BEST Tech of the Year – YOUTUBER Edition with MKBHD, iJustine, Austin Evans + More

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey what is up guys um qHD here this is
Austin – um sleep or a deck this is home
it'll be better with pocket now you
caught us together here John written
German TechnoBuffalo David the unlocker
who's your average consumer I just seen
on super staff TV what's up guys suck
you're on supersonic TV and this is the
best of the best part – a lot of you
guys will already know that towards the
end of each year I invite some of my
awesome friends to share with us what
their favorite piece of tech of the year
has been there's already been a part one
of this video which has been the best
smartphones of the year you can check
that out that's going to be linked
towards the end of this video but in
this video we're simply gonna be looking
at tech that does not include
smartphones and that's gonna make things
a little bit more interesting so I'm
gonna go ahead and kick things off my
personal favorite piece of tech of the
year that doesn't include smartphones
has to be this the Samsung Galaxy watch
now I predict need not been much of a
SmartWatch user and one of the main
reasons for that has been battery life
battery life or the smartwatches
traditionally hasn't been too good and I
really don't want to remember to charge
something else towards the end of the
day as well however the Galaxy watch has
great battery life I'm easily getting
around three days sometimes even up to
four days on this and I still think it's
got the best way to navigate on a small
watch max this rotating bezel and being
primarily an Android user this is my
go-to SmartWatch for those reasons it is
my personal favorite piece of tech of
2018 that's me let's see what the others
have to say
hey guys this is Austin on super staff
TV and my favorite piece of tech this
year is a little bit of a weird one it
is the Razer Huntsman elite keyboard
this is something I actually got to get
a little bit of a sneak peek at all the
way back at CES but essentially what
this is is it's sort of the next
generation of mechanical keyboard it has
optomechanical switches which means that
it responds instantly it's got that
great RGB chroma look on top of that my
video on it did really well so obviously
other people also agree is that a bad
reason to talk about why I like a piece
of tech okay sappal proof right hey guys
josh here from slippery deck on super
south TV and my favorite non-smartphone
piece of tech this year it's gotta be
the sony a7 3 here on g4 attack we
predominantly shoot with the sony fs7
and also have an 86 to 300 as backup but
since I started travelling more I've
kind of needed another camera and as we
were already heavily invested in the
Sony ecosystem I ended up picking up a
73 this full-frame sensor is let these
be roles that you're seeing was shot
with the Sony a7 3 it is the a7 3 for me
this year thanks for having me self
what's up YouTube this is hi many better
with pocket now here on super staff TV
favorite piece of tech of 2018
definitely the new iPad pro Apple
finally redesigning this thing I put
finally make the pencil snap-on
magnetically which were the things that
I didn't like and yes don't judge me I
know this is not a computer yes I know
you could get better tablets that run
Windows but I don't want a computer I'll
need a computer whenever I video edit
but for everything else this iPad
enables a lot of what I do and allows me
to be able to get as much work as I do
we just need an iPad OS Apple it's about
that time but and everything else this
iPad is everything that I love and oh my
god finally a USB see that's just me set
up once again thank you so much for
having me Coenen segala here or super
soft TV for bear award I want talk about
my favorite devices dwh 1000 from Sony
this is the Mach 3 version this is the
best headphone you can buy you know why
because when you put it on like me right
now just cancel all the noise you might
wanna play with my coconut drops hey I'm
telling you I got a shaky anyway take
you to pass out I'm signing out hey
what's going on guys john retinue from
TechnoBuffalo here on super staff TV and
i don't want to have to be too jealous
of my epic beard my favorite piece of
tech of 2018 is a laptop it is a huawei
mate book X Pro this thing totally
caught me off guard that's awesomeness
granted it's totally a macbook clone it
splash resistant into touch screen it's
got an 8th gen core i7 chip in it and
it's my favorite laptop to use it
what's up guys it's I just seen on super
staff TV my favorite tech of 2018 so I'm
trying not to say the iPad pro
definitely the iPad pro was like just
seen please choose something that is not
an Apple product but I have been so in
love with this thing it's actually made
me love my iPad again but something
that's not the iPad pro is this this is
the DJI copilot this is actually
something that sap and I both saw while
we're at CES this year this is basically
a hard drive that you can put an SD card
in it'll automatically transfer all over
the footage to your drive it has a
little LCD right here to let you know
what's happening and you can plug it
into your phone you can view or edit
your footage right on your device it'll
also connect to the iPad but now that
this is USB see I'm going to have to
switch this cable out what's up guys
this is Fallon supersoft TV when it
comes to my favorite tick not a
smartphone in particular it would be
note ánotá this is no to note it's an
actual device that was invented by a
couple of saudis through this device you
for a different sense and then through
the application you create your own
perfume so that's really at the end you
will have your own signature perfume
that you will be using and I've been
using this for a whole year kind of
close to a year the thing is it was
released in q1 and still for me I find
it really interesting to make a perfume
for any guest that comes to my company
what's up YouTube is your average
consumer on supersoft TV and if I had to
pick my favorite piece of tech for 2018
I think I'd go with the iPad pro I'm
talking about Apple's newly redesigned
twelve point nine inch version I really
really like this tablet because I have
been an iPad pro user for a long time
but with this there's just so much more
power better ergonomics the screen is
still very beautiful and honestly this
thing is what I always go to whenever I
want to watch something in bed it is my
go-to device I don't even try to watch
TV I love all the power of the iPads
have got now I feel like I can get along
just fine just using it for an entire
day and not really skip a beat hey guys
it's David the unlocker for super staff
TV and my favorite tech of 2018 oddly
enough is the razor blades del 2019 this
ultra portable laptop from razor is not
only super small and lightweight and it
has a decent battery life but also for
the first
this ultraportable because that's what
it is has a GPU in it that lets me edit
my videos which means this 13.3 inch
laptop I can now take around with me
instead of my giant razor blade 15 that
I normally use and so that is something
that changes my daily life enough that I
think this in my mind for me is the best
tech of 2018 hey what's up guys I'm
cabby HD here on super staff TV giving
you my favorite piece of tech that came
out during 2018 and this one might be a
little obvious because I kind of raved
about it in my own review but it's the
2018 iPad pro the much thinner build the
better speakers the much smaller bezels
everything about this tablet is a
significant improvement that makes every
other iPad look bad let alone every
other tablet it feels like just the
right amount of overkill where like you
probably don't need to spend the extra
money on an iPad pro but I like it so
much more that I have no regrets about
spending that money it's got the Space
Gray it's got the boxy corners it stands
up on its own it's got USB type-c this
is my favorite Apple piece of hardware
and a really long time and I haven't
gotten excited about Apple hardware in a
while so that's pretty exciting this is
my favorite piece of tech to come out in
2018 there you have it thanks very much
for watching catch you guys later peace
and there we have it guys that is the
best of the best part to some of the
best tech of 2018 as chosen by some of
your favorite youtubers a huge thanks to
all my friends for being involved in
this video I'm gonna be linking to all
of their channels in the description
below make sure you do go ahead and
check them out and subscribe to them if
you haven't already and if you're new to
this channel and you want to see more
awesome collaborations like this then
the be sure to subscribe and hit that
Bell icon so you don't miss any new
I hope you enjoyed this video and found
it useful if you did then do it that
thumbs up one for me and as I mentioned
it there is part one to this video
that's gonna be linked in the end cards
so definitely do go ahead and check that
out thanks for watching this is staphon
super sad TV I'll see you next time

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