so for $2 a month if you use the link down below and you get the free month you're gonna get for two bucks unlimited surf shark VPN

Service on all your devices in platforms you don't have a five device limit or an eight device limit you can cover a whole family for that one plan that you purchase now that's not to say the service is perfect because I've found

That there are multi-hop connections that are slow and I wish they've implemented perfect forward secrecy with diffie-hellman key exchange to better protect Internet traffic and protect from you know

Long-term data mining issues all in all I really do think that Cerf shark is one of if not the best all-around VPN packages out there today and I do highly recommend it as the VPN I use daily now on to number two another VPN that I've

Used quite often in the past is expressvpn expressvpn is yet another British Virgin Islands en that can stick to its no logs policy and it offers the same kind of fantastic ui/ux without compromising security features now a lot

Of the features that make expressvpn great really the same ones that are discussed above for surf shark all the way down to the audit by cybersecurity firms this is sparked rumors that surf shark

Is actually a spin-off of expressvpn or a competitor Nord VPN but I don't have any confirmation of this rumour being true expressvpn has surf shark beat in a few key areas though they have more server locations and options like

Approximately 2000 servers across 90 some odd countries and the VPN can be run on a router itself so you can make your router within your house run this VPN so you can protect your traffic at a central entry point and not have to use

It on your devices per se in terms of security expressvpn is another great option because they've adequately sized their symmetric and asymmetric encryption standard key sizes and their internet traffic

Offers industry standard h mac authentication I've been building authentication modules with H max as well lately and it's definitely awesome to use and awesome to see this protects you while you're browsing furthermore

Express VPN servers run on RAM or random access memory only meaning that any data passing through those servers is ephemeral in English this means that all the data running through the server is processed in RAM rather than stored on a

Hard disk during operations it's temporary and it's designed to delete your information once it's done with it no logging no fingerprinting this is a great feature and it's underrated in my mind again the no logs policy and the

Cyber security audit by a third party applies this same way it did for surf shark speed-wise though in my opinion and in my experience about a year ago when I last used Express expressvpn was always

Fast on every server I used the apps were easy to use and they support split tunneling to customize which traffic goes where and which traffic uses VPN what doesn't if you're interested in picking up expressvpn for yourself and

You're sold on it you can find a link down below as well now I would say the biggest downside to express VPN is that it is pretty pricey for a month a month plan you're gonna pay 13 bucks and for an annual plan you'll pay about 8 bucks

A month which is up there with some of the most expensive VPNs out there granted surf shark does get a little pricey too if you don't pay for an annual plan I think it's still worth the money but one of the reasons I switched

The surf shark is that I got a two-year plan at two dollars a month and most of the features of expressvpn are there now that said I reached out to expressvpn to see if I get a discount offer for my audience and I was able to get a deal

For you guys if you're interested so you can use my custom link down below to get a discount on your Express VPN service if you choose to go that route but there's one more thing I want to express pun intended

That I was not a fan of with expressvpn they limit you to five connections using one license so if you have a lot of devices like I do you have multiple phones computers etc and you're always you know developing software here

Watching videos here whatever you can hit that limit pretty easily and for the expensive price I'd love to see unlimited connections like surf shark that said you can get around this by using the router app and just put it on

Your router and there you go you're protected so onto number three my third pick is one that's far less ubiquitous but one that's becoming increasingly attractive to those looking to jump off of Google services and that is proton

VPN proton VPN is operated by a Swiss company that has been popularized by their encrypted email service protonmail proton VPN is security and privacy focused product that's available on Mac iOS Android Windows and Linux and has a

Nice array of available server locations and plans for your specific needs first of all Switzerland has some of the most stringent regulations and best practice enforcement in terms of data security in the war

And the security posture proton VPN reflects that with solid encryption of your traffic no logs policies and all the stuff you've heard about from the other VPNs proton bpn itself has servers in 44 plus countries which isn't the

Best in the space by volume but where proton VPN shines is in diversity they cover Africa and South America which are both pretty underrepresented in the VPN world so that's definitely nice however above all else there are two significant

Features that not all VPNs have the number one is that proton VPN is implemented perfect forward secrecy encryption schemes from day one in their service without diving into the technical nitty-gritty that basically

Means that each session is encrypted uniquely meaning if a hacker would have crack an encryption key for one of your sessions he or she cannot crack all of your other sessions as well because the keys are different this is a feature all

VPNs should be implementing and most Internet services are starting to implement today now number two is that proton VPN offers something called secure core servers which are basically security maximized servers in the

Privacy friendly jurisdictions like Switzerland that are used to pass your internet traffic to other maybe less privacy friendly jurisdictions so that in the event that a server in that less privacy friendly jurisdiction is

Compromised your data is still secure by way of those secure core servers that act as like a shield around your Internet traffic this is similar to how multi-hop works and other VPNs but in this case it's focused on giving you a

Secure fallback so they don't give you the choice to necessarily choose hop one hop to whatever another huge benefit of proton VPN is that you can bundle your plan to get their popular encrypted email service to and rid yourself with

The privacy invading Gmail services now in terms of pricing proton VPN is unique in that way proton VPN offers a pretty robust free plan that allows you to sign up again unlimited use for one devices connection at a time on one of three

Server locations which is great this is limited of course but it's free it's better than nothing then there's a basic subscription for 4 bucks a month a plus subscription for 8 bucks a month and a visionary plan for 24 bucks a month the

Basic plan gets you unlimited bandwidth on all the servers that are available on two devices connect at a time which is plenty for the average user but lacks access to the secure core servers we talked about and streaming service

Compatibility which are two things you'll get with upgrading to the Plus plan the plus plan also gives you enough connections to secure your family or more of your devices if you're a power user with five concurrently connected

Devices and finally the visionary plan bundles the encrypted email service that proton offers at a discounted rate all the plans include secure file sharing though and I've never used it personally but if you're into that kind of thing

It's there if you want to pick up proton VPN please do use my link down in the description below and let me know if you have any questions at all about the service I'm happy to help at any time one other thing that I think is pretty

Interesting is that proton is looking to sell investment shares of their company using blockchain base tokens and they're working with the Swiss government to do so legally this would allow them to raise capital to build out competitive

Features like online productivity features calendars p2p chat and to expand their existing server locations the teams also mention their desire to build out private transaction methods on their platform using cryptocurrency so

These are both things to watch based on my shirt I am a crypto fan as always though I will link up some other content related to VPNs and personal information security right here on the screen if you have time to stick around and as always

Thanks so much for watching until next time Cheers

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